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this year. he doesn't like his dad with us. the whole thing is for joining us our headlines this hour. long lines outside the bank of greece has happened is returned to the ballpark for the first time in four years so warning from russian president who threatens to cut off gas to ukraine and europe. and on his own sushi in berlin as we embark in germany deep in our elections
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greeks indications that the country could be emerging from its economic winter and a reminder of just how much the people in greece at the softball for the first time in four years and has returned to the bond market demand for its five year bond has been huge increases finance ministry says it has raised three billion euro is just as the auction got underway a bomb exploded outside greece's central bank damaging several buildings luckily no one was hurt but authorities that the timing and location make the message clear. the car bomb went off outside greece's central bank glass and debris covered the street and one of the athens busiest areas. no one was hurt but people here are soft. it doesn't make sense of i guess it's also full of protest against a thing. yelena. when you consider the problems people
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have today with poverty and unemployment. anything can happen will happen to me. no group has claimed responsibility. the attack comes the day before a planned visit by german chancellor on the miracle and just hours before greece was set to make its first sale of medium term bonds and four years. the government's decision to auction off its debt has run into criticism here. it's meant to steer the country away from its dependence on international bailouts. the finance ministry says demand wildly exceeded expectations. its five year bonds were about eight times oversubscribed raising about three billion europe's finance ministry honest in our throats. this could be the turnaround the debt ridden nation so sorely needs. leon. he admitted it would be on our next step is to use all the tools at our disposal to promote growth witness to create new jobs and opportunities. and to give hope to the people in this country may suffer
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the consequences of the crisis and the economic reforms in me that. when it is a feast for us. greece may be off to a good start but the road to recovery is still on. athens has received more than two hundred billion euros in loans to spiraling into recession four years ago well with grace has returned to the bond market held by many as the milestone appetite for the bonds with her sister are crisp on and on and this explains why there is such heavy demand for greek debt. mrs were very keen for this to become fond of course if you go from about five percent this is an attractive investment. given that the u k interest rates generally paid at the moment i barely know. now the question here at the exchange of course is what's next for greece with the election guarantees unstable political situation in peace and of course with new jobs be created something that the country desperately
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needs for the economy to get better and so that some of this money which is now going to be swollen so i reach the people that. reporting from the king four in frankfurt but let's take a look now at the numbers in detail on disappointing numbers from france and italy draft the dax down closing at nine thousand and four and fifty four points in your socks fifty also lost territory ending nearly eight percent lower across the land the dow jones industrial is treated almost one and a half percent lower than on currency markets the euro is treating it when the us dollar and thirty eight cents germany's economy will continue to perform well that's the conclusion of a new report by the country's leading economic think tank the institute raised their forecasts for europe's biggest economy pointing to increasing domestic demand and predicting growth of one point nine percent in twenty fourteen in a full two per cent next year. that's welcome news after uconn nice
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clothes. and she was only ten the growth last year but experts warned that new policies like gangsters and production of a national minimum wage could put the brakes on the german economy. western europe must help the year. ukraine has settled its enormous gas debt to russia where moscow may cut back on supplies to eat a mostly eastern european country. as the morning inside a letter from president vladimir putin's says the transit of gas to a number of countries is being threatened by the crisis in ukraine in kiev has moved to settle the tensions with its powerful neighbor offering amnesty to pro russian separatists who occupied government buildings in the east of the country the law. freedom that's what these pro russian protesters are chanting outside of our kids courthouse fellow activists who sees the regional administration building earlier this week
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have been afforded by the court to spend sixty days in detention. well the harkin separatists have been jailed the ukrainian government has offered an amnesty to others and hans condone yet. should we guarantee you'll be no criminal prosecutions of people who give up their weapons and leave the buildings should. but there's no sign that separatists and tony asked plan to leave the regional administration complex. after declaring the people's republic of donetsk on monday they're demanding a referendum for the region like the one held in crimea and they won russia's help to make of note happened russia's forces meanwhile are massed on ukraine's border. nato has released the satellite images which it says show tanks and jets their park it. russia denies that the images are new. but nato says it has received such images day after day
