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police say. is it the apostles. we will whittle the eye. thus the disgusting day with a supreme court on monday the justice system in context and an object for the improvement of the court's president stressed that because extended service of the men should be raised to a new level because today the necessary conditions for the work have been created a draft of the new civil procedure code which would increase access to justice convenient for participants in the process and procedures for dealing with the use of modern technologies in developing currently in the country kind of funny reported to the president about the work to reduce bureaucratic procedures and judicial activities and measures to enhance
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the protection of citizens rights. i will get access to hundreds of unknowing palace with a market in just the purchases of russian dull roots with the entry into the eurasian economic union minister blockage on second thought about the details today at the center medications the stress once again that the eurasian economic union as the political union pressure and i was excluded non economic issues from the draft treaty of the union the tree will continue the multi vector foreign policy which allows participating countries of the union to conclude agreements with the states and international organizations. at a moderate open it to the door normally do not consider the context of the draft provisions on the cooperation of the parties in the non economic areas. these issues in health education science culture and illegal immigration is the look of the draft of the tree itself there's nothing from it there this once again confirms the pieces that ec is appealing economic union was a show so that the puppets
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that but it is going on says the whining. there is good news as his chief economist at the union second i've noted that the union will have to permit authorities the recent economic commission and the court which would show that the quality of the parties the first deputy minister has denied rumors about a one single currency in the countries according to him the integration process would not make us extend abandon the national currency can be a customs union of context and russia in august was established four years ago. she'll do it with a theater in the stomach and uses a lot about the show promises to stop foreign investment in the manufacture and ship has been increased almost two times up to three point four billion dollars since two thousand twelve in against one point eight billion dollars in two thousand i knew that unemployment investments grew by thirty four percent to reach twenty billion dollars what does it mean that significantly investment appeal. kazakhstan has increased. scientists believe in a strong girl called ricin it is an indispensable
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attribute of a developed country or that you take its place among the top thirty leading countries of the world food prize should be of high quality according to scientists. it is necessary to introduce new technologies into production the national agrarian university experts are ready to offer a number of projects that can be introduced in the sector. new technology of cultivation and processing policies that meet in a modern requirements is among them. but with a typical audi he not only to grow these crops but also export products. this is one of the ways to strengthen the economy of our country and one of the first steps of joining the top thirty most developed countries the world cup with a promotion that will get to it but give it the publisher may a mommy that the bottling process. at present scientists face a challenge to introduce a water saving technologies and three new varieties of drought resistant crops. one hundred and twenty thousand tonnes of solid vocals for years when produced factory which is being constructed in the village of guy you should go in the region. the project cost more than seven point
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five million euros the plant will manufacture products for export. the construction of the factor was financed by foreign investors with the support of the social entrepreneur corporation. now the enterprise is being built within the program of the green economy that only reads growing on thousands of acres along the coast of the caspian sea will serve as raw material for biofuels this comes up which most of the granules the wreaths are popular products. therefore there will be no problems with the sale. we have entered into agreement with the swedish company. i see him make that will sell these products company with the reason he said. there is the rector of groundwater in the coal mine in the south western chinese province two nine twenty two miners remained blocked on there as a result of accident currently rescue was trying to pump groundwater use bombs at the same time the accident twenty six minus one the mind for the managed to escape to the surface. the chinese government intends to close about two thousand small coal mines. this will be done within the framework of reducing air pollution and reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels
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incessant rains have caused flooding in argentina in some provinces in the west the country houses were completely submerged in water where transport in the country's energy infrastructure was disrupted due to the current situation more than two thousand people have been evacuated military officers are helping residents of the affected areas to get out of the disaster zone in the center of inspection evacuation centers. argentine president cristina fernandez de creature is personally monitoring the situation in early april a similar situation was observed in the solomon islands heavy rains caused flooding in the disaster killed three people thirty gone missing and ten thousand people lost homes. they uncovered a network of companies has applied to in a dual use equipment that can be used to manufacture missiles four people were detained during a special operation civil court sees two metal processing plants that can be used for missiles as well as numerous tactical documents ready for shipment to be done. christie
