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tv   JN1 Headline News  PBS  April 14, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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did. one will will will the fan. mind you. three people that don't lead in shootings the two jewish community center is in kansas which were reportedly carried out by a former ku klux klan leader renowned for his anti semitism. since the three year old white supremacist suspect mind for accross is that it still sits quietly but while being detained on the kiosk people in a carpark whether they would tuition before i can find the fourteen year old boy in his grandfather are among the tents cross is being held in johnson county detention center on suspicion of premeditated first degree
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murder. the attack which came on the eve of the poll say the holiday has been called heartbreaking by us president barack obama. united nations security council has held an emergency session to discuss the crisis in ukraine the meeting came just hours before the government in kiev that threatened to launch a full scale anti terror operation begins crew russian protests is occupying buildings in the east of the country. un security council members including christian prawns and the us accused moscow of being behind the unrest and say they may bring fresh sanctions against the kremlin if it does not take steps to de escalate the situation relations between russia and the west have deteriorated sharply since russia and its ukraine's crimean peninsula last month in the news that which was widely content in the international community as a beagle . i knew
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the routine use on him more i can. the book the eye. is
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you do you waste of two thousand through sections of the cornea based dance company which russia's state controlled energy joint gazprom was expected to bowl a dutiful make it impossible for gazprom to have legitimate dealings of scrummy encountered up the united states will continue to impose costs on russia for its illegal and illegitimate occupation of crimea. and moreover they were fully prepared to impose additional significant sanctions on russia if it continues to escalate the situation in ukraine. i would also note that there is broad and strong unity within the g seven and increasing sanctions and costs in response to escalating action from russia six crime in separate incidents are being told it to the american sanctions. the sections of the third round since russia's annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula
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last month and the kremlin's continued efforts to de stabilize ukraine at the presidential elections of may twenty five. it states they say they will not grant him peace into iran has proposed and passed to the old boys links to the nineteen seventy nine us embassy hostage crisis in tehran. fitter and has no fired back saying it has no intention of replacing its choice for the position of women on board to the united nations that means you will take legal action directly with the world rugby. by the us is in her ears that raises questions about how much influence the white house can wield over the year when and how moderate to low and really is. iran's choice for you in on boy is a means to live be entering an official of the us as part of the group that stormed the us embassy in nineteen seventy nine in dozens of americans hostage for more than a year
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allenby who has served as the ring ambassador to the u n to australia says he was not involved in the takeover the only translated for some students the united nations headquarters is in new york city and with the use of the levy will be able to take a picture. us law allows the government to bar un diplomats were considered national security threats but washington's potentially precedent setting step could open the united states to criticism that is using its position as host nation to improperly exert political influence. some analysts say that the ranch was the un on boy looks like a provocation it also shows how far both sides have yet to go before they can overcome years of mistrust at the same time iran is still working on closing a final deal regarding its controversial nuclear program that would permanently lift economic sanctions that have crippled its economy for years
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censoring present. he was elected last year he's been trying to portray the country as more moderate and friendly with the west but after selecting the iranian diplomats that are brand new with the united states with the goal was to reopen so i was the beginning the eye the nordic nation to the truth the palestinian authority to the kitchen to join the geneva convention and thirteen un agencies the culture but acceptance to the natural for these boys destroy palestinian leader mahmoud abbas is a historic day for the palestinian people to the palestinian needed to join the un police to a place of the peace talks with israel which an impulse and the potential release of convicted palestinian criminals. israel is chris orr is the palestinians who
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will play all kiwis again in a coma in which it came to the complex peace negotiations the palestinians gained recognition as an all members of the state bought the united nations general assembly in twenty twelve when they could join you in court report the unesco to an organization which has been repeatedly started but mature estates across an anti israel resolutions. many lotions that man and said that the european union and nato should use to turn in a standoff with russia over ukraine ukraine's government in the last table tennis nation tens of thousands of troops near the border with ukraine and is worried that moscow has four teeth into these to the country following its annexation of right knee last month. who will openly support effective and very physical in many cases even preventive actions because perfection is the way to keep that in extinguishing the fire like to. that's why
