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tv   RT News  PBS  April 15, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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the fine art seats in the american gathered to reflect on the boston marathon bombings. no formal event foreign nation one year ago so why are the lessons learned. one that just ahead and look this isn't a fan francisco bay area to look on barry fry has led to higher housing costs that the average family just can't afford the latest on the growing class division coming out. and hillary clinton appearing cultivated like a relationship with aerospace giant boeing while
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serving as secretary of state will take a look at that cozy relationship later and shall be a fan. it's easy. i wanted to eat. i'm enduring keep it in your watching art in america. on sunday the day of remembrance as millions of americans reflect on the tragedy that should not only the city of boston. but the entire nation. it is the one year anniversary of the twin bombs that stock them up boston marathon killing three people and wounding two hundred and sixteen more at a special ceremony in the afternoon in the community gathered along boils to st to honor those affected take a look. now a year later the department of
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homeland security has revealed a report detailing what he had learned in the aftermath of the deadly attack in a nineteen page assessment of the carbon outlines what areas should be focused on going forward to this discussed this morning i was doing earlier by rt hon to stop future not to have me covered this story in the days after the bombing prayers answered and tell us about the dhs report's findings. what new ideas and nineteen page report that can be best described by the fact that she even knows called lessons learned it uses the word success three times in this report and i'm not even once the world feel toward the leader which basically tells us that i despite staff had been looking back on exactly how events unraveled the ds and dh has been killing me. any anti serious conclusions in terms of mock what could've been done better they certainly don't don't talk about whether or not any of the odd events that unraveled been prevented they don't address the many examples of
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these communications which i will talk about the leader of the shot and missed any opportunity to track down the older brother tunnel answer none of which has certainly been widely questioned. i hope these things not really discussed the report doesn't go into what was done on a map preparation for the marathon and certainly the events that unraveled and how well of course the first responders work needed on the ground once the bombings actually unfortunately took place but not much is said about that what should've been done better. the report released earlier by the house committee on homeland security not to blame some very eating communication techniques officials had been using to keep track of camera lens or not. sir knight excuse me but the older brother threw out with ultimately killed fourteen talk about that. well you know some other things that we've been finding out that that's the techniques really use by one portsmouth have really been on mind blowing because we've been reading
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that i'm doing investigations conducted in the din in the aftermath of this tragedy i'm thinking not about to let you know enforcement officials essentially exchanging up on sticky notes and post its and using up old verbal communication tool out pass on information mainly about the were nine of which has certainly been shocking in the fact that when officials were conducting an advocate from falling through the steps that would see him and realizing there's no i'm not much of official documentation not a lot of luck on information being passed around being formally not traceable which is really shocking in itself. there's been on the no statements from of the boston police saying they when informed by the fbi in terms of what they had heard about the monster night in the id the months leading up to the bombing of the rink went to the story is that back in two thousand eleven. russian officials didn't inform the fbi that they should look into this the person from a monster night that there were red flags that they they they weren't many warnings telling
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the fbi that they should investigate this person of course we do know that the fbi interrogated him and question him and after the drive by in his neighborhood but certain legal staffs are considered by many to not have been enough in terms of what's exactly the fbi had done we know of course that's not to malign travels to russia in twenty eleven and this was us arguably the time that might not established a connection with some of the more group's presence in the north caucasus and we do know that his name for example was misspelled in the system has birthdate was wrong and that kind of legs that can not pass and be able to fly back and forth without any further red flags being raised of course we do know that the fbi despite many questions have been saying that they think they could maybe be done enough and certainly they can say that the outcome would've been different which is which is questioned by many in with a lot of miscommunication that seemingly couldn't avoid it on the last year we've heard a lot about implementing new security measures around
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the country. what could have been made in terms of damping up security in other cities namely when it comes to security cameras. last year we know in particular in india in the massachusetts area for example just in grants from the id chip pass up almost one million dollars were allocated for security including three hundred and seventy million dollars just for the city of boston and you know despite the hot and very big words and security ah we do have to say that zach and in the days after the boston bombings with a camera that ended up in locating and helping pinpoint the two of brothers the two suspects with the camera out but lord and taylor department store and certainly this is raised many eyebrows in terms of where all the water all the other security cameras when we don't know what that their number is absolutely skyrocketing throughout the us but whether or not that's helped is something that's that's certainly a question. that said something
