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guess i did it my way the school as well . still the reason why he doesn't land mines eric elie good to have. we offer our thanks for joining us coming up in the next thirty minutes ukraine issues an ultimatum to pro life protesters began as a force to allow the president which has helped me out. you bought plus grace and wanting to return to the market for years. it was hampered by a loss of confidence in its debt. could it be the black box that everyone has been looking for new paintings will get to the search for
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missing a place to share mine fort is now on a table in the ukraine for the government said that if progress and protesters do not leave buildings in the country's east they will be removed by whatever means necessary. while the separatists want to break away from ukraine and join russia. meanwhile the kremlin has agreed to participate in multinational talks next week with the european union and the us that ryan and growing crisis in the meantime russia has issued one of its strongest warning yet it says the use of force which sparked the civil war in the country has threatened to cut off all energy supplies to keep in mind that thousands of russian troops are poised on the new craze for. these cruel rushing demonstrators are looking to moscow in hopes of gaining
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support for their bid for independence from kiev. have mercy on your fighters weekend was awesome. when you lose your last of the creed of good neighbor new rules. once security services building has been occupied for days. it's believed to three hundred on separatists are ensconced inside. on the vehicles were seen moving towards the city earlier this week. ukraine's interim government has made clear is preparing to. there are two options political settlement negotiations or the use of force. either option. yet like the prices were the result within forty eight hours. president putin has warned russia might start charging ukraine in advance for gas supplies. a potentially crippling moon easy to use the bathroom was
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our partners agree to consultations. if you don't agree it's a done deal. any anti government demonstrators to hunt showed no sign of giving their separatist struggle. and our correspondent mark this mare is on the ground and dong asked one of the cities of the heart of this crisis marcus you actually just attended a press conference from the pro russian the protest what they have to say. this was in the bidding you can see a bee like neo in the dock on the center square in the genious be a pro russian protests has had a press conference just a list of what they have in mind what they had plenty to do next dump. they still want to hotel referendum on serenity of the douglas region that is the area around done yet the city where and right now and they said they had been out of the talks today with the goblin all this the safety of the region. and they had no concrete to resign so far they want to continue the talks tomorrow
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but they had been promised because that's what they told us that the promise that they would be no storming no taking of both the bidding by police forces. this night so there is still on a little hope for a peaceful solution of this conflict and done yet the least. and what is the mood among citizens and do they expect this situation to escalate was up and said they expect russia and kiev to do at this point. when they do not think about russia so much of for the time being they are afraid that she had thought that is the central government of ukraine. when evan s crackdown on the protest whenever let's bring in our meetings on the force is the special police forces to force them out of the base to force them to lay down their weapons and they are afraid of love not sit on you need to know that the government in kiev for the moment is very catholic tries to negotiate and nevermind is the so called on to make some of which a
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boston debacle from put it into the practices said yesterday. soak the us did try to negotiate and maybe we would seek alms of an outcome and the resolution of up to snuff is the conflict without bloodshed. and that they will see what happens in between now and those negotiations next week that the international parties markets for thinking very much that day now ukraine also topped the agenda in the german parliament on wednesday for the crisis taking center stage in the annual general debate germany's close economic ties with russia have worried berlin. in berlin eu and nato allies during the german dependence on russian energy could undermine the west unity but on wednesday chancellor angela merkel put those fears to rest but they speak firmly backing shia well the words were strong action nor problem this year's parliamentary clash of the course of knuckles government sold
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the opposition yearly sidelines. speakers from the governing coalition dominated the debate. and turning to the crisis in ukraine china's political reaffirmed to robust support for the new government in kiev. we see ukraine has the right to choose its own way forward in the end of the ukrainian people must decide their own future. and we're going to help them do it. she also took a swipe at the demure protein saying there was little evidence that russia was helping to de escalate the situation nichols foreign minister amplify the criticism of russia saying the kremlin was threatening world peace is even gets it. seven decades after the end of world war two. it poses are arbitrarily redrawing of borders in europe are not only violates international law. they're opening a pandora's box the second example you will produce more and more strong
