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the bubble afghanistan new new new long will the ultimatum for testers in eastern ukraine to mold the right to decide the region's placed above the deal to kiev for an imminent police crackdown rick ukraine could end up helping itself to european gas which is that the feds the warning from russia which is the duty is to address this new looming crisis. based on the streets of athens has reached the far reaches of our menfolk to route is chosen i knew about glitz with top officials there to praise the commitment to a standard
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it's the true spirit that says don't you connect with the twenty four hours a day and to give protest is in the eastern ukrainian city of dreams can't have given an ultimatum to persecute government. they say they want a referendum to be held within ten days on whether to break away and join russia last summer school student loans to me occupied buildings or face a crackdown a deadline that has no cost and for that is in the center of the scandal bsp a building that it's taken a look at the age of michael rush activities is the deadline given him trouble called by the kiev donovan to vacate the building was demolished by then and that i lost aunty did in all the knowledge that the bible all expect any ultimatum is given by them people here are saying is they want a referendum to haunt me we can see barricades therefore to find
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barricades in the building fires to keep themselves warm and the dance give the sub zero conditions they're all reports of snow like her auntie up on real thing is that the actions bought a painting of the weekends but not we wait to see what's gonna happen. they've been elected to the building once more. anais nin administered to send it does go into meltdown as the days ahead seems sad to see more things i should hear the damask the interim president has promised not to prosecute protest does that leave voluntarily. the descent is still spreading to the east and south. in the deaths of seven people being injured in clashes between supporters and opponents of the pre screened government meanwhile in the midst of those occupying the local administration building are holding their ground. interim prime minister is now in the restive city. he refused to meet with the opposition leaders. but despite the claims the kiev was ready to don know. he did say however that regions should be allowed local referendums which is carney against legal penalties refresh to reports
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now from behind the barricades that in the nets. the internet and menacing gave the whole thing into our deadlines it and dts protests inside the eleven storey regional administration visiting in the center of finance to train and demand the same fate as you can see the headline over a client on friday with the very last day of the landing at the normal people joined this movement is based not been lots of mine bought it from the entrance and the red lines caveat to show penciled into the team with thirty seconds to support that these people want to read for a bit to get more into it to the house yet and it's great that people can be altered by the navy and the installed base dripping with all the surrounding a new path and the odd wine grape supply the pieces of old cars and
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shoviving everything into the it makes people protect themselves is well received normal masks come both notched a young man carrying a man shaped pods and shale is rare in construction helmets like this one. ms dos not seen from the nets are in ukraine. i used to track down could run into an unexpected hurdle. the real reports on twitter special drop the scene is reportedly refused to storm the building occupied by the test they say attacked its evidences against the bill. part of the two teams and given a light on risky for the places that. the great gold three months now with our spring the gas raising fears that if it were cut off the coast else i can feel it away from the pipes crossing to europe the russian president dusty road to eu leaders to address the problem before it all comes to a head on dvd the consumer reports. a lot
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of trees and has sent a warning to european buyers of russian gas that increased debt crisis has reached the critical states according to the current contract. gazprom will now have to switch to a good bonus payments system and in the event of the rays may be forced to cut deliveries. in other words he wouldn't have as much gas as ukraine pays for a month ahead. how worried should we or the wide impact considering previous examples. ukraine has failed to delivering gas transit to yield a number of clients in the past proving to be young and reliable partner. you were three ceased almost half of its russian gas imports by ukraine and therefore is vulnerable to a disruptions in two thousand and six the times were turned off when ukraine did not peanuts cast obligations to rush up half up you are in the polls he failed to pee again in
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the winter of two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine and drinking and other free pass gas supplies for hotel again. just as demand was at its peak seeking to ensure ten hundred gas supply east russia launched alternative gas transit routes to europe nor screen and the south street. and also about working for you to bypass ukraine and make sure that gas will reach european consumers aren't i. but a number of foreign politicians are now accusing russia of using gas as a political tool we condemn russia's efforts to use energies that will of course and against ukraine one way for europe to get away from its dependence on russian energy is moving towards us she gets that washington has already offered. but that throws up its own problems the us has no operational facilities to liquefied natural gas for transport to and i will take up to two million passenger trips a year to satisfy