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like about the status rain now the suspects who is in custody. add the younger brother joe carson iso what the latest there. now twenty years old he's the weeding is the jury trial that's expected to take place in november he is of course not facing a death penalty for a i'm on other charges using them as a weapon of mass destruction and that certainly despite the fact that the state of massachusetts. it is not practicing the death penalty since nineteen eighty four this is a federal case and that it is expected that of course we do know that the prosecution is in fact pushing for his execution and we know that the defense is going to be odd trying to weigh most heavily on their assessment that he had been out pressured and controlled by his older brother to non core courses be no died in a shootout with police in that raid in the days and right after the bombings. alright rt correspondent on the future. thanks for that reporting essentially ukrainian government in tn
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has declared a formal crackdown on protesters in the country's eastern province of donetsk. this comes as russian president the leonard cohen spoke in german chancellor merkel night on a short time ago colin told michael that said the escalation of violence in ukraine virtually puts the country on the brink of a civil war. they also discussed the upcoming talks between russia and ukraine and the ill as well the last scheduled for thursday and she knew about but for more on the elitists in eastern ukraine let's cut our teeth maria the notion of who is on the ground in cadets. as a team announced the bikini me all the knots in the trade anti operation when auntie given to the test is yet to be spot on. the country that has taken states paintings painted different cities and towns from taxing these dismal season keep asking for a referendum at two b have
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yet to get more independence from great until we heard their name from this post is in people so that all kinds of trips time teammates will be taking part in these alterations safe on the country's defense ministry only confirmed their preaching in the town of them endorsed a knowles alternet square we add now the sixties and poet became be peace until the clash is that we hear from local residents that's as bad as the colts reason fun to chase the current reply nobody's town. some eyewitnesses to the conference has been honored at the airport and the dear old said. bolton boss of defense reports that at least foment a civil rights movement have been killed during these operations and are also reports that iran injuries in these times we don't see it from my weakness is that in the tunnel to sled down schools and yet he didn't region where time stood on the vehicles and troops have been gathering for several
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days of the many local residents recall that several of some kind of tea the tea bags against a fall of the countries that defence ministry only confirms that the kindle to ration in one town he obtained in its region. matt was our teacher maria and i snap. and now for the latest on the us position regarding ukraine's fragmented political climate that are teased a need to check and washington faces he's in his cute little scary the command ukrainian government in a manner that it is dealt with that. very challenging situation the stark contrast to watch his rhetoric just a short while ago. expect to be traded. she sleeps resort to violence dealing with peaceful protesters. what might god. don't go. now
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the report. told by moscow everyone real ones understand much more about language. soon in pursuit. we were to use. recently it is very compressed period instead of less than two months washington is lined with cheering on my tongue because this is the seat of buildings in kiev the supporting she is forced to hobble the anti government outstanding views of the country. see i like to travel to his consultations with ukrainian authorities vice president joe biden will go to a less than a week even the talk of sending weapons to the crib the people of ukraine should know. why won't we give them some defensive weapons with respect to our main and providing assistance to the ukrainians. the fact is that we are currently working with due credit to determine their requirements across the entire security sector
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many european officials have joined washington in their one hundred and eighty degree shift of position. some like lithuania sweden who were horrified at the prospect of picking up call which is in force at my diet now explicitly back to its white just to do that in the east of the country. sweden's call built world. if the illegal armed groups to call the police stations and local government offices in sweden who would use all our instruments to restore order yet the confetti require a bill can get the same argument can of colleges government. mate it's not clear whether washington and its allies in europe are making significant efforts even if i seem to have to take into consideration the will of those in the eastern part of ukraine those who want greater autonomy goals were very unhappy about what happened in kyiv and took feel their voices are being dismissed just because their production. in washington
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check out our king. this month the look on valley was crowned than not i want luxury housing market in the us. in fact among the top five luxury market in the country as ranked by prices and sales volume three are in the valley. the market is incredibly strong and that of course has much to do with a booming tech industry thousands of high technology companies are headquartered in silicon valley and entrances some of the biggest money makers such as apple google and facebook. but everyone is benefiting from some look on belle's latest tech boom as the demand for property goes up real estate prices are soaring. according to census bureau numbers and median household income has the look on valley is ninety thousand dollars if the average single family homes sells for about one million dollars nearly fifty five percent of workers in the region do not make the ninety thousand dollars necessary to support a family of four in the region. but perhaps the growing economic
