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the national broadcast in a bar where north korea traditionally makes provocations it's a crucial week ahead at seoul and washington and their annual joint military drills and come and celebrate the birthday of north korea's founder kim il sung the cigarette manufacturer may have won last week's supreme court ruling but the national health insurance service is now going after three tobacco companies for smoking related diseases russia and ukraine point finger at each other during an emergency un security council session with the escalating prices. yep wants to root out what that
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stands apart from what the terrorists prime time it begins. the need to be with in korea and look to those of you but watching from around the well that many people which you can sell it and she found them sean limping so much for joining us. while north korea will be celebrating the birth of its elite founder kim il sung this week in south korea and the international community will be watching with anticipation to see if the regime launches another provocation its history is any indication. our foreign affairs correspondent. he starts us off with wikipedia crucial week for inter korean relations. april has historically been a month of provocations for north korea it was in april that
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the common street in connected to the vets five long range ballistic missile launches and unilaterally closed and the inter korean factories island in the north thththth e momomoma events and provocations are one way for the north korean leader to demonstrate his strength and power for bridgend consolidation. if history repeats itself this week to turn out to be a crucial lead in inter korean relations. tuesday marks the birthday of north korea's founder keith on and on friday that joint military drills between seoul and washington the country and north korea notification to despatch of possible missile on to spite their estate is also amazing concert. this can add it back to make meetings between seoul washington beijing and tokyo as they try it and start the long stalled six party talks. the multilateral dialogue consisting of a t kearney as the us china japan and russia has not taken place since late two thousand
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eight. some experts say the north kent backed away from further provocation and instead returned to the negotiating table. there isn't as north korea cuba this is the six party talks on new cruising the north to tune in to make suggestions to improve into his eyes first. still most experts worry that another round of provocations by kenya and ahead of us president obama visit to seoul and tokyo at the end of this month. and can mean anything nice. just last week korea's biggest tobacco company won a fifteen year long legal battle filed by individuals seeking compensation for smoking related illnesses. now if then after helping sharing services turn and didn't think they'd get a much better shot at winning at times i laugh at this point for the first time every year in korea a organization the national health insurance
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service is suing cigarette companies to cover medical costs incurred due to tobacco related illness as less than a week ago seven individuals and their families last of fifteen year long case against korea's biggest cigarette manufacturing and see it this time the plaintiff is the national health insurance service which of the fifty two million us dollar complaints monday against the tng as most of the marys and british american tobacco. the health agency says nearly four per cent of total health insurance plc have gone toward tobacco related treatments in two thousand eleven. well as law or whether we are smoking cigarettes and vaccinations people and especially when men and adolescents. we are going to proceed with a legal battle with a feature of her nation and to guarantee that health insurance costs or maintain their health insurance service will focus on improving the cause and effect relationship between
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cancer and smoking along with any breaches of the law that tobacco companies and a half minutes. it isn't much different from the case presented by the individuals who lost the case last week the national health insurance service as did its peak database and as our investigation it has a better chance than individuals of twenty in this case. the tng to defend and individuals case reviews serbia lot of its data. we understand that a lack of information provided cause the plant is the loo. the insurance service to emphasize that the entire trial won't just be taking place behind false stories in court but that every pick up the process will be will be shared with the. so i added onions. then in the game ended a bit of vocational high school in central somalia this monday which a promise to bring about a society where can i just hired based on their
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work abilities. not only schools they were educated that's after observing kenyan level classes in your electronic techniques with him but told students and parents the government will develop a standard to access the person's job capabilities so that he or she was treated unfairly because of their educational background currently there are some one hundred and forty specialized high schools in korea which will operate the business is to foster customize person out for a specific industry through practical and on site training. more than forty percent of their graduates found jobs last year. when i got that from this i was prepared to get them back to get month for the ringers it all starts with an aptitude test which about one hundred thousand people have already taken this year alone. it underscores the appeal of working for me as the largest company but also that the nation's economy could be in trouble it from some hits
