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journey in. the story russian separatists in eastern ukraine reinforced our kites graham street buildings in the city of constantine gets to listen to treat the states don't carry and his russian counterpart to continue talks on the stand off between moscow and the west ahead of key meetings next week also involving the eu and ukrainian officials yesterday us diplomat victorian union said there was no doubts russia's involvement in the celtic building seizures which many believe could be used as a pretext for a kremlin backed invasion in
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two months to the leader of the alt text displayed it for preston pretence help gm for cause those who run the new house to regional security building as terrorists meanwhile the self proclaimed interim authorities hold up in the state's building in tanya is still discussing independence from kiev ukraine's interior minister has threatened to use force determine if the protesters as you. cuba has announced that giant us contract to the girls. it has recently gone on hunger strike while serving long prison term is a normal stable health and receiving to fight and decent treatment in hospital wards on tuesday. rose's lawyer announced that his clients have to go on strike last week to protest his alleged mistreatment by the cuban and us governments. the lawyer claims the crows had been confined to a small cost to me that so that it lost ten pounds since beginning his strike on the third of april crocs have lost one hundred and ten pounds prior to the hunger strike in the first forty years of his
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fifteen year prison sentence the sixty four year old was jailed for trying to create an illegal internet service the cuban teams at the time has been working as a sub contractor the u s banks capable able to project as a subversive striker employment support the us government operating with an eco technology . and to respect it is reverend al sharpton and said that he had cooperated with the nineteen eighties federal investigation into new york organized crime but lashed out at media reports accusing him of being a criminal sharpton says the city's main tabloid the daily news in your posts were mistaken when it published front page stories bush labeled him as a mop stick. the twenty oh four democratic presidential candidate says he was never told he was in importance with the number and that he was only cooperating with the investigations that were conducted three decades ago
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the probe attempted to make suspected mobsters repeat threats previously made to sharpen to record conversations over a two year period. sharpton who hosts the politics nation channel and msnbc says that he did what he tells kids every day that is to get guns and crime out of the community to cooperate with the law the mm mm with this the cn the flood is coming out to one of america's this growing jewish communities. it's no longer a sleepy city for retirees. the un singles couples and families admiralty had been built up the community from miami beach. i went to west palm beach. there are now more than seventy kosher restaurant thus the jewish day schools and nearly two
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hundred synagogues. join me for a very special look at this diverse community that includes steel been another latin tunes. the ultra orthodox and secular hipsters easy to fall into the cell of southern florida beaches and stunning blue waters coming clean. the sun shines year round and close by is the booming city of miami. no wonder more than six engine fifty thousand now live in was called the tri county area that includes miami dade broward and palm beach county oh it's wonderful. this old vary depending how you get to meet so many different teams from all over the world the original jewish slurs against first arrived in the late eighteenth century the only came to the southern coast in the nineteen twenties in the south beach their home. the entire jewish community existed from first read the history. in fact they were allowed to go north of there because all the deets were restricted to the top. no or blacks were allowed. no doubt that
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grandfather helped build south beach's first synagogue in nineteen twenty nine congregation beth jacob. to date the museum on his change is in florida. didn't learn a few fun facts. did the superman signature phrases and here. j morton who wrote the famous words it's a bird it's a plane superman broken in a studio time here in florida the vedas minus ten win against the all american alliance and one. she was the first and only today jewishness america. answers come to nineteen forty five shortly after the war. and they were very nervous about having a jewish miss america so they asked her to change her name and not the best meyer said that she refused the university of miami had no problem gaining a scholarship after this man nobel prize winning author i think that the singer retired insert sigh. he's personally jewish man with a brown events seen here with fdr today two jewish women represent southern florida in
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congress. washington's big shots. now they have to stop in florida. they all come through here with a republican democrat independent outcome for the community in all though some for our votes. we're swing state. remember it was losing florida and its twenty electoral votes that cost less than an hour for the presidency in two thousand jewish comedian says silverman try to make sure that didn't happen again to democrat chronicle ca ninety thousand in me. i made this video. i urge you all and just let go. photobucket. she made a difference for holiness video comparing a retired jewish grandmother to a young african american became an internet sensation and yes obama won florida for more on politics and went on to alan dershowitz one of my candy snowbirds this one is one of america's most distinguished criminal and civil liberties lawyers i was privileged to be on
