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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 10, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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took history gets worse every day. cos breaking news talk what. so much. if dorset which is. the stock. for me oh well. good news. he's
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three. big if the election gets underway in india. today is the capital delhi and the state of utter rubbish just one day left before a deadline. it was like ukraine on pro russian protesters interior minister says the need to meet the buildings they're off to find psle will be kept by force getting presents a supreme court prosecutor protesters demand. the un set to vote today on sending twelve thousand more peacekeepers to central african republic their say at least thirty people have been killed in the crossfire in the new fighting between the christian militia. i know it seems like this the chinese yuan. at first but is under way to delhi for
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the third phase of the massive welfare of parliament election is the biggest in world history today is one of good days and have voted for more animes and thirty foreign editor robert person brought a virtual tour through the importance of today fuel was happy now quilted today even among southern said need a new campus it is good to know that that's what really makes today a more important than the pp other places in this enormous selection spent over four weeks in mind if the status based on that stage or so proud that she is one of the biggest states in india starting today. it's a somewhat reasonable hundred and ten million people at the right to go to the polls in the city nor was the scores twice the size of that if the french electorate it's always the population of russia. this is just one for one day you what one one stage in this enormous election. press it to the different political parties and was actually at stake in the selection. well
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i did. the main political parties congress and bjp into people's quality of the toronto for a long time and that the still the biggest bands that had once event on the outcome progress has been pretty much let it define union politics and sometimes in nineteen forty seven but this time round interestingly enough there's a new cartoon that broke the dap because when my aunty which only appeared in two thousand it went well from last year. astonishingly it did extremely well in the new delhi. municipal elections winning over the edge of the vote and that big. lying is due to construction and it just today with a link to the point is that this is really what's going to be that the single most important issue in this election. i know what you get together and start sweeping. men in the party has been secured by god's grace to reduce the suffering caused by the corruption of the indian national congress party and that the ttp to
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treat this as a message from god and that this all comes together. is corruption in india. with the ease with which is heavily to the party talking about how extensive it is and when you come for the plate against it is but it doesn't really give a sense of just how pervasive it is indeed if you look at two main parties. and it is not the bjp and congress party in this election. in the case to congress by thirty percent to seven percent. the trend is starting preschool charges and the boss of an extremely serious charges including attempted murder and break something like twenty one percent of the bjp certain that this is a massive problem which extends went through the indian medical society and the ap is hoping that this is its offer to teach it to really make this the single biggest issue this election. i don't want him thinking that a person
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section one hundred percent that's in eastern ukraine were no clashes were reported on wednesday but tensions are still high in the town of donetsk pro russian protesters have barricaded what they call their quilt for is still occupying government building there and i are hoping for a referendum on joining russia like the one that eventually annexed the region of crimea in the meantime the us and other western countries have accused moscow of massing troops on ukraine's quarter not only to maintain pressure on the government in kiev but also for possible military use clean hildebrand has more the satellite image of russian warplanes. another of transport in combat cola cup years. this one takes these images purportedly show the buildup of moscow's military presence new ukraine to order five different locations in southern russia were photographed in late march. nato said the force is forty thousand strong. fixed wing aircraft. rotary wing
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aircraft artillery tactical supply in some units strategic supply in some units field hospitals communication jamming here all of the things that it needs to accomplish. any sort of objective given in ukraine with tensions escalating the channel has until next week to propose steps for ensuring the security of nato members in eastern europe the twenty eight nation alliance is considering deploying the land air and maritime forces from its members. i would add not write off involvement by any age. to include the states nato said the kremlin's objectives are unclear but russian foreign minister sergei lavrov the keys the lines of exaggerating moscow said the troops are performing military exercises with one slated to begin next week and other routes
