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one he prayed for just shut up about a half without military vehicle to make sure we knew that john of the job in eastern ukraine just hours after ukraine's acting president announced the start of an anti operation in the region armored personnel carriers flying ukrainian flags in a helicopter were seen parked along the road leading from the tv to slow down for a pro russian forces occupy government building that when he came hours after one of russia's most prominent politicians and the leader of the liberal democratic party would emerge
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in a mostly european parliament wearing a military uniform just love to blame the united states for starting for ukraine and a ukrainian cities he said to belong to one shot. a report published by the united nations human rights office has found was to claim the ethnic origin to meteor crater on dirt to be without merit that is baseless the report said that although there were some attacks against the ethnic origin to me maybe they were neither systematic more widespread as alleged by the kremlin. the report also said the kremlin propaganda machine systematically disseminated misinformation and exaggerated to create a climate of fear and insecurity former ukrainian president viktor yanukovich play ukraine in late february days later russian forces invaded ukraine's crimea peninsula which with an axe last month. pro kremlin operatives in eastern ukraine have sent stirred up trouble in ukraine to eastern and southern provinces. eye. lou
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we don't celebrate in the week long holiday. ha site commemorating the liberation of the ancient israelites from egypt and with three thousand years ago as described in the hebrew bible. in preparation for possible cultural jokes teasing to receive them symbolically but any remaining haven't been in the house is to read the values he fled from the egyptian pharaohs site quickly. the brat diet didn't have enough time to rise this is what burning of the home. it is a symbol for all the sins of the least the jewish people. we are in the tokens of love. although since sophia. should the current end. i'm going to be a case of young thugs
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with those of you fully yet the purified. last minute preparations also included on a cleaning one's house to relieve any tiny pieces of comments some choices i made the excuse of people formed with a kitchen utensils and dishes to ten membership of the holiday. what you see over the air is cold hard about the middleware utensils which are made out so that pulled the marinade liam is to be absolutely clean. then they could be the most important swan said for just the moment and then it's put into another container was told to attend and you could use the utensil for us on our souls and we tried to cross into preparing the ceremonial tonight was the night to say to much of its rider was closed down put it in a way kids returned from a special text called the hot tub containing biblical stories and songs that deal also includes six different for each symbolizing different parts of the exodus story during
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cross into israel since holiday supplies to isolated jewish communities in much of the muslim world which is disturbing to divide into eight organizations crane in its western allies traded accusations that moscow to its emergency session at the un security council the key of government alongside on that in washington says the kremlin is behind the unrest in east ukraine which is seen on to prove russian activists seized government buildings in several towns. my voice and a special issues to agree with your emotions and some attention. that response retirees. my statements and position of russia in tech support terrorists in ukraine whose season is second innings. local women with arsenal's hope to greet the service of great importance in several cities and opened fire on a cream in place. the us and britain had been unequivocal in placing
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the blame squarely on rush's shoulders curtains now unfolding need ukraine's border with russia. we know who's behind this. indeed the only entity in the area capable of the score needed professional military actions is russian. russia is seeking to impose its will on the people of ukraine using this information intimidation and aggression. tactics gold from the darkest days of the last entry. this is completely acceptable france's un ambassador accused the kremlin and ignoring the evidence of social media and other information so says warning that brushes tactics in east ukraine nearer the easy to use before its annexation last month of the crimean peninsula. she woke up we have the impression the russian applied to knowing the facts is pretending that the internet does not exist and that the internet today is contradicting what it says lets not forget that these demonstrations weapon to use it to the annexation of crimea and shoulder next to
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me the security council has held numerous emergency meetings on ukraine has been incapable of taking concrete action because of rush's show disagreements with the united states and europe. the white house is christ and fresh sanctions against the kremlin if it does not take steps to de escalate the situation. he taught woman has been arrested to talk to police found the remains of seventy comprising infants stopped in separate carport books is in the form of hiding. thirteen on the road to make and huntsman was detained off to the card opens in the peasants criteria down the remains while tearing up the carriage is the six of the new bones that were wrapped in cloth. the light of the six nations in the seventh is believed to be stillborn neighbors just like an official at the news. she was the only state that basically she babysat my grandchildren. when they were little. this was a total