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it's a bit. china called for face to face talks between moscow and kiev together with the us and eu. others demanded a tougher line top cdu lawmaker ugliest robinho said it was wishful thinking to continue to tolerate a democratic ukraine so to moscow regards stable and democratic neighbors as a threat to the mall because they expose russia's own autocratic. photo credit elites. this is that it would be a decent team in august strong words but so far little action on germany's parked and german prosecutors have released more than a thousand paintings belonging to a collector at the heart of a controversy over era leaders are nowhere to be returned including paintings by mit's to leave undone and others at least four hundred and fifty eight will stay in government hands for another year while experts check to see if they were looted by the nazis. the move follows a
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deal reached with the collector eighty one year old cornelius girl it is agreed to hand any stolen works over to their rightful owners. grill it inherited the paintings from his father a leading and rt less. and just two years ago grace was in danger of crashing out of the eurozone but now investors are scrambling to my athens first sovereign bond issue in four years which is expected to go on the market on thursday i got my hopes this will mean a fresh start in the foreign bailouts will become a thing of the past but you know there's optimism is in shared by all greeks many of whom had been struggling with the financial crisis began the view they are still waiting for any sign of the economic recovery. twenty thousand people marched through the greek capital to protest government austerity policies. angry at the eu and germany in particular the bling chance to mount pressure increase into taking tough measures. the polish
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government is looking for the miracles on. we can take it anymore. these policies are making allies worse not better. we keep hearing about european solidarity to leave the rest of europe seems to benefit from it. large parts of the greek economy are on strike. in essence buses remain parked in the deeper its railway stations or desertion. even ships aren't going anywhere. we're firmly in the harbor. it's hardly the image the government wants two percent of the country making its return to the capital markets absence is preparing a five year bond issue for thursday the previews tested she was successful investors scrambled to buy greek bonds all that they have the maturity of only a few months. grease cookie sheet bonus worth some two point five billion euro us that could allow it to do with our foreign aid
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the psychologically important stuff. but for now there's little sign of a better mood on the streets of athens. just a deep sense of frustration the all time now for ticket with the ruling the markets during midweek racing correspondent comrade this wraps up the difference for the fact that stock exchange. dumpling on the stock market seems to be a halting of the indices of considering what opportunities to find. for example the bond markets that the government will come to the capital markets again this week and for the first time in a long time the issue into government bonds from greeks. the stock market is a lot of them and any activity happening for example stingy out the i t from for prawns is now a takeover target and is also on offer ipo activity in the pipelines. the people on the stock market. i'm getting prepared for the terms of earnings expectations well the expectations of the north so much that now as many people here think that positive surprises us
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something back to the market and graceful during the seventies report season around this error reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange one hour to get to the latest on the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight three seventy australian teams are searching for that plane have detected more signals that could be from its black box flight recorders a month ago the aircraft lost all contact with air traffic controllers on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing and vanished without trace tubes are resting on the australian marine vessel the ocean shield. the second time in the past few days rescue teams on board had picked up clear signals from the depths of the indian ocean the latest sounds are similar to those recorded at the weekend. experts believe they could be from the missing aircraft flight recorders. but the signals are coming from an area where the cia score an a half kilometers deep. which makes pinpointing the exact
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location extremely difficult i believe with searching in the ryde area. we need to visually identify aircraft wreckage. we can confirm with certainty that this is the final resting place. oh and i teach three seven zero well search efforts are concentrated on locating the black box flight recorders which look much like this one. and on an area some six hundred km north of where chinese search teams registered signals last week things slowed by boat search teams are on what is thought to be the plight of the missing plane. the ocean shields underwater sensor picked up the latest paintings. but it also registered. they are facing it did not come much bigger than this. indonesia's one hundred eighty million eligible voters decide who will be the national parliament in the world's
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most populous muslim majority country. early exit polls suggest the party of the hugely popular governor of jakarta has secured the most votes no jew would go to cast his vote in jakarta with his life the country brand corruption the governor of the indonesian capital has won admirers for his clean reputation. wood said he hoped the ballot would be just as clean i chose. i hate this election will be held on the stewie and fairly so that everyone can exercise the right to vote according to their wheel. you know the name was missing. due to his presidential ambitions he needs to be in our hearts to do that his party needs twenty percent of the vote preliminary results suggest the fall just short of that whoever goes on to win july's presidential election is going to have to deal with a fractious parliament