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i believe the utensils that nathan will find the cards in this difficult time and what is called to terrorists or just to make short history does repeat itself. the chain reaction is of the deceased woman you are letting them go that has carried them and refer to was when the bell hitler in nineteen thirty eight tricked me a lil chamberlain of great britain is the part of czechoslovakia without its consent to germany. the deal was agreed to by france along with the united kingdom. hitler saw diplomatic weakness and quickly moved to his troops into that today land. german chancellor angela merkel last month dismissed an analogy between the annexation upright me up in germany's pre war seizure of today when czechoslovakia after finance minister wolfgang softball to a parallel with washington decline ukraine the hawkish nine and the marsh has denied any substantial build up on the ukrainian border but said it has the right to protect ethnic russians and russian speakers for dominated regions of eastern ukraine
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nato and the united states have accused russia of steering separatist unrest in cities in eastern ukraine where pro moscow protesters have taken over administration building and demanded more autonomy from kiev. i know. her answer and gain a few years ago. ultra traditional dishes with a modern twist or served with finest israel the winds. one would think it would be difficult to introduce foreign wines and prawn stock on to win to reach winemaking tradition. but yet at the frock would be installed to quote kill for a great number of oscar ones has succeeded in attracting wine lovers who are extra. getting down. i was aware that
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caution is especially easy when the winds will be coming back to back it and i decided to take it personally. i went to israel. i'm able to produce tears the capital on sunday declined to grant a walkabout went to a plan to bring culture and develop a silky so i could make appointments for disaster and the three storey lease was made in collaboration with women and two minus fifteen the sun heat and rain made it to next to his all to myself i am today were doing extra things really were no thinking. granted most importantly completely boring the sharepoint and seventy one to be really grateful to the concert went over to grow naturally the door was painted in the age eighteen and three good conscience goings on at length that i kept the dcu. the natural association between wine and pleasure gave to me i am and her team the gao organizing meetings for people looking for a soulmate. she makes
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the idiot trying to read it like this i'm a classical guitar concert going into the tickets especially for unmarried people. the ngo community. they will be able to meet and talk with a single line. i try to make it look crazy is a great game so they can learn have fun and hopefully some ideas will come out that it's not yet done yet. after working for many years as a tv producer yet the frog decided to try to live for her passion for inventive dishes. rowling's eurasian from different to jewish law in every tradition i specialize in partially caved in from all over tomorrow is my passion. i've read a lot of books and try different recipes at home here are beginning to contend for a taste of the author to address it as a helicopter with teddy's the issue with the crazy pension rights aren't afraid to eat and then fotos in a glass of green tea is a village in africa. we also
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stand to face with coconut milk the joy that is best for me he could be great to have their minds or at least we can even try to be creative and have fun but also to help people the e discovery was extremely things going i think that she would like to say that you are looking around to look at. you know scott and mary are can call her wines are a perfect match for people to open up and meet others. this was the twenty fifth is just the excuse that people can meet aaron something friendly we like it here. the scene of the sponsors of the evening. everything is caution and don't understand whether you're looking for israeli wine court refusing to romance. you definitely should stop by union minister of the beach and one paris
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the detailed interview from here. i think they are striving to him and said that she's being called to the face of apartheid. she voiced her support for sure this team is really based company that a factory in the west bank. johansen has defended citizen from building a bridge of peace between israel and palestine and quick to militant content for oxfam. the charity organization did manage to break ties to the competent this rest area from the super bowl iv which featured john henson promoting steady stream. hollywood actress is one of the leading forces against the boycott israel was named to the support of the sunni based company that sells the machines which allow people to turn water into carbonated drinks the factory employs shoes that work side by side with arabs in case it comes to workplace is really just entering the benefits which is often four times as much as palestinians would earn elsewhere in the west bank