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them all to hear martin luther king's i have to dream speech was director of the civil rights movement is a young man i participated in the legal case against our american apartheid called segregation harvard law school professor for more than forty years. differences are more than thirty bucks is also represented the rich and famous. but on discount to what stands out as one of america's most cogent articulate and relentless defenders of the jewish state the way to battle extreme anti israel attitudes is now with extreme pro israel attitude to switch truth it's with rationality it's with nuance and making it clear that there are multiple sides to every competition then obama has turned to dershowitz for advice on israel over the years i think obama fits into a category where he's not emotional. he has an intellectual support for israel but it's not the way e that it was with
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president clinton or president bush the second war of prison break. solomon how the holocaust memorial design mechanic trieste or obe at my next stop. don't worry captures becomes more intense the closer you get terrified and on figures are climbing up the alarm. children and desperately being handed out the human chain. david morales team is one of the holocaust survivors and establish this memorial fifteen he was deported from czechoslovakia to auschwitz the difficulty to come here and see. this is the memorial to bring back memories should choose to see the means. you see the people. like me. what did she survive yet. i guess
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something in mind. looking into some danger most days into weeks atop the visitors about his harrowing experience. auschwitz was the biggest debt to use them all. the teatro christmas number one for killing torchwood extreme and think he still remembers his first day we went to the selection line to the gas chambers. we forced him to oppose the true doctrine and global standing head on by claude cinnamon stick. built at you. and just motioned to go to that i collect. the mighty lion came so my grandfather dead ends gawd it's an assistant to the left. my oldest to the dismantled the night. an ss officer had little steam granted i was sitting down did you ever see your parents again enter your
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system. in fact no one in his family serve on it. they are part of the six million murdered by the nazis. what would help to survive just observe month. a final scene is now determined to keep telling a story that schools conference is in a march of the living. the lack of tv ads energy and excitement. to catch that last night i went to meet some of miami's to vince for jewish students headed to sell bonds gala dinner for temple menorah the good and even the israeli bombs choosing the future they see that the cuban of my congregation are not just merely on the boards of directors for the upper echelons of leadership. many cubans in his room. laney was next to nothing after fleeing castro's communist dictatorship in the nineteen sixties. cuba's just ninety miles away. today many of them are multimillion dollar
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companies the celts. we hope will trust in them over the issue. and its newer midst of the news and mr rich and poor are with you. no but when you bump into. hey i hear generously giving this congregation raised over thirteen million dollars for israel bombs that sold worldwide record. the demo tomorrow and it seemed to have been true to my cute in cheltenham. you've done all the time the month award zero forty first in miami beach from all over me to eat and shop got a strong orthodox feel that lots of beach lovers hang out here to win three community centers and went into death in two schools in yeshiva. the above options for jewish education this is miami is the oldest modern orthodox day school the hebrew academy. as long as a child is in tuesday's school. in addition these achieving its mission here in south florida the jewish
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community is growing its prospering lifting spirits leave the coming of age as well. with music and authentic teachings of the senate is trying to inspire unaffiliated in south beach enough to get it out of the clubs and into sin and god. people come to south beach to party and if we can elevate the party to show them the holiness of jewish music. i'm not as primitive form that they're accustomed to. they hear it the day when he read. . i heard amazing isn't it time for israel's annual winter juice music concert was a perfect weekend visit to miami. this is. sale. since the stone studded disagreeable parvati bit sweeter heartstrings in jewish music itself. harmonic the rich and complex. these
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talented artists are breaking new cantwell real music. this is our job to recreate and to bring new life into this or that the old tradition others like violinists gabrielle think i'm rocking out with her all female band has come to see in the ensemble. the play a lot of sixteenth century spain like tina music and elsa take on jewish renaissance music in the mediocrity make our own with the boston of its plans. the concert and did a pretty accomplished use of southern florida. the show will certainly go on. what need to link is here in miami and los angeles in your. we hope you enjoyed our special series on jewish life in america. it's no wonder why jewish immigrants called america the book in the medina which he knew this is the kind of promised land there were up for an unprecedented freedoms and opportunities here in just a hundred years later we see how tedious and contributed to every single facet of american life from miami