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europe's demand. in any of that for hundred of the gas to increase needed to actually exist. and then there's the cost of shipping supplies for six thousand km which would be chess master but before that can even happen and europe will first have to spend the years pillaging vast gas pipeline networks and storage facilities. anyone that the us will be able to cover only about half of europe's in that it is essential for the europeans to realize that if they follow the us copper mine. and this notion that this friend couldn't make this notion of punishing russia. in fact there is a maverick punishment coming back if you want to help ukraine by all means do so but you are the ones who are going to make that despite keywords recognition of his authority is no economic support it has been given by the eu so far. where is russian doesn't recognize the interim government in kiev but is the only country
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that had previously given financial support to ukraine it's important that can last for ever. bush r e t moscow the united states has spoken out of the blood of patients that sets to europe in the deserts accuse russia of using energy as a political weapon. it can to the russian president to personally coleman told the american allegations. it is not polite to read other people's letters symbols in and rested them on to gas continues to tear into it and everyone's use or american friends eavesdropping typical peaking as well it is not essential in europe and energy asset manager eric kraus has told us the washington should look at is the true history of using energy as a political tool before commenting on others. the americans to accuse anyone of using economic blackmail to major case of the pot calling the kettle black. i mean they had been threatening sanctions the legal sanctions against russia for weeks. so
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when he was in the black thing on here and secondly yes the of the letter was addressed to the american president the united states weeks ago and promised to provide one billion dollar loan to ukraine but nothing's been heard of that since the russian president in turn went on to question america's commitment to ukraine he said quite funny how this gets a mind and isn't enough. only keep the ukrainian economy from a chaotic collapse. he was of course referring to them i would win the us deputy sick or just eight hundred l for the two purchases on kids central square. well despite the gas debacle. russia's finance minister says moscow is still open providing financial aid to ukraine alongside the imf and the eu. will russia has provided billions to ukraine in subsidies and direct loans over the last two years to sum up a detailed look now on screen here. gas discounts and energy aid of st ukraine will be thirty five billion dollars in the last four
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years alone houses protest how much the capital and drinks take off was late last year. russia agreed to manti and fifteen billion dollars it received free. the sum of money was supposed to cover the cast and that never happened. it appears that i was in pre season match on the problem of gas transit free europe is the time. one of the visit to greece to munch on some local coal for power discussion of the issue said monday's meeting of eu farm ministers will be an ideal time to deliver a joint response to the situation began again. abhisit was welcomed by greeks thought of the heavy burden of its thirty policies the nordic tillman battled protests in paris during his stay in athens. taken to the streets despite an overwhelming her his presence would increase of three billion dollars worth of calls to international justice and of living can refer to the telefonica situation the country to walk the john
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h on tuesday saying pretty sure that the country's future is anything but bright no i didn't have a look around eleven thousand workers are expected to be using that job's this year that will push the unemployment rate even higher than the twenty seven the hope the centipede to top last year. and it seems economic i've expressed in some quarters comes from the idea that things shorty calm get any worse. gdp result will be shrunk by a third in just five years what you produce and here's an alternative to gemini can do that to the upcoming european parliament elections as greece has to offer recovered from the crisis has entered the banks and open people are cashing in on a charge of german taxpayers you have to remember that the money that will is given to greece i was in costume for the people. it was needed to pay its creditors. most of the money when to back nxt to have paul manages to everyone who was invested in greece
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not to the people who actually needed them. so i'm not really surprised that there is on their own demonstrations outside. if it's recovery is happening somewhere. it is now happening in greece. a team to national life in a mosque it would be to deposit a cameo off the break. backing out from the walls. u s faces of the day just to go ahead and visit was of a classical thirty thousand troops. and last is a book written about it. off the eye. they react to situations. once. while the dentist security guards on the dock. go home on
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wheels. when you have made a direct question. be prepared for a change. when you throw a punch him in a row. speaks i let out. the defendant's costs. i am during spring now i need to. are we is you the room. the site. and as you get down halfway through
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the shampoo bottle or a quarter to quarter to keep the water and that i respect that. now the us dollar has been world reserve currency for decades but it is losing its efficacy. she lands globalg system through them i don't drink but showed good job. so they keep adding more kind of watching these and other accounting tricks to try to keep it going. but it is all that is and is not really fit for purpose. i know. here are a couple. once again. i've never had that. they care
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former model . the answer is gearing up to one of its biggest victory operations in afghanistan and the full withdrawal of its troops transporting tens of thousands of soldiers norman machinery equipment is a mammoth tusk and abilities make him that this explains the diplomatic effort will be just this morning. this is
