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nature. do you know personally. oh the womb. ah ays for joining us here's what's coming. some nights you bring the troops pour into a town in the east end of the vehicles would want to plan. in response to fears among its nice to memphis beefing up its military presence in the region. and tragedy and the upgrade your character. after we almost three hundred men. stop in
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eastern ukraine. the late yet again. yes campaign to push back for a rationalist in the region suffered a big setback on wednesday was a persistent taken over another building and done yet scary already ultra fine facilities in the line of the city. and then on reports that some ukrainian troops who were deployed to flush out the separatists have defected to the interim government in kiev says russia is behind the unrest will talk to our correspondent in eastern ukraine in moscow a moment but first this report the new russian separatists cheered as the soldiers boston common vehicles. baby steps of the ants wednesday morning just like in crimea they want new insignia that way the russian facts. it's unclear where these men and their weapons came from the ukrainian government in kiev says these vehicles were among six sees the ukrainian
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army. having come and get a new complex. russian troops tested it out to that amount of practice and onlookers some of the false is opposite to the foreman members of the ukrainian in a tree. dawson's half are called to be switched sides the interim leadership ink and is having increasing difficulty accepting consultant to the region. i mean is our sin yet saying it is positive to his pulling the strings. receives be forgotten. russia has a new export it. aside from oil and gas. russia is now exporting terrorism to ukraine. what did the tories. clement asked not to the ukrainian army convoy sent to recapture the town was built by civilians. with some locals expressed support for the troops. ukrainian fine to patrol the sky about angering
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the russians. it was cute to see for yourself below the plane is flying. it's almost touching the power lines. this is how the intended it as we are peaceful but given that missy what would you buy. for now on strike in eastern ukraine continues. and our correspondent in ukraine marcus graham joins us now on the line marcus you've just been in crime actress wanted to see that. did you come up short at this rate looks like the way. i would pay about five hundred to read it and the pay it. about fifty five ukraine and auntie annie and enforced. it is so common that because of that too to get over the deafening music they joke that. live life going on. they would just go
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back. this unit was conducting any more. this gentle he does not want to fire on its own citizens but it has promised to use force to flush out the separatists the government has to tread carefully here doesn't it what oh what a diabetic but the key to actually ready for the people. now in moscow the production project are connected and a tomato. he over the place topic. they had to give away definition has a picture of a good team that they can hide anymore marcus from what you've been able to see on the ground are clear signs of maths cows and bulls feel from what i could be on the ground to show them that he was thinking that russia has that amount to an end to a two month is over
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what's happening in ukraine the top. it got even when it's great to see what it means they have a dog right my captain. what a critic on a ten minute critically. is the third yards rushing dion is a ukrainian director of the week to post a note from the area from the onion leek and that if you have it and this is what comes home mom russian news breaking the big day the former president of the chemical that to happen competent repeat with the baking done yet is it. marcus ran into the thick of the front desk and let's go to mosque on artwork or spend my day. she joins us on the line right that went for a new declared its independence president i mean two things that the kremlin did not want to
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move into other regions of ukraine. what does it want in the eastern part of the country. speaking of shrinking trade in the run up to presidential election at the end. they'd be pretty ancient government which will cater to a record high. i can crank it to the whole world i told her to the plate. but the kremlin. i can. actions are quite unpredictable as it has a good thing i did. he actually spoke right as any realistic prospect of truth will make any concessions that said those talks in geneva tomorrow. sessions are so silly. just a kid probably will compete with the west
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because it is incredible to me she made on what effect the right to free choice act is an act of aggression when you crank it looked like state that will write for that weekend which might be good right. it makes great excuse to go back to it the situation in which the west. i don't like going out to be that you could actually get a ticket. it could be the western ukraine having to make concessions to russia. a lot of russian support and kindness independence last month. how do they feel out of more regions of ukraine possibly joining russia. take the lead to the question. the two in a shed so much more recommended about shrinking the parking ticket purchased at the quilting. the people in the eye you could ever need a good impression. what can be
