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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 13, 2014 8:00am-8:16am PDT

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the m a c networks. windmill woohoo. i took history gets worse every day. because breaking news complex. each a dorset to play. all the stuff. while. good news
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what's the story of syllables like that for frogs and focus on open source and coming up in the foreground timing of the page files is new from this makes a passionate debate and speech which he promises that i was probably coming around. i'm facing hate crimes and events in our midst international publishes a report saying going from top producers of the failings of thousands of people who live here. and reopening of stalls offer multi million euro maker but we take it to the main currency which is headed to the test of a hundred lead to different stations. as my two nd bouts delivered his maiden speech as prime minister on tuesday in which he promised to reverse the fortunes of the eurozone is the number two economy the tough talking former interior minister is promising to discredit cut taxes and create jokes this is the country grapples with sky high unemployment. o fifty one year old bow street base that is a logical was printed in a cabinet reshuffle which followed the ruling socialists
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disaster shouting in unison elections last month. she will sing and dynamic. tell some political observers in town so my name announced opening speech to parliament on tuesday. the duty of twenty nine minutes to go straight to the point saying that france was suffering thus on the agenda the disappointing results but his policy decision its recent municipal elections announcement that he in prison also known to have gotten me a message from the people. amy the election is going to french people told us it was anthony's to go and read the historic regional station and got the ticket they were disappointed that all they express that down to only color on halloween as a lifetime's the radio. the sun going to need for efficiency last week in his cabinet space till the school team mate e mail email and twenty then with the constant comic standing. indeed much of the taping speech was given
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in to speak on the meek the emptiness and sustainable measures needed to stimulate great in france. unemployment crime and also hsbc which is for many the elephant in the wii. the recent gains of the national front in from an increase in fall right to schools he said it was symptomatic of a crisis of identity. it was a bit too if i knew when i went to the chinese ancient dollars in unwanted stealthily got home we are witnessing a rise in racism and antisemitism. i went over and stood on it's accompanied by an anti jewish anti muslim anti christian all have a freebie language and indeed actions which could be dealt with decisively in a film that be france's new ten year ended his speech when singing the praises of the country that allows him a naturalized citizen born in spain to accede to the highest ranks of the government's the bride has also unveiled a series of sweeping cuts to spending. one always is aiming to deliver those cost
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savings is by streamlining local governments that some of the cow and see what that will mean. source well known to the plate is simplified it is complex and extensive administrative divisions france is currently broken down into twenty two regions mainly concerned that the building and upkeep of schools bridges can be earned taxes but had no separate might just have a party. this weekend is subdivided into ninety six departments run by elected general counsel was in charge of local services like management of social and welfare amount is and that concludes. still further down the scale we can pretend to be smooth or districts. some thirty hundred tonnes the dough for thirty six thousandtwo hundred units the minister manmohan singh has been streamlined. for starters he suggested reducing the twenty two regions currently on a bye in theory he says that would
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cut spending to save money it would be achieved by combining neighboring regions upper and lower normandy into one stronger region some like this farmer in what is for now up for normandy. your new concrete course there are already strong bleach don't like entity. or should know more about owen nolan and the story of the real goal and an auckland region. i should attend. it's a little freckles when they travel to what a moment many local officials to the crisis would be too difficult to be worth the effort. they knew the phone trying to bring together different species it is such a big area of incumbency for children's rights and responsibilities i think i would just cut the cake and then say to get one of those departments are also involves chopping block he wants to get rid of departments and their local councils of the year twenty twenty one. that means more savings and efficiency of new
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bigger bike. david told me that it's a long time. i have a hard time believing you actually happening. ok that reforms have indeed been suggested by some of the restrictions over the years but never carried through. also known to be the ones to do it. skepticism not just from the french people elected officials who have doubts about how much the proposed reforms would actually say. france's new prime minister has made no secret of his deal with subjects of the room of people most of them says have no intention of integrating into french society. book on siding with will draw him into a new breed of miss international published a report this week with singles from suffolk criticism for its treatment of all the remedy which it says all victims of discrimination and other hate crimes. so everyone on the hope is trying to change the way the roma people of the apparent rocks wellington the nineteenth district of paris. it's a control room next to it. we