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as the market now his holiday in the monte according to the descendants of the event they've been celebrating this festival for three thousand years the president of the units all people of kazakhstan. try that with only forty two with the daughters of the holiday inn spring equinox love and brotherhood. we still haven't a brotherhood friendship between the people of kazakhstan at the same time representatives of each nation to try to make their nation a model behavior conservation of friendship stability and progress in kazakhstan. with a garden below. both of us. oh but you will preach than one level of course the publication of a book about the history the true context and became another reason for joy on the stage. the author of this book is the chairman of the association of the kurdish republic. he asked me so if he believes that every ethnic group living in the country should not only learn but also promote the spiritual values of their homeland. it's
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the help of a president who will use both the business school. there is a nice cozy here is populated by currents best kurdish children learn their native language condition their courses in studying the cause of claim which association today and privacy that seventy five percent of kurds are fluid state language. to their mobiles book has no place to put him in to the quilt. i mean. i have is currently about one hundred thousand kurds live in concert the first republican festival student and youth theater group's opening of a dark beer get an image of theater goers from the regions of the country during the week of the reasons the performances of different genres comedy drama and tragedy the loss of a performance in the competition program devoted to topical issues of the day the city on the gift is trevor was chosen for the pesto accidentally today for experimental music theaters are working him one of them is a student to bring out the local pedagogical institute showed shock which came with the idea of
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organizing the event. to set the whole acting as a hobby theaters like i don't like. i know is that this coming sat went to see if the email please that we are here now it is in a beautiful city. i really want to become an actress i want to come and i think my dream will come true the future can deliver. he played. get the stuff i use that. with this. the latest news is that three w dot cardstock stash tv got kate said. i hit a thousand words he does extend insurance market is expected to maintain its thirty percent growth demand. experts note that i can work from an insurance package is this your medical insurance and auto insurance schemes will be the main drivers of the markets group at the same time in the mid term
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perspective or more persons are expected to make use of the services of insurance companies on a voluntary basis. an example of this is the growth of a network of up to a spectacle service stations where i'm about to venture into voluntary insurance plan our service cucumbers. that will popup and that is not known at that taking into consideration the recent be the odd immobile market is undergoing significant transformations new cars are available for reasonable prices and their cars that were manufactured in russia and assembled in kazakhstan. aside from reasonable prices people have begun buying voluntary auto insurance is insurance plans can also be bought with bank one in case of requests to learn for example the twenty ten have entrances well according to official data since the beginning of march the volume of claims of insurance companies amounted to almost two hundred billion think it which is an almost thirty percent increase over the year. inflation in russia
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continues to accelerate consumer prices in the month of march increased by one percent at the beginning of the year this figure stood at two point three percent due to the sleazy reports citing the russian federal service is the state statistics. as it was known to do with every increase of eleven point seven percent in january of two point six percent. for comparison in two thousand thirteen. the inflation rate in march was only zero point three percent and at the beginning of two thousand and one point nine percent in march of this year prices of goods rose by one point two percent of the product they want twenty percent non food products with your point seven percent and services by cedar point five percent international rating agency moody's has greeted the government bonds created from c eighteen sixty three the analyst reports the outlook is assessed as negative reasons behind the database as stated by moody's said the contract of ukraine's foreign reserves due to the rejection of financial support from russia
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the rise in prices of imported gas in the forecast a rise in the debt to gdp ratio of the country to fifty five sixty percent by the end of two thousand fourteen experts at a distance he predict that next year chinese yuan will become one of the world reserve currency in two thousand to fewer than half of china's preconceptions that developed countries will be conducted in your arms in five years more than thirty percent of china's growth in turnover transactions to be conducted in your midst of a small room with porter reports citing the financial groups with the yuan has entered into the top ten most readable currencies and his gallant second place after the dollar putting the euro in there the world economy continues the recovery of the financial crisis. however growth rates will be significant the votes to sustain it but the head of the imf if you like that among the factors that are slow down economic growth for those leaflets in
