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tv   RT News  PBS  April 13, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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. the security officer was killed and injuries are reported among special forces units and protesters in ukraine's eastern city of the downs where a crackdown taken place against activists to find government buildings and the police headquarters the race gender or dozens are injured when a mass march against the steering turned violent as italians ms patients into crippling unemployment and soaring housing costs. back to
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bloodshed. an afghan girl who was severely injured by a grenade pastor returned to her war ravaged home after treatment in the us. i don't really count. a police operation is underway in now ukraine's eastern city of the dance begins protesters occupying and minister to billings one officer has been killed while several other people are reportedly injured and both sides for casters against the interim government in kenya part gathering steam in the east an activist are thought to be in control of administration police and security offices in nine cds now. i would show you some images were getting from slow downs. this video already looking a break now was posted on youtube while i
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was built by protest or to the city's entrance was seven why are they trying to hold back. special forces and that these are the pictures of armored vehicles converging on the downed helicopter was also seen flying above right there's an ounce and is apparently carrying weapons don't get more from our teacher retention is following developments in the region high never yourself or your report said their injuries and deaths there will be working it tells about what's happening well yes coaching ukraine's ministry of internal affairs local need and every posted at least one person and officer was killed a twenty of cold and anti terror operation against protesters in the town ups the downs just kilometers from where we and our internet's region meanwhile we hear from the country's interior minister he claimed that so
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in his facebook page that the rot injured and kids from both sides. this alteration was launched earlier today and it was aimed at slowing the rate in the governmental buildings including police headquarters taking in the town holds the dogs by gays who protest against the authorities in kiev on skin for more independence from santa asking for tiniest of referendum to decide the region's future. we heard from local residents are they to date that's how the colts days have been flying over the town and gunfire were shown to increase safety nets now listen to what sweetness is happy to say. i do this morning i didn't manage to get to work because traffic is paralyzed as the cts sealed off. o'shea helicopters are flying overhead year spreading panic among the people of the arts and shots early in the morning it sounded like fireworks but no fireworks take place at nine am. on the tv they have urged people to stay indoors because
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the security operation was launched. well let's just say this though does consist one of many towns and see tca in the east in ukraine where protesting case the authorities in kiev activists that have the gop party governmental building security offices police headquarters. that and in the case of the ccs these buildings still remain taking bodies that test is like here for example being the center of the nets and drinking the tea can see behind me right now. this is an eleven story that a former regional administration did in season right now taking by these groups of protest is me having a vote she had told today's inside a spade and they told us that they fear that they could be an operation against them as well as the weeds for a day and night and this is my reports from the insides. now
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inside with seasoning the finance regional administration however has become recently the uk santa and to hear the protests this is what we know we cannot think of these new approaches get at least this way they fled the agent called finance people's independent account of this republic. it has its own forces aimed at protecting that good at maths and that we can see here and back then people from sen obama ticket the route also have an effect on me that his mama no other way. just think it's going to kill us this evening and then multiple hats for example people say they will do their best to avoid any products would be the reason why i tend to be forced to use the scenes lease is up to what happened to him. the temple. here the repetition of things that
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matter. at the end of every pot and wait for them. until then been stamping for an advice in the groups hold a protest thursday. instead he's seventy called the dough stick to the friendly so that coming home with machine guns annoyed yesterday for example was a champ the pentagon. i counted on one knee and he told the media while the information you come to that end of the country's population the raw representatives of almost all major cities and towns over the base region the mine workers and employees of the region's new words enterprises and each region ball wide and low base and eleven storey building. we are for social justice the creation of a republican means drastic changes in the way our territory is organized. we are forty quality of languages. we are against the repression of
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the majority of the nationalist minority. on one hundred and seventy million dollars due in less than one hundred and fifty new and turns. all the mines and enterprises in the nets are prosperous. when i was in edmonton with the intention it's nice. niño conditions with the site was licensed in encouraging residents to have to answer and confront him he told ukraine's presidential election the sign. i want to hear county romanesque the rain graham phillips isn't the downpour tea following the operation against the protesters occupying government buildings there now he describes the atmosphere the area as high a weak hands for casters are reinforcing barricades near the occupied buildings while brown's rally in the city center. resisting
