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with you. i took it straight gets worse every day. because breaking news or what. so much. a dorset to play stocks. working. good news
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what you mean to preach in the east of the country this as russian president let me defend his policies and a well oiled q a session. best of three hundred people still missing as rescuers struggled to find survivors from the ferry disaster in south korea. the boat filled with high school students on a field trip. syrians are going to the polls and presidential election they are widely expected to hand a fourth term to seventy seven year old president of the diocese depleted despite its chronic health problems and warning of fraud. what you call spent at first as the christ is in ukraine continues russian president letterman truth is taking to the airwaves to
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defend his position on the situation there. he's getting his annual televised two in a session today with the russian people. on the go he once again tried to quell rumors that. it is now locked into buildings and ukraine are actually rushing into the soul of the world. there are two secret agents are new these are really cool is cool. aren't those teens who are revisiting and the hound of us to take in the mosques of it when they come from that dad has it that the times has been no news to them and those are the people we should talk to. just as our car is in moscow now she's been out walking dead is key when a cessna very well orchestrated show they are right from the start with the russian president and jessica. she absolutely did he mention the coldest pretty
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well for us to atlanta to even take that. monday night at sch and never really cried what he said basically said that russia has absolutely no involvement in attractive feature in ukraine a cliffhanger that it's just your average black mirror and thought that taking up arms because they do not want to have a cd. it was crowded but the fact that everything yet and russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is needed today for talks. it's fourteen at the russian tea and ended with a very important. be sure of it. a mutual understanding i probably ate it. tnt use for art direction on russian speakers in eastern ukraine that would be a great way to explore. he and didn't use force for the very first time the day before yesterday russian foreign minister or advantage to the forest and let it continue. government
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officials are very wary to be taught to actually read anything they can come out of it because russia consistently maintained that has absolutely nothing to do list at the defense in eastern creek. all that and yet have to take into consideration in the african people in every region not only he and the eastern ukrainian and that the government should create a thickly and new constitution that everyone agreed upon he said that the defense of the united states and western countries do not believe that any cannot believe that russia is not involved in eastern ukraine. additionally russia still have some that thousands of troops on its border with ukraine and out ahead in general it cannot say. they can accomplish whatever will they have within three to five days so it's a very tense situation the aloha friday is the nation's go. the million dollar general question no
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one really. maybe he is now it had absolutely nothing to do with an idea that the average person. suddenly after sixty years decided it might be back with the family doesn't make sense. no one really knows. would that be me and it is strategic. a portion of the world of warm water or silly to make and eat right when the bacteria that acts as a no brainer. in a different story there for a very close to russia on sunday. he doesn't want anything to do with that region because there's not a lot of it if they are a struggling economy and it's not really well developed for or modern or have a lot. it made a lot of infrastructure work to know when running out of the week on it. only time will tell you mentioned earlier we had a pro russian
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separatist antler network channels. it's a wait and see no one knows what law school in twenty oh five and later the land. everyone is watching them. thank you so much for that contest reporting from moscow as if to say that for emergency talks on ukraine are underway in sydney in the foreign ministers from the us the eu russia and ukraine itself are trying to find some sort of diplomatic solution to the crisis our international fares that are in georgia and isn't that silly now. well what are the stakes in geneva today. would you repeat the words trade between russia and the weft and gold oil and gold here in geneva at the center of the credit for getting the word of it they'll directed that the west than it would groupthink three of the action again. russian companies and industries rather than just the russian individual. brush the better retaliate with. actions
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against what the company in russia. sorry it took but what happen to you but did well all the clean it but it would take concrete steps all in the ukraine. blue that can reach a point the web or ukrainian. an official cheer. russia after the airing of aperture them in eastern ukraine and russia and ukraine have all but it isn't the federal future adult book that point there and agreed. i mean this is the first face to face it the tree that russia and russian and ukrainian foreign ministers know what to expect from a personal meeting today anything. it does have a picnic in between the russian and ukrainian for the asb unconscionable that delaware and now they have been on the phone. of course that can