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beach and george miller purporting fridge and one the lee. ukraine's presidential candidates the truth but i shouldn't go at that that's the route to getting corruption is essential and for that failure to do so will anger of ordinary citizens with high expectations for change after months of turmoil argento a confectionery billionaire with one of two leading candidates in a may twenty ten collection that ukrainians had earned the right to a path to membership of the european union after the revolt that iraq president viktor yanukovich. it was more than you can. he was born the new people. unfortunately the classic old politician. i do my best. in addition the government. nobody's ever
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present in the adequate. you people why i'm so optimistic am i to him on to multiple just because of defects can be a new country and the reaction of the people is completely different there from heat and cool people as before. they should understand why one hundred and four people give their lives. how old he is the changes become. may twenty ten collection will be a first up by the interim leadership to get ukraine back on its feet after four months of turbulent thing confrontation with russia that as traumatized the country and highlighted all of the east west division tango is an experienced politician who is held a variety of portfolio including economy minister he will be up against former prime minister yulia tymoshenko a staunch critic of the ousted the other
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coverage my country urgently needs organization. does he know. the freedoms in this field because my ears feel so alive. can this be executed we want to wrap up the powerful european country the service of prayer. in the region. and i seem to be now we have absolutely unique situation than ever before. sixty two percent of the people support you even believe. following the kremlin's annexation of her media a move which the west was powerless to help ukraine resist sharing goes on a need for a new security architecture for euro one up for protection for non bloc countries like ukraine. asked about association with nato should go pointed to growing support in support of ukraine for closer ties with the us led military alliance after the russian military incursion but he said that swell of support was not great enough to press for
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nato membership and said the issue could split the country this . six teams are going to festivals and amazement of all theater presents the latest performance by convict on our clique of paris based is really are or were for. they taught me belongs to the lost chord over for a sweet ride to raise boundaries between what is conventionally considered it as gospel hit in her last performance parisian the trio. she delivers an extremely complex more of a famous french contemporary right there be a cute couple seconds with it do you get confused and i think is a very eclectic of text. presenting a very complex world. i think at
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least as late as for me. it regained its ability to feel the texture i find i can be used to defend its own. i wanna go for a chance to sign with an absence of attrition he suspects is considered nearly an impossible re upped its any interpretation of don't be caught me because i knew i'd been to write this war. bishop scared to bring this into maturity to be leaving. thanks to all but one fam. i seem to believe that honesty it. i think it couldn't have done a cheerleader born and raised in israel. toby hall of fame this is the biggest part of the prawns. she acquired the artistic and maturity in this atmosphere of multiculturalism that has always given her a critical view on topics and trends in both countries. the ship is
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to give access to the icc medal. i do everything for me smile. it's my mother to my family my childhood even really taste it it's good to expose these things need to use and is constantly upgrade struggling clubs. only sitting there empty. why don't you think that it has to do them. the difference. i have been interesting subjects companies and things with everything. it's always tasted like a glossy like him who own goal is to laugh but when you obey to confront questions were right. but as time goes by. i'm getting closer to it. i concede any intention to close it is to change content that's for sure i can usually sense
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the inventiveness and you know t o these are indeed asked her the option to use french professionals such as those in the photo but here it is the director of oregon the detailed rules. i think it's enough to really dance and choreographers in france and scheduling basically i wanted to show that these dances period which usually beats per minute the committee. it's getting kind of mini opera or a body text and music june and be silly. it's really astonishing. villa. inspired by different cultures and using a mixture of artistic languages. they taught me proves that art is universal the lautoka pitch. dan wanted terrorists
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the activists had been holed up inside of the ukrainian security service building in the eastern city of gods have said they are ukraine's last pope and pleaded for supporters to gather outside the building in larger number in order for their protests to be successful. i understand that we will be trying to weasel obese mice ourselves what we may feel that peace is our last chance hard to be his last known as the last nickel and has been most trauma going on that site is almost close to dead trees that we are the last remaining hopeful the brain the crew. the former kgb headquarters in logan's was one of three government buildings see that sweet in eastern ukraine by protesters demanding a regional referendum on independence from kiev. sandbags and wooden crates were piled near the entrance of the building