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the board chair. russian president. but amid putin is turning up the pressure. in a letter to eu leaders. he warned moscow could cut off gas supplies to ukraine in kiev doesn't repay billions of years. britain said a supply cut could affect europe too. but nato says it's up to russia to take steps to reduce tensions with the west. the first is serious about to die lor the first step should be a quarterback. it's true tensions remain high in eastern ukraine. kiev has given separatists and on yet and lohan's until friday to leave the buildings there are couponing. but the separatists are refusing to back down until they get the referendum. well so far europe has been struggling to find a common response to rush out of brussels has condemned moscow's actions in crimea countries like britain france and germany the imposing economic sanctions could backfire on
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their economies on thursday though the european council tackle the issue was not excluding russia from that body. the council did decide to skip russian lawmakers are a voting rights in this parliament recently in to see it. the council of europe sent a clear signal to last a century russia for its annexation of crimea as of the world's leading human rights watch told the stars but baseball we have no choice but to react to the developments. lyons was his age group of delegates also wanted to leave the door open for diplomacy in the opinion that the tone the situation in which the council of europe and other stories importance and its position by. is that the term loans that if we stop talking to each other and the discipline to take the easy way around. the easy way would be to exclude russia from the assembly altogether some. the russian delegation will baffle still be able to attend meetings will be able to vote until
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the end of the twenty fourteen session the resolution also reserves the right to an all russians credentials that would mean shopping rush out to the council altogether something a number of delegates and full of soviet countries one to see happen now. i think it's time to demonstrate to them that i love that mccain kennedy and there's a price to pay for his behavior and pressure for the mental illness. so i do support the strong possible strongest possible sanctions against russia including projection of their credentials. the council of europe is sometimes seen as a watched all adoptees. today's resolution shows most of it too tough to face more international consequences for its actions in the near future. now also isn't a claim for decades long struggle against myanmar's military rulers is here the meeting with political leaders and will be recognized for her work after spending years under house arrest she helped lead
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the country only from dictatorship is now a member of parliament the intensity was given a warm welcome and demand. their first port of call is going to the palace the official residence the presidency lucky gal when she had lunch with him and his partners on the other shops the that was followed by a quick meeting and photo up with foreign minister from practiced on mine. and then the nobel peace prize winner met with chancellor under the mantle. it's not just a symbol of success the development. but the success in pretty good negotiation a success in achieving unity above all because our country burma if the union. on sunday she is the figurehead of the opposition movement india also known as burma. although current legislation prevents her from running in the twenty fifteen presidential election. she
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spent almost fifteen years under house arrest on the orders of the uni's military rulers. with entities the un. i'm extremely happy the suns who she is decided to play such a prominent role in the politics of the country on the fifth off to shape the political future than the discipline despite the difficulties he faces when all we seek to be stipend. sounds to his reception in berlin was almost like the kind reserved for heads of state on friday she will receive the international been the bronze award for promoting democracy and human rights. it was not sung gumbo concert with these few words before the giving the boat invisible own song to cheat the significance to me that the germans also supports an important role of the baby and if you choke me a mom this means nothing less than putting pressure on the government of myanmar to saint felix ago. now it is billed as the largest selection in the world over the next few weeks. unions
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are heading to the polls in a total of nine stages polls are open right now in central india including delhi. these capitals where the two nd is made it's home to many members of the up and coming middle class and to some of the nation's ports the opposition bjp party is leading in polls the electorate is fed up with rampant corruption and many are calling for change daddy and aunt danielle to become brush his house in the fields looking with his hands to shield his family has enough food to eat. this um um um help selves. a month yet on somebody's watching me everything has become more expensive to even get it we can't afford very much and they were barely able to survive on our income on monday. the bumper pads and humid reminders of the construction was completed trades will cost
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every few minutes the government simply took over them and it's being built on the villages have no recourse. sunny said that he knew who they don't care if we have less land for farming i didn't know what that nobody looks after us clean despite our problems to it that we don't even have electricity. asked only used a simple huts next to the fields on the outskirts of the indian capital new delhi. i hate mondays want a nice income for children you'll have to pitch in to make ends meet. it's not enough money to send the children to school the elections gets on the lake compass is fiscal policies of our on going to the villages folks. rauch is skeptical about the sincerity