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chill of the gold chain because we always thought she looked skinny. we never saw on the evidence of the president. police believe the seven children were born to huntsman from about nineteen ninety six to two thousand and six. their remains have been sent for dna testing to determine what the huntsman and the husband got me in prison on drug charges on the infant's parents. the overstretched reset treat like a blue thousand also saw an awful lot depending on the london county agreement with his ukrainian counterpart on exhausted to walk unaided in regard to all you cry in the first and two when it was a fun and light from the west the united states will continue to work with the imf and other international financial institutions and bilateral partners to support ukraine as it takes that difficult but necessary reforms. some of its other western countries have paid
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slow to respond to the ongoing russian aggression directed at night when you cry. how about the west is ready to support the struggling nation to finance the uk's with islam guarantee agreement ukrainian government is empowered to take steps to gain access to low cost financing from international capital markets ltd is ukraine's economic transition. particularly for those long. the agreement into studies off to the your opinion in and out tonight to treat you cry of at least fifteen billion dollars for the following two years the imf also said that a comparable between fourteen and eighteen billion dollars an idea to you crying the united states they said they will not grant him peace that iran has proposed u s of a single employees links to the nineteen seventy nine us embassy hostage crisis in tehran. fitter and has no fired back saying it has no intention of replacing its choice for the position of
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women on board to the united nations that means you will take legal action directly with the world body the move by the us is in her ears that raises questions about how much influence the white house can wield over the human and i wonder if iran really is. his choice for you in on foot as a means to live be entering an official of the u s says was part of the group that stormed the us embassy in nineteen seventy nine and ten dozens of americans hostage for more than a year. allenby who has served as the ring ambassador to the u n to australia says he was not open to takeover the only translated for some students the united nations headquarters is in new york city and with the use of the levy will be able to take a picture. islam allows the government of glory. un diplomats were considered national security threats with washington's potentially precedent setting step could
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open the united states to criticism that is using its position as host nation to improperly pictured political influence. some analysts say the tarantulas that you little boy looks like a provocation. it also shows how far both sides have yet to go before they can overcome years of mistrust at the same time iran is still working on closing a final deal regarding its controversial nuclear program that would permanently lift economic sanctions and cripple its economy for years considering the present. he was elected last year he's been trying to portray the country as more moderate than friendly with the way after selecting an iranian diplomat that iran's new the united states with a goal was to renew every open so i was the beginning. as you. he noted many chances to prove the palestinian authority to
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the kitchen to join the geneva convention and thirteen un agencies the culture but acceptance of the nineteen forties was destroyed but palestinian leader mahmoud abbas is a historic day for the palestinian people to the palestinian youth to join you in all these take place at the peace talks with israel reached an impulse and the potential release of convicted palestinian criminals. israel is chris orr is the palestinians for what they are present in a coma in which it came to the complex peace negotiations the palestinians gained recognition as a moment to observe the states for the united nations general assembly in twenty twelve they make the chili due in court report the unesco to an organization which has been repeatedly start but mature estates across the anti israel resolutions. i am this week. the new gold coast on
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to the new president one percent he told the court has been america's destroyer uss donald cook believes the dispute to court as an upright us warship will come to take his place. their presence here in the black sea. is really a pupil the first pitch to us strengthen our partnership with romania as well as to promote peace and stability here in the region. the uss dunno call abroad in the backseat last week the exercises and operations trip reconstructive imitate increased readiness command haunts relationships following russia's lead to insights and i'm not a slice of ukraine's crimean peninsula situation on the black sea. a friend but so is a list on incomes from time to start simple. i got it from its true its presence in the united states and french warships are giving us signs of stability for the region and at the same time they're showing it on eu
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member states are signaling solidarity when there is a serious security risk. up and ended the thirtieth. this acquitted last month he was going to miss or destroy conducted night voters that the mind of the bulgarian black sea and a shot of washington's minutes we reached. with detailed interview for maintenance and ended in tears during incidents and that she's being called to the face of apartheid. she voiced her support for sure this team is really based company that a factory in west bank johansen has defended citizen from building a bridge of peace between israel and palestine increase and will liken him to the oxfam charity organization did manage to break ties to the competent distressed area from the super bowl iv which he turned to him in promoting steady stream. hollywood actress is one of the leading forces against the boycott israel movement that if