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to defend it against police men with rifles could be seen to the broken windows about doesn't the man who seized the building on april six where they gained access to an arms cache acting injury affairs minister arsenal bob duff said the situation and moved on to internet would be resolved within the next forty eight hours to divide negotiations or by force the european union on april nine said russia ukraine united states and european union will hold a ministerial meeting next week to discuss the ukraine crisis when a top us diplomat told congress men and expectations are not high for a breakthrough we don't have high expectations for these talks but we do believe it is very important to keep that diplomatic door open. a spokesman for the protesters holding the building in logan's to talks on resolving the crisis were continuing the pro kremlin activists many wearing one km and masks continue to build the arcade keeping tires wooden crates and came back several were
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holding automatic rifle the lou. the pristine settled in what is now slovenia before the sixth century when the first loving peoples descended onto the region to date there are only about one hundred and fifty members to stand in the capital of the piano and one hundred ma outside of the city. while that may be smiling on this date in influence. the slovenian capital city after the other is a reflection of tranquility and has a population of about two to seventy thousand advocates pasta gehry buildings dotted along the victim but there is nothing short of claims that the synagogue was built in twelve eighteen and s is able to l on thet b o the river. now all that's left of that kate today i
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jewish treats and she was too late. but it does matter at which local jewish scholar at pile it up there and getting to know what to say this is the most fascinating in medieval times. with these really interesting with these communities is that the latino voter who contradict our stereotypes it's interesting that screens this week the kiddos using the outside of jewish neighborhoods. christians also used inside your efforts also used outside it comes out six divorce. we even encountered use dvd camp site doing a good culture and use grease go to the door says all of you also have to force to the trade in old money oldest traditional professions. but to not just that. oh we also had juice will lend more to me that we also find two jewish families who actually own costumes that she used the cute ignored. he added that also during the medieval period there was jewish literature
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discovered it and of course the btn textbooks for me the most interesting was this period with the revenue side to light which is often known to the general the thing is that he was not the horse to the budget period. charities used up to the state and he she was the manager should use it as resistance to his teacher choose from here not from god for my people. but the milk was continuing. so what's interesting was the first few seconds convenient. the book was published in history. so it's quite unique and interesting don't you go to history. tory education security and force the group reached the fa has descended of the country is none other than celebrated english children's author michael to go. there is a traditional programs for children is hard to read it and what form chaucer wrote the script for its fitzpatrick soaking about horses. he's coming from the canteen. so the direction he's basically come from to
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kenya. so this is basically the most important jewish women from speaking up at her and it still exists. what's everyone says he is one of the few tiny jewish practice of india. annie says imus more is done the country continues its jewish identity altogether. i'm sitting right to preach and live in a vienna the three thousand three hundred year old falcon coffin containing the remains of an influential can a man has been revealed in israel the answer please coughing and which is soon face is depicted is the first to be discovered in the region in over half a century and interact. after trench was dug for new gas pipeline in the north of israel. our challenge is to be israel antiques authority can be defined managed to detour means to the thirteenth century bce and read the very
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demanding. egyptian pharaoh seti the first because of a tiny golden seal which bore his name. a bronze dagger sauce or some hammered pieces of prawns and a member of clay vessels also found in the burial site suggests the deceased was an important figure in the local community no one wanted to duck and it's possible that the baby which we think they can and i was married he was one of those people who serve that administration of kings to be the perfect we don't rule out the possibility that it may simply be a puppy or a person who knew the egyptian burial customs for her to be buried like an egyptian in my opinion this is less likely the discovery was kneed last month that israel's for atlanta zoo valley train the sites mentioned twenty five square meters of land was a thoroughfare from egypt and syria were speaking to egyptians also ruled that the time according to the three of the excavation director . rule. do. will. do
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lee. do we who are i do. as i add he is. he is. she and
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the new year. i did we knew
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we would. chant and got wind of ten effect on press and politics president lying to us had a teleconference but center for strategic and international studies on a prom night one of the topics discussed with the dispute over the cross strait trade in services agreement. on saturday was understandable that taiwan citizens were concerned about o


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