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the years the country's maintenance of the high unemployment levels and high government debt between european countries and the moments of economists are forecasting an even slower growth rate of the world economy for the support team and to present it seems. it compares to a fifty percent growth rate of two thousand sixteen in connection with this the head of the imf has called upon the european central bank to soften its monetary policy. house prices decrease from great britain by one point one percent over the period apart from the previous month's level of two twenty p five. as hearing news reports this decreases the first to last three months and was drafted in the last two years nevertheless in annual terms with that of real estate market is still promising the first quarter real estate prices increased twenty point seven percent experts note that the demand for houses and retrieval is supported by the present economic situation rise in employment higher consumer confidence and low interest
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mike ice. this is dismantled his impending marriage equipment market that is. it is in charge of the section this knocks down. the money each year for since your perception of the free standing monitoring computer counting. the kindle. it's a a. was it. he was unusual for us just to fit the dough with a particular piece to our jobs are with us. it's a vestige of my candidates the prestigious well
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unemployment is high in spots. the job. even if it's just that and the one thousand snake turned to his harmony. this was the awesome it is all about. at least that the project will continue and that she could increase our financial stability. we want to go upstairs and branches into buying them. i've had a headache due to the destruction of weapons and ammunition. if the six geese a female patient. we welcome this program. sunny any ammunition stocks in front of people is responsible for the paci when asset writedowns. the six races or they don't the ball and that they don't live in the mean girl over to the east to check the characteristics of tnt and only so so i went to
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the disease process. we also split the impact on our environment. dangerous situation. i leave with stress but then very careful to all of distress. a dose of all what's a book on tape the above another to give it to comics away from the ammunition storage facility. she makes. i want to she needs to sort this one is possible to employ a new teachers this week and this today is the nature of the projects. my sister based on what i'm saying. three hundred and sixty six thousand small arms and light weapons were destroyed. now with seventy six thousand tonnes of ammunition
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including the many an anti personnel landmines the crisis is dancing. but many people smiling says he is in this country. still if yes please lord. he's given me in the day. one of my life that you are like children. i hope that life will continue to be calm and peace. you'll see are exploding ammunition which her store. i want peace and to be caught in a few questions. haha was a chain of us live in the shoe shop teaching together. this program is very important for our empty for our children and for our grandchildren because it's very hard to live without it. ninety three one dollar project in me and aims to strengthen the local response to hiv. and in truth
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access to hiv prevention and treatment services among at risk populations including migrant workers. at a news conference to promote aids day. adb vice president stephen crowe said curling cross border movement of people in the woods has increased health risks including hiv and malaria in me in. the spread of hiv is linked to gender inequality poverty. stigma discrimination and is reinforced by misinformation the project before scaling up of local response to improve access to hiv prevention services. tokyo that the populations such as michael workers and will strengthen monitoring systems for tracking hiv across borders. the markets back to the hybrid country in asia and an estimated eleven sixteen thousand people live with hiv roughly a third
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element. two major economic power tools linking the merritt island and the people's republic of china will be the focus of the project. hiv remains a serious help. straight across much of the eastern pacific in two thousand and eleven five million people in the region were living with hiv and aids. me and the project is supported by a one million dollars technical assistance grant from the cooperation from the fighting hiv aids in asia and the pcp. pundits by the government of sweden the brainstorming ideas to students of ryan's preschool to community college to fund the project that became known as the roos free money saving expert in coaching of the students to save them money for variety of methods this edited for length about to reveal the date the possessions that they are going up the sides. who likes to look at it in a statement
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they have dedicated their time and commitment towards the project and require minimal input from the teachers the students that she will take these projects to themselves and to think i did this i mean the only thing i constantly keep having to meet the offender leasing sector in india and the same intensity actual contents i mean they actually did everything themselves the drop in sessions led successful behind. botany department thursday sessions and to the plot and by then i took it to finance advice and things that i have changed many people's perceptions of personal finance kind of open their eyes to many ways to save them money. simple ideas which helped them to think about the future. it helps to visit with old age of the guys will like. we need to wait for like a setup like him best place to place us how ppp will that just helps if you don't like that. asked about the delivery of the show today and it seemed the roos bring money saving