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be that the tensions after the two of the old patient of the building then in that realm. we can't wait to help a little bit but ultimately the judge under the cherry on top of the russian desperately want to talk about federalism the ukrainian who told ips that the things you don't want to joke about. naturally they expect the russians in great shape of a ukranian going to talk about constitutional reform and the potential i think of giving the talent to compete but to me. we all think. dhs i'm open to me. thirteen men in drag. greg and open difficult to talk about the escalation of twenty that that big for our pdf. and ultimately direction that you can buy to actually forget to think that is. but in the region and. obama is a
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labor of them are in geneva go over to look into that fight some good cooking with us she looked at that the link below. ukrainian all they like to go before the offer. what happened showing the way. but if it is she was an all too apt to make jokes about me. but that shouldn't take umbrage at the freshman the american president can feel it happening to the level apartment thank you for the uninsured refrain from those talks in geneva another story we're covering up for you today and any other that country's kicking off in a distant day into the matter. on general action so far. one quarter of the country's eight hundred and fifty million voters are heading to the polls today the nehru gandhi dynasty is battling to save the ruling congress party from defeat to opposition hindu nationalist leader narendra modi
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elections being held in several stages over a five week period that ends meet while his allegiance us if eighth day of fishing. a quarter of india's eight hundred and fifty million active combat pilot from the sake of posting banana hundred and twenty constituency to think and i had to buy model debate was held on to tenants conditions in some of them. how many trees to be deployed to keep the peace and many critically affected jamming with passion and then on top are dashed into the light dry up because it'll be we have made elaborate security arrangements. keeping in legal aspects of the sensitivity and critical analysis of oil per day stations the new orleans to deployment is being made. are they going designs of the election commission of india that can bid on today election has become a two horse race between now and the son of the congress
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seeking to cash in its memorandum eighty. health is business friendly. the police went to meet the picture eight that the congress party hit twice a week of corruption scandals off that and he is in power. it didn't really want to read this country erupted. i was too much of the government of the people we elect workers are sure to get rid of corruption. one thing. after weeks of taking results will be announced on the sixteenth syrians are also going to the polls on the presidential election they are as widely expected to hand a fourth term to seventy seven year old president at denise's but if we kept the economy is recovering from a stroke but he is widely expected to win re election despite widespread accusations of fraud. thomas water has to come. now that the president and his challengers frail and rarely seen in about the disease to topeka to use his strong enough to algeria for a full time. following a
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stroke last year has become increasingly ill is a prime minister until the next allowed to speak and had to step down to spearhead the election campaign fifteen years in power already under his belt however that he can remain somewhat a firm favourites it's quite powerful national liberation front the army business elites and his loyal supporters. a dead end and mechanized president is looking to nineteen ninety he says himself. the sky it topeka is mainly for the school department's the uneaten feasts you unlike the current president of the aisle to force criss crossing the country from running to ronnie to whip up support the taunting we caught several opposition policies mounted against the budget last month but newborn movements appear strong enough to take on the veteran presence and tackle the rising cost of living increase in unemployment sets up just two months ago in the park and
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sporting the maintenance cost the specific aim of the petty think it's because i did it's a somewhat fitting name for generations part of his presidency i love note to authoritarian rule. millwood to a fourth term and no to people like seventy or eighty years old refused to pass on the porch situated in a photo corner of north africa and algerians have often stated stupidity of the change in the past a sign perhaps that despite his deteriorating health. the topeka its grip on power is far from slipping the director of the cause of the existing national park has been shot and seriously wounded in the democratic republic of congo. belgian emanuel and abilities in charge of the bar on the national park east of the country. the area is known for the armed militant groups operating in and around protect its own shares in the details i was there the expanding its national park in africa team the dna
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kit so far its mountains and even a volcano a managing such as science is the mammoth tusk state funds from the democratic republic of congo island was enough to cover costs. directing the new ntini who was in charge of administering funds from a not for profit foundation to make up for the shortfall. the deer in the national park was established in nineteen twenty nine while the toc was on the belt and continual a protected environment when to take some of the world's endangered mountain gorillas can still be found the nest and heritage sites has suffered since the country's civil war in nineteen ninety seven falling prey to illegal coaches and detroit station carried out by local communities. today some are each about uncle lim exploration in the park initiated by proceeds from state and international security in here and there hasn't been a serious concern this week the expanse of land has any four hundred ranges from thirty to watch an extra one hundred security