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the crackdown. you can follow brand on twitter for all the latest updates and pictures from the area the un says have certainly seen better times the country declared this week will no longer pay for russian gas later the program we'll look at what it means four pm. lost to answer for you which depends heavily on their reliable transit of russian gas through ukraine the fountain in rome of march against the spirit of the santa didn't hit straight back to eighteen protesters and police were reportedly injured in violence. six people were arrested . sow the seeds workers and activists gathered to really against time browsing hans and joblessness but the peaceful march turned
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violent when the crowd reached the labor ministry in the center for some protesters started throwing cans and bottles at the billing and then turned on police and the english from bart's roughly the year agency was at the scene dishwashers took place between police and protesters tear gas was fired by police in the nineteen shots to protest this. marianna was the same area on the can you tell us what happens. and to basically i was standing at acceptance time in between at least to protest a santa protesters began drying things that just backtrack areas. i made a cake and ice in it one minute she walked away inside me it looks like i was severely injured athlete meeting at the taste and. and certainly after that please. i realized i'd share that sandman and discharged the protest as an additive flat in various different judgments. about a thousand italians have been losing
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their jobs every day over the past year and that youth unemployment is soaring above forty percent. political analyst powerful he believes the prospects for italy are blooming. what is clearly in this country is the key to really upset over the center of societies who are working paul who calls the word the twenty th it was huge and so is achieved it. it's not a word. and so forth and even people who can survive thanks to them. cheney's of court he says. reserves. and now spends two is a potent and there's a lot of money and time these two atms and people who chose the hero. no
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job no house. the retirement benefits. the minute it opened. she has converted his own ticket. sigh another display of anger this week coinciding with german chancellor angela merkel's visit in the capital. people were protesting against the top security measures being imposed on to seven thousand police officers were deployed to try and keep order. meanwhile across in paris another insecurity rally stocks weaker thousand protesters waved banners criticizing president along his latest business friendly reforms. we all are reports from the french capital these people. i was on to the states the french capital to demonstrate again so they say it's the wrong direction being taken by the country when it comes to how to deal
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with the services. many of the most of the country's middle classes of the teachers servants and read what they see as it runs the benin is the content that is giving me the ad. being the last two days they spent most of its flights. so basically the respective knew that things might not exactly what i bake. it's up to date with all the benefits of collective solidarity of the extent to which is what you said you get the profits of large multinational businesses in the room is a wingate defend the right to education the right to health the recap of what to get that one. it was joe is an extension of that teaches kids to build lots of pain for the crisis. should we be like gods in the role of the reasons that the army is because the leadership of resin bronze online is a
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button on all new branch president the country stayed in lebanon in recent memory at the bridge business sector is in steady decline and starting to get back to the ball the ball to tell me what is in essence the cuts to services that were bought by david h is being raised on a very vocal that you can bet here is a bit behind me. i read the age of a time in the race that would get to the age of retirement pensions they going to be well less than the heavens the new generation again to all the previously called for busy trying to achieve so that's what it got me at and that the boys they had the displeasure with the leadership of fronts go on and stay beyond the reds will say that they're unhappy franklin is that the direction of the country an afghan girl badly injured by a grenade at a playground in her village has received a purse that glenn during treatment in los angeles doctors say she is now ready to return back home which seems less appealing given
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the turmoil and destruction left by the us invasion. if she can't answer story the seven year old afghan girl was brought to the us for medical treatment almost a year after she was injured in a class that home of her daily job in a cauldron of violence since the us invasion of the gas tank. one morning she went outside to play with their brothers the night before there was a violent battle between taliban fighters and us college before says nothing residence there weren't used to. she picked up what looked like a little rock but actually was a creamy. good on the floor and it exploded the explosion killed should be teased out there. it destroyed her white by and she lost most of her right arm. the u s nonprofit the children of four foundation brush and bb to a hospital in los angeles where she received a press that acorn. so many children. i can say she's the fortunate ones who came here for so many more children that need