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quite high here just in general a peach in fact she should take. i live in the end of the european troika the action. joining us from moscow is. one nato says it's boosting its presence in eastern europe in response to the worsening crisis with the lines make it and it went into the military in ukraine which is awful loss in eight of them. that is the cement is discussed in the baltic states and ireland are looking for reassurance an american warship is anchored in romania. and u s fighter jets have been deployed. last week a bill made its presence known in eastern europe the alliance is stepping up its activities in the region nato had this book rasmussen says eastern european members are increasingly concerned about russia's aggressive behavior
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that's what he says the lights must strengthen its military footprint in the region we would have more patience. in the air. more ships on the water. and more readiness. on the dance germany is among the countries taking part in the new deployments. berlin is sending the elba navy supply ship to the baltic sea for a nato mine clearing exercise. it's also providing six year old fighter jets to help patrol the airspace over the baltic countries. nato says the measures our defenses and no threat to russia. the online support all efforts to result in ukraine crisis diplomatically the color of russia. toby parts of the solution. this top. the standard icing ukraine. put back the tropes from supporters and make it he doesn't support
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the violent actions are. will honestly since the pro russian separatists. if moscow doesn't cooperate nato leaders say additional measures could follow. as the names have the angle of the eu from sleeping will make is calling for tougher line against russia over the crisis. myspace who was an l mom brought keys and dubuque in parliament's committee on foreign offense i asked him if he could be social the project is pulling the strings he needs to cry we know that the school product by russians that the us supported by russians and the noted american aims to open on the search groups and to the notes of evidence to kohl's corporation reason that the russian president of ukraine in bordeaux. solar is suited to receive that is a nexus eyes which going on though because all must must go is to decide. so says so
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what you think that the image is compared the situation surprised me was that the days following a quite similar and so what happened in crimea to think the russians awakening does that. are they trying to annex parts of eastern ukraine. defeating death able to do it for us before the board reduced the roses situation. based on to the inaction of the president possible that google bar for the submission of the completed image. and to do things they want to go something like that. and to have the feeling that a shady most of all frozen to address and mobile off the bone to rebuild the lord and try to conceal the oppression of the moment. and to live to see that this is for the first time. in a convertible for the first on the one inflation of three dimensional european wide agreements is that the international rule must be applied to the best way to every county has a right to make its own choices as mobile to be changed with the result of the support of
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all sorts of some tend to think this is something the danger that the most ballsy instalment reach depp's in the world. domestic it's one of the dead that's a strong allegations and did you feel that loss is trying to rebuild an old and i mean you've been calling for tougher sanctions to try and prevent that. we have talked to the sanctions have to be two s he still lacked an increase in iq calling for instance for a boycott of russian oil and gaps. it might come so far on peoples in russia as it can only be finished. hopefully that is seated before that he did not accept what they're doing and to the trip to see you the commode to loosen the decree means we don't want to use military means and the fall of the all russia is or was it wanted its ready to use the trimmings. that would mean that it could change all policy to read the old apprentice with the permission to worship as
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hopeful for the rules on the beach and eventual is applied and russia to stop except that at the moment and it must be different to them that this is not acceptable inaudible stop and continue his bones. it is brief units abroad have made it to use it cause manatee means cannot be adopted but he hinted sanctions on that kind of level bringing the russian economy to its needs. did he think that that would be to de stabilize the whole situation on the wall. if we accept good from the country by mitre means end of the means for what's what in any individual could continue and continue going to be so grateful he's coping tools of the present opening consisted of evidence that such news today and then to modal book would've gone all read to him we knew them and reform local jail. it isn't an acceptance is not real love is a whole mess sorry but thick enough to go about it the mob broke the then chairman of
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the hippie and thomas committee on foreign affairs the given much to speak. i think it to the top ten for some other news now. jordan's as if the air force has destroyed several vehicles that were attempting to an end to enter the kingdom from neighboring syria an army statement said that the vehicles had disregarded warnings not to proceed as they trudge across rugged terrain in the country's north east. among his concerns about possible incursions from and is controlled by sunni rebels some in jordanian news website shows what appears to be a civilian pickup truck running and another into his vehicle in an unspecified visit the area. syrian state news agency said that the vehicles did not belong to the syrian army. as in coming out right up to the break. hundreds of people still missing off to asda ferry sank off south korea's bosca said the ship was carrying almost five hundred people on an overnight away from inti onto it or seinfeld on the mainland. and most of the passengers what high school students on an outing