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mansell cheery of cancer presidential elections later this month the country's places have been voicing their support pole and opposition to current president aziz to topeka to topeka who suffered a strained dossier has really been seen on the campaign trail to use and allies to make speeches in his place including the president of the national popular assembly with mommy all the fun khalifa was welcome to sweet kisses oem institution which represents traditional islam in algeria in his speech to meet the reminded his audience to please his achievements during his long presidency and said that the president in shul algeria is stability in asia while critics except algerian may be more stable they will succeed country which is my and corruption and overly dependent on the anti and dissatisfaction with the status quo is so high that political party the islamist movement the peace and society has decided to boycott
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the elections because he's president says the country does not have real democracy and says the government has failed to uphold human rights and freedom of expression nonetheless incoming president who says he is likely to be victorious once again with the due date comes around the pool stage of his health and his long absences have raised doubts about what will happened during his next fight gets home he can only continue in office. the lou the southernmost city and life to the city filled with fun and games. it offers very sick kiddies for all ages in the life here is vibrant the majority of the people you meet there on the case and it was a special bead atmosphere all around in this city blessed with three hundred and sixty sunny days a year. this cd is the ease
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of the kitchen queen of the scene. we know the total for that the epitome of cool and it's legal. and expect it to us instead going to go into the city is cool because the weather's trades on the they're mostly you can go to the beach. they've done in the wind is indeed called and did i buy. you can go to the beach all day every day old. it's funny not to concede is the opening detroit red sea and to maybe one of the beautiful thing he says there's the tendency to get there i just came back from an increasing to twenty yes. we caught a bout. since the palms and ferns. phish
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we'd like to eat it's a long way around it was. and that it was like that smaller is around the jordan border into egypt. that was the address is still awesome in and tried to make the bow. undead the museum under the will of the eu and denied his many many teens many collection of things and you can enjoy most of the year. he asked with all of france and we had these many spirits household debt with the things you have to hold on tight and injure idea behind you up so it was really great was also screaming and adrenalin way through duffy is in the uk the kwazulu ruining joy. and it's nice to know that this was a hoot. we had a mouse eyes on the site to see him the pessimist is true is the many smaller bowl with the most useful one now and
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then. i think this is the best place in the world for all the divers. don't tell is getting moody and did it as the food is food in there. augustine soon be allowed to do. what were some sad things that cross to patent a dude that's just not ever seen. lincoln's ccr during three days. so i think we will come back for more the essential it is a bold bid to two people conceived in the inside and we should do more for semantic let me die. good mare hundred and eighty two moved an hour it's a miracle if he tried to convince consumers that would you please. internet sales as well but to the domestic israeli torrens there is no other band thingy to provide the right combination of beach resorts sun and adventure. i was sally so here am. the other
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trip to ny to see the repeat in israel. is you if tv lights and comedian stephen kobe has been named as the new host of cbs this makes showed that forty one year old star will replace david left and when he retires next year. then it will increase is the new comedy show to decide if i can agreement with the channel. cbs is president said david lets a man's legacy and accomplishments are an incredible source of pride for the channel and today's announcement speak to the commitment of uploading lucky established the location of the giant
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will beat them and as of late nights the network said leaving open the possibility that the lights. it may relocate from new york sixty six year old left him and said last week on a shirt that he was retiring from light on tv sometime next year when his contract expires next month began his light shine on cbs in nineteen ninety three up to eleven years as the highest of npcs like my progress michael bennett said in a statement isn't getting the kids wanted to show it was the highlight of his korean position the eye. i. momentum in geneva has taken it upon themselves to help business communities that oz come closer together so it was a given when business people from israel and the palestinian authorities wanted to create some business ties that the phone will intervene. we joke to some people from both sides of the border is about overcoming obstacles of doing
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business together. we can help the pitching integral part of its foreign born entrepreneur of the infrastructure is an interactive middle east and north africa the world economic forum in geneva to one midst of the state believes that giving decide that on the platform will help them come closer for us and the world economic forum is a platform for dialogue so we we we put them together in terms of these practical project this is something that when you think of the stakeholders here but i think what is important is that to bet that there is this support to the official process right now i'm realistic. i think. so a lot of hard work but we believe that this is a pivotal moment were of high impact individuals from the private sector can literally. why didn't the constituency or make the constituency for peace visible in both societies. these are people that are very successful they're contributing to the gdp of their respective economies. so their boys also needs to be taken into
