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website. each the next in the broadcast president in a host a meeting with australian prime minister tony abbott's here in seoul it is time to finalize radio australia free trade agreement. should stop today pulled the plug on its support for windows xp and that means we are with the large xp user base could be vulnerable to secure gas russian sentiment built in ukraine with the eastern city declaring independence and calling for a referendum on the news again. fan. though
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cheers and korea and hello to those of you were watching from around the world it's tuesday it will be here until i knew he had come limping so much for joining us we begin at the nation's top off this following of bilateral summit between president second day and visiting australian prime minister tony abbott. the two sides signed a free trade agreement and agreed to do security cooperation at this time has more on korea australia relations in full bloom. less than a month after concluding a trachea which can add that to me aside if you have an fta with australia. sullen and can drag me to be an intense than the majority of traded goods over the next decade. trade between korea and australia jumped from eighteen billion us dollars in two thousand
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and seven to thirty billion last year. it will be very cool for five countries because trying means jobs for you try it means more jobs free and tried not only means more jobs. it means better friendships. back in and talked about the great potential for energy and the sources development cooperation. i'm married to country and for this technology with australia at the back of the dorset the meeting wasn't just about economic times. the two leaders also adopted a vision statement in which they agreed to discuss up blueprints for security and defence cooperation. they also decided to pull the two inside a policy dialogue in the near future. but to us and them an hour or two he could come that we used to use up the hill. i'm hoping a shop window at two new
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identity the end of the temple. australia also expressed support for president in a trust building and being the key chain initiatives with north korea well colleen on county and to put down its nuclear arms and abide by its treaty if the new combination commitment. the distance the men also referred to as holiday in cameron's joint efforts to achieve regulatory before and then streamlined bed take. similar to president of the regulation drive out the administration has pushed for before measures such as holding a match in the field day twice a year to boost australia's competitiveness and to create more jobs. i'm tickled to keep the league's teams if the two leaders agreed to actively support act coming into this in australia on working holiday to use as an australian scholarship to study in korea as part of cameron's new colombo plan to use on adding use. now that the trade pact between the two nations largest economies. it's a done deal
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import tariffs and most other products are expected to be eliminated within ten years following the implementation of the court. our economics correspondent nine and young takes a look at which sectors are expected to benefit most from the korea australia fta and which ones may take a hit korea's trade ministry expects that the trade agreement between selling camera to bring about one point six billion us dollars with the benefits to consumers. they then the ten year period after the pact is ratified. korea's chief anti negotiator with t he says korea's small minute size businesses especially will meet the benefits australia has very high trade volumes with asian countries therefore competition among asian nations is three years within the australian market this fta will help our sme is gain a competitive edge in the export market to camera australia has agreed to
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remove heads on ninety nine point five percent of their ideas within five years of the deals education the kingdom and evaluates this as one of its most ato and complementary be trade pacts. it's the thing is that korean manufacturing goods on her heels and petroleum products for example will see a boost to exports of australian minimum resources including photo oil will benefit from terry of the mobiles but those opposing the deal remain concerned about its effect on korea's agricultural industry as ted's penny ranging from eighteen to seventy two percent on the contest will be in the many did ten to fifteen years down the road all of them recently agreed fta with jane and she says it plans to continue closely working with aquaculture professionals to come up with more comprehensive measures that will minimize any negative impact this deal could have on the nation's domestic sector. and yup i then used to joke. washington the nuclear envoys of south
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korea the united states and japan have wrapped up their first trilateral discussions in five months. the officials exchange views on ways to prevent further provocations by the north and possible countermeasures in case comes and goes ahead. motherfucker test of time some key reports amid growing threat seven that any clear test by north korea the top new crayon boy's friends south of riyadh the united states and japan in the us capitol on monday local time. the meeting was the final after last month's trilateral summit and eight and is the first such meeting since november. south korea's chief delegate pumpkins and told reporters after the talks that the officials focused on ways to prevent further north korean provocations. they also discuss implementing stronger sanctions with the un security council shoot their efforts fail. i added that the officials agreed to seek various ways to resume dialogue that will be to
