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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 11, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. windmill in longwood. the deadline looms for twelve russian separatists in eastern ukraine and their standoff yet threatening to forcibly clear the building's this as the country's prime minister intends to the region. a unanimous yes. so in the united nations the body gets the go ahead spending twelve thousand strong peacekeeping force in the central african republic a country torn apart by sectarian violence. and in israel's court mediated talks in a bid to end months of political unrest. many in
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the country say they're fed up with high crime or economics. welcome to fostering cat mr my molly home. it began in eastern ukraine. the standoff between the government and pro russian separatists protesters remained holed up in buildings in the cities of the mets and the demands on wednesday they were given a forty eight hour ultimatum to stand down or face removal by force. that deadline is now coming to an end. most think outside of the tag is internet's he has more. they want a referendum on the stages of this region and that nothing short of old that they have done a treat to see free up to those of the building in order but that what is said to him in charge of the main benefit social benefits and pensions to come in and do the job site of mine a concession that is all that makes us up well let's talk about a man squad more key times about
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the situation there. it was like to get the negotiations of making even less progress than ain't done yet. scott and dave had to be the head of ukraine's national security and defence counsel is that he was at the head of the pride and self defense forces during those months of protests against atm attributes his regime and back then his opponents with a bad suit riot police said above all i did now its former members of the background piece or anything say that's who they are who are among those you all keep buying the security services building in new gods so i think it's a rather more tense situation that with that old enemies facing off once again. garmin and white army yet seen a chronic gambler their reactions as anderson the prime minister is it due to visit the region today. guests will post a nokia continues to say that this right this new vintage bingo constricted but most don't but the main russia and that russian agents that will coordinate
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the norm of this or that the soviets in you. the prime minister has finally come to it that gets the people have been saying for a long time that that he was never visited this region of sudan is expected to meet business leaders including the cheap lesson here in this region read that the commands of ukraine's richest man in a very very influential tony got married again. as glover had orange let's call me mom are increasing concerns in europe the ukrainian crisis could lead to an energy crisis. on thursday but every twitch and warned that the flow of russian gas to europe could be disrupted if ukraine doesn't pay its bills that prompted the us cheques are common and using energy as a tool of manipulation. on thursday president barack obama called german chancellor angela merkel to discuss further possible sanctions for russia over its actions in ukraine. i was staying in the region in other news the seven people have been killed in an explosion that tore through a coal mine near done that's
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blasted reportedly caused by a leaking gas for eight people were taken it to the hospital with back injuries and that the country's energy minister says and probe is being opened into the circumstances of the accident. no in other news yesterday council has given the greenlight to sending a peacekeeping force to the central african republic unanimously guess that means a twelve thousand strong un force will head to the country and in bits and the ongoing sectarian violence between christians and muslims. the un troops will take over from the african union force is already on the ground but not until mid september. costing cats. james andres in bondi he has reactions from the capital. next issue to make a huge difference in who was telling me that the portion of the mexican beans to the un is able to deploy the stars logistics of concern for many other areas where the un has a lot of
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the possibilities in order to make a difference. this is an important step towards peace and stability. he was saying it's gonna take some time before all the horizon right now the situation is very tense. six eight hundred and fifty. send in peacekeepers are with chewing right now and that is a bigger problem for the current miss kitty african union peacekeeping force. these men were taken care of them told them that the country over tightened border an area that the new variant with a drug free to contact the local population and of course. they will be sorely missed in the weeks to come with us to witness their withdrawal. yesterday we were in a bustle grow up. we actually sold the trident rooms packed up and leave at any rate they were not doing anything since the announcement that have been made by the pcb the chechen president in all that to compensate the globe the european troops to be arriving to the end of two thousand and twenty officers arrived yesterday but still there are enough peacekeepers
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on the ground and it's a very large country to secure so of course this resolution is very very good news. james under a partner from bondi that said oscar stories on the south african fa took a pummeling on the witness stand thursday the prosecutor called the text are a liar challenging stories his version of events on the night he shrugged off and we esteemed him. along with the scary now even the last got a response from the store is parking the judge to step in. ponting has cost the council in its us has about it now on day four of the story says testimony that's what the prosecution theory now torah that the story to story and is taxed at the park's accusing him of denying that selfishness is and how to unfold. the winner of the accused. use every day yet it is the ultimate decider with my desire to get started in the cubicle and it was not going to the summit of the votes of the month of
