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tv   Newsline  PBS  April 10, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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one good one will. the rules ha world islam and you know tony in tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am these students protesting a great deal with china have ended their occupation of the parliament building asia's largest opposition party looks set to win the general election. bond investors are disappointed with the weak result and pro russian activists in eastern ukraine are standing firm in their battle for greater
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autonomy. students in taiwan protesting a trade deal with china had ended their twenty four day occupation of the parliament. they left a legislative chamber in taipei to cheering crowds. this is a representative told reporters that vacating the parliament does not mean the end of the demonstrations the leader said. they will continue to demand tougher rules for examining deals with china demonstrators say to those proposed by friends of mine tells administration are not good enough. the group is upset that the pact signed last june that would open up trade in dozens of service sectors. they lived at the parliamentary speaker had promised to stop the process towards approving the deal until the new system is in place to sit in with a loud legislature to protect the green in the taranaki in advance. experts as opposition to the trade deal with china could have lasting effects. university of georgia professor. yes and no
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mud to die is a leading expert on cross strait relations. the alarm the line at this time. we'll make a huge negative impact. i was gone. the investor. won't do the investment and unwanted with the moon. taiwanese. put them in time. yes. mind you one. on the wall. his goal with the mainland china. i feel good condition. with the coordination with the tight now. and then doing some tweaking. two ten p m
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and china. people used to the league and integration portugal. the kids would fall. election two thousand during the election. i hope it was how to promote the computer. bob. this movement. crude. only he and connie oriented policies won't work. sold. mexico that direction. will be much more oh and identity oriented direction. china keeps it tight on time on. in china. a spokesperson for taiwan affairs has indicated that his country will take the weekend. the approach to this situation. we do not want to see any negative impact on economic cooperation the all
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the upholstery. case in point the area. i will take months months ago. this will frustrate them very strong measures. i want. the only guy who is going through mind you it's already too late to the right one. you can only call upon for them in time and cost of two thousand and sixteen the yield curve. who was the be able to. the russians well it's all know who you can change in research and wounds. now to needy
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political deal. i walked into the studio pictures voters in indonesia i went to the polls for a general election on wednesday initial estimates points to a victory for the main opposition party tried to dig out in the bangkok as follows the story the largest opposition party it can also gain a majority of wednesday's general election but it's the other boat was less than had been expected the political uncertainties of the emerging stock markets you will stop until she should resign. reports from jakarta. did you know they completely. none of the situation. isn't it people sure those beneath him telling me that they could also just speak before the media was commissioned to build above the law the participants are counted it is a critical component of
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the week. the elderly. i feel close to joe court because he is an honest and simple i will vote for in the presidential election all this trouble god above ninety possible to behold this means that it would be to pull a cornish. to get a dessert and tea parties mostly up to sprint across the seats or could it possible to fall. got sudden she's raising questions among investors that across the market because people don't grow our own source presumably the soon to book a party to vote impossible it doesn't has been damaged by a series of scandals holding on to the ticket they say the authorities insisted he does he
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the commission approved for treating depression. this is the expected decisive result when a boat with the change the market disappointment is that the solution is all short and is toward a stable government want to go to stick on the cover shows the key is scheduled to come only new delhi has cost thousands. only three days of election rules large is more than eight hundred million people have a chance to meet well. results are due on the sixteenth. the election polls suggest that the country's largest opposition parties' janata party led by narendra modi is heading for a strong showing thousands of people waiting in line at police stations and down on thursday. more than twelve million residents in the evening capital are eligible to it. this time will choose the opposition
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bjp will get a stable government with voting delegate jobs so far as a state minister. many had become a marginal increase congress. when i need. all show the ruling congress party is facing a tough battle. the resort can be dissatisfied with the sluggish economy price hikes and a series of corruption scandals the ruling congress party leader sonia gandhi and its vice president. gandhi also cast their ballots. wind chills were vocal in its election campaign. police he has been the rich and the neocons and political dynasty. incumbent prime minister manmohan singh has relied on people stop going after his term the opposition parts of the janata party has mounted an hour and a movie. prime minister. only that she's mr
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of the western state of the jar on his cell mate politician. for family. he has spearheaded the movement of attracting investment from foreign firms and infrastructure projects pontiac was in bangkok. pro russian activists in eastern ukraine are standing firm in their stand up an interim authorities there occupying government buildings to press their demand for greater autonomy in rejecting orders to get now . protesters are all the buildings in the cities of domains and lohan's. greater freedom for their region seem to hold a referendum on the eleventh of next month. ukraine's acting principal centers churches and design for the protesters away out of the situation he says he will file criminal charges against any who lay
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down their arms to leave the buildings churches and says he's ready to put the promised in a presidential decree demonstrators say they don't trust the government they see leaders are threatening to move them out by force of less than leave on friday for people we are. you know we are convinced. she was so strong. and all the stuff she gets completed. it could afford. here in northern japan is sharply criticizing the approval of construction on a nuclear plant near his