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this kind of treatment. many were victims of roadside bombs or wear khaki the crossfire ongoing surge in barrels u s drone strikes are causing an increasing number of civilian casualties charity organizations can hardly keep up with helping those who have suffered from the war. the united states and not being in afghanistan in nation building and the downs and our track record suggests that we are competent to do this. and it isn't exactly appreciated by people who see us bombing property destroying lives and then coming in and building a new school chevy has enjoyed her time in l a she was invited to a gallery in beverly hills to paint with her pathetic card. she showed quite a bit of helmand the car with a pear tree japanese am going home to get inside where every day neely is apparently been feared that their children like the couple's greet me thinking. it's just a walk
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the washington post account are key. elisha baby is just one child whose life has been restrained by the war in afghanistan. many answers were killed in a un report says more than five hundred children died as a result of the u s led airstrikes in bombings says the common again in two thousand won an estimated twenty seven thousand civilians have lost their lives and end of the latest sanctions slapped on the crimea joining the rush at the council of europe as wade and by stripping the country's lights. that's left to watch as ella gets hurt and in our reach. coming up with a closer look at mosque and reaction to them the eye. i essentially in the manger lace and bows of the agency has been plagued by babies have been like during experimental be. so grab it
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on line starting from one end by the end the threat had that going and walking on the wall that strips the woods. maybe you would like is the first one. every week which it is possible you need to remember it better stick to buy up all was well people were bored with the walk. if you have a race the trouble with the braces soon as you cross the finish line. races. or more. it was
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the us the new the what international now committed to protest in ukraine's economy continues its free fall has been weeks since the us promised the billion dollar aid package to keep but nothing's been heard of bad things. russia's president s question america's commitment to ukraine's have the help she would extend beyond hang out biscuits tonight in honor preferring to one end to the secretary of state treated for cancer stick and he's thinking its central square. ahmad has provided billions of dollars to ukraine in subsidies and direct loans over the past few years was out to go along so gas and discounts and energy a half a degree more than thirty five billion dollars in the last four years old plus as protest or as a protest caroline's the capital and rain state
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coffers. late last year russia agreed to twenty fifteen billion dollars has received thirty. now is the money was suppose to cover the dance dance which is over which is now over ten billion dollars but that's not been for p and this week is officially declared it stopping pain for russian gas the biggest concern is that ukraine might start finding gas from the pipes that run to europe which gets half of its project imported gas. by the in transit routes the editor in chief of business new york told us that russia is being blamed unfairly of the crisis. she's been sending casio the pool to pay them even in the hall wall where we visited west and russia to continue to be a key supplier than easy to europe. what's changed is is the greatest in the way in the rain is causing all these problems because this is not
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paying the bills so russia's total service departments the north and another one's coming to the south the trial of hdb bypass but the whole political situation surrounding the greatest the boxes the plane. they were sexy super block the moment the sun to get his bike from the g i in a suit with silver buttons the president sent a letter to european leaders this week calling on and to help address the green issue before it's too late the lander was criticized in washington which accused moscow of using energy as a political weapon. i'm a poet a way to respond to america's allegations the church that is no polite to read other people's messes. it was an address to them to gas continues to guarantee everyone's ears to our american friends eavesdropping but peaking as well as an obstacle. ukraine the spotlight for a while now but a poll showed sixty percent of americans americans don't even know where the country. actually
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if it were asked to point out ukraine on a world map the dots show where people thought it was with the most accurate responses in riyadh and death of the least accurate in bloom at the qt right here in this green man you were a bit dodgy on your geography though interestingly the people who were at least after it in a test were more behind getting the us to intervene. now the so called from the broadcaster pbs show was of the vast majority of americans don't want that seeks to find her sandals question disapprove of any plans for the us is needed to provide military assistance tp out. american officials have openly in fact they don't double check information for my bike revolutionary years in the kiev. moon the new government the blue he have any independent source. well of course we remain very
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closely at in touch with the ukrainian government and i've got to we've worked closely with and of course they are on the ground so i'd information about the pain of carrying out relevant to current teachers all we need to talk to local youth he she don't want this before but this is intended to set up a situation like this. look at this without truth the russians had changed and say he doesn't exactly what i what i just can they tell of him and he can certainly reach out to the russians for any reduction and our trip while it's not just politicians sparring over ukraine by the media to news outlets are pushing their version of events sometimes with little basis in reality as the workers cannot explain starts his jurisdiction. with time some interesting stuffs and so the ukrainian media is just what it will force social group or through its luster and information is often being shared and we