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the courts movement. now you say. much of the prosecution's own demons came down to its picture taken the morning off to the story is shown to kill for and three fifteen pm shares in turn broken away from that bed turn on the balcony. but the story says he immediately granted called he did that happen it is now receive. that's a good position with it. would it not you would have made it ok to close the door yesterday says police template design themes of this prosecution. reduce heat and its british isles team kept the story says he mistook us for a bad rap metal forced into demands he had no reason not to find that my palm was pointed at the pool picks those who believed that somebody was going on and annoyance something cannot pump up the phone away from. it was an accident. maybe things are torn or apartment and said
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they had to when the screen i'm happy i did a couple boards. this story is taken to twenty nine pm minimum sentence if found guilty of premeditated matter. looking for an end to the political crisis in venezuela. talks have begun to cousin nicholas magellan the country's opposition to mediation aims than two months of unrest that skill that dozens of people. venezuelans across the political spectrum say they're fed up with violent crime and economic problems facing the country. call them up but dean has more. toward the mandrake me to broadcast live to the is going to soak it in venezuela's government center position. finally taking place in the building sustained pressure from venezuela's leader is in or even poke chances this weekend. boy delivering a christian message. thanks to beat agreement is in prison with asthma due to school in the opening remarks. he underlined his cup and determination to listen to
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his opponents. multiple roles has he always tried to sort things out through political arena to resolve conflicts through the political demise of the forty ft duty also cautioned against unrealistic expectations from the talks reservations help legal position the deer and two time presidential candidate and the ttp this week. young arthur it back to you in a respectful tone and content of the country to accept you think you will hop to country faction easily stressed and see a well respected and i think it's very difficult to cover the country with how he can speak with him i think it's impossible to cook it in june. it's a great many of the recent instances of two things to talk to us. well positioned to secure to take part in tokyo on line in their pool to the list is released. and as we listen in wilkes barre new daily protests since pat geary taken by the severe economic problems and crying the clique see the light of
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the police who had killed over six hundred people have been into two dates the nationwide strike in argentina and brought the country to a halt. trains planes and bus traffic was all stopped on thursday while schools businesses and all non emergency hospital care was also suspended the labor unions are demanding better pay and lower taxes can see the state is overdue on payments to the country's health providers as it claims authorities project strengthening strained relations branch president ross garnaut is in mexico a two day visit as leaders of first trip there since the end of the diplomatic row that involved a french woman jailed for kidnapping in mexico before she was allowed to return home. the two countries that will be kick starting this new phase by signing a host of agreements and energy security aerospace and education. mr can you report a new scandal could make for a fresh bump in the road. a french woman says her mexican ex husband
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abducted and told and is asking the government to get involved. went to see new delhi says that in the bedroom anymore. saying it's empty she says. he's just too painful. truth is my son's bedroom and carrie ann and i like the country and is one of my tweens he's just turned ten i hit the east some of the house seems to be a tree and our lexi since christmas two thousand and eleven according to betsy me that although all three remotes yelp has held the children in mexico to his country of origin. mold into his own cl is none other than the former governor of mexican states and the relative the present any new to the scene he says her ex husband refuses to respect the legal right to visit the children. i think my team and for the last two years and two months. david versus goliath and i know chances of winning again this time you have to demand to influence and has a lot of money and power. some of the striking
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back custody makes the locals to no avail. today jesse nice to have children over the telephone a few times a month. present in all its visit to mexico she says represents the last chunks of seeing them again. i'm leaning to the sensitivity of solidarity and two thousand i began the offensive end. he might already know that it's all gone. on thursday local french nationals in mexico that when it comes to family disputes prawns with a bond that no one without referring exclusively to blog to see me but does the two countries seek to strengthen police but from some make it on tv she's a case for traditional parties and all the politicians. northern island a man's been charged for the nineteen ninety eight omar bombing claimed by the time i heard a preacher year old is accused of killing twenty nine people died in the explosion. he's been named as a senior republican figure. three others have also been charged in nineteen ninety eight
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attack in months after the good friday agreement was signed putting an end to the troubles was the deadliest attacks of that period. fifty years since former us president lyndon b johnson signed the country is the civil rights act legislation altered us priests relations forever on thursday. cousin brock obama marked the anniversary in a speech he prays to johnson's understanding of presidential power and his use of it to create new opportunities for millions of americans real moments embrace a veteran of the civil rights movement on the links in the poignant speech at the lyndon b johnson presidential library and the ceo president america obama reminded americans of the plane the ring change the former president on its enemies when he signed the civil rights act fifty years ago. but obama urged americans not to be cynical because of the divisions that remain. i reject such