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city pushed he could almost sense the tokyo based operator in the central government have ignored safety concerns by people in the city. he's filed a lawsuit to stop construction on the facility and its heroes from the title reports milk is raising concerns over who would take responsibility for local people connected in a plant ever okra. give them all and end all. we are fears that the central government the answer to this fundamental question is is still a very fake. while construction of new plants goes ahead. they are uniting the mom opted to use as nourishment and he opened the fastest. the challenge of evacuation of residents is entirely let the local government. there is no information is given to us learn any lessons. she was
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dying she said. the whole field is demanding a hold of ongoing construction of the one you love. twenty three km away from him. to complete it. it will be the world's first commercial nuclear power plant. tony and the police. the operator to teach our kids are going to apply for safety inspections required under new government guidelines is full. i get to see steve and cannot be secured. as the damage from an accident at the moment nuclear plant would be so great is that he would no longer be able to punch. bill has repeated the express his opinions. she has been largely ignored because it did eat this and coking plant the souvenir filed the lawsuit earlier this month. the tokyo district court. i think the central government and the company
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rather it is about constructing a new facility starting the existing one we must provide an appropriate explanation to people. i didn't understand she has already decided on is it acceptable. in a democracy. yes that is destined to christmas i e cheap local governments within thirty km radius of any nuclear plant in japan are required to make plans to give actually presents the case of another clear things up. as a mom. due to publish these churches have got to talking or singing in the operation of the plants even though they could directly impact the community what does bother me as much political in the future. and the man before speaker quinn splashed across the country start to come online
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untitled nhk world tokyo government leaders in central japan are voicing their own concerns about a new safety system designed to deal with nuclear emergencies tokyo electric power company tested and unfiltered venting system that's how she was like the honeywell questioning of the prefecture they're installing the systems in a bid to ease concerns the four planned to restart reactors this system is designed to reduce pressure to the reactor can to invest during emergencies while limiting emissions of radioactive materials the venting system is required under tougher safety guidelines that took effect last july. workers total nitrogen through the cylinder to determine whether the gas flow through the piping as planned during a test. gas was used in place of radioactive fumes. officials in yup that's a radioactive materials released through the filter may affect residents. experts are now reviewing the system safety
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and methods of operation. un special envoy is in japan working to shed light on a given rights conditions of people living in north korea many people around the world and clan leaders in the isolated country have committed crimes against humanity. or is it to doris man says they include the adoptions of foreign nationals and its mistreatment of political prisoners. and if the world to kolkata has more. he has been some of the store is fifty dollars month is now isn't time for the united nations to engage in improving the human rights commission in north korea not only do we know the dprk known that we know and this is helpful and kind act. as opposed to the present. and intended to change course a human and all
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that is easy on the investigation. sharing a testimony of two hundred twenty witnesses. based on its findings. the un human rights council last month approved of his omission on punishing north korea freedom reported that the preamble to a teams had committed crimes against people both inside and outside the country. it's on different issues of the problem of political prisoners being held in concentration camps. last month he knew abt the abductions of japanese nationals. he stressed that this is no longer on my latino issues. eighteen japan and north korea. into nostrils. the news conference mom even took ill with the political benefits of the half empty the r's him to help bring out the storm. we
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wanted to show you what cars sold so we can see the sign of a solution to the program the japanese government is at least seventeen contestants were kidnapped in the nineteen seventies and eighty dollars monthly cost to use it on to be sure what the economy. all going to the government chinese civil society and un mechanisms must work together in this new chapter of dprk humorous way. time is running running out. we must act to be torture. the victims' families and loved ones. liam officials denounced the ukraine. the lesion is aimed at destroying the country's ideology and social system. the mosque we weren't meant to be a mention of human milk means to
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communicate monday. mom did you really use all its judicial mechanisms to punish those responsible for human rights violations. on the issue be a part to the international criminal court. pretty cool that he she will touch you. japan's air self defense force scrambled fighter jets record number of times against chinese aircraft for the second consecutive year your self defense force pilots perform at the hundred can make emergency teacups in response to possible territorial intrusions by foreign aircraft. it's the first time in twenty four years that the member has topped eight hundred more than half are in response to chinese planes up about one hundred ten from the previous year. such responses have increased since japan nationalize the sake of violence in the east china sea two years ago. china and taiwan claimed the islands japan's government maintains that the islands are inherent part of japan's territory. in
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that there is no issue of territorial sovereignty to the result over the islands the number of chinese early warning aircraft and the bombers flying over the international waters between the apple isle and ando campus main island has also increased since last summer aircraft were scrambled against russian planes near the three of its sixty times last year up about one hundred ten from the previous year. china's exports fell last month for the second month in a row that's raising concerns about the future of the world's second largest economy officials at china's customs agency announced that exports in march or about one hundred and seventy billion dollars down more than six and a half percent from a year earlier that was worse than analysts expected imports totalled just over one hundred and sixty billion dollars. those