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officials fear when alfred two hundred may still be trapped in the sunken vessel will have more on that story in just a minute. satan has placed a mole says it comes and the kids. in. the i do do. the room. the us
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the issue you raised operation is underway in south korea also what could be its west side is austin in most of twenty seven search has been going on through the night with one hundred seventy nine people reported rescued about two hundred a d are still set to be missing six are confirmed dead with a dishonest way from being shown in the capital seoul to share issue to light and when it went into the island's appeal on. only the hall of the thirty remained above water. hundreds of people could be trapped inside the sinking vessel. rescue teams are working around
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the clock chances of recovering it alive are growing slip. hours earlier rescuers pulled out survivors to it jumped into the water. and helicopters circling above world like browns into the sea the almost one hundred coast guard and navy vessels are involved in the rescue. time is running out. all survivors were taken to the window where the receiving medical aid. many are traumatized after their experience. it describes chaotic scenes on board the ship. i will still trapped. i was told to jump into the water to the exit but i couldn't the other. to get us started to flow in sight and i instinctively felt that i absolutely needed to get off the ship might use to fire extinguisher to try to break the window in front
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of the cabin. i did three times. bill. relatives of the missing scans lists for news of their loved ones continued rescue efforts could be hampered by poor weather conditions with rain fog and wind forecast around thursday and family and friends of those still unaccounted for. they said agonizing wait. there is still no information on the whereabouts of more than one hundred nigerian school girls kidnapped on tuesday by islam as vocal from militants this was taken from a school in the northeastern states in oneida off to have it on bombs. gunmen killed a soldier and a police officer who'd gone to school. cdc officials also the name of our own compelling bus station to tackle the job monday. and people are killed well you retort you can do attitude and it should heed of these houses is focusing on africa we also what she'd
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been hearing about the reaction on due to this mass abduction. we got to make it to the effect of i campus this because the government has been seen that it is taking measures to call all of this bracket is that we have been seeing is that the defense abduction that i have plenty of worth texas who the cute the boys and then to go straight onto what will i get money and it would have been seeing all this activity with what's now nobody knows that he's going to guess nobody does but does this happen when you know and some of the girls got to wait it in because each of which because i did and the process one of the cars broke down due to some ghostly able to ski so well we know and how we spend ago still able to escape to come home to mug or a saggy can actually say what exactly happened because of my life i've tested into thinking it has already sent us some of this case it was to support it. and since it
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happened else. and it says that an interest in that because it's just empty so far its way to meet us what that team will have its origins of thinking i was nigeria's government trying to contain the virus a broken arm is spending across country the government said that the state of the night to see tesco are a few words can do to steve that sadat see me just seeps into the consent region of the country. boral i don't know i knew of the antiques is identical to the ones that do stick to my sissy test puts the air is to be helping my cousin but despite the attacks that happened in the face of dopey and asked if there was no seat of my deceit that is without a wife but people plugging into a seat if you buy this cd i'm thinking that i proceed to feed my deceit. he showed up to ten other flights to talk to the blk one hundred people so he can help diagnose and be able to beach. i could since those but because they
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act and so disgusted by how it feels good to think and shut ins but the government and non. leo club of alcohol run actually want. well the booklet i am actually in this tidy riots that happened in two thousand and nine demonstrated by people who have an id ten calories now macy's with ashley and notice what is going to end corruption. i get all twenty eighth. he beat us come to the end of plenty and uncles were considered to people i need to identify the cause but subsequent to the house in baghdad talks have been a total blessing to something else because i was totally anti kinda ate the bread offices could lead to a few shows to qt agents but now it has been home to take on unsuspecting people. he just school and on what have you got this white people are not seeing that it does not bite or two to deny he keeps on going to begin. imagine not doing dishes deed of these