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cynicism because i have lived out the promise of lbj is up for us. because michelle have lived out. the legacy of those efforts because my daughters have lived out the legacy of those efforts because i and millions of my generation were no position to take the baton to be handed to us. lyndon b johnson's landmark legislation of nineteen sixty four to ban discrimination based on race color or national origin. it was key in improving equality for african americans who suffered the effects of segregation discrimination and state violence. mum was healthcare smears johnson's nineteen sixties agenda which included the creation of medicare and medicaid. obama is seen as pursuing a civil rights agenda of his own having signed the affordable health care for uninsured americans call month the discriminatory practices against gays and lesbians and persuading congress to pass immigration reform. lol he
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has been criticized for stepping up the deportation of all undocumented immigrants. but that's a risk and. i knew. welcome to the business into gui mall is called sin we stopped in today with the question is the euro too strong. well an increasing number of eurozone politicians seem to think so the new french prime minister manuel also said a strong single currency risks undermining his government's efforts to make products more competitive. spain's prime minister myron a rock oysters also chimed in criticizing the european central bank for not acting against the strong euro more this week and turned to a man who's been called to miss the euro zone
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to say she is the former president of the european central bank and east seen as one of the architects of the single currency now he's that wearing a number of hats worn as that and then all the influential think tank the frugal institute. so welcome to the program festival let me start with that question it's simple but it's too complicated is the euro to strong and you will mind. but facility would i do. it's the paddocks. you have heard over the last five years the new web's of you will read evaporate. do we do that to save you or your will is these days. in total to cut ups. and it was a titan of mini me onto this and what he said now is that you always do crippled. two inspiring too much comfort it's so as to cause the present situation. it's clear that the number of economies and a jar into his hat. you communicate to them that i did it with extremely happy to be as weak as possible the big game he got
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the idea. it is such an honor to the army of economies the us dollar and even this year apart in the back of the time and if the ice and printing. i don't think tt's why this fall the major concert that would order to engage in some kind of race to be the lowest possible heat. yep that is the you will have no fundamental reasons to grow approved in the most recent period of time but due to attend the central bank that the keys the sport is not appropriate in my opinion. i mean it's a very complex set of circumstances so we are beings in their central bank has said that if we do or what he can to get you guys the best weaponry possible in the present circumstances to avoid them back to the position of the fish in there and risk your foreign
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debts to my age are we saying that he's ready if need be to go into the bond markets and to to to engage in so called quantitative easing which the federal reserve is done the bank of japan has done a bit of the bank of england if you don't think at this point that it is time to tend to go down the same routes the imf has said that the ecb should do so. i think that we have to be with pulling up the code you can the sun put bank of your piece costs of taking on the commercial banks and he's been a commercial banks although the creaky they need to out with amy and amy. they had a guarantee that they could have ordered the creaky they need it. these clients as being an amount as it is today with the lights so we do not have to do the same unconventional measures as the us with the banks of a pain to be the role in the market up being eighty percent of months ago he could still pull the us to perch is massively on
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the market. it's not the case he knew about the case now because the new look and are doing it unless it is because they are concentrating on what is important in europe that doesn't mean that we cannot intervene on the kids for school. we get back on the product the bonds market when you call this morning when able great aunts when you are no innuendo not speaking of the private coffers. once when a was present we gave that we can do that again we can do that we all other securities credit situations as legal step of the securities unit of treasuries you remember we intervened in the past the boy and she is the nature of its potency that the central bank calling to her she is such a treasure in the week. we had that message either cut into thin he has an asian economies isn't it time to entertain friends since we have that deflation threat which is assuming that there is this dark cloud on a fashion that has happened again but the idea of
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drinking. the pasta bbt the central bank has agreed to first. lower the present rates. he'd be taken to the main refinancing operation drinks which is set to zero point two inch wide you can deal with that. you can almost touch which is extremely dated kate tuesday the rate to reach east paid on deposits and that the banks have read this i think the odds you will. they could go down with that don't think that all candidates in all of the supplement the deck and the base of the brixton to that yet. this mission and i'm mentioning it in the us japan the uk. so the big game it could be gone. it's extremely touchy on tuesday he was not considered a big success but it has a symbolic for symbolic impact and then you can perch is on the market gets teacher ladies as i said i would of
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course a private security keys to the extent that it is the private sector which has to be headed in different circumstances they would also say to put all the garden opens on the central bank is wrong because inflation the pencil so very very much in some countries on to her partner's depends very much on investment in the concrete sand the edges a thing. i'm thinking of the countries that had room for maneuvering because they have the accounts of us said john minivan. gemini and others based on its knock on the gemini and i would advise that allows companies to invest in their own economy because otherwise they'll be in sch to take sports jacket or massively. if you have a six point five percent at a county council this week means that you have to wait for twenty percent of real gdp a uniquely yours. in investment in the test of the well. heat half of it would be invested in your own