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good. quite rightly in historical terms the berlin airlift in reverse. nothing has been done. this complex by the military sense for what. this has been described as the biggest military challenge of recent history a logistical nightmare. at the end of the year to thirty thousand troops remaining in afghanistan in almost all of the equipment used by the us to execute its thirteen year long war will finally leave the country from that. thirty three billion dollars worth of equipment and all. a massive ordinated effort involving logistics finance is diplomacy security and geography. in other words the fed ex model if you will yet have no words at once doing what's moving for what could happen to wear get some work and crew michael rock afghanistan this level. it's remote. and it is surrounded on all sides by states and are actively hostile to afghanistan. and with very few exceptions hostile to
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the united states and its forces forcing the pentagon to consider a number of routes their neighboring countries. first i am i and the best fastest easiest cheapest way to get out is to drive south from afghanistan through pakistan to the major port for auction on the indian ocean. pakistan has proven to be essential in shipping equipment in and out of the region. however relations between dc and as long bought our franchise and here we are straying that resulted in the deaths of twenty four pakistani soldiers in november two thousand eleven. cause the country to close the southern route entirely for seven months in retaliation. another exit strategy might be nearer they are out to her to say this in terms of attacks but also the most expensive. now according to the former head of the u s transportation command general duncan mcnabb era less cost ten times more per pound and transport by
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land and this route also has its share of bricks. we order system for seven to go down to bob from which the court ms forsyth talk to was probably from some low shifting on on takeoff which cause the dough and wrap to come off the other platform or whatever cause your prep become unstable in all one of the most tried and true methods of extracting equipment. the northern distribution network. over three thousand miles of winding through the railroads one seems to move up to seventy five percent of military supplies into afghanistan. we could have used some of those realized by moving up through central asia into these areas and then back across and ultimately into europe. we can't right now because of the dispute. we have with the stove with a russia and that mr put it in the wind howled present and future international relations factor and the military drama this is not a military mission. this is really a diplomatic issue that sets the framework for the with roll hoops over country's north northwest and the sol
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and they all need to come and play to make this happen the agreement coming back is used and often outdated the question inevitably becomes is it worth it the us does want some troops to stick around in afghanistan to help in the training and counterinsurgency efforts which would mean some equipment would stay tuned but afghan president jaime karzai said he would leave that decision to his successor. the next few months are critical in the legacy of us leave in afghanistan will waste and scrap yards one of the landscape. or will the military be able to complete its mission and at times and cost effective manner. all eyes are now on the pentagon as it confronts the growing logistical and financial challenges on the road retro grade in arlington virginia. meghan well as rc. the minute she has pictures of the us or so you can see the new kid policies and its allies across the ocean faced with the tricky question of how to deal with aging worn it. this
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is the dependence on washington believes that with little room for maneuver just a little depressed already fragile israeli palestinian peace talks can be reached again. the israeli economy and trade minister threatened that if the new policy will quit the government. as if israeli arab prisoners released as part of the u s brokered deal to extend the peace negotiations. mayo is a senior correspondent and columnist from the heart its newspaper says. in total column this should not be the ones to press the government. israel has already been taught the ways of fulfilling its own commitment because of it was supposed to release these prisoners two weeks ago already and has not done so on. there will be american pressure on israel to come up with some concessions the governing coalition. in israel right now no doubt trying to negotiate their way
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president obama us remember all the time in order to reach twenty seventeen and hope for a republican president paul whelan told him that you'll treat israel that. this is one of the reasons of the negotiations have gone nowhere. the israel palestinian peace talks in jordan number of key points is pro western corporate sentiment constructed in the west bank gasoline the past and the mole rejected. besides king to resign as the capital the custom is to money the eastern part of the city israel was to keep troops stationed in the jordan valley and the palestinian authorities with refugees forced to flee back in nineteen forty eight to be about returns the hands while israel wants to be recognized as a jewish state. more global headlines now feel the sorrow of the plate the white house's announced it will issue a visa to the rolls new un envoy washington went on to say the states considers him
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among and that his participation in the nineteen seventy nine takeover of the us embassy in tehran nice to see any blood to translate to a negotiation extremely unusual for a visa to read it don't you an invoice and ambassadors. this rejection was already torn repeated . the seventh inning to give me a visionary facebook resistance will compete in slums who scores of angry protests the three studies of multiple tools and security forces responded with tear gas pepper spray supporters claim they were forced to take up residence on to the homes were damaged by flooding. the un security council's budget and twelve thousand peacekeepers to the central african republic to bring ongoing obama is under control. they can afford to use effectively divided the country christian and was then held areas. some seven thousand french soldiers the african union peacekeeping forces have already been deployed. they