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houses of assessment much algeria hence the polls in presidential elections on the state incumbent abdel aziz who still think it has been in power for fifteen years and is widely expected to win a fourth time in office is that hundreds are expected to have much of a chance. activists did hold anti government protests in the capital today before they were forcefully removed by police as the peak himself he hasn't made a single campaign appearance. that's because he still recovering from a stroke that he suffered steep the umpteenth election rallies feature enthusiastic cheering for phantom candidates. current president under nineteen cricket because he needs to be seen giant posters. he's likely to win reelection. he doesn't continue rambling the seventy seven years old and seriously ill. instead former prime minister until the next month as the talking that's not a problem. we love but topeka. even if he
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isn't here rain has held soon improve. it's my group chose as his garment factory the government gave this young entrepreneur of production facility and it's going to get started. as part of the major job creation initiatives. accounts and revolutions in melbourne to meet and greet the us healthcare highlights the government's efforts. he doesn't want conrad's to return to a now relatively prosperous algeria. you know who i'm going to go to vote against it because he's done a lot for the younger generation will for example with this business loan program. that's what gave me my start the defeat of the algerian stability and security. that's what matters to its mind to demonstrators to chanting and cons. born in knots. it is also the name of the protest movement. behind
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the candidacy of the three squeaky little beyond absurd it's a sign that there's no real democracy in algeria people are included in the car. you find your own timing. algeria is governed by a network of generals businessman and pretty candies. and low key but it really is surrounded by a clan that wants him to stay in power even though she still hold until he's barely alive the music video shows the woman sitting in pajamas the french alcoa plant signing a document additional content. the contents to see him as nothing more than a mere hint of his associates it's jobless now and then during a stroll through the cans on algiers that some photography for a local newspaper. young people i can find algeria to be a country
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at a standstill. the jury nothing on during the spring they know that many algerian still remember the terrible civil war in nineteen ninety you will profit the government puts fear into people. it will put the key to get so many don't want to express their real opinions it's clear that rules is still open. the bizarre election campaign with a phantom candidates has for many algerians a sample of the general government says the country. twenty two the story of a wanted man kindle called the founder of file sharing website may not lead to the entertainment industry says the motives of hundreds of millions of dollars into the german born tycoon is currently fighting extradition from his adopted home of new zealand to the us where he's wanted on charges of online piracy. now he's lost a political policy to promote internet freedom. and
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perhaps even his own you don't comb it into wanted by the united states intends to bring him to justice. he's just nice to be huge celebration at his rented new zealand mentioned for the political times he sounded amazing internet freedom. it is fielding candidates in comments the elections in september he has been selected in a talent contest. telkom constant because he's not going to be zealand citizen he named the internet content the old internet is under attack. it's under attack by governments that want to have said is in control. and it's under attack by corporations that want to look at . when i say smith stakes in two parts of the internet sometimes lol whatever revenue they can get out of it the fbi has been mounted on comfy as requested in twenty oh eight on his time. now six hollywood studios and four music companies of course in
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fine order or seat against mega huge joke on faces an extradition hearing in july the biggest problem i'm going to pass in the us is that almost ninety percent of the media is on hold by the same parties that unschooling me. they want to destroy me. and really my thing then went on and dates to the and the media in order to make chore that i would be a trait dances in and as a crime. for a wanted man the internet typing is very upbeat. he's planning to list his latest entree encrypted file storage. i called tim kaine i got on the new zealand stock exchange in about a month. it's estimated to be one hundred and eighteen million dollars the silly time for right now things are watching the us. i
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know. and when. or it's a good story each day. excludes any team that works. to top story light of today's most intriguing topic as told but it makes the premier global content partners back to back in english. it's one am in washington. enlightenment you have a party happening here in delhi continues here right from the event with me i think that i can take that steele's checked in you and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he will continue to share with you friends on facebook and twitter the top story on
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the m a c networks. i knew the top the friends we would like to be on top of the day when the two tours in seven pm on nbc. chelsea boss. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play. the process
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