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hard times accusing at that point. early sunday morning this large group of people is heading toward a local school grounds. their adolescent treatment for extra credit big job applicants to korea's largest companies comes on. working for the conglomerate is considered a dream job as an offering seventeen benefits and get paid. so what does it pay to get hired. the first hurdle. applicants must clear of commons on aptitude test if they won an interview they have to pass a standardized test first and evaluate suppressing the bird flu in a wide range of subjects including linguistics math and logic there's no competition among job applicants each and every year. this year is no exception. new and yet i couldn't graduating college late last year but postponed it to study for the samsung aptitude test. i even took classes to get a good score
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so since the beginning of the year boy now one hundred thousand people have applied for a plane at home but just around four thousand are expected to land a regular paint job. that means the only one out of twenty people will get in reflecting this fervor to get a job as an insult because of a right to work but on every subject of us have the aptitude test illustrating just how much inclined to think of loving hands on the train economy and society. sometime group's total market value was more than two point eight six billion us dollars in twenty twelve comprise nearly twenty six percent of all if a company in the. at the same time combined operating profits of some song and its affiliates. when nearly sixteen percent of the listed companies in twenty twelve at around twenty nine billion us dollars. market researchers ceo scores suggest i need to find ways for other korean companies to boost their crappy news as well
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the highlight of the race to the free anytime. it comes on the physics tyres that hurt their profit margin. he's young and onions. the prince in a modern dramas and of course korean food may be in vogue around the world now but in terms of revenue there's another tree cultural sectors that far out performs the others. the gaming industry or season and has more on the growing prospects of gaining korea the korean games are being exported in korean pop music. according to a report released by the korea finance corporation on monday. he made his team exports topped two point six billion us dollars in two thousand fall. that is more than ten times larger than exports of korean music and a senior. bikini figure at first all on line video more bile pc and arcade games being sold outside the country. the report said
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in related exports also far outstrip those of knowledge information and the beast publishing an advertisement while video an arcade game sales have tumbled since two thousand loving the growing prevalence of smart and tell them all ballgames contribute to the overall princeton fail the local industry has been doing very well in recent years the korea is still not in leading country and the global market. the us and japan top the international market share with over eighteen percent each. tying outbreak in n korea followed with twelve eighty and six percent respectively. experts say fostering the right environment for industries such as schemes movie animation and design as crucial as i'll be able to create more added value and the future. seasoning. i don't use. domestic violence
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against children catapulted to the spotlight with two recent cases of child beatings that resulted in death. and if vendors on the back and i are overwhelmingly that tyler own parents. this meant an intake to look at that continues to rise of child abuse cases in that nice according to the ministry of health and welfare of the number of child abuse cases reported last year amounted to sixty eight hundred on year to four hundred cases from a year earlier. but the actual figure is estimated to be far higher considering those that go unreported. among the cases of record eighty percent of the children were victimized by a parent biological fathers were the most common of these are accounting for forty one percent followed by a biological mothers at thirty five percent and step mother says stepfather is at two and one point six percent respectively. if they weren't being abused at home the most
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commonplace but that's how the welfare centers or day care centers for nearly ten percent of cases were reported. forty percent of the victims said they were abused almost everyday the harsh reality is that similar findings are reported every year but nothing is done to address the problem the most recent cases in which two women receive ten then fifteen year prison sentences for being there step daughters to death has shed even more light on the problem. it prompted the once again take on the government to come out with the tel measures to prevent child abuse and protect children. dani and identities. last week two separate cases of child abuse were stepmother speak their children to dexter the nation they said that rowling was too light and the government quickly responded by saying it won't get top bun child abusers. if enough. joining us now is a fellow professor
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of law like how the university of foreign studies. welcome to country so professor one step mom was sentenced to ten years and another was sentenced to fifteen years and the judge ruled that it was not murder it was just causing bodily injury leading to death. gee think the sentences were too lenient. well i think you do need to make a distinction between murder and tied it to someone describe which is an american criminal terms the closest i'll come apart the fallen tree manslaughter and the fact that of the law makes that distinction is that the border traders are basically reserved for the whole article is for pre medicate and have a specific intent to murder and basically i guess the courts have looked at this time mothers and couldn't really think that they actually intended for the actual turn to god. i think that's why the mortar produce when i replied and fallen trees manslaughter applied in which u look at the sun kisses. it is within the sentencing guidelines. what governor rick clark founded eight