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support of the three based company itself machines which allow people to turn water into carbonated drinks the factory employees that work side by side with arabs in case it comes to workplace is really cute and it really benefits which is often four times as much as palestinians would earn elsewhere in the west bank mansell jury at cannes two presidential elections later this month the country's places have been voicing their support pole and opposition to current president aziz to topeka to topeka who suffered a stroke last year has really been seen on the campaign trail to use and allies to make speeches in his place including the president of the national popular assembly hall and mummy will be fun we flew was welcome to the this week is his alley an institution which represents traditional islam in algeria in his speech to meet the reminded his audience of them to flee his achievements during his long presidency
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and said that the president in shul. algeria is stability in the future. while critics except algerian make the most stable they will succeed country which is why corruption and overly dependent on the anti and dissatisfaction with the status quo is so quiet that political party the islamist movement for peace and society has decided to boycott the elections because he's president says the country does not have real democracy and says the government has failed to uphold human rights and freedom of expression nonetheless incoming president to pre k is likely to be victorious once again when the due date comes around the pool stage of his health in his long absences have raised doubts about what will happen during his next fight gets home he can only continue in office. it's about strategic and caroline kennedy has to drive the world's fastest train in japanese. mr seems to be
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the daughter of billy tea was president john f kennedy was impressed to the developmental model train which floats above the canucks needed levity to a very powerful super conducting the kids. the top speed of nearly five hundred and eighty one kilometers per hour. was all i think that this technology. great benefits. and the united states. it inspired a generation of non scientist one in one study science you're looking to expand by selling the technology to the us and they suggested it cost high speed train can be used to washington dc in new york. tokyo nagoya is estimated to cost fifty two billion dollars that the change happened to the two cities which are too has hundreds of cards just under forty minutes. open for
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business in two thousand and seven. a florida woman has been attacked likely to fall into is sifting through rubbish to restrain it was dragged outside the carriage by one of the beds and his late admit that the hospital for treatment for increased her legs and face michael slater sleep and family in town. we had a new banner here recently. his mom was there. and she's got two small cups and she's got out of a lame left front foot so it was purely just really suits me best. wildlife officials are warning the to secure a fruit it bears a coming out of hibernation and a hungry. again whether it's intentionally or unintentionally we've got to be bear aware to make sure they're secure in their tracks. secure an ama and the proof container so that
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their bear proof of not leave food out for your daughter your tap unintended. and make sure that these food sources or eliminated and this will help eliminate these problems in these issues with these bears. wildlife officials said flight bans in the area has been shown since the attack including a large rock band which started with dietrich was gone in panama city florida beat their claims that the feet of the tree inside a residential area there are some three thousand beds in the wild in the sunshine state nine month old boy muhammad nice to have been cleared of attempted murder after a pakistani judge who did his fever police officers pressed charges against a common after accusing him of trying to kill a police officer in a case which is described as women as slick as the country has ever seen. incident which has undermined the tribal justice system in the islamic republic stemmed from the brawl started in january thirty first car company officials and police officers due to the eastern city of
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lahore with the news the family there to disconnect the power lines you are like diamonds into some thirty people and cleaned it up there and his father returned it and did my hair. he said the dentist for murder suspect to shed light on the state police were often accused of corruption extortion and bribery investigations into criminal and being released by the officers themselves as intended targets of violence from rival groups. i the while smokers and canada's consul was in colorado got a glimpse of boats float halts pending she transports straight off the machine on the on off comes the american green site of bonds technology helps keep the products held up the wrong hands. multiple cameras allow us to use some advanced biometrics make absolutely certain that
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the person who swiped the card is the actual owner of the car on the father of a twelve year old daughter and i would want her having access to a silly pay close attention to the machines contents includes faux marijuana and games. we like to talk to them we'll only be a valuable insulin licensed dispenser race. because i cannot reach the record i still marvel on the site of adults have predicted some six hundred million dollars on yearly income falling wholesale retail marijuana styles with an additional seventy million dollars in tax revenue from science based in rome on . economic boom in geneva has taken it upon himself to help business communities that cause come closer together so it was a given when business people from israel and the palestinian authorities
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wanted to create some business ties that the fall will intervene. we tell to some people from both sides of the border is about overcoming obstacles of doing business together. we can help opportunity. we're going to entrepreneurship and infrastructure seen interactive middle east and north africa the world economy form in geneva to a wondrous love to stick believes that giving the side that on the platform will help them come closer for us to go all the comic form as a platform for dialogue so we we we put them together in terms of these practical crutches this is something that we're getting to the stakeholders here but i think what is important is that to bet that there is this support to the official process right now i'm realistic. i think it's awful lot of hard work but we believe that this is a pivotal moment were of high impact individuals from the private sector to electrolyte. why didn't the constituency or make the constituency for peace visible in both societies these are people that are very successful they're
