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tv   RT News  PBS  April 13, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the m a c networks wind chávez who will. georgia got to sit on members of extremist like sector group reportedly joined police in a crackdown on anti government protesters in ukraine's eastern city of soviet three peak was sad to think of it today. but this is ukraine's into it and the dish is reportedly classes of may gitmo that result in the southeastern region of the might of course keeping a close watch on developments so the other top stories that help shape the week
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main road of them were reportedly injured offered not to get the stats to bother the record of importance soaring housing costs which could lead to the bench what looked like a lot actually. yes god will cause them to get treatment in america but is then sent back to the board of the hundreds of children killed every year this out the story . the beach is just too and is just awesome at two pm. goodman and kevin doing this these are the national team which beat the weekly over and over the top stories of the separate days but one that said graham a kicking off the mike the stout with three people have reportedly been killed. schools injured as police crackdown on anti government activists instead
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and skits in ukraine to teach the way the popular unrest against the two appointed leadership in kiev is not limited to ten cities. these are pictures of reese they receive from the dems to bring it to state i amid reports that the light sector group has joined the offense to the max. the survey the self defense units into their attack bite me and that's the radicals in this particular instance extremists opened fire killing one person the towering cranes interim president. instead the minute the clock to get this win for the summons forth he says citizens of brace themselves for more fun and maybe tonight. these people all culmination of self defense people have come on it's way to defend this attitude which is the sublime to the predictable like barricades. either that or the day with all to see hundreds of local people come out to the streets to express their support what's happening he had to be because if a referendum. i did the calling for the boys to the heights in terms of standing up against the key
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of gumbo which they declined as unconstitutional. as undemocratic. the day began with a storm attentive as police headquarters complex telling me i was unsuccessful this morning i didn't manage to get to work because traffic is paralyzed as the cts sealed off. military helicopters are flying overhead here spreading panic among the people aren't some shots early in the morning it sounded like fireworks but no fireworks take place at nine am on the tv they have urged people to stay indoors because the security operation was lunch. these people come up empty on the vast majority of them peaceful. this is a strong statement of intent in terms of all they want to listen to the bone behind is not going is that today the atmosphere of calm and take the ball a sporadic outbursts of feel with ongoing reports while in the storm could happen again two nights of course dimitri carroll has called for a fact of the award in this poll to the east of ukraine refused
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to accept the demands of these people he added. i've ordered all the elements of the reit sector to start a full mobilization and prepare for decisive actions to defend ukraine. i call an old police and security forces to assist the right sector instead of stopping us the atmosphere as the sake of the moment is calm all the months ahead will bring remains to be seen. i'll just remind you to be ashes than either of them tourists like second group which has a full front of the great buddy to think he has this man is a friend to bed and a ideology that went into the desert known for making controversial statements including calls to join forces with chechen terrorists to launch attacks here on russian built a festival of gas pump mondays for transit to europe. these threats like those that lead people to get to the first place the piece with an option has been finding out the mowing signed with
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the sydney the tenth legion on his face and hand it has become recently the extent of anti union protest. this is what i did not repeat do not think these new approaches get at least it's a way that when the agent called finance people's independents republicans and probably it was unsettling for seasoning packets captain that good at maths and that we can see in the pan and sprinkle on a single moment is that the route also have an effect on the detectors and mama loves to play. we defend our land. just think it's going to kill us. this is often happens in the regional capital. i will say yes. let me hear the repetition of things that matter at least at the end of every bothered to wait longer than uncle vincent's taking her advice and the groups hold a protest thursday instead. p seventy he'll stick to that friend was coming home with machine guns annoyed yesterday for example was a chill. and then
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tossing them in the great doco i have a brother wanted me and he told the media while the information you come to that end of the country's population the raw representatives of almost all major cities and towns over the street and you think my work isn't in place of the region's new risk factors and enterprises and each region ball wide. and for the second storey building. we are for social justice. the creation of a republican means drastic changes in their territory is organized. we are forty quality of languages. we are against the repression of the majority of the nationalist minority. on one hundred and seventy million dollars to keep them less than one hundred and continuing concerns. all the mines and enterprises in the nets are prosperous. when i was in the mental images
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it's nice to meet county them against the grain pool of course it's not just that these are pictures of him getting into too hot or cold this was the over thinking least fifty people died in clashes between pro and anti chavez activists to get a cold is the largest city be seperated so while instead of the day this week america when police crackdown on activists this picture that i'm sick but it seems too from the southern city of surprise here west of the petite pro and anti federation activists also an integral police van report these tear gas to try and separate the rival groups. we are keeping very close on the set escalating tensions that from ukraine to mind and bring it to make the cost of leaving him as soon as we can do so the tone of the developments in a phone conversation is russia's foreign minister the most interesting joan curry sauce