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voters punished established parties for corruption scandals and use of price support to a number of islamist groups the new parliament will be fragmented because the number of parties have collected six seven eight or nine percent of the boat. and that means we'll be more parties with effective veto powers. when you get at it. despite fears of violence in some areas the election has gone smoothly. final results will be published in may now italy says it's coast guard has rescued some four thousand migrants over the past two days were trying to reach the european union by books is nine governments as hundreds of thousands of migrants are still in libya waiting to board illegal boats to europe thousands of tampa has this journey every year. italy is calling on the european union to combat the problem. rivals. last
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year a boat carrying migrants capsized off and landed in securing three hundred and sixty. one of the way comeback was another dramatic day in the cost of the stories trial of lee. i do. these. a number of
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syrians were back in she keeps rising with the majority seek shelter in neighboring countries while the un estimates there are now more than two point five million syrian refugees most of them have fled to jordan levin on over to turkey far away from home the struggle to make ends meet and even the children and spirit. tens of thousands of syrian children was the leader the entire team. he'll start he's generally turned a blind on it the number of children watching it this whole sewing shop in istanbul. operations thirteen like the elder boys here. he fled to turkey with
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his family to escape the fighting in syria. this war to end he said is one of the us bought some point they will get the syrians left in syria. will the committee of the syrians are believed to be living in taji refugees from the civil war. this of mind by working illegally the school's refugee children. many of them dream of a bass a life elsewhere the sun says he'd like to leave him a ticket to germany nearby hotel to be solved with this idiom is already trying to enter germany. he was to remain anonymous. a traffic has eight thousand one hundred euros. the deal the money to relatives already living in jamaica
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and i lean in to the weekend in the cargo space of a delivery truck that drove us to the bulgarian border there we were suppose to walk and they picked us up back on the other side of the bulgarian police caught us. it was. cos he hasn't given up his dream of a past life in germany. so we were sure that i'll try again however many times it takes i don't see any other future for myself and another in syria nor here in turkey he's working as a daily grow but as soon as more money on some business its bill heads to germany again. we did reach the voice of a sudden shock because it is milder than a bucket on his siblings who is still too young to walk. his mama says the family makes ends meet neighbourhood support of the money to tarnish his father and older brothers and sisters. she feels bad for
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kids the tulips. i mean she's never worked in syria. only one to school there. here he has to earn money or we couldn't survive. naturally to see a lost generation from the refugee families the longer the culprit in city and rides on the robot race is being robbed of his childhood. medicines to pay for the journey to the eu something he doesn't perhaps the most dramatic day of testimony yet an oscar to store his murder trial he faced aggressive questioning from prosecutor jerry now who told him to admit that he shot and killed his partner be deceived him on valentine's day. well the story is says he killed staying calm unintentionally after mistaking her for an intruder. he has been exercising his right not to be filmed in the courtroom while testifying. the story
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of the rhine to court for the third day of examination as a witness. the defensive use the first two days of questioning for trainee can lead to security and vulnerable when he shot three fifteen camp. the prosecutor quickly set about trying to destroy that image through aggressive questioning united. this curriculum is in the city has in common is that when he killed the last incumbent he did. oblivious to what it used to it feeds on what to expect was that was about to be passed on to youtube a shot and killed but even after twenty one sided. ten years the deal on something don't you steve the money. challenge and committed the prosecution to show video footage of the story is firing guns over ruling objections that it was inadmissible character
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evidence and amounted to illegal ambush of the defence the athletes broke down when during alvin asked him to view a photograph of steam can steal hand won't. but when it comes to our second response but if you don't have to get a picture will tune in to but what also one of the talks. my fingers touched it. i was a bians facee life imprisonment if convicted of premeditated murder. it's now a man standing at a high school in the us state of pennsylvania has as many as twenty students injured. officials say a sixteen year old student went on a rampage wielding two nights or the seasons are said to be in serious condition the alleged attacker who has not been identified is in police custody this is freakin regional high school about twenty km east of pittsburgh. students from