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meantime the u s secretary of state john kerry spoke twice into the trash and foreign minister wednesday kerry spoke to the ukrainian prime minister head of the story talks with the eu next week. and more ethnic violence has hit central african republic at least thirty people mostly civilians were killed in your fighting between a mainly christian militia and minority muslim leaders the first european troops have already arrived there just hours before the un is set to vote on sending in some twelve thousand more peacekeepers. that vote later today comes after forces from chad began withdrawing from central african republic following reports some of those soldiers killed and dozens of on single use his homily team. the country to find its tablespoons. ancient african union troops patrolled the central african republic capital boutique that any peace that this year is from john banks. he opted to skip forces are scrambling to fill that gap lift to
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the withdrawal of eight hundred and fifty two indian soldiers from the mission the us ambassador to the un says that this was among the urgency of the task at hand the light in the media in retail they say anyway. it has an even more the boy she was speaking into the crucial human torch to send more peacekeepers to depleted country. will post a current french and african union efforts to point almost twelve thousand soldiers and police. other small steps being to the police manag ttart from the eu has eight hundred strong peacekeeping mission in life to come to you with disdain the youth court in school my french and african forces to leave the capital had it in to the rest of the country to help civilians in need of protection and muslim population in particular that there are concerns that
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ethnic cleansing is alone with the once a week now with tnt the cake to the sheets all it takes extended the western population. has he asked us to be displaced i went there myself. last month and snow boarding houses and a skeleton chops. totally destroyed the reason population is estimated to have dropped from fifteen sixteen percent. critics arguehat it opens a strong un peacekeeping force to deploy its attendant will continue until two weeks. in south africa under cross examination of us get the stories is now in its second day he's on trial for murdering his girlfriend are resisting camp last year the olympic and paralympic sprinter has always said he shot her by mistake thinking she was an intruder. well on wednesday the athletes enter was grilled by the prosecutor in the court in pretoria catherine spencer takes a
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look back. it was the name and tells the story in sunday's team one likes the trading post examination to prosecute and wasted no time getting to the point you killed a shock to you but even then. on the losing side. yes i do my shopping till he was cleaned up. with the movie. dino was great to twenty one s to sympathetic portrait of the stories that the defense has attempted to constructing the pole speed eight he scored in the ne victory when the court found him to shave bt fifty fifteen pm. using a war to an end as target practice thus i would do just that. then you should follow suit. to see what they think would be the pizza medina to the neighborhood the south african company told the court he use to inch
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away hunting firearms and shoot at targets. the team insisted that he had no intention of killing his guilt friendly fifteen camp instead took place on by enticing else can the prosecution and it is that this story a skilled hand when climbing through a crisis when it's going to last or not humans the twenty seven children and a suspect maintains that it was a dreadful accident often he mistook read the printing trade on the stories faces a possible prison time of twenty twenty tonight. if convicted of premeditated mentor. last night in pennsylvania in the united states a vigil was held for the stabbing victims of that attack high school sixteen year old. the extra mile was a rest day before the attack at a school in the town of marysville. he's been charged with four counts of attempted homicide and twenty one counts of aggravated assault. he alleged the attacks philistines with two kitchen knives in a crowded halls of the school outside it's very before he was tackled and
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stopped by the assistant principal. venezuela has any clues but euro and opposition leaders are meeting later today from president talks aimed at ending a two month and deadly anti government protests. the opposition leader and former presidential candidate and retake it really is too narrowly lost the presidency to mature last year confirmed he will attend that meeting thirty nine people have died and six hundred hurt in clashes between protesters and police this year. it's going out to italy in if you've ever been to the town and that is till now it is absolutely beautiful but also surrounded and criss crossed with water without water also provokes much flooding and three months ago cruise ships were actually bent for environmental reasons but now lobbying by chris burns has overturned a ban. lincoln sussex plates. one hundred and forty thousand tonnes of
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steel sixty centimeters tall tended by a tiny town and the giant me feel fat and his command is to do that the ship companies is that they take the strain on health group is puffed decree banning them and says he used to that end. travel and to think that the enormous pain and danger that the eighteen fifteen. this big ship we can safely turn of the marks on all the supportive the cities and decreased protest is being forgotten announcements turnout was the displacement of say much more to recording this if he could think that the eco can be prevented. the activation bailed out by ship spending tons of fuel was a bar estimate it. we are back in and stopped by the consequent cornea crash was laid to rest i can feel our teeth opening toward a dandy and sharing the current rate sheet cake
