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is the journal on to their apartment on the deed of the new stuff coming up on the shelf. in eastern ukraine pro russian activists even more buildings. what a life force on and on that the funeral of more spending german photographer i'm meeting house was shot dead auburn last week's afghan election. it's all on course for next season's champions league with a comfortable win over praying for. i know. in
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ukraine is escalating by the door. gunmen have seized more government and security buildings in the east of the country is holding on and on yet. now there are reports of gun fights between pro russian militants and police and ukraine is accusing moscow of aggression officials in kiev are threatening to use force against what they call terrorists in the early morning hours at around twenty heavily armed masked men stormed the police station for the arts afterwards they set up barricades. lame up on ukraine's new government. you might like to say led to the presence of here. you see which is done. in june of this country to rule. those years i have plenty of support among locals the protesters are overwhelmingly pro russian
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but the mayor of slow be honest really a steal but says the demonstrators were residents of eastern ukraine we shouldn't be afraid to send to people who came to us today are our people there from the desk and slow the arts not crushed the authorities in kiev see things differently. they say russian provoke a terse are at work and that they're willing to take tough action to regain control of the region. demonstrators also occupied government buildings internet sample pots. a russian protesters internet are still in control of some official buildings they want a referendum to decide whether to eastern ukraine will become a part of russia. but the hotly contested issue and many here remain loyal to kiev this residence as we close friends because the situation. i saved him yes it's a part of ukraine. as the occupations
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drag on. tensions continue to rise the very latest on this fast moving situation were joined live on the line by our correspondent mark is rare. he's in the eastern ukrainian city of doneness marcus was the latest there but i treat it like it here but that of a crowd of pro russian demonstrate to voters that the hat off to meet up with. the i'll go off in good faith they were standing up to the court of the regional party orthodoxy. what i want to put each patient in the north part of the donetsk region. the teacher actually my very content over his hse what a saint is a strategy of these con men the half that many of you
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who weren't connecting. there has been difficult if not then the muscle tone. yet though. acting on what we know they could bury the rest of the team wasn't prepared when you take it. if what you are caught up in just a bit tricky. anyway you like to cry in the cargo. what options does the government in kiev really have lunch at this point. they would have to be very quick. because of all we know of. it was during the cooking of cranking up hurry up at eight hundred and twenty if they think they thought they should take that much of the ark and the heat i think all we need them are you. sounds like a developing situation the training of the fallen forests closely the smartest man in the eastern ukrainian city of donetsk. thanks very much. ron's deputy foreign minister of the sun not she has refused us calls for new
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ambassador to the united nations. he made the announcement after ron's current candidate was refused a visa to take out his role in new york united states accuses comment on what to do many of taking part in the nineteen seventy nine storming of the us embassy in tehran. seeing revolutionaries held a fifty two americans hostage there over a year ago today maybe says he acted solely as a translator. the prize winning photo journalists killed in afghanistan last week has been laid to rest. forty eight year old buying anything hollis was shot while covering afghanistan's election for the associated press. a policeman fired the shot. it was the first known case of a security insider attacking journalists in afghanistan. the german photographer was no stranger to war zones are cause for even earned her a pulitzer prize. the people from around the world came to call
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the taxpayer to pay their respects to the legion counts this was in town. when she returned to unwind after a tough assignment in laws aunts. friends and colleagues talked about courage integrity. cheerful demeanor even in the face of danger she showed kong. while all around was chaos. and i believed that this morning for pictures from terrible places resonated with so many people around the world. to sign into comics and was the neatest idea in nineteen ninety two. then she went on to the world's trouble spots the middle east media iraq afghanistan and pakistan. she was injured a number of times she said she was often afraid but probably less than someone who was the canadian situation on the ground. she never liked relate a local
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photographer. she was more interested in the impact of more on people the house was in the last week in afghanistan's khost province she was with veteran reporter kathy gannon. he was wounded in the attack. unicef has warned that fifty thousand children under the age of five could soon die of starvation in south sudan that is unless immediate action is taken the un children's agency means tens of millions of dollars to treat the masses of severely malnourished kids fighting between the forces of president from ikea and libel writ which are as disruptive harvest world food program where houses have been looted. myanmar's opposition leader aung sun said she was here in berlin to accept a human rights award on sunday. so she was receiving the brilliant bronze award at the latest in a long line of human rights award she's picked up since being permitted to travel again in two thousand twelve
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speaking on the sidelines he warned that myanmar is still not a democracy despite a spate of before. the good in war memorial and sons whom she observed first hand gemini is coming to terms with its own dictatorial cost the burmese opposition leader viewed the re creation of the twins infamous award during a visit to the german capital. the nobel peace prize winner has done many would continue to support political change and my mom elections officials to make the sushi isn't being coy about her political ambitions if i could i would be that happy to become president not because i think is that it's an easy post because i owe it to our people back to sustain this and the forces of democracy to a blood bank on to the chief. the kind of society where we can choose to be and who is who we wish you become. twenty oh seven