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north korea. the new crazy following the trilateral fashioned a south korean envoy met separately with its us counterpart putting a beast and his japanese counterpart teaching how to protest the un condemnation of its heat to medium range ballistic missile launch with me every time since last month when it threatened to conduct a new type of new clear text. that's our concern is the fourth new contest was in the works the same satellite images of north korea nuclear test site for just one yet. his increasing its capability to conduct future attacks although no signs of an independent test have be detected. but some experts say they've read in the operation had been a contest in the coming weeks in time for us president drop a bomb as they bid to sell in tokyo later this month. on friday evening. the essays
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are under serious scrutiny following the daunting discoveries of three suspected north korean prone to weston a month and south korean soil here appear to have spied in all corners of the country the sapping dozens of pictures of key facilities and the south including the presidential office for more on the seriousness of pyongyang's aerial reconnaissance and counter measures unveiled by the south korean government aimed at blocking any north korean provocations were joined in the studio by our defence ministry correspondent in and then let the guys to come in how concerts arabia north korea spying activities to read it crops up pretty concerned is only recently found the preliminary vehicles as they passed the south korean soil under the fence up in defence ministry which has been under fire for allowing the infiltration to say that the drones the crisis the prius will or not people will carry explosives and were only use for sopranos purposes. but some experts say the drone activity should
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be taken seriously. they say to discover new babies are really a small sample size of the dozens that are probably going to trade a south korean airspace which is of course but she's threat to national security. we seem to recall that if north korea were to choose to use these drones as a tack you babies they would need a camera and other equipment. then only need half of the fuel which means canyon could in theory packet with explosives within five or ten kilos of explosives which could kill a whole bunch of people. in fact sold the business he says what we are operating some three hundred twenty on many new people. they couldn't very well be worked on the south korea in the coming days weeks and due to the integral to the small size less than two here's a link with this person does that to be difficult to control us. when you come down to five the capability to attack the presidential palace in seoul u s military installations in south korea and even one of the country's
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nuclear power plants so agenda despite the potential security threats the technological level of these roads have been called primitive or even antique how do south korea strong technology. compare all there's really no there's really not a comparison and its mercedes were years ahead south korea is about twenty years more advanced and makes mid and large size you a piece. in two thousand eighteen we will have an attack you may be similar to the predator model made by the us. so the gap will increase even more drastically in the years to come. and heaven despite a huge discrepancy their operation never undermine north korea's weapons capabilities houses south korean government on countering anti stress casting crowns. bookie commanders in every meal to bed telling her this meeting on monday to discuss though but ronan frustration the prisoners seeking bundchen who led the meeting
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purse all the military to be at the ready for a new thread out of town yet. the south korean military says is will quit to deal with an image of incursions and attacking the bees. but as that is much more difficult to take the skies are you a beat as they are very small in size seoul says it plans to purchase low off the radar as soon as possible. at other military gadgetry to prevent further invitations the radar the military is looking into purchasing would be molds a purpose. he would not only be able to detect small uav is but even mortar shells and multiple rocket launchers. the government should set up in key military and government facilities don't know what are we going to do in the meantime until the new quentin wright's book realtors curly on the development of low altitude river system connected to take them small uav is and is scheduled to be thin but you lots. but twenty ten months old then. they have to lean on low altitude
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radar systems from overseas there are two different types of pie actors feel up to two radars green government is looking into it really brought the system in the british radar system known as expected. the raw the system has announced a range of ten km because none of the fifty thousand dollars per unit complex tax system has a range up to two km becomes worth the price tag of one hundred ninety thousand dollars for units of all trailers to detect any object within this range mystery as small as zero point five meters in size but there's a clear difference in price. experts say that the governor wants to cover all of the mitchell seoul metropolitan area there would need to buy around one hundred eighty seven units of the slow off the radar systems for the rotten system. the price will be one hundred sunday seven point five million dollars for the price hike the price will be around thirty six million. i think of right was headed for that report. for your gateway to
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the day's biggest story in korea and around the world breaking these are the hottest interview and a whole lot more. join the tetons chum limited a new of the heart of seoul drying time. what texture is opposition party has backtracked on its pledge to abolish a party nomination system ahead of june local elections it said it will finalize its decision within this week after taking into account the votes of party members and the opinions of the the comic and reports the main opposition new politics alliance for democracy has said he'll reconsider a previous pledge to abolish the party nomination since then i've been to the local elections speaking to press on tuesday and turns to the holy year of the newly formed opposition party and its coalition would make a final decision after