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annoyed i were at thirty forty sixty meters from the bay. and if the he says ill stop here. there's daddy these giants that he wouldn't ask him to bed again. one bumped up against a key intricate staffing preach repentance appreciate this morning couldn't even now to say they shouldn't be that the fact that it has been an accident showed that the comedian is right to the tops of the safety of the baby she is with that. i know the economic arguments of one hour. the ship them to say that without the toy thing. bring one in four jobs in the fifty would be addressed. don't you think and he got his . he says welcome to the interviews
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here on false monkey i guess that is pretty small i e some ali the first cousin of the king of morocco on the sixth his nickname the rebel prince and he just hands and explosives memoir published in france translated as the diary of a baptist prince it's published by glass that it's very rare inside account of life in the royal family but also didn't attack on the floor and adrift of the moroccan monarchy. this comes from someone who lives in this united states in two thousand and two and was the third in line for the throne and no more than ever. probably at odds with his family. you claim that the monarchy is at the crossroads and morocco it has preformed. if it wants to survive why. this dire prediction right. will pursue an iq of two things very quickly. isn't this is
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not. the senate is not exclusive as much it is corrosive to nothing about private life of anybody. this is not a whistle blowers account as much as it is the real political critique from inside. thus important to work to undermine secondly that the magic of the moroccan monarchy is not new. it has something is with us for many decades and he's in at a crossroads if the crows. it's been a crossroads for long time but now this is particularly pressing demand that the regional context of the arab spring and what is bound to informed and educated years to come and get your thesis of this book is that the modern state rich. monarchy is supervising right now in developing and the traditional state which still there. all are in contradiction in terms are in contradiction with themselves and are treating these impacts and back in that
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house be broken by some three thousand which is traditional authority with the water authority which are allegedly were suppose to be so popular your sovereignty. this is the key to the book. morocco is as strong a minor key monarch rules on on everyone unusually this sea change in morocco should head towards the kind of spanish. british model of constitutional monarchy this is what you think is the solution for country this is essentially one of the pieces of the book is that we are living under unrestrained. one article our traditional power. it is an only slightly mitigated by certain constitutional text but that is due to an empty in the back and he should have to take place. for the real world but also for improvement. cute and sometimes you need to secure it this is to build links
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between the monarchy from their strong business interests. the satirical in the marquee will also be thrown away this is that a romantic view words like disappear or like the orphanage. political scientists and there is a crisis that will become open like in other places and i think yes the actual state which is essentially be a marker of this absolute monarchy has to give way to constitutional order the light can read more like a speed but of course it'll have to take its own. and this is not much to my irritation to the window having our allegiance to our a call to her teacher grown from one of the old hey why not say ok the mauna kea is not what we needed. let's go for republican model will you know it's up to the moroccans the moroccans neither will see that it's not the case today but that something very may well have learned that happens. majority of people
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who want to go from people and certainly something that we ought to respect a bike ride. you get married interesting anecdotes about the lake and how some of the second you describe as a very tough monarch is someone who manipulated people somewhat repressed people that you see. nevertheless he was a real team. by contrast to his son the current king muhammad the states who are you are describing as someone who hasn't really been meaning to transform this country someone who is. not to the reformist despite the image of someone who cares for his people the portrait i drop. there is a portrait of his time here but it is really no portrait of king wants to sit here is what i would push it but i trust my country. i essentially described as a brilliant politician. who
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knew who had been ruthless went out to be with you was that the record on human rights is very very dire. and it's clear but at the end of his life and she did leave the basis for for national reconciliation. as for his successor came home to six high st. he has espoused a discourse. democracy is a course change but the pair and that the change of paradigm has not happened we are still very much in continuity rather than rupture. that's the idea of the book so you're saying he's pretending not to react to the emerald city's pretended to be there to be in the sling and a personal attack on this one on him i'm going to preschool i'm not saying he's pretending all in seeing is that. she has too much to say. and yes it's the weekend. isn't that happening. well he does not will look good. the ten