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to the brandenburg gate. a symbol of german division and re unification in the second video that things have been voted off to visit them all soon she caused him to my mum has not yet made the transition to full democracy and reform protests must continue. much like gemini she said the country would need time to repair the damage done during fifty years of military rule scotland is preparing for an independence referendum later this year and the party line vote is meeting for its annual conference the scottish national party is holding its last conference the fourth of september vote. scotland's first minister alex annan has told the scottish people to take their own future into their hands. polls suggest the country will vote against independence and the main part of the united kingdom miley classes in rio de janeiro in brazil. not all that far from the iconic knock on the stadium. that's
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where the world cup final be held in just a few months time. over fifteen hundred police have descended on an abandoned area. today thousands of squatters. they used tear gas and stun grenades. some families left peacefully. others though fought back use of his fury going into the vacant buildings in which then turned his head when he found shelter. families can no longer stay here with ancient remains. yet many have given up their apartment because we couldn't film for the rent two minutes before baking the fact that the unchecked we last wrote but did not get desperate the gop cannot keep living in other people's phones has been a problem. so shanty towns have sprung up across brazil in the past few decades. people moving from rural areas to the cities in
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search of quiet reflection and improvised accommodation with the wellcome starting in two months as it is desperate to show itself in its past month. over the slums and finance have been placed in the official version of the tournament. he brings his own to clean up the country before kickoff bundesliga now and a name that all i needed for the store but to the surprise of many buyers who've already wrapped up the title did not suit up their b side but perhaps they should at the end ticket to a tired looking ex client winning impressively three nail and the guitar and mother once and on as hoffman got the goals. their win secures their second place spot in the standings and buyer suffers a second one is like a lost and a rout. however at this age of some of the bigger battles in buffalo or clubs trying to avoid relegation with just a month left in the season. that brings us to hamburg where a
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late goal saw them lose to one against visitors hanover the aei conan score the winner just five minutes before the final whistle in stuttgart won a vital point away from home midfielder danny ninety. downey scored their goal and a one all draw with one back before one iran to equalize for the home side late in the game. the rest of the weekend's results so far it looks like this. we'll start stake their claim to champions league football with them for one win over nuremberg fried or deep in franchise was with a two nil win. mine some brain and three nil on friday shot then strolled to a two nil win over frankfurt. it was important victory and keeps them on track for a very vital goal. it's pretty much assured of the champions league spot next season after securing three vital points that said both sides got off to a lackluster start. sean kelly had one serious chance for a goal in the first half
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tickets must not going to lie with a header from two meters out frankfurt keeper kevin trap with the city. a rare highlight in an otherwise forgettable first half. after the brakes on all kinds of pressure and it paid off at the fifty nine minute mark. meyer with the royal blues ahead one nail. eight minutes later the home side could have doubled its lead to plant a lot with a penalty kick but again that carried nicely. so it finally quit the game away for good in added time. devastated to find converted a free kick from twenty meters out to seal the victory. the upshot of all that is was like a stable but looks like this with just four rounds of games but the plot. dortmund continue to protect their second place thanks to that upset win in munich shelter right behind the mare while spurs made a late surge in spending saturday night in the final champions league spot. believe it is and how
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the chance to take that away from them when they play against catch up on sunday safeguards point against the clock keeps them had a camera. nuremberg meanwhile remains stuck in the automatic relegation places after their third loss in a row and lonely brownstein seem to be. one of the world's toughest foot race is conclude on friday was the final stage of the amount of time to do something that the grueling ultra marathon packs six normal marathons in the six days in morocco's sahara desert. competitors battled dust sand and stones over total distance of two hundred and fifty one km. this year local miner rashid al more of it he claimed the men's title he withdrew injured from the two previous editions of the race. america's nikki kimball grab the victory in the women's event. it was her first attempt to conquer the epic corps. as i we had time for here one journal to visit a website together you
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recording studio in cairo this is the group my ikea for the gunners. i'm not the sound of the cairo. i
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can. music is called a rugged not it stands for in attitude three members of months but the outcome of the slums of cairo. now in the studio they can record their songs which are full of declines in the will to survive. they're working on a new song so far without lyrics. their producer bob woodruff box gives them free reign. say what you want he says there's certainly no shortage of topics. and here he lived on the second was the song says there are so
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many problems in our society that evening and this addiction. for the grad school system. that's an important topic. just don't want to go to school anymore instead of impeachment teachers don't do a decent job either. about a one shot that made them he says. bob barr smith says it's not just education. ms also traffic chaos for example. we were just talk about the naked things we've never stopped but we want to write songs about more than just problems we want to say how to make things better. the next group is already waiting in off mode riff on studio. they are the absolute stars of the most rugged not seen the dog and fifty. he's the one with the yellow cab id. they're disgusting gaga