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economy you would be deterred you have experience of what happens beyond or behind closed doors in front of the european central bank when the french government says that the ecb should engage in quest of easing with the spanish government says that when the imf says it does not make a pot or is that halted the decision making process those viewpoints. i would say no holidays seem good reason the ttc is exactly the country. the tt say is you should take your decision on the basis of your own tendencies of joe jamie new ordinances and you should not receive instructions all even ask for any instruction. i know he'll be seeking the limelight with he know i know my critiques. i know how of the rezoning. and they are attached to the treaty which is the psyche and i would also say that we did not wait all governments to decide
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anything. when we intervened in august that the two thousand and seven. we as he admitted to the creaky supply the new law. and so it would be me say it i doubt i am confident that this output that we do or what he can. to preserve the saudi and fitting of inflation expectations. the keys kingston tn that pulled the south bank to continue to preserve the sanctity. these are the essence of the games the nation as it has been the games team free. she mentioned that the behavior eurozone governments the new french prime minister mah novosti said that he wants to renegotiate the lease. switch from scott's down its budget deficit prawns has pledged to cut down the deficit to three percent by twenty fifteen nominal boss says that i'm in that maybe we should think about a guy getting the wooden asked the french colony. but what you make
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about this potentially negotiation. but the good and we see exactly where we are doing because it seems to me that it is not a moment of speaking the trends we know he eats the commitment and don't forget that these commitments had been taken off the previous week was huge. so these commitments all he can pull read in my opinion. by the rest of the web and not speaking on your show and it seems to me that it would be extremely good that the french government could combine the reforms that absolutely necessa. i mean i didn't sense that tv the economy because confidence we come back. and it is to be spanked all previous commitments again as has been effected only mean the most amount of confidence coming from but i still do without you in on his period of crisis and this is clear when you can use
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treasury and the interesting conclusions. so i would say if wednesday's of pizza could it be the team. peace confidence in boston and has been off duty when your way of the fact that this is based on the team commitments i went onto to greece in brief we head towards the end greece has come back to the entire hong kong markets of sending five coupons for one about three billion euros what you make is that a real step forward for greece the greek government seems to think that it is the real thoughtful would you agree but if you wake me up nice and open only in the eyes of the rest of the world. it is because a number of reasons most of these is the first one. these are the countries that twit and using confidence has gone very very important work on themselves and greece. he's a case in point. denise was considered the most vulnerable countries of the world in the brain of yours us to continue and at the moment we are speaking. a
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number of investors are taking on greece and on its capacity to win the game. and after having a game of the two teachers to be in an economy that would be a confidence inspiring sight don't wait for the for the greek economy is a little seed sown with one of caustic soda with a woeful four companies of both the seasonal type of complacency. but tt's is seen bbq station of the fact that you want to have preserved they'll always to include construction. do you think complacency. i would say that we he teased and ut of the life lessons like the record for total in excess of the priest that is true that as soon as our own societies i worked all the pressure. all yield major difficulties major crisis they have a tendency to forget what it was important he drove into these
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difficulties and so i would say we have two he made every region in coming. but again it's not the exact what the alps and today it's in your psyche and handed back to you station of the fact that the ethiopian the eu india has worked hard and at speakeasy cook nice but i still do well here it is hard to shop a cache of the former head of the european central bank were going to wrap another think you very much indeed. we times. thank you the governor on top of this edition of the business into the stay with a simple spanking. or are beyond business. seen a steep drop in manufacturing job and some say it makes the canteen also need for a wholesome and secure. indy own business with a link to treat manufacturing on national security. comparing prawns to be on incentives. beyond is
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this awful slain care of us went to the outcome. or. i know. i truly love them when i. a few. and. and she said
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he is. back then. come back that offer. walking on the weekend. they are dead
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the life of me. every year we will will will will the amendment on the cote de ministry defences was accepted today during a second reading in seven the changes were introduced to the phased introduction of the mechanisms of accountability for exceeding the status quo does the greenhouse gas emissions since cut extent because its international obligations changes were also made to the parts of penalties reduced and ten the five captive in the indexes the belmont of the village due to the need to solve two problems accelerated investor and innovative development and implementation of the quota system and internal training on greenhouse gas emissions is


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