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million dollars to build the powers of the throne maybe maybe enjoying it maybe he can his stablemate and thinks that experience with anything else is as explosive maybe knowing things to be ironic if it's because the trombone fix it that has also been a collective failure of leadership and were on the collective to the party's collective to your feelings and he just wanted to see keith implemented reforms has changed the constitution he's brought in political parties and kind of. the rules of governance the socialist under his father and husband on the fonts are so mean there is a recent appearance of democracy. then i would choose to be tunisia up for what is currently owns it just to talk about neighboring countries whether to recall effort to coax of democracy. this is going to lose we used the tools of
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democracy but there's no substance in them that's one of the critiques in the book is exactly the case. don't you think that i go in terms of democracy in respect of human rights is faring better than. it stays saudi arabia or moderate reasonable one should compare with glacier is a moroccan compare myself i'd like to be compared to two different from the transition. i like to be compared to spain. why should i be compared to libya. for lunch and the traditions to the crisis the eight kind of scare crow. because there is a crisis elsewhere for my country to experiment with anything new. that guy that's an open question i'd like people to to answer me for you personally. you decided to team up abroad in the united states. many
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disputes with both the lake house in the second on the scene up. we've been with us i mean do you feel that you are rejected because of what you see it what you think more because you are may be seen as someone who could be a rival into the future king at some point i want to make it sound as if. there is becoming. we'll be coming years. here is fundamental political difference and this book is not a limitation about those difficulties. it's a celebration of those difficulties which are the source and independent maturity and growth. it's a very important to underline this. yes undoubtedly ice creams in our culture must be someone to lie and lie behind the official line. that's what it was and that's what it is today and i've decided that autonomy and intimate to predict. this is called in to
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trouble the nation in the boat that you've been intimidated and some of their business interests were hurt imagine this will help you in that regard. we probably will not tell you something new something will confront pain is something we have to manage something we had to do with something any democrat or advocate of change. faces every day every day life and this is not a single image is from the content is effectively. he's got this email you the way from morocco but it seems that you care about from iraq would have my dears you say ok. i might try to contribute something some people are wondering well. this is someone who knows the system works or doesn't work. yes his ideas while knox. john into the political fray hands the top or rights act. is there. his point. i'm even knew how the system works better than i can imagine i
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was working but morocco is a new opera scifi someone who doesn't know how the system works because we have to start with a clean slate. so those are the apprentice when you know i wouldn't doubt that this is not responding not knowing about how the system works. reform is about having some ideal the idea now. it's no question is how to do that while being positive and being a force for positive dialogue and not destructive i have had contact in context many politicians with many advocates of democracy but i always force myself to obligated myself to maintain the rule and not a destructive role. i cannot twenties to the dynastic problem. this is a problem baltimore has been about iq he's even if you decide to enter politics. this will be seen as you type in your cousin. this interesting. i'm seeing that of common concern yes i'm saying this but i'm also saying that now that i
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was busy reading books and reviews to another. on other projects going on in the book in the pipeline include and also in the process to what i want to with depression. i also wanna have fun. it's also about having fun it's not just about having that mantra of the road response to the kid lol. everybody. to me not to splash and you want one of my passions begin to produce movies. i'm involved in community. i feel like i'm in no way i see winner up to be a democracy when did that real democracy is not inexhaustible. but the direction of history these. in democracies the process. it's not an event will be long it'll be hard ok transmission. we thank you very much for coming on as i can continue they kill for watching this
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we do . the house. joe was approved amendments to the criminal code in the article human cloning is introduced and that makes provision for the rest of the swift sport reproductive cells which human embryos in military and astro in commercial purposes from cars extent of it does not apply to a planning document that the rights of pre born babies responsibility for sexual abuse of minors was tied to swell and applies it to ten years' imprisonment in uganda working with children all these ideas. the labor code introduces a special rul


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