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percent that's how the visas were in fact parent and that this was the need to do with nico is still accepting thinking by parents as a form of discipline from a legal perspective while with what forty years that becomes how the beans. the line is pretty hard to troy and i can get those costs a lot of trouble for the pool was the smallest child welfare services workers in extreme cases like in the cases we have here with two children before he died alone is clear there was success but the same time the point to the police contingent in what the point to govern workers sorta workers today each of them so is extending prison terms the answer will extra prison time or the threat of extra present on relief that ur child abuse. uninformed guitar is put into my feeling is that i mean that you parents out there really think about me i'll get ten years forces thirty years with the laws changed and yet it's really hard for me to think that the canopy meditation is going on when
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parents are in the abusive parents are being of children but i suppose a little like to see is more of resources devoted to in a double and preventing cases like his speech before they become more of her clients. and what infested to do me happy and could react to the port and has all the mistakes i know there are children's protection services social workers to work on pieces like this now the government has new laws to special on to pitch which will come into effect in september which basically means that the additional legal steps that these social workers can theoretically pay. however to press criticism is that basically there's no money in the budget to people to have more social workers and get them all resources so you know to be married to her o level the additional legal beagle cool spot in peace workers on the ground might have the resources to actually implement them. so for all those people who say that these mother should have gotten the maximum life in jail sentence. what would you
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tell them in a sense of where they should focus their energies that are there other vehicle outlets are channels that could get the sense of justice. i suppose you know you could argue the sentencing guidelines have been the lenient in some cases. notice the us particularly when it comes to murder or manslaughter to come to have more harsh but this is about the same time i think before it jumped up though and the two will battle it on because you will be sensational headlines right out there. i think people should keep in mind the us is actually appeal but all in this case. us actually has a higher ratio of people could be incarcerated and the rest of what we see the countries for example. so i think koreans should consume in the number of cases like that in a typical rational i think about it we wanna have a liquor license id hydroponic please society as opposed to putting more resources to save the children and risk at all to stay despite having no more will buzz social services. i think it but i
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have tonight and two. i know a check on stories making headlines on the global front from the cuban crisis in ukraine to anatomy doubt that the fishy manuscript plan to legalize the polity at the new center. all it started with ukrainian looks like kiev has given a final ultimatum to protesters in the eastern part of the country. how was the situation unfolding now we koreans and team president joe looks and attrition on call them all pro russian activists to leave the government buildings there are key point on monday morning or else the many darn separatists have not backed down. maine on the diplomatic front russia has taken the case the un security council are quietly has more. at an emergency un security council
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session on sunday there was a war of words between ukrainian and russian officials have blamed each other that increase in prices in eastern ukraine. we are trying to avoid any. and any connections we don't want blood on all that added to the call to jesus by it. also i dislike the address russian federation. noises agent and signed. whew don't negotiate meeting called by a rash act the bout after ukraine's president said he would lodge an anti operation against russian forces in this country. ukraine has that military action against the pro russian activists and he don't need the government buildings they are occupying nine monday morning rush hour wants the us to stop tn from carrying out the operation let us focus our attention to what we can actually do in this case and am looking here and my western coli but
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the us has asked russia to withdraw its troops from the ukrainian border is hard to reconcile. the behavior of the russian federation the propaganda of the russian federation the military actions of the russian federation which range from the massing of forty thousand troops on the border to the subversive activities inside ukraine. and despite the latest threat to ukraine for a russian activists remain inside the seats government buildings in eastern ukraine. britain's un ambassador is that there are up to forty thousand that russian troops massed on the russian border with ukraine. honey mead items and turning out to the ongoing search then missing the leash an airliner is a thirty nine of the multinational searcher point three seven zero and still there are no confirmed signs of debris. as for those possible pains the plane's black box data recorder
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search teams say they have detected any further signals since last week. despite the lack of progress us trillions for sheep angus houston says the sophisticated under more people called group in twenty one will be deployed to scour the floor of the indian ocean but the us navy your own accord in houston could take several months to search the area. investigators say they're confident of wreckage of the boeing triple seven minus sixteen hundred kilometers northwest of the city of perth the stranger japan with operator that the machine as a teen use their power plant has more to get another week the tokyo electric power company says that about two hundred tonnes of highly radioactive water for re directed into the wrong building. flooding the basement of the crippled nuclear plants. accord to japanese media leak was discovered by workers on saturdays for the faulty pumps which cause of flooding were halted on sunday. can't go officials say the contaminated water has not reached the outer perimeter of the facility and abby are still investigating the cause of the week. there