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bolted even though some of it is either complete or a hoax pull together some this is like a snack or is this though this picture was published by several media outlets that shows alleged empty shells in a grocery store in crimea but the price tag is in us dollars thousand dollars turns out that this picture was taken in a minute or two so what can you work as it was near the roof up expired products now in this picture of alleged crime unit are refugees attorney familia twenty twelve is the door seemed like the refugees with the same picture was used by another ukrainian media outlet. we're doing a report on cia the area of the g seven hundred thousand of what my personal favorite is this what this is a story about the national edge to russian spy. caught red handed in ukraine and this ied is sort of like the main proof presented by the media it has lots of grammar mistakes. it's an option but being the best thing is that here. his occupation in just
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a sporty why would this interruption one of which is another issue to spice up that's not to be discreet with a real live on a happy life he that is why all the fun i did it but if it's pathetic but to also economist and video. although ukrainian tv station preparing to do a live report from an alleged bromide uncle west rally in twenty eight years the reported it seems so wrong in their frame there's a lot of people around the journals but then the camera pans to the right there. this is only ten fifteen people there was a leader. this man. also is indigent and he appears to be directing the crowd either to make some noise or to keep quiet so this again raises questions about how correct this information is still there's tons of wood out that which truly facts out to be checked. lrt music or listen to their utmost to get a real story of the creeds to you they have a library. this
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window. putting themselves in peril. we are nearing a major new series showing you what it's like to get your reasoning so what's the first episode here at fifteen thirty gmt. thus the double standards. that's how righteous grinds away your vote on ukraine at the parliamentary seat of the council of iraq the renovation has suspended russia's voting rights until next year and its representative functions didn't remain untouched these are the country's observer mission is to pace though will be strips as well and delegates will now be a minute. the council's governing bodies but what makes it even more of an eye opener is who voted on the sanctions as the hand of the russian delegation know
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the state to be breaking international law remembering the living seas during the past fifteen years but calming belgrade by building in the final concurring iraq. no moral right to take any decisions concerning the russian delegation. it is good. how was i look at what pace actually in it. it comprises of a forty seven members of national european parliament was also turkey and russia and the carries some weight on the international arena mike and me investigating these recommendations so if resolutions aren't going prior focus as having human rights and protection minority groups and some its latest resolution securitization by the us in taxes due and his death now seen as well as guidance on the spanking online privacy and its launch the new anti corruption platform. the bar drinking is from eastern ukraine now. one police officer and has been killed and several other people injured on both sides. after
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security forces have launched an operation to remove protesters occupying government buildings and twenty ounce. these are the latest pictures you're looking a break now find of the ones that we are getting from the area for casters are in reinforcing barricades in the city center as traffic police and armored vehicles blocked the entrance to the city. members of the creed radical right's at the old arrived on the scene earlier pledge to flights as defined by the interim government. what i can actually just a couple minutes. overcoming their daily difficulties when living with aids telling em coming. two the room
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the supreme court is getting a rather important and unusual case the hobby lobby corporation which is owned by a more traditional korean accretion family as a lawsuit challenging the obamacare mandate employer private healthcare plans have to pay for abortions and contraception. this is a tough one which for some simple what the owners of the lovely feel that abortion is murder the nation have to pay for freedom of speech right. the penguins some other company safe medical care is the devil's work prayer is the only thing you need to work and i am the supreme court supports the spectacle but if companies when making moral stance can or cannot be a perfect one on the other hand why is abortion such critical part of obamacare in the first place. we have ever heard of activists protest against people fixing broken legs treat fungal infections a dual laser eye surgery. you never heard of them because these things are totally acceptable to almost a one in america. so paying for them as part of obamacare the problem is overcome and taxpayers or hobby lobby has to pay for something that is extremely controversial and considered an act of evil by half the people on the street
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abortion being illegal is one thing but doesn't need to be funded by everyone because so many people are against it the crash just my opinion for all. i knew. what's the world's biggest story each day. exclusive to any team that works. the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told but it makes the premier global content partners back to back in english. it's like naming washington enlightenment you are never lacking here in philly this weekend is here the nazis with me and ask how are things that i don't eat after that i didn't think that stealing checks to new and it makes the networks to work on in the tx tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on
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the m a c networks. windmill woohoo. i took history gets worse every day. because breaking news complex. each a dorset to play. all the stuff. while. good news


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