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when you've got to make don't bump the parties want our votes. but when we support them and they get into power. they forget their promises. get off. on rise office buildings in new delhi clearly visible in the distance. many full of images of migration to the city seeking a bustling two thirds of indians still live in rural areas the economic boom has posthumously by. as in food prices inflation rampant corruption. rudy making headlines once. and again in a good year. we don't have anywhere we can live permanently model. though without the heels of the police come and try this out. almighty we are more people to come no one cares about us be with you the outcome of the election depends on call people like to grab bronze. but she
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doubts the elections will change his life dramatically he says he will but just as it was cause i think his small role in the world's biggest democracy. still ahead ten peacekeepers stop the genocide unfolding in africa was more hardship on the way for people in gaza will explain in just a mess to study in germany. and you still have lots of questions you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here. information on courses admission requirements qualifications costs and much more. w don't eat study in germany the first quarter pole for anyone interested in studying in germany. i know. i learned
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i have. i know. well again two decades after the genocide in rwanda which the world failed to prevent the international community is mobilizing to stop a repeat from happening in one of the course nation's honor notice the central african republic which has been seeing some terrific violence across religious lines muslims and christians and christians metallic an international force for france and the african union is currently in the sci arc but it's touched and overwhelmed by the scale of the complex. the un security council has decided those troops will be replaced by the un peacekeeping mission later this year. the un resolution on the central african republic was put
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forward by france switzerland leading the international intervention in its former colony madam president gore is a vision we just adopted is a key turning point. it authorizes the deployment of the gender we knew in un peacekeeping operation in croc mean you stop which will comprise coastal twenty thousand un peacekeepers ten thousand soldiers to a frozen produce and joined up. france backed up by the african union has struggled to restore order since sending in troops last december the central african republic has experienced chronic instability since it gained independence from france in nineteen sixty. their recent slide into sectarian violence has prompted widespread fears of ethnic cleansing and genocide. in march twenty thirteen the shows that the idea came to power in a cool is that a coalition of mostly muslim rebels known as the seneca. the silica carried out many atrocities against the christian majority population. and soon
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christian militias going to carry out revenge attacks against muslims. today has stepped down in january and the new interim civilian government has pledged to stop the spiral of eye for an eye attacks but security has yet to be restored. the un will take over responsibility for peacekeeping from mid september and protecting civilians in facilitating the delivery of the top of that agenda. the un estimates over half the population some two point two million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. down to search for the missing flight mh the seven day a new acoustic signal detected that the meat from the plane's black box on the raises hopes that wreckage may soon be found this latest pain brings the number of detected signals to a total of all my angel on the search area to be narrowed down. signals are becoming king terry and suggesting that the batteries in the black boxes are beginning to fade. a
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surveillance plane picked up the latest signal from a floating by. a murder trial of oscar for stories is continuing and south africa with further drilling and tough questioning from the prosecution the second day of cross examination got off to a dramatic start when the state prosecutor jerry now accuse the story is being mean and egotistical and his relationship with reducing debt and also criticize the story is one apology to stain comes family calling it insists that calling it an insincere spectacle. you can let the feelings of her relatives. chief prosecutor gary knell is known for pulling no punches and that characteristic was again on display on thursday when he grilled the stories about his courtroom apology to read this team cam's family. even without him. with the sitting in the body can
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all hope will last you might get what you think outside of expedient that for any mention of the students asked the students. somebody these stories said he wanted to reach out to this team can send private but thought they were not ready to meet him he denied the apology was motivated by self interest the cross examination has focused on painting the story a sassy short tempered egoistic shoes are willing to take responsibility for his actions. and the athletes credibility was again questioned when alaska story is whether as witnesses have testified he shoulda gone in a crowded restaurant the scene is there the students. if the vote don't take responsibility that guy. not funny. and who critique who for decades hundreds of people to treat him as he boarded. on monday the articles are to go. on thursday the prosecutor also