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account. and more and more of them believe that of the political leaders should find of course the neck with equitable solution to the conflict but they believe that if the status quo the presents that done it it may have negative consequences for the whole society. he is so mean when is the chairman of the port entrance which is a british non profit action tank whose mission is to promote peace and stability between israelis and palestinians through economic development and seventy z is we have a huge share of trade relations most of all imports most of our next course go through is and so we do have a mobile services says how was that without divesting us from the main problems that haven't heard a sigh. this would continue but we need to make sure that the consequent preacher man and occupation to be batman. since it could be established next to as a kid and toss with the cooperation with the assistance of it that much of it. the dti is to
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basically an initiative by both business people and tie in to make sure that they don't stay silent waiting for the resistance to the term agreement. we seemed to have reached a position where we need to act. i need to applaud the meeting. fuller both the district to make sure that this sounds good to have a quick edits the initiative would be the last chance and maybe a fruit which is delusional easily jam into one of israel's leading industrial groups the vision of how to put the piece in the middle east by creating jobs on both sides of the puerto rican speak to every client. he was going to the israeli government gave the permits to build the new bridge between the toes on the costs of these though. its seven hundred thousand sq with meat or finland which adult bridge or the enjoyment on the blog thousands of returning to his race riot. it's like a bubble but the two countries which is qualified industrial
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zone in deep woods or for trees and new but very few in a full factory direct know but people was a breach of the week. he was due to low every morning in just a saint by creating what he called and it wasn't even trucks in between to. today many israelis are. um we are achieved would like to copy paste a little to say a freeze on all weeds weeds in palestine and israel. and it's just a question all for the week enjoyed working so no one need me to push it to no one would be cynical. see how it works and this one expect from our hope is in the mbta to come with more than that. and it's going to get it. while admitting the low low in cost was a canadian israeli businessmen once the largest retail bookstores in israel with the securities and poland and china. since opening its true store in nineteen seventy nine simple farm has become the largest employer of non jewish israelis with over twenty percent of its work
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was being arab israeli we as business man cannot change this is why we have politicians. it's their job myself as a businessman and try to increase mine relations with the palestinians through business corridor or business relationships in my thing but this way. um the interaction between the people the success of business the increase of lifestyle levant rid of a background which will pressure politicians to finally make a decision. whenever they find it within their produce to do it. i like it so many cases throughout history web is this the edges so paula to political ties to the only time will tell if the same will happen between the israelis and palestinians but jane one of ron jacobs and israel. eye the up
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the new team chelsea will face spanish joins up with the country in the cac with the champions league semi finalists chelsea owned by russian businessmen women of crime that they have won the champions league and do it. the teacher in the last two seasons and they will be hoping for third consecutive year in the detroit three and woohoo. it is good reason. strong winds. we have been through. the religion once. so sweet. the other toys in the fourteen clash betweenn munich and on comes when israel withdrew its going to become the first teams retain that right be up for us it doesn't matter if you have to paint all. brim with it the more we put it gets. another team to produce
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tamiflu because as a college team is playing so great augustine is going to stick a very simple but anna banana so we're convinced that we would become the first team which can defend the title of the champions league winners real madrid to see star team contains christiane never know it's a good match will be difficult. what we don't support it and then the doors that i would have to take it with you. i read it yet but we were going on are based on a great team. i'm always going to be difficult when other. but there were about something that's final. so this is it is impossible to finish that. he gets me going favorites to win the competition which chelsea are some ideas to win the coveted triple tournament the matches will take place every two weeks in late april i eye rule. though. they
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will be the team. do. in the room. i ate. will. and
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gurus are. the while. will
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ch. woodbine woohoo. gorge in your dreams like i won all ten democratic progressive party chairperson sweet and tart cousin austin via facebook that he will not see the re election as party chairperson. according to his post at the party has to stick together to win the year and in the school and the local elections and the one less internal fight winning massive damage


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