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contributing to the gdp of their respective economies all their boys also needs to be taken into account. and more and more of them believe that of the political leaders should find of course the neck with equitable solution to the conflict but they believe that if the status quo. presents. it may have negative consequences for the whole society. he is so between that the chairman of the port entrance which is a british non profit action tank whose mission is to promote peace and stability between israelis and palestinians through economic development zones seventies eighties we have a huge share of trade and relations. most of fall in imports most of our next course go through is and so we do have local businesses however without died that the ghosts from the main problem that haven't decided this would continue. we need to make sure that the concert will feature in an occupation
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to meet them and the distance you could use this text is able to get in touch with the cooperation pact with the assistance of intervention. the dti is that basically an initiative by both business b to tie in to make sure that they don't stay silent waiting for the producers to reach an agreement. we think that we have reached a position where we need to act. we need to applaud the meeting. for both the district to make sure that this sounds good to have a quick edits the initiative would be the last hours and maybe a fruit which runs julie solution to one of israel's leading industrial groups and has the vision of how to further the peace in the middle east by creating jobs on both sides of the puerto rican speak to every client. he was going to the israeli government gave the permits to build the new bridge between the toes on the costs of these though its other conduct that causes for meat or finland we chilled for a short in jordan and two on the beach
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thousands of returning to his brace on it. it's like a bubble but the two countries which is qualified industrial zone in deep woods or for trees. very few of the four sectors regular people that agree to meet people to love every morning he just isn't like reading a book because the internet was deconstruction between the defendant in these readings are. um we are a cheat would like to call the priest did little to say a freeze on weeds weeds in palestine and israel. and it's just a question all for the week enjoy working so no one need me to push it in the world is cynical to come to see how it works and this one expect from our author's name and epa to come in for them to the zoo together. lol i need to move the impulse lose the canadian israeli businessman who is the largest retail bookstores in israel with the securities and poland and china. since opening its restoring a nineteen seventy nine simple
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farmer become the largest employer of non jewish israelis with over twenty percent of its workforce the arab israeli we as business men cannot change this is why we have politicians. it's their job myself as a businessman and try to increase my relations with the palestinians through business corridor business relationships and i think by the swaying palms of the interaction between the people the success of its distinctive lifestyle the trade of a background which will pressure politicians to finally make a decision. whenever they find it within their produce to do it. i like it so many kids it's not just read web is this the edges so what the political ties to the only time will tell if the same will happen between the israelis and palestinians which a one hour on jacobson in israel. the rule
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the fourteen chelsea with a spanish joins up with the two traits in dc during the champions league semi finalists chelsea owned by russian businessmen women abramovich have won the champions league and you were to meet in the last two seasons. they will be hoping for third consecutive year came to detroit. and last tuesday the reason. we have the religion. once. was the fourteen clash between champions league holders the new month comes when israel withdrew its going to become the first teacher taking the trophy. was it doesn't matter if it's depend
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on the remote to the wharf we put it gets. another team to the summit on the cusp our team is playing so great the team is going to stick a very simple but with abandon so we are convinced that we would become the first team which can defend the title of the champions league winners the tree to see star team contains christiane there are no good said the match will be difficult. what legal as uplifting and doors that i would have to take pics but he had read. however based on a great team. i'm always going to be difficult when other. but there were about time that the final. so this is that this post. craig is indeed going favorites to win the competition which chelsea are some ideas to win the coveted triple torment the matches will take place in two weeks in late april. i
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eye. rule. do. rudy. i mean in the you will. we think do it. i mean. will. group a
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day. cz. the chun is eric
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awesome show what the car today received a first deputy minister for defence minister for state and religious communities the matter of the house of lords of the british parliament on this sunny balancing the two sides exchanged views on modern development of central asia the situation in afghanistan in the last presidential elections the situation in ukraine in the negotiations on the radiant of the program the seven speakers emphasized a critical role of international institutions such as us and we see in


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