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stuff to that number. in amounts fifteen years some one hundred and thirty of the park cars have been killed in spanish is a quick riches or of the creeps the key the province has been plagued by conflict the more than two decades and is high in to a number of rival and functions. i will he now i'm not a lighter note and every may is the tan on the french riviera has seen in cinema royalty as well as all the glitz and glamour of hollywood and of course is that the cannes film festival is not just one month away and today we'll find out the list of those select few movies that will take part in competition. hundreds of them are selected each year because twenty are given a coveted slot in the official line of duty even if the palme d'or. there are also always a lot of major for music and some of the hollywood stars predicted to hit the famous red stuff this year in the right and godly robert pattinson timing the downs and yesterday
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the cannes film festival will be covered live by the by our culture it seems to be sure to stay tuned for that upsets me fourteenth in the meantime axes to treat it has been covering for him lol looking to the interview here on forcing cat. he's almost invisible from the eye since suffering a mini stroke a year ago. he's been too sick to campaign and its critics say he's physically and mentally unfit to govern but none of that is likely to stand in the way of algeria is long standing leader the seventy seven year old aziz but if we cannot as he seeks re election to a controversial fourth term in this week's presidential election. no outsiders are not alone in dismissing this election as a box of mastery
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many ontarians especially those among the growing generation under the age of thirty. also consider the whole thing a mockery of the democratic process. in a country still scarred by the trauma of the civil war in which up to two hundred thousand died. mika is also seen by many as the best dancer of peace and stability at least for now. whitby today to discuss a little bit of the election is some minnows very serious very well was born in algeria months idiom of the thank you for being with us if you are yet several titles in there but the reporting a special advisor first of all on the middle east and north africa i'm not preaching on ftp and the french institute for international studies and three also a visiting fellow at the european council on foreign relations. and if you are allowed to be a very closely i want to begin by showing you interview a couple of cartoons by famous algerian satirist is means do i know you don't let's look at the first one there to put it to be caught in a
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wheelchair on its way to a fourth term. next one. by the same cartoonist. and this one shows his campaign team i see his smiling effort to update his health has been a giant issue they say this is a man who just got over a stroke. he was recently shown with john kerry of meeting with him and see mike was barely able to talk you see fit to govern. i do. the next step in the beginning to wind you mentioned a new introduction that he suffered a mini stroke. i think that this talk was quite serious because that may remind you that he was going to parents which means that he still could not be be a treat and then tweaked it a j hackett said. and he stayed out of the country here in france a french hospital for many months or so i think that the stroke was quite important because the cba our current problem. back inside the sector seems to have to be and be recovering. yet despite the fact that he made
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a monkey's head. this beast president. easy you are great condition. physically he's not as small time as he used to be. he is more important than anything else that seventy seven year award the back of my journey psychologically we don't have that decides to lose and felt his condition. when you mentioned that he would come to sell its stake to take any the school he not the moving thing for me. back to addressing the most important issues of the dialogue you want it to happen to dislike this takes months or if he was loosing it. ok his mind was perhaps the mayor. but it's true he has not left to send to his palace team offered any campaigning he is not campaign to all and yet most people are saying he's gonna win the cannibal who is going to vote for him the issue has been in physical or as he said he didn't address the nation
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once and he never appeared at a new copy of the ride he said the meetings that the cat being the head eye he said. i've seen anybody so they're going to the farm the prime minister and deputy chief of staff. the business he said. prices effective therapy. he taped and charity we have a lil while the real assessment of his puppy i sit down and no loophole was that we don't know exactly when you talk to people when you see even how they are drawn to him always thrown from his whole campaign. you will understand you get the feeling of detachment that the ig was happening. so who's going to vote for him. those who are honest and very grateful to this matter because they considered and this has been
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paid out during the campaign very stingy she can read my essay. as the dead man who saved them from terrorism police told the keys to the country. who would promise to spend abt and getting ready to go even in florida. i knew that protected the country from having its own apps praying and i just wanna i wanna make it your view is only referring to me is back in nineteen ninety two. islamic party won the elections those elections were canceled and subsequently we had a bloody civil war in algeria in which over a hundred thousand people died due to that still very much a traumatic to scar her for many people in nigeria. then we had to do terrible row crisis that did it to place it lasted ten years we didn't get to me that the government fight scene it's on the simpsons. i