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can make moscow police disconnect in ukraine to mother russia from the southeast pharmacists are the liberal eleven manage to come to town to provide proof of those allegations he said threatened the upcoming told some ukrainian crisis. we spoke with an active is to say is that plagues all the russian and staring out the trouble here are unfounded. the people of that on its region have risen against the yen to the protesters are simply vocalists were fed up and you don't want to live in a country when oligarchs and neo nazis claims that russian agents are stirring up unrest on the ground search. we use to hearing things like that it's nonsense. the only new people with russian passports we are the journalists and just to remind him not a single russian official has come here to speak in front of the crowd. an oxford based expert in what mr muddle month but we did and he believes south eastern ukraine might already be full of extremists whose help the new governor will need if it wants to maintain control
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you go to kim's house to the center national de option is to incorporate the because of the right sucked into something more like a state organization and even the radio all local police in the south east of ukraine too. so they'll talk to the new regime. they really do need of the top of which activists the new regime can control the school hall trying to coax a smile sometime it hasn't sent it to whom the radical right wing militias and kept sending them some work. what if the successful hugo chávez credit if they get the blood units from competition when we come the movies and be the oldest light of the new regime which had piled back into the violence and pepper the company. all commerce between a good area and also well we've been on a limb now entering the mosque has demanded that kid stops waging war against its own
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people it has been put on an emergency session of the un security council has been cold as well so far for developments will bring you more of course all my throat that my cousin mentioned in earlier. the lake this out to look away the current tensions and ukraine the guest relations between kiev and moscow. on the subject right now because of this week's takings be pretty officials here but apparently in the short of some michael gossip but it's like why is just a few minutes to trumpet the top of that wolf. ultimately no for while. what a peaceful and just at the demonstration turned violent in the capital rome thousands of people reportedly injured in clashes i . notable mostly for thousands to the streets to kent who test positive one and housing costs consequences of the fleece stagnant economy. when the crowd which made the ministry of the city sent a summons activist and started throwing ropes and
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vocals and firecrackers is one of the city into responded that it kept under which the nazis but maybe the vacancy was at the scene as well. earlier clashes took place between police and protesters tx was bought by police. and then they charged that the protest is. arjuna was at the same area on the can you tell us how it happens. that is to basically an extending an act of time between then we sat and wrote essays and the protesters began drying things that just backpackers. k had my standard one man she'd locked away inside me it looks like her arm is severely injured athlete meeting amputations and surely after that leaves at three a look at your and and and discharged the protest as an actor in a flat in various different action. thompson taught for many a time is a record number of businesses and
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close the combined company to introduce the team of forty percent youth unemployment is set to record events of the dilemma spot a refund least the outlook for the resumes that russia's economy isn't great either what is clear and in the country is that the people that really upsets over the center of the society's rules will work a week or two. the word the working age the tradition it's not worth it. and so full that i mean people can survive thanks to we should do so. he says. there is certainly in the stands to lose a vote of members from voting time. people who chose
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the hero and giggled all the house. the retirement benefits. maybe that is good she has converted his own ticket. in total the streets of rome to travel just about imitating presented to us is that while the czech this last week by heavy security mission is to minimize debacle visit to the praise that comes to k financial meass introduced by brussels trading in sync with his hit hard by the country's economic belt tightening onto the streets of the greek capital friday at seven thousand police officers were deployed to maintain order but ongoing sector cuts increase to the main up to eleven thousand civil servants to be five by the end of the a grim outlook for the mets made to the egg percent unemployment in the country as well. tough austerity measures and constable smith before the country's gdp which is done almost a third to
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comparing what it was back in two thousand dying to use tool that has lavished on a goddess to terry's place reeks of scientific societies ultimately paying a high price for trying to get the country back into the black ink. we have been turned into society without the future of everyday life is getting even worse the impossibility of extremism. the same time that the greek government is trying to present the present and emails today. his is entering the kids getting back into the markets. it's the tracks over the course the great society has made the call to preach the side is willing to pay up for it in his return to the markets it's huge and this can expand the scope of the government's integrate it into the market in the same time i may just try to strike and thousands of people. it takes the attitude that people in the streets and the remainder of the people in despair over worked on the streets of excited. it is