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doubt about what eleven percent and also below market forecasts is the first time imports of falling year on year since last june analysts warn that chinese exports remain weak it could hinder efforts to achieve stable growth. chinese premier league coach on said china will take appropriate measures in the future in line with changes in the country's economic status he spoke at the opening ceremony of the ball while forum for asia held on on an island. the delegates are discussing the asian economy we recognize that there is downside pressure and work pressure on china's economy saying the foundation for stable growth is not in place at the premier indicated that if china takes steps to focus on medium to long term developments. they would not be short term stimulus measures like the ones in the past. he seems to have a doctrine which has already
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introduced and those to be adopted in the kitchen include promoting social reforms are expected to lead to sustainable economic growth. the scripture has aim is to sustain long term growth has to be achieved by executing reforms especially the financial markets and speed owned enterprises and by opening up the country's market. your lives for good pictures the eye. it is
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south. there's also a clone heading to australia meteorologists robert bennett is here with more proper as a severe tropical cycle might contain the bear down on our northern portions of queensland and adopt only one storm system you want to take very seriously if you are have this category five on the bureau of neurology scale at this conference is the kind of thing up to that is about two one or eighty five km for our sustained well over two one km route as well. pressure continues the ball though as it does continue to track off their tour to south west pushing on choice but to make landfall over eager on friday afternoon and into the evening hours of the good news where it is coming onshore this is a bottle of populating a region compared to private on course sophomore population two hundred that's just the lid aware that is pushing on shore and then put out about two thousand the people live there now the good news is that that these areas last people to mourn and last
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people to be back to a head of this system bodies. you are putting up with opposite ends of one hundred and forty two thousand people about their now everybody is ahead of the storm system they're taking it seriously and especially officials to look at this video coming out of cooktown where people are starting to open windows and the kids ready and headed to some authorities are saying about nine thousand people could be directly impacted by those most of your cycle with street names. this is the strongest of the hit of this area since two thousand and eleven when i called goth he came ashore as working to keep in mind that colin had a pull back the picture. that's all ya see clause two one gap and that was due to on the action carbon dioxide poisoning caused by will power failures across the theory of queensland and when that happens to be started up the generator wasn't properly ventilated select one to keep the money for power does go on to the generator was a lot of people this part of australia
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do. the picture that is positioned properly no structural damage also going to be of major factor was visiting you have a significant wins in the threat of storm surge along with other appropriate the circulation but also to bring all kinds downpour townsville and eventually over towards brisbane to my ears. if you've been to one hundred to two hundred millimeters of rainfall the only because he embraced a playful something to watch for the coming days the thing looked rather towards the north across japan to redo of high pressure in overhead i said a front moving through earlier today brought some skilful the northern portions of our hokkaido but that's continuing to taper off back towards the west even cooling temperatures if you're off towards korea in the report north eastern portions of china beijing actually on our plans to use on high thirty one record breaking after school i was counting on the fifth going into friday showers back towards the central forces in china the young steve are facing some years with his muscle hundred millimeters into next twenty four hours out there and that we're still top dog trumpet oppression people of this is a very weak storm in
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the windsor knot the big threat. but it could bring some up flogging reach the eastern portions of the sites they wanted aperture still get with a high of twenty there on your friday night at twenty seven partly class guys if you take a look over towards the mare is now a good mood across of the great lakes region that is going to producing a few severe thunderstorms but the rest of the us sunny skies in your forecasting threats can be fire weather conditions on court to stop and wrapping things up into europe. severe thunderstorms were popping up on and off the fjord eastern portion of the matter tree and all support the bus and other ear is unstable weather in northern portions of spain expected track again here on thursday and friday. his accent forecast. i do know
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should the woods across
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japan are hitting the road for their spring vacations some were stopping get their breast area where prehistoric creatures have reappeared and the lid and leave the city of bordeaux created the t rex models at the nearby discovered the fossilized teeth. they keep them under cover every winter to protect them from heavy snow and set them up in the spring the ground again and i met with. the i can't be dinosaurs to agree to that is until she starts falling. in november. i was a fundraiser and you know tommy in tokyo from oliver's here and in a row. thanks for
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putting a great day whatever i should. nhk world tv. this takes place at the recovery effort. it created woman teaches you a coke yes photojournalist. the subject of the heart of photographs include victims of natural disasters. awards. we have a special episode of ninety eight. featuring a selection of segments from science is
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popular j innovators corner the focus this time japanese artist and closely ordinate the development and production decreased. finally on sunday evening program surrounding treasures which the village is known for the traditional pottery the first edition focuses on the tiny yet see the socratic style drunkards court is vibrant and bold designs instead the people of kentucky first created britannia. add some color to their snowy winters. i can't get you in your time. in a tent and each kid world's tv
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she and c list celebrity in two completely different way world famous film director can she keep going. and brilliant comedian to be turkish. he keeps his finger on the pulse of our life happy. can she. as an entertainer and asked for twelve years ago he decided he wanted to master a new performance skills teacher was tap dancing. she was inspired by one to cancer in particular


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