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started two zero in on the athletes account of what happened on the ninety sean's girlfriend. and that line of questioning is set to continue on friday. many of the fun hahas. israeli and palestinian negotiators have been meeting in jerusalem in a bid to get stalled peace talks back on track. talks were mediated by the us which afterwards that the two arch foes had made some progress toward narrowing the gap palestinians in the gaza strip. probably or not paying much attention to this latest diplomatic move however the situation in the isolated area cut off is getting harder by that mohamed el die in peace like the old spark plugs. his workshop repairs own generators which are in short supply. now that power cuts are an everyday occurrence in gaza. spare parts were a rarity because hardly anything gets through the tunnels and more dollars to go to bed and seventy six
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his goals to lead evidence exists but is this a month the unseen and isolated from all sides for years. this economy has been brought to its knees. chronically high employment has gotten worse in recent months. many customers have no money to help the generators repair people are fed up including with their own leaders buddhism diamond government needs to shape the future would not have to stop making sure that people have jobs come to a standstill. and what the people who teach and live it. not only israel that latina territory. since the ulster of the muslim brotherhood in egypt has closed its border with gaza to the egyptian military has destroyed many of the tunnels causes underground supply arteries. the government of the mosque is also in financial difficulty. its employees are paid and part of their salaries the economy ministry blames
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israel. so here is my last economic agreements with israel the palestinian economy continues to be dependent is a duet with the restoration of the people here feel course their government is nothing compared to how they feel about those in israel continued to oppose our nation. ash. afraid to openly criticize the government still it's hard not to notice the discontent here the crisis is affecting all levels of society. people like snotty nose on a running out of patience daily power blackouts are threatening to ruin his business here in central gaza his small team of ninety specialist maintains a website and develop smartphone apps from local customers to keep things running. using generators and extra batteries. anything to keep the customers. as a nation if the deal the company we wanted was to apply opening
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tells us that god has made the plunge and one a of money you stay classy as well as to navigate sold to hold it in a move. development workers on the ground to the situation is getting worse by the day they warned of a humanitarian disaster. it is difficult to attract attention to gaza. and because it's not visible emergency. and then we have to get over that because it's not good enough for us to just wait until the place explodes and then respond. we need both political response you. we need to block it didn't. and we need a resource response that we can at least temporarily mitigate these humanitarian needs are being treated by this entirely man made crisis here in gaza believe it's going to get worse before it gets better some sports now and the jamaican sprint star a suffolk pal has been where to sit out the year due to a building. the former one hundred meter world record holder tested positive to a stem and an amy last year
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allie has been back from the track until december powell says he will appeal the decision. sprinter received his band days after his training partner was also banned for taking the same substance. all how much would you be willing to spend on a bath tub that's what one of the colony question for serious and not so serious art lovers attending germany's biggest art that right up to pick up some of the great keith is on display at arco line you have to have some seriously deep pockets but haven't stopped the show art lovers from visiting the exhibit dangerous. mark maloney is alive and well it's a magnet for reach and powerful collectors art lovers of all hues and celebrities from the worlds of show biz and sport. it's not only about buying and selling. this is nice too and it's not just a commercial art. there is also a place where people exchange ideas about art find out new
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information and make a renewed contacts in a case of museum curators for example paul and slashed. the these works are not for sale they're part of a special exhibition featuring private archive of cars parked in age the museum director has been one of the main supporters of uncle art since the seventies but beneath the tomatoes and it has always been one of the main driving forces behind modern art and someone who supports artists. one you see that by the many personal messages we receive it by the need of two thousand and one chef. this piece is likely to catch any visitor's eye. belgian artist and phosphorus content code in the care of pieces of presidential beatles for two hundred and forty thousand europe's march by more established artists can command even higher prices like this painting by john smock going for more than nine million euros. now internet users everywhere are being advised to change their passwords following the discovery of a new bond
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that went undetected for years the heart lead but as is called facts and fiction program to protect data such as credit card numbers fall they're being transmitted facebook google many banking sites use this program known as open as this well analysts say. no one knows hackers actually stole any personal data. so when the staff. this was very boring. what more news of the top trio of course and for more of these and other stories we always go to a website instead of you don t know how to see mr again right. the shay. he is. i
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