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failed to stop hidden caches from continuing was that the stuff piled into the cavity wall sort to commemorate the fourth anniversary of plane crash even if the kurdish president amended the country's top politicians to kick off crashed when it seems that americans and russians that the gospel and getting all twenty six on board. the center. when the accident. a text that we stop the bill promised to defend pounds to mobilize the nation's uk awesome. even the new poll suggests the majority the population think it is a waste of money u s built right in the cells will happen over a fifty year time span and is likely to leave uk sneaked a capability dependent on washington don't eat pork and drinks. i need to get wet and soft snow is ageing insane reliable until late twenty s he's which means the government in the states in twenty fifteen will have to decide whether to build new rule had such fun to extend the life of existing ones been paid for out by the way leading ninety
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seven says instant heat sensor lights on just how dependent the uk is nokia with this program is on its us counterparts. thanks to a document called the u s detainee told defense agreements. the two countries an extensive new piano now and then companions for what consistant with the agreement is completed the corn instead of the two countries special relationship. and this day it's up for a new low. fulton is that the future shape of the us and uk arsenal is currently on the south end which means that person calm build more questions until the us program is decide it with mcp steve from the us the uk may have to cheese between developing the replacement warhead with a nonsensical and complainants or attaining an osceola suspect reliability denying such a choice main t be the best option available to the uk. well since this is that britain should have nuclear weapons but i've been looking pretty serious he
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raises his face to face the wrath of britain's so called independent included parents get so with this guy is that by the government's credit you if forces but of course is the seat next to us in japan. come make its own independent decisions about its defense or about its foreign policy that's not good. we are dependent on another state for the direction of our policies and anti implementation of policies. the defense agreement between the us and uk if the object ball another reason independent low as about that bike co op racing on a new pm went to his credit has seen such an extent that it countries are in fact in breach of the international treaty on nonproliferation which is nice to stop the spread of newquay a wetlands. reporting from london on twenty bleak and. well when he swings the whole thing down from the hearing with his national in the meantime peak in
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the belly to defeat your old ukraine as a sovereign state coastal. new new. ay ay ay roll. believe in heaven is a piece of perfection were all the evils of our world at war famine and races and finished it thursday after what we all hope that it will all finally be equals but that is our spirits so they are corpses will still be very much so segregated especially at the new cemetery in germany you probably think ol' some neo group must have their own cemetery with most middling turkish immigrants but no it isn't all it's been great guard according to time magazine is the four hundred square meter chunk of blue corn burial plots has been set aside for homosexual in a group of elderly lesbians
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call this a p association let's take a deep breath and think about this why in our modern age do we need to buy corpses by their former sexual preference. if a funeral for street person and all the second person happened on the same day at the same graveyard of the universe explode or something. also our lgbt groups fighting for acceptance of the call the soul why are you advocating post mortem segregation to the safety association. i guess that the right to do this. what is the idea that is the amazing combination of stupid pointless bit hypocritical all the same time. let's leave dumb segregation for the mortal world please precious acting. i am the book soon. henne has it that you wish. in many of these seats about forty years of age. ninety six to five. i am a sahm to two. i was going
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on fourteen if i made myself and i was fourteen i wouldn't recognize. this of course that person today is the same was fun and i read the slides normal for all to read and see what i know everything about the main character of long beach. no these guys could be the same golf. when the apostle team tuesday what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes. you will be the same tomorrow us don't so i tried really tried to wake him to prove to be in the team to conduct a life changing. no only giving you the deceased's to changing opinions of all things but in all circumstance. crowe will last a living person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. we are. it all. i
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can't do that. he said. what is called the views the home it's not use the v c in the inquest in another direction and in use them the same vintage. this olympics. is there to see nature makes eating the way round. nosy. looking into the horizon and new year songs or something. you don't know what to do this. along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for. i think this is a move by monday. it's a man who is longing for something he's only in a slump or something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i feel. when
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they been . eye. the cia several indices to juggle multiple and bryant is unreachable content and the wind is coming on the market's very positive about greece right now the german chancellor. this is athens calling for more reports. ukraine's prime minister who promised is more to the east as he tries to end the standoff with pro russian troops. defending champions by an edict are drawn against three aw look for it. the semifinal of


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