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brought us water font is organizing everything they've already performed in london and in september they had two prelim one. their celebrated as children of the revolution but that's not so says fox. he and the humor in the midst of newman on and not on the front of the artists writes songs about the revolution he says the contrary only feel it done. so he hasn't been as important to them as it was and remains to be leaks but we can indeed be aware that this music and these kids also find themselves in a kind of revolution it with themselves and put their way of living. throw in there and with the question of what i can achieve with my life the beer in the hope that i'll pay you. we tried to sell on city. this is where my brother not emerge. and where its listen to the most in taxis for example. i know
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it has its origins in a kind of music called shopping popular in the nineteen eighties. it put unconventional lyrics into simple language. initially disdain by the elite choppy quickly went mainstream and was played at weddings and on the streets. especially neighborhoods like salam city one of connor's forest. half a million people live here on the eastern reaches of the capital. education levels are low here and unemployment is high. i'm suppose to meet up which adopted fifty played in the afternoon. when i arrived. their manager tells me there's still a sleepy they got to bed at nine in the morning. four hours later fifty shows up and wants to show me around. here in sun
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city the birthplace of the front and that he proudly says to the camera. fifty whose real name is ahmad took his stage name from inside the us rapper fifty cent other top right are not artists have also taken western style stage names like ought to be ortega diesel and balm. a bit of globalization on the outskirts of cairo. he feels at home and salam city not least because his music plays everywhere here. i went on to them in the city says it's a great feeling. there are good and bad sides to it the good thing is we make people happy. people like us then shake get our music free of charge. we don't take money for it when about to get payment but they'll either. that makes me want to because i'm recognized sure
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without these people. i wouldn't have continued with music though not of this wood especially here in egypt for no one gives others a chance no one helps anyone else and it somehow. officials have called one of the restart. he tells me about a former music producer in central cairo who embezzled money from his band intellectuals who despise people here because of their origins. but here in salon city. people stick together fifty cents. we visit each other. and asked if they need help. like this for a band member who left the music business to operate a car wash. d is a celebrity around here. he meets with kids just starting to write a truck or
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not music. they approach their idol almost shyly. he asks if they needed the help of a lot of fun. he says it's the social problems in this neighborhood to concern him let the politics of which she has a low opinion. one was huge. he says don't take the muslim brotherhood in the military. all we can say who's to blame. look how many people have been killed and about one of the dcs before the truth comes out and look how many families have been destroyed. yet isn't that right. i don't like politics the book is politics creates victims. far too many victims spend most of these victims are innocent. that's why i don't like politics. but even when we tried a political song were not part of politics the military is fighting the muslim brotherhood. the remnants of my heart again studios want
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i don't share anything with any of those parties anyway if you ask me what i and my answer will be time in egyptian maths. revolt and retreat. they're two sides of fifty during the week the group hardly ever has the gate. not to use the time to reverse. a computer music software. the microphone. no expensive equipment to write their songs. this is what sets their work apart. get off track and are the pics these two arabic music and lyrics. most lyrics are created spontaneously the evening continues the text grow more political and. the it is. you know. as
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you. he said. for the revolution singing such lyrics could have gotten them arrested. the up people's opened their eyes. minimum of the genre along with the wind he says because they come from a simple neighborhood it took me a long time to understand that there are people who only want so they can live well. so they can do what they want. i don't think that the powerful work hard for the war and sacrifice themselves. oh and as i always ask how all these people were supposed to eat then i found out that egypt
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is wealthy the cooler water was calm and the greatest wealth is the egyptian people themselves. no one could get online. because my brother not comes from areas. egypt is not officially recognize it as an art form and its musicians don't get work licenses from the musicians union. fifty still makes a living from music. this is fifty states. wedding at a luxury hotel in cairo. and get several gigs like this a week. they are the equals about five hundred euros the band has fans here too although the union did nice work licenses from the front of the musicians officially because the lyrics are bolder this wedding is costing tens of thousands of heroes fifties bandmates adopt as a different attitude to clients like these. looking in
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the city said that he says when you watch me here. i'm mostly lip syncing the song plays the main act as if i were singing on the street and some bomb cities i know i put down the microphone when the music's playing in the racing line. i'm less happy here but on the streets but it's only a job but so is the saloon and visit. and then they cancel the cake because they're having to wait too long. they can afford to do that. we head back to some of sitting here waiting to celebrate the street. and anyone can join the fun. the musicians don't take a peek here. they see it as their social duty i do. these young people the music is like a bow. it lets them blow off steam. in
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a pressure cooker. that is today's egypt. in it. it is who or what. these books they came they do quebec with curiosity. a greek figures. it's a good experience. this winter the doctor. cctv. sch. what
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chore it cz story each day exclusive any team that works to top story. wednesday's most intriguing topic as told by any team premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what i am in washingn. enlighnment yo are lacking heren philly this weekend is here. from the event with me. i didn't think that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work and he makes the ads on tv will
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