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can say is i want to make this decision because that stephen will be no people went up to a street fight scene he was not a bad word against people because the milit against the islamist cracking down on the flight the map and the secure. i mean an end to winning. and the breeding them to the table and offering them that point on this team and we are not the final stage of peace process since it that there would be a major audience serious that it wasn't too with a defeat that the student fees is offering an extension of that process the meal. this is what can ask you next week only been talking about one man show yet there are six candidates running in this election on the side that if we cut and the man you just mentioned on the tenth least he is a rival is he a serious rival to see at any chance of winning. yes
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of center and the news on the scenic some awesome baby tees for him. the key is to remain very interested in family and my neck because he has against him. the whole system which despite the many divisions the beehive to his campaign and it is quite another to carry out. despite the peace and blessings of being that expressed the order of the spectrum expressing doubts expressed anger that shaped recent investment account could be set at fifty nine on bbc make the site has gathered some momentum doing it last week that he doesn't guarantee he's there. his success his election to the ground election i will also remind you is built into the round is so far. a jacket that has sickened well so maybe to get the day we don't know what
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the moment but i would like to stress also is active. for the music also people work we're hopeful that if you count on not compacted to go boating. it's because the voting against that if he is not a guarantee of change that had any major issue today. pierre a contemporary a journey of these for my exchange piece showing that some people are really asking for hoping for. and that nobody seems to be adjusting of the rink won the issue we get nine test also is the fact is the theory large and growing young population algeria under thirty years old. a lot of these people think it is because a joke and is it the movement right you can tell us about it the cop which means i now know the gym. why aren't they are good and i even allowed to protests from an anxious to get up there not to post
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two to post this but didn't eat breakfast. and daryn the bill is sent out this ghost illustrations show also how reading the ticket there but tonight she is. they represent a chummy a number of young algerian the insecticide made using my email i get excited but did get some point and they did exist duration in a career against the typical this is widespread in all good to be used you mentioned. yes and the youth and if the tv and seventy five percent of our journey hundred and seventy five percent. back to back up to. he said the move and not all that and you'll fall of opposition. in the diesel squid and the city. it is a grass roots exactly the streets now because it isn't like a distant movement could head out there that has some representation at
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the iga banner in two or three at the main cities it's great to look at it on his back its stock and very unique because it was created after it was sure that we can become maybe you think that's what treatment to your spot decent piece that is best the best of the present because americans in the light masses of young one and and now with this question. it would deplete the selected unemployment a giant issue in a chair right now the economy of very big issue despite all the oil and gas the economy is not doing well. during a strong leader strongly right now. when it's over to some segments of the population are honest and four. just because there is an oatmeal or six ninety two year old with a come to our lil purple position. no real opposition incredible sunday on cbs that the gi facing today stunning effects on
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the beach and just because his company didn't address then gets to mention the gunmen robbed and the youth unemployment activities. they are on their threats to the dentist and eighteen the terrorists and that the remains of the chinese and inside the country the insecurity of devoted to the groups that have beaten that had created after the ap's thinking the whole region in which i chair yet isn't a joke because it's the most important regional today. all these issues are challenges for when we come out of the spinach and adapting to panama city i'm not happy. i guess whoever will come out and a lot of people tell you that that whoever is the abdel aziz to flee to fifty new president going for a fourth term in this week's algerian elections. we've been talking about what next for the country. i answered thank you very much for joining us to panic if atlanta. i still do what you
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need to give up on site at jonas kaufmann got to keep in touch with today's news across the work. twenty and there's time to bring you the top stories together with expert analysis and in depth reports. different take on the use of life. light from the tenth of april with the flow. mike. i live ll. i
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did. do. is yayy lead
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the due to city thousand to achieve the first quarter of two thousand fourteen joey steady development of context and financial sector the report of an estimate was presented to the president today in light of the national party seats every building in increasing by almost twenty two percent over the year long trial continues as well as investment and insurance sector. fully reach ten trimming cheney the president gave instructions to the national bank and the government to reduce the level non performing loans facilitate the transition of the banking sector to as aes


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