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taking anti equal account balance by party members and opinion. this isn't the main opposition party the original stance. i've previously said it was going to do away with the party nomination system completely as they can be a breeding ground for bribery and corruption. what a relief to many party and the opposition politics alliance for democracy plans to scrap the party centered nomination systems during the two thousand twelve presidential campaign the ruling party retreated from its pledge earlier this year. adopting instead of bottom up nomination system that involves both members of the party and the. the new politics alliance for democracy is expected to make a final decision on the nomination system this week. his announcement comes one day after the presidential office of saliva turned down his request to meet with president i can pay for talks on scrapping or top down since the us. the ruling party criticized the opposition party accusing it of playing politics with
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the issue and overturning numerous places honey can. i don't use. chris fiscal soundness worsened slightly last year something the government is contributing to you arise in the country's national debt and it also projects that the problem will only get worse with the nation's lower birth rate and higher expected welfare spending on ga has to teach us. korea's finance ministry said tuesday that the nation's sovereign debt including that and regional governments came to around four hundred eighty three trillion won or roughly four and sixteen billion us dollars last year. that is up around forty billion dollars from two thousand while the ministry attributed the rise to an extra budget that was arranged to boost the gillespie economy last year. the national debt to gross domestic product also inched up about one and a half percentage points last
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year to thirty three point eight percent. the figure still stands far below the oecd average of around one hundred percent believe that the nation's fiscal health remains sound. experts say however that rapidly aging population could lead to a bigger fiscal deficits spending whereas fiscal income remains some too. then the rate of increase of their main revenue will slow down due to the nation's low birth rates in the korean economy is fiscal souness could face problems probably after ten years. various fiscal deficit to gdp stood at one and a half percent last year compared to one point three per cent in two thousand wealth and marks the highest figure since two thousand nine when it was three point eight percent. the government that does not include pension liabilities that the government will have to pay after beneficiaries and
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the future. korea's total liabilities including the pension obligations. rose about twenty percent to more than one trillion dollars last year. the news microsoft pulled the plug on its support for windows xp this tuesday. this leaves anyone still using the over decade old operating system without critical security updates that affects not just personal computers but business applications including a tee and jeans and then tells us more. microsoft germination and windows xp toes is a great security threat to korea's financial system. starting tuesday microsoft says it will no longer support the thirteen year old operating system which means no updates no free or pay taxes to support options and the online technical content of the atm services may also be affected at nearly seventy five percent of the machines worldwide run on windows xp according to the manufacture
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and pr. well over ninety percent of the eighty seven thousand a teen's in korea had not been upgraded to windows xp system raising concerns that the rest are proud to security risks windows xp pc users have upgraded and receive support for years but that help will no longer be available. anne least one in five personal computers worldwide still run on xp and while consumers are entitled to carry on using it for as long as they like those who choose to do so will be much more vulnerable to hackers viruses and other security risks. software will no longer be made to be compatible with xp. in other words fewer applications will be compatible with the operating system although microsoft has not revealed the reason behind its termination. industry experts say the company is trying to eliminate the competition as it has produced three other operating systems fifty release of window xp in two
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thousand won. my shop is ending support for everyday consumers but we'll continue to maintain and upgrade xp system services in a corporate environment. some rumors are estimated around five million dollar bill prix here. or of two hundred dollars per piece the preview for the first year. parts of plants of delivery as well to four hundred dollars and eight hundred dollars two years down the road. so they are imputed to me basically requiring companies to create the next three years. since it means i can use. it's i checked on some other stories making headlines on the global front of our poly happening center. oh let's start with a fresh crisis in ukraine pro moscow protesters have now sees government buildings and other eastern
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ukrainian cities. what's been the reaction out of here well those listed building has sparked fears of a possible second crimea and even civil war. us secretary of state john kerry says washington is keeping a watchful eye on the situation and warning russia to back off or something and has more russia has warned ukraine against any use of forests in the cities of high camel humps contend that are pro russian activists have seized government buildings to mark their independence and support the vote to join russia. the russian foreign ministry in a statement called for an immediate stop off and minister for decorations warned they could meet an outbreak of civil war the move comes as ukraine launch an anti operation and a rest at about seventy protesters on tuesday according to facebook post by interior minister arson have a cough. the latest in elements have prompted warnings against fresh out of her further destabilizing