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expensive achieve great things at the college and are already thinking about how they will continue its effort to help us because next to a record budget deficit in the book so that will protect and one. and does the system needed. i think he can go a long wait. this is just the soft again. what's the state. the past ten years and in need of some considerable economic growth pockets of vulnerability and deprivation remain the country's new suit and got two more properties and tt but short. as the fourth highest under five mortality ratio and one of the worst poverty rates in the country the province also has the worst sanitation coverage resulting in higher incidence of diarrhoea disease pneumonia and diarrhoea for the teen killers of children under age five disproportionately affected children in the port's most disadvantaged areas increasing knowledge of simple preventive measures and good hygiene is essential community based approach to
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sanitation. hand washing to water treatment and environmental improvements can save lives and teachings that since the start and end with. and when he's done health ambassadors take a lesson time. it's clear that the community based approach is having an impact. i didn't have the habit of washing my hands after i painted my dog this is letting the importance of hygiene every time it isn't my job and never forget to wash my hands. yes many asked the local government and communities ntt have come together to tackle the underlying causes of court child health in the province. maintaining this multi layered approach of the key to preventing disease in saving many children sign. it takes the industry is one of
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the need to state his opinion the quantity which is going back to topic. the a common initiate kids to get that fixed the box and dubai financial aid and yet has the potential to impede its textile and fashion it into what it did. i didn't have enough for one find essential if the sand and beach. even in us god is at the end of the acting teacher. i felt that you actually do for us in getting the toxic speaking i don't want to use default less than top notch two dollars domestic product and fined fifty percent of country's export on the twice that of employment before with hefty five million people in the mosque after that it had to say the world. also on the wet and i made the network's dot org. it's believed to be the worst second largest coal
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reserves and eastern afghanistan. minister of mines weight loss are on it was money for mining here and another size to be used to rebuild the country after thirty years the war when it comes in the back. because devoted to political record in the long title winning team to beat two bookings the optimist there was the nation's mineral wealth more than three trillion dollars. us intelligence to wanted to explore the country's mineral wealth back in the eighties but the primary obstacle to the destruction was a lack of security. the problem that still faces the knesset today now he sighs heavily guarded by afghan security forces there are many foreign investors who are competing and it's for mining projects one of the properties of the open government is to be sure that the revenues coming from the huge reserves will create its revenues for the local community. in two thousand and seven. the china metallurgical group corporation won a tender to mine copper at the site and i'm back south east of kabul
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in fugitive you know what looked like if the project in each project. speaking to chill. that is entertaining to look into before. to ensure that. what could be we the. it is impossible to go with the need to get caught up in it because the package china is not hilly country investing in afghanistan india pakistan and iran are actively seeking my exploration deals offering enormous amounts of money that would also be for power plants and with a roasted them at coniston with south and central asia. at the nec excavation of honor at the morgue and minerals archaeologists have discovered three but these monsters dated from the first of seven countries. it's been described as the most significant ecological find enough dentists time they reached a no call for runs a rifleman in it so the artifacts will be relocated block but looked to purpose built museum nearby in the future will be taken to the national museum trouble was that one. these
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buttons. from there. i'm going to be a bit. book bush's neck and put a good boss right. no prominent pundits say. wouldn't that be in theory the growth of the mining industry should inject millions into the crippled up and economy but to be made allegations of corruption regarding the awarding of contracts the minister says is improving transparency by closing a number of bank accounts and publishing all financial details online these are big chaenges but the thickening that's mine with the help of the duff chemist on into far more prosperous future. some of the twenty nine act has done is done for the nick of time
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and. the i know the eye. we need when we were the eye lee time you're with me. yet the blinds. it sounded bulgarian prime minister intends vietnam down and get this one


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