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are several look of international stories making headlines around the world i'll see you back here tomorrow night. the two prime time sports speed internet the korean basketball league season came to an official close on monday with its awards ceremony. they say fine wine gets better with age. i think this year's ndp can attest to that. the lg seekers when padilla who turns thirty nine the year was named mvp by huge margins and one out of ninety eight both for providing the offensive spark for the league's top team in the regular season the maltese it consumes you want the top rookie honors while lg coats of paint in one coat of the year. sk is to be johnny got the sixth man award paul casey steve rookie team in the call came in first in fan voting. now
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sit and heading to augusta the pga tour's first major of twenty fourteen the master strapped up with bob hope what's it been awarded to winners green jacket the thirty five year old turned to leave after a fire burning streak in the second round eventually going on to finish the final round but the final score of eight under par for the three shot victory. the win his second masters in three years nor the proceeds. what about that according to watson himself all that matters is the love of the game not the state and moving on dk tweed is getting ready to welcome a ew team to its ranks. he lets the minute the official y neasono join the league the colomeraad its ded forons in the last week proposal to be the commissioner a final cup on monday. still starting the second division became the challenge and plan to use it comes to olympic stadium and score as their home field
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and speaking of home field liverpool maintained top spot in the premier league after winning at home after while the political me to love the second state title races in both the english and spanish leagues are heating up in the epl eight win over man city allow liverpool to maintain their lead especially from chelsea who sits two points back the mall in spain and political madrid and the rabbit dreadful one. but the political keeps their three point lead over the collective costs. now let's end with a look at the k b o standings after three weekends of ball and see unexpectedly meets on the leaderboard the titles than the bloke next to him and as a way to higher when they both are boxes of the win over the weekend well that comes in a fourth had to get above five hundred and now we're going to the bottom of the order the upbeat the cellar
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dwellers or rather two thousand the four thousand dollars while on tour and a much needed win after a good first outing by different feel. that's all i have for now this has been feeding ten aussie back here later for more of the world of sports a fan. well today was a perfect day to get outside and enjoy the outdoors and some even ventured out wearing their light some time now. the study was that beautiful day for my tomorrows but that lack it and thinking cool down standing at the weather center. i began sch but that's healthier we caught up to let that stop because what they're saying we did and you can expect a more glam and sunny conditions tomorrow due to winds blowing from the east to west and eastern coastal regions will drive the puppies not it is in fact as you can see that it was forecast to peak at twenty eight degrees. should the tree will continue to rise or wednesday before a
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nationwide showers all between thursday and friday adding some much needed was to say the dry atmosphere current need it to the high pressure stop them from the westfield where seemed clear skies crossed that he'll still a lot of big teams in temperatures between the morning and evening so please be sure to grab but then again before heading out the barbie start to make the most that is not the spring weather by ken on seats is a screening of the tops out at ninety degrees content with that treats the mid twenties other reasons such as tents makes it to twenty degrees while to do and not do that tops out at fifteen and twenty. seal bag. and that's our news cast on this monday night and he signed with kelly and john lynn thanks for watching we'll see you soon. i do. i
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mean. he sees contact century also the only home. first two. two explosions at its peak. and. did. do. to this
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do. it was. i studied and tried to medical school says so. the british school system
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and absolutely in some western guidance family. this not really in any case i'm terrified. this shift and change. who are a lot like cats who has three nine era i guess the arab american idol are a lot of my influence if you look into where you can see i wanted to post again. i get a positive statement with the kids have him. the new middle east at least ten times through them i really feel that the women are the most resilient and surface winds and they are the ones left to pick up the pieces. i think they're beautiful. every silly and embarrassed her. i like to try a train back to the flak that he and the strike as opposed to the site and tried to help. they have heard a splash area. i hope you and then we can have this basket
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for an end. it's it's really a good way to bring people together as opposed to having eaten their own corner thoughts and opinions of the other. i feel that if i wanted kids. when i was successful. in terms of heavy vehicle for discussion lately youtube where i was so great that i can bill to die alone hopefully when you get rid of some stereotypes and misconceptions about. and says well so i try to narrate the east to west. background on my right eye. as if i'm not afraid to use and its affiliate what i try. i aspire to him. and when we
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were the program has brought you by. critically. we'd from norway's mainstream cruise for his lies. the crew exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson activists the police headquarters in south east ukraine as a region increasingly


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