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disparity is best defined by a burgeoning homeless population and the valley is now home to the fifth largest homeless population in the country to discuss what's being called the tech money goodbye. i was doing earlier rt is ramon de linda from our l a studio at recess ended talk about the growing concerns in the area. sure why as mentioned in your introduction in places like san francisco and in santa clara county where the sitcom valley is located. they'll cost you a million dollars just to get an average home addresses than average on for a family so for most working class families in northern california that is set to simply unaffordable you cannot achieve the american dream up there so when it comes to seven cisco the average rent there is three thousand dollars or so ay that's working in the service sector someone who's working as a teacher is not going to be able to make grand aunt but of course these are tech
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start ups where the young entrepreneurs and getting paid a lot more than that there are driving people of the city forcing people who do work in the city to make these long commute so i missed this has really cause of the conflict between the middle class and those that are there gaining from this tech bubble up. besides that we see this urban appeal for these young to workers and the fact that cities in the so called value such as mountain view really aren't investing in more affordable housing which is pushing these tech employees into the city and it will we see this homeless issue there's a lack of affordable housing a lack of jobs that pay enough to pay for this trip and really a reduction in social services that up by the party the state that has really caused this huge wealth divide there in the bay area pretty sad what's happening over there. i understand it or if the particular sticking point point over a global way here and jack helped friend
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who is also a landlord in the city of gender find mission district. what the controversy there. and then this objectification isn't exclusive to sentences go you seen it in washington dc anybody a loss that is above basically landlords like him are seeking affordable housing units for rent controlled units and evicting tenants using state line in order to create high priced condos or to just plainly take these units off the market so i've been this is routine in the face of the historically diversity of historically the first mission district in there and many of these longtime residents that live in these units are teachers elderly who don't wanna go so that act as you mentioned there have been several protests in recent months. activists try to block these google buses because when when people have been pushed out of their homes. cv is a well paid employees commuting between
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silicone valley and down in san francisco passing through these traditional yet to make a working class neighborhoods are really exemplifies that the widening wealth gap that they're seeing there in the city so it's really causing quite a complex plan respond to all of this many technology workers have said that protesters should blame landlords rather than their industry. rather than the tech industry for rising rents and addictions are there some people ask who believe perhaps at a nice is perhaps even a little displaced the rare world to attack to this to say that they issue is interrelated that of the wasn't for the state employees the rents wouldn't be rising so high and they wouldn't be patched up percent of their traditional neighborhoods and then there's this issue of tax breaks many of these biotech companies receive subsidies or tax breaks in order to do business in that area and in many actors feel
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bad that those tax dollars would be better served. to be used as an a for affordable housing or other services that would help the community and and and or senate the industry is likely to grow even more. it's on the up enough what the injections have been floated around as options to offset the growing wealth disparity. sure whether to have there been that of a lot of suggestions and in so may as extreme coming from an air is demanding that you will pay a thirty billion dollars in order to build. read through rent free housing that's likely not going to happen but to many activists have suggested that new laws be put in place in order to preserve this up. the rent controlled housing that is already in place and really demanding that governments their invest more in the middle class housing a lot of times that new investment goes towards high priced condos as i mentioned earlier so a reinvestment in the middle class housing and
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really resolving the issue in silicone valley where the suburb is just oh one to expand in a lot of these tech employers are forced to move into the city. matt was rt correspondent from the island up our alley studio. well a few then high and noble class today is your lucky day google announced that it would hold a one day sale of the wearable device for the today the eyewear became available this morning for fifteen hundred dollars come all the devices is certainly getting quite the attention and could soon be marginalized by what would be seemingly cool glass to point out the company filed a new path and application for an idea for contact lenses and that in the tiny cameras for various uses including photographing what the user scenes. by the feasibility focusing on much more right now then just tack on a candy this week we also learned that the internet giant has acquired hate in aerospace
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company that manufactures drones which can stay in the air for extended periods of time. the acquisitions that will be able to not only bring international parts of the world but also use the drums to perfect their mapping services. google has officially extended its reach into a number of different factors from acquiring new technology all the way to acquiring new political relationships. take a look at that. this is the amount of dollars global. i shelled out over the last decade for lobbying in washington and the company's federal lobbying spending now ranks in part but the largest u s corporations act in on k street. the company went from two hundred and thirty place in two thousand for a second place in two thousand filed by the doc dollars had been spent on everything from preserving its ability to collect consumer data to be able to assure consumers that the will shield user data from the government especially in light of last