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personnel were just arriving for class when the attacker struck at quarter past seven the police and several classrooms and hallways students evacuated the building after someone pulled the final. as if our layoff notice or care towards the exit. and it is done over the floor. mary sanders bleed or something. and i suddenly i yell just that most victims were students aged between fourteen and seventeen. school police officer was also slightly injured we subdue the attacker with the help of an assistant principal police then walked down to school. state police are here to assist us with the investigation the fbi has brought in some individual help us with the investigation background trying to see if there's anything that might lead to this particular situation police say they haven't established a motive for the attack. all the victims are expected to recover now
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the giant japanese carmaker toyota issued a recall for over six million cars worldwide use the engineering problems for tea and this isn't the first massive global recalls many on the company's disclosure comes as general motors finds itself in the hot seat facing a government investigation for failing to fix the faulty ignition switch is responsible for the deaths of thirteen people his assembly line that uses the toilet yes the recall affects only those models sold between two thousand and ten the problems are minor glitches in the seating adjustment and steering apparatus. but industry analysts say it's a symptom of a much larger problem rising prices for raw materials and intense competition. automakers are putting new models with more complicated electronics on the market more frequently with much shorter developing talents. at the same time the number of recalls has increased dramatically
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toyota the world's biggest carmaker is retold six point five million vehicles general motors recently called two point six million cars due to the mission falls that in some cases midfield consequences. and last autumn europe's largest carmaker be killed you had to recall two point six million vehicles for inspection in china. for toyota. it seemed another man's recall. four years ago millions of cars had to be checked after a fault was found in some vehicles gas pedals. back then us authorities accuse the japanese car maker of waiting too long to act the company promised in the quality control would take precedence over expansion. i have a funny guy you are never too old to have fun and for some grown ups that means playing computer games. everyday millions of years is the escape reality and delve into in virtual fantasy world while the sector is booming and jeremy is one of the biggest markets in europe this week the makers of computer games are meeting in berlin for the international games week
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one of them is germany based theme for each. we do supernatural powers to play the online fantasy game ii but behind the scenes of the team of mortals and plan out every nation and sketch out every detail of the on line characters i thought i would have won nine games of really taken off in a recent years. the game forge company has some twenty games in its lineup. most of them in house productions. it was a freshman at ports your bed and some games to produce very quickly and five or six months while many games need one and a half years because they're very complicated when you add found in everything he can turn into a really big production the setback was that founded ten years ago the german online game providers seen rapid growth nowadays four hundred and fifty people work again force headquarters in karlsruhe are
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developing even more a new cyber games for the world nowhere in more than seventy five countries. we work in more than fifty languages men for every language. we have in the two speakers sitting here with us but we think they're the ones who manage the worldwide gaming communities and in every country more and more players are switching from pcs to other devices. corset and the weak trend for us in the gaming industry has the ability to go immobile people used to play games on their pcs are on a cold souls in their living rooms. what today's new terminals. you can play on your telephone or tablet and that opens a whole new timeframe. bumped into each team constable ian and i can't stop. and new business models. playing online games is mostly free. at first sight. again for treats revenue by offering virtual goods access for the game take years. that brings in more than one hundred million
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euro is here for the company but first the good and games are thoroughly tested. as if i were in use are never seen this before is it clear to me is well structured is a well balanced meaning is acting stupid game or is it to sonic to week. after all fit nicely into the game if the players answer yes that means more revenue for games torch. even so the company can hardly afford to take a creative break in this fast moving industry. sad that's all from us here at the gentlemen you very much that inning and the victory of the property on the mend. a new. i know
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holder. it meant. it is
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the kids. on top. i was told that the offer. it was. all about. will. read here the or else. each cage the blog world has something to try to eat. i am. ch
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the tree. the daughters of somebody. in the picture the island. i think you see something of what is so great they are. i must say that in united states. whom the ends of your sons and daughters twenty five. in fact. what is great about ireland. links between ireland and the united states are now on during the height of twenty two who was present in large part to show that the bond between our group. however if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united


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