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effort in ukraine. us secretary of state john kerry told russian foreign minister sergei lavrov that washington is closely watching events in eastern ukraine with great concern and that any moves to destabilize the region when incur further costs for raw shot. the two sides are set to discuss holding direct talks between ukraine and russia at the us and the european union to defuse tensions. white house spokesman jay carney said the us was ready to impose further sanctions against russia us to the situation escalate. adding there was strong evidence that some of the protesters for pain and burden on local residents the name added the news moving on to the hunt for the missing elation airliner it's eight thirty two of the multinational surfer point three seven zero. but investigators still say nothing significant has been found. twenty eight ships and aircraft were sent out on tuesday search mission in the southern indian ocean
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regarding the two things that i did yesterday that she searched for dinner angus houston says they haven't heard anymore transmissions from the suspected plot box meanwhile chinese and us navy ships are continuing to scour the road sees on the western coast of australia. authorities have not ruled out mechanical problems as the cause of the plane's disappearance of march ap that say evidence suggests he was deliberately diverted. and finally the international monetary fund has cut its growth outlook for the world economy for this year to three point six per cent. that reduction is your point one percentage points. the fund's new album release on tuesday cited on certainties in emerging markets for the downgrade prompted by the u s panel research team was tapering it also said the pace of recovery still remains too weak. the imf meanwhile left the two thousand fourteen growth forecasts for the korean economy on unchanged at three point seven percent. there are superlative international stories making headlines
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around the world. i'll see you back here tomorrow night welcome to part time sports beat into it. the first lpga major of the year the kraft nabisco championship just wrapped up and despite finishing way down the order i can be retained her number one ranking for the fifty second consecutive week. i finished at four all purple report dirty place at the rancho mirage but managed to beat in her spot meanwhile corn and winner lexi thompson jumped three spots to sixth pushing down usually under the tent and paying and paula creamer down the order. and ready to pitch the first bell of the new wave but champions league quarter final second lights are taking off first leg action had graham and refreshing born in reno and pst soundly beating chelsea
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three one. ralph who may be without christian although it's likely to encounter resistance while psg will look to stand out a comeback by chelsea who have set meal and two back in the lineup to spark the author. and the mull over to us the yukon trustees defeated the kentucky wildcats a sixty to fifty four to win the n c double a men's basketball championship. the husky star player shoebox in the pure novelty contributed twenty two points but also help is on the offensive end. it's sweet redemption for now four time champions who were banned from the and last season. and getting to tuesday's comments helps if the motorist davis and lg seekers battling in game five of the pbl championships double to start fast but it's mostly the three point lead at halftime now lg starts picking up the pace as they bond. jefferson was alive but
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not with islam fail is too strong to be scoring forty four of the night at the fifth team to win sixty six to fifty five. the goal of three two in the series. i would actually make a b o d tucson bears hosted be as ky birds in color now. the first test case leadoff man. and it gets a single and eventually comes around. it's one of the migrants now i'm thirty cents b and l a it's a sac fly to bring one home. it's kind of want one now but i hate this time then comes home on the little ones it and there's close out the wife turns to win at home to watch. and that get the scores from around the league to have much to the nc sixty two. keogh was next and thirty two nine and held him up and are still battling it out in the top ten scores are two to two and that's all i have for now this has tasted it and see back in there for more from the world of sports
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this afternoon was perfect for outdoor activities here in seoul but some regions are dealing with dry weather that's right for more let's turn things over tracking began standing by at weather center with them. i don't be disappointed if he didn't get it and to soak up some sunshine today because tomorrow is the key and another beautiful spring day now i dry weather alert has been visiting some parts of the country including in and head over to many levels and i got to twenty one percent of these be on the lots for boards by apparently that mason is under the influence of a high pressure system from the west sea which is why we're seeing clear skies that. tomorrow daytime highs in the southern regions blog jumped to around twenty five degrees though he gets it feel more like early summer otherwise might have a shower or two as of late tomorrow evening or early thursday morning in style and
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tone from its agm i get to my reading. at twenty degrees boss david dems to twenty six and two breaches twenty four every ten adds that at some tops out at twenty three degrees fall. so as not to demean us. for now but i'll be back with more active in that. things got. broadcasts on this tuesday nights and it became so emotional and thanks for watching season. i know. i am a student. what the market is sort of an accordion company in korea the second thing is i want to meet the eighty s singer
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by its profits were being put in. for dinner. the morse code for inclusion is. as the mob. pr knew he thought about before quitting and difficult. they could come about this when i was doing and so much fun this week with the suns. it is like the sound of the war leaving the accordion music the tough found out that he is my home. i would say the white thing. ch. i am
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