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see tv studio and put the magic happens. also can see the tv. money language channel. we will see him as busy as the yellow seventeen presents two shows a week it's a place to be lined with just a minister in time the tasman to break them. he has to play the recorded version of the program provides students so we don't have the signal from the means to do this on the fourth test. china was the brainchild of philip the method i knew bryan a former hospital if you want you use the restroom until it was stationed in europe add a bit of money cycle myself. i could either make a downpayment on a house my family. all solutions to the tunnel. it was either so i told the television station yielded to get the roma police. and to speak to the room. i don't. and with each piece in the ingredients
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of that is one of the fastest ride so we could see the tv run a phone call from home he's been eating in front of the decade. jason takes the field with his cable tv package. now the channel plays a lot of music videos the boys each have one day you will be used to help people to understand grammar culture. because of port hope this tool is very important but it doesn't have enough resources for michael to programs that can really show that history. the culture and the issues affecting the romo got to get my bp. and the bg i mean he only took ballroom and robbers making comparisons. i want to show the complete opposite of what the government lol well integrated into society we should be proud for you scorpio. county on the seventeenth through for his life savings into the project. she's now one hundred pounds and taken to secure government subsidies
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rituals is to keep the tv use of all i can to compete to keep the boys. the dates of the ponds or losing the battle with the french capital's that means is they do which is an instance of out of bounds said. the three players from all the five years. the grounds of the given a multi million euro may care about and something is too was once again this weekend will grant according to their region of origin. this is a listen to some one hundred and fifty different species. he said the science museum and found sixteen giraffes the largest grouping of its kind in europe. he visited face to face the new revamped and towards wellington. my head even though you only have a cvt. it's not that i had to be able to wrap up the space and lastly families and friends. it's great. gerard sweets and other animals don't seem to have the tax wondering how to include two
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or three times times of concrete his home. it's a much needed facelift to the zoo which first opened in nineteen four the baton to close for renovation in two thousand takes me to concrete walls crumbled into disrepair the safety hazards and more residents. now one hundred and fifty seven million euros worth of work. then opens its doors as a new condom to do the major elements or disabling the older and a bell for the most part this to be a really really wanted to become a twenty percent that means an attempt to recreate animals' natural systems. you can find them i type this evil grip panels by five regions. the cast got going yet key on your site hosted on a positive steps to
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counter that if the in pisces in thailand again to get them active in that environment the renovation was based on ninety eight retracement to buy meat of the enemy convenient attendees and that's because you can send hopes will be selling point the two hundred and eighty species that sooner than other major european cities i would like to write the eighty four and never to reality. when you think you can see the ropes. with this lot the visitors will be able to see from the moving above their head. along with birds can fly around the greenhouse in a church on the trees. it was to seize up. more than one thousand animals. i emailed my emo and pleaded for now. no competitor will be able to warm himself on the cd rack. the country increase in savannah. was it for this week's edition of frozen for this by forcing him to stay tuned to for some
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time. in the season dear the call the day. i mean. the next tuesday. most people can actually see children today are in chile created. each team. they
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don't go to school. stevie they didn't actually these are the things considered more important than anyone. i just saw. its games on tv with them. the study the scientists who sold the humanities education it's going to work with the people. multitasking multi disciplinary approach chit chat the day just like you. so that they stop before mine seems to know the first english. other regional languages. still he began to dread the age of six. yet
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the stock. use it thmosqtoesstudts sk questions. lation to the day. then he is a way of life. roo and rté one will do you. thus the natural resources. did you know racing. i'll likely middle class. i went over to london
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the exchange. on sunday at eleven pm. the world. when we were with the eye. i am not missing any sign the americans with me you're sending a copy of paragraph six in quebec independence campaign that making its move resulted in dumpsters and that the results. state lines and the commanders and nine dec a sweet of her life and times of late and leaving the type of sweet attentive ninety three. and kissing already printed till he makes the cut we travel to the land states. christ loves us the metals


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