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too big to afghanistan and it's unclear if the first round of the presidential election will determine when a runoff vote may have to be held amid mounting taliban terror attacks and control of us led forces of the civilian casualties in the prizes children are also falling victim to the wall the bookstore next to one afghan kit was lucky enough to get some help from a pro but then his head straight back into the war zone the detention camps got a story. this seven year old afghan girl was brought to the us for medical treatment almost a year after she was injured in a plastic home of privilege had been a cauldron of violence since the us invasion of gas than one morning she went outside to play with her brother the night before there was a violent battle between taliban fighters us know if force is nothing residence there weren't used to. she picked up what looked like a little rock but actually was a grammy. good on the floor and it exploded the explosion killed should be teased out there. it
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destroyed her right eye when she lost most of her right arm. the u s nonprofit the children of four foundation brush and bb to a hospital in los angeles where she received a prosthetic arm so many children like this that she's a fortunate one who came here for so many of my children that need this kind of treatment. many were victims of roadside bombs or wear khaki the crossfire ongoing insurgent barrels u s drone strikes are causing an increasing number of civilian casualties. charity organizations can hardly keep up with helping those who have suffered from the war the united states and not being in afghanistan in nation building or even pronounce and our track record suggests that we are competent to do this. and it isn't exactly appreciated by people who see us bombing property destroying lives and then coming in and building a new school. chevy has enjoyed her time in adelaide she was invited to a gallery in beverly hills to paint with
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her aesthetic alarm. she showed quite a bit of telling the caller to parenting the babies am going home to get is that where every day millions of parents live in fear that their children mike peacock to greet me thinking. it's just a walk in washington pictured on our team. when we grow most times it has been shown to the fighting in afghanistan the u n report says more than five hundred children were killed in the country dusty and since the american innovation. well a decade ago an estimated twenty seven thousand more than twenty seven thousand afghan civilians. a fall victim to the wall. stay with us this is of international seconded to the team is costing them that might warrant us and is among the big stories the week. up to very quick break the eye. he was. the us
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the new. and the religious unrest in ukraine is absolutely no sign of becoming a covering of the promises of aid from brussels and washington but is yet to catch me singing need somebody to put to question america's commitment to ukraine he said. helps extend beyond the valley of biscuits to people the streets interfering in a row cold too and i did the second tuesday to protest the stove cooking content and cabbage in a while back the vocalists ukraine's but has been prompted by billions of dollars worth of loans of subsidies from moscow over the past few years. in fact as discussed in the g eight in the safe ukraine mold and
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thirty five billion dollars in the last full use of love no small sum on top of that as protests highlights the capital and bring state coffers like his boss agreed to lend him fifteen billion dollars of funds received three debuted at no small sum sum of money was supposed to govern the extent to which remains outstanding in our minds to it but two billion dollars. cos it was russia's can send it to the bleak outlook. it's unclear if the debt will ever be critical as this weekend tasted it and it will no longer pay for any russian gas. what was going to plant mexican cement is that ukraine might stop siphoning gas from the pipes run to the eu summit has allegedly helped me fold it in chief of business bureau told us he believes kiev is to blame for men and achieve more in eastern europe. she's visiting guests the hole for decades the meaning even in the cold war. when we really were ahead of its citizens in the she's higher than its seats in europe. what's changed is is the greatest in
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the way in the rain is causing these problems because the city the pain that goes inside vs billy goat service departments the north and another one's coming to the south. indeed i would actually be five pounds but the whole political situations. maybe it's the boxes being blamed the study and it's all worth it uses the form of economics at the time to get this blog of jesus but it is located to the disposal problems russian presence of elected you can make it this last week calling on them to help address the ukrainian issue before it's too late. lester was criticized in washington too cute. most of you the image is of critical effort commitment and they responded to america's obligations. that is no polite to read other people's letters symbols an address to the move into gas consumers in europe. everyone's ears to our american friends eavesdropping but peaking as well as an obstacle meanwhile american officials about the compressed made of double checked the alleged
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facts they have this up because government in kiev you are relying on the new government contends that was on the phone he had any dependents. well of course we remain very closely i'm in touch with the ukrainian government and at that too we work closely with enough force to bear on the ground so i'd information about the pain of carrying out relevant to current teaching so we need to think he talked to several groups of teaching one one two three four with a sublime to the truth is what the situation like this. yet the truth the russians had changed its safety plan exactly what i what i just can they tell him you and you can certainly reach out to the russians for any reduction and margaret. of course an extremely intense battle on the media from these outlets are pushing inflation and then some little basis in reality the gophers cannot explain to a colleague research. or
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from some unseen stuff since the ukrainian media is just a lot in full force of controversial reports related to russia and information is often being shared and we bolted even though some of it is either a complete bore a hole to pull together some this is fake as nectar is this though this picture was published by several media outlets that shows alleged empty shells into moses or in crimea but the price tag is in us dollars thousand dollars turns out that this picture was taken in a minute or two so what can you work as it was giddy with the flow it's part of products now this picture of the alleged crime unit refugees attorney familia one meanwhile does the dude seemed like the refugees with the same picture was used by another ukrainian media outlet. we're going to report on cia the area of the g seven hundred thousand of what my personal favorite is this what this is a story about the occasional edge to russian spy. caught red