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years. an essay revelations and it's not just global focusing on lobbying these days according to the washington post former secretary of state hillary clinton has been called again and especially close relationship with boeing from pushing the russian company to buy boeing aircraft to soliciting boeing contributions clinton and the aerospace company have been very close allies are jesus and has more. in this town if you have a grip on power as tidy as boeing massive aircraft manufacturer and second largest defense contractor in the world. spend more than fifteen million dollars lobbying in buying influence in congress last year the top recipient. durbin the chairman of the powerful defense appropriations subcommittee which controls the purse strings of the pentagon. they've also generously donated two notorious war aka lindsey graham. boeing's influence extends down pennsylvania avenue. the white house's
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well. president obama lean on bowing to increase u s exports. admittedly becoming more to the defense companies top pitch man. in two thousand thirteen he told boeing ceo jim ignorant. i know that i'm on the list of top salesman at boeing. he added he expects this is gold watch from the company at the end of this presidency but the president of the united states isn't the only one doing boeing's bidding. so too is the former secretary of state in the favorite to be the next president of united states hillary clinton. washington post reports this week of a mutually beneficial relationship between when the world's major corporations and a potential future president. adding clinton functioned as a powerful ally for boeing's business interests at home and abroad. while boeing has invested resources in cars is beneficial to clinton's and political damage. while visiting russia in two thousand under the new secretary of state clinton made in her words quotes a
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shameless pitch for russian airliner to buy boeing aircraft. post reports that a month after the patch boing boosted secretary clinton's efforts to secure the u s pavilion at the world's fair in china. within two million dollar donation. a donation at the state department had to erase its ethics guidelines to accept been in two thousand and ten after the boeing deal was inked in russia. the company made another generous donation of nine hundred thousand dollars the william j clinton foundation which hillary clinton now helps operate also last month. boeing's top lobbyist was seen co hosted a fundraiser for ready for hillary super pack which is lending support to a possible hillary twenty sixteen run then really are you clinton and defense contractor boeing their perfect match. there are few in the democratic party were more vocal supporter of us military intervention around the world. then hillary clinton. she supported
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the wars in iraq and afghanistan. she supported military intervention in libya. she supported military airstrikes in syria. and she's been a consistent supporter of the expanding drug war against al qaeda and associated forces. you name the intervention and clinton seems ready to get behind it so three years for an election. who knows who cares if hillary clinton is running for president. reese that's what most of us are thinking but boeing. they're making a bet on hillary and their strengthening their ties and their investments in the clinton political dynasty much like they already have in the obama administration and in congress. if they just right. in the good times for boeing in the city are here to stay. and washington d c sam socks are too. and evan for now for more on the stories we covered the youtube dot com such rt america. check out our website. rtd conference usa on the entree or adding irritated. nothing has been
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done is complex by the military. this is quite rightly in historical terms the berlin airlift in reverse borders has won seven of the bottom of the ship. i got caught. you're talking really isn't all set to lose billions of dollars worth of at what point is to call snowballs are working fast
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aye aye aye aye aye. since. i do the channel the dish. as secret satellite payload i meant that they were here to tell anyone about. now back to the daylights out of the fence so they do lots of secret thing to find the rest of the world. thinking this landscape mode and when you mean big deal for a few reasons. one reason is that an apple and five or fifty one whack it with ease for the longest and the old has always been used once before and after class. curiosity were over two months. so we still learned man doubt that in the youth allowance just
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any old satellite in the state. the reason that people are extra curious about this in the mission packs board which is like their official feel so the boy who had hit their stride win over earth's horizon from the latin phrase include the african ethos or in our age there is opportunity. and that kind of things. by july. perhaps the more interesting thing about the mission has it that was issued on the eye because in year out rather than with america. like most us military tactic. i went back to the racket a leaf out of florida has led many experts to speculate that the satellite might have been issued if i'm european or asian countries. typically another cause for interesting that the wildcats for the mission because that little dragon which has been used many times for the red signal intelligence mission signals intelligence satellites designed to detect
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transmission from broadcast communication systems such as radios we are is more of an electronic system. in other words he used to spy and other people's communications always add that to the conclusion for all and acts break and enters to make it their business to figure out what the the growth and that the faith. and that concluded that the us just shot the film by a secret next generation first time by satellite into orbit to me by and europe or asia. we will do all the news articles about to find one big team other than what's there to lead us into orbit now. but when you remember just how badly i spy games aren't the team with a lot less divine matter how cute graphics ninety nine but talk about that i'm battling and twitter and the rest. ch. i
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know. i didn't. i did. i do
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ch. with one eye . the and while cantonese line it is wednesday the sixteenth. i'm casting call and she in tokyo ukraine's acting president says government troops have retained control of an airport in the east the recount an attack by pro russian militants with his business to ukrainian special forces to liberate the airfield from a twenty dollars. russian news agencies as for militants who are keen on some


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