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handed in ukraine and this ied his sword but the main proof presented by the media it has lots of grammar mistakes is an option but to the best thing is that here this occupation and is this why would a sane rational and mature as it should despise though that's not a discrete what a real life i have an idea that is why all the fun and a good spot if it's pathetic but also economist and video. although ukrainian tv station of preparing to do a live report from an alleged brawl my gun pro western rally in twenty eight years the report are it seems so frank and airframe there's a lot of people around the journalists but then the camera pans to the right there and it's only ten fifteen people there was a leader. this man. also as indigent and he appears to be directing the crowd to make some noise or to keep quiet so this again raises questions about how correct the situation is still there's tons of old outfit which truly facts out to be checked we cheered him on a
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website full of stories of tito calm and the city government on the opposition to the job in florida chlorine attack has killed two people aged over a hundred more steps of the story line. all six of the money they have many stories can put songs on the russian foreign ministry says that washington's top like most good enough for america's credit agreement not to post about the bombing but the magic that it withheld information about when the tide is going to love someone. the ocean for one grand prix was lost with a lavish sponsorship western companies. the event went ahead despite my criticism of the nation's human rights record. the gop's into waging a three year long crackdown against pro democracy protests last month for instance among thirteen butter a visit and teenagers to jump like being found guilty of attacking a policeman. so the story to him in the mood that was widely considered as big a blow for the heavy handed twenty eight protests is called sentences of up to ten p is for similar offences it's all part of a clampdown
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on dissent becomes a government report to the oldham at one point six the main palace is that it passes reported the weakness of their name on the population of the original point three million. you might think it's overkill. one of the bottle and the opposition of former position in the side patio was selling police the weston a blind eye to what's going on here. government hard to have a tough situation and the green bars drinking formula one the single looking at installing going to have contributed to his north lakes on top of that is based on the ground to the opposition by the people tory mp stories on the human rights are talking about i don't think i should share in the evening in processing the politic and the process of planning. the job was in two years and judging because he's losing his voice up all
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the victims of illegal torture all. i've been to the detention time with toppings. in the story in the problem with the money kevin mclean. you can drink and he knew how to upload the compartment and human rights problem. the future from a thirty five minutes to superman makes full use of it before ago the mind of a developing story from east ukraine tonight. three people have been killed the security forces come down on anti government protest is in the city sounds combined to present a population of sin and skinny east the neo reich sector groups reportedly joined in on the offensive to the latest pictures that are getting from the area where self defense unit was reportedly fired at with machine guns by the medical flight this protest is erected barricades along the ridge to the interim somali and chooses to save them. that also reinforcing but hey this is a sensitive topic based on the ticket but will wait even
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to most i'm stoked to people close to folding the situational online. i'm going into more courses to get it because situation also hoping a number of other towns and cities in east as well tonight the very puzzling to me the red eye our will. for those who believe in heaven is a piece of perfection were all the evils of our world war famine and races and finished the third act like we all hope that it will all finally the equals but that is our spirits so we are corpses will still be very much so segregated especially at the new cemetery in germany you probably think oh no some neo group must have their own cemetery with most men the turkish immigrants but no it isn't all it's been great guard according to time magazine is the four hundred square meter chunk of blue corn burial plots has been set aside for homosexual in a
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group of elderly lesbians call this a p association let's take a deep breath and think about just why in our modern age do we need to buy corpses by their former sexual preference. if a funeral for street person and all the second person happened on the same day at the same graveyard of the universe explode or something. also our lgbt groups fighting for acceptance and equality soul why are you advocating post mortem segregation to the subpoena association. i guess has the right to do this. what is the idea that is the amazing combination of stupid pointless and hypocritical all the same time makes leave dumb segregation for the mortal world please. precious acting for all. i mean. union. and action. this is my dream ice
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cream and things on screen it is from the ice cap and trade. some of them based on the ice. beginning i was. so of ice cream. as my home. to make it and i was in my kitchen. working with the high street. but you can capture without bail soo to make him scream for help the city has to do stuff with them. with that i'm a bit. i saw the eyes just light up the ice cap. so it is too tedious to you you can get while lebanon. so much to pray. and then though happens which made ice cream and green i have. we know. you
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knew you . the eye. life from the end it is the journal and hartman had to get the news as these are headlines several people are children of flights between ukrainian government forces and pro russian government and stuffers. we have reports from our correspondent who went there. he went on record demands quick action to fight global warming. at least sixteen people killed and hundreds of houses destroyed as the fire rages and its related video about


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