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tv   Euro News  PBS  April 17, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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will the eye. the fish rich in three spots on my tv to western claims that moscow is striking the rebellion in eastern ukraine. crisis talks on the situation in ukraine are set to get underway in geneva between the us eu russia and youtube. overnight clashes in eastern ukraine the government says several pro russian rebels the kilt is that right this moment but the article. voting is
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underway in algeria presidential elections with up to the seas will just make a widely expected to win a fourth term in office. cool conditions but the search committee three hundred but the high school students aboard the caps by south korean ferry the reasons young latino roots. mitre ten has tested dismissed claims that russian forces are present in eastern ukraine in a televised hundred which included he was recently annexed crimea. the president described key its decision to send armed forces into eastern ukraine as a great crime stealing the middle still it isn't that generous asked what's your response to the west accusations that behind the latest events in eastern ukraine is the kind of moscow. as displayed in the icm one of the last week to ship it to me in a rubbish written reply to the east of ukraine the unknown russian troops no special forces and bigotry instructors need to
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be similar to those of the local population the proof is that these people to hide their faces asked. he has claimed some of the popular though that's what i said to my worst and calm as they come go anywhere it's that time. you must talk to them. he knows and elliott's name. he used our policy chief catherine ashton and us secretary of state john kerry have met in geneva ahead of crisis talks on the critical situation in ukraine. the prospect of significant progress in peter's difficult. the fact that russian foreign minister sergei lavrov will face his ukrainian counterpart and the teacher teach the kids some grounds for optimism russia doesn't recognize the interim government in kiev we visited the us administration has been preparing for the sanctions against moscow as ukraine struggle to contain a pro russian uprising in the east of the country. washington has called for armed separatist groups to stand
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down and to disarm. moscow has accused the us of supporting a war kiev has declared against its own people. and of defending the overthrow of legitimate government in the country following the removal of viktor yanukovich from power the stupid climate rush is in eastern ukraine overnight the key if authorities say pro russian activists attacked the base of the ukrainian national guard and our new poll in the gunbattle that achieved three rebels were killed local news web sites speaks afford it. ukraine's interior ministry said earlier that home protest has demanded that soldiers switched sides and back. the revolt the troops refused the government said a major security operation was underway in the area. leopold city administration was seized by rebels of the weekend. it's not known if it's still under the control of the period the awesome tobacco played on facebook that thirteen of those who assault of a school with detachable than sixty
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contained one ukrainian tv channel says it still chokes on activist challenging trips to give up their weapons the depth to confirm that the bloodiest event so far in the pro russian revolt voting is underway in algeria as presidential elections with the pillows the stupid pick out what he expects to win again after fifteen years in power the current president he's made very few appearances since suffering a stroke last year. beats the dominant national liberation front party though and has the support of unions. some of the other candidates and observers have said that state resources are being used in a way that gives him an unfair advantage. several opposition parties have boycotted the election believing the result to be a foregone conclusion the stroke of small groups of protesters from a group called i had enough head of the vote. they pulled them apart the pm will include twenty one by western governments as out to his hunting partner and
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washington's campaign against militants in north africa the results are expected to appear again on friday rescuers had been hovering on the up tempo of the capsize south korean every looking for a response from indy three hundred mostly high school students still missing. such is confronted by strong currents of bad visibility. although twenty four hours up to the disaster the number of confirmed dead has risen to nine with two hundred ninety seven unaccounted for the coast guard would be caught on to report that oxygen is to punt inside the ship in the hope that passengers may be like a trapped. families of those missing were taken to the site some quiet there and vote for straight to the official response. some are angry to accusing you authorities have been slow to react and give information the three hundred and fifty children and teachers came to the same school disco the numbers difficult to
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relieve the pain and despair with no meaning to life without michael cook said one the sun with a school with a cake and abit of shoes pulled the ball a decent three students bringing home the whole row of the reality to the working families the has been some good use six year old corn ge on this being treated in hospital for the parents remain missing the goal was rescued from the ferry is exciting investigators believe the ship and straight from its recommended route suspects thereto shopping may cause the accident. then to the top of the empire state building. it takes the elevator for those of us just what these twenty fifteen for most non combustible did that because you think the committee fifty years ago to coincide with the annual new york watershed of the cull was disassembled into sections that can fit into the debate and then assembled on the cake the sixth of april the difference in this current carpet years ago with stockings and a reform bill
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part four pieces. we did this weekend of the basic structure set pieces to fit an elephant. the price difference is that if you have to cost becomes afford it. this fashion anyway. what about that he is. well that's changed a bit too eye. in one
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the eleventh minute and interact at children's noses in front for much of the cup until a final inspection of all the fun i had plenty of possession but lacked the cutting edge up front and liam msc failed to sparkle in the sixty eighth minute a stunning header from both the baby faced central defender by truck. the two sides level and it was game on and he got bail scored the winner in the eighty fifth minute after his blistering speed on the left wing tongue will sing them and traceable boring post but when thompson which she took with apple on them. i took phone the dollar initially looked to have feet of clay on his favourite surface of the hat to overcome an aspiring stopped to overcome
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the russian qualifier ten was given to the leaking on to college. on the twenty nine match winning streak on clay went to nail down. isn't his first in the first set then found his mojo to win six for six one and go into the third round . the except make the mind of the invincibility of the defense or when he's on song. the czech went down to six one six two thrashing about with this monster in less than a mile. it was in imperious form clubbing shopping and sitting like a dream to place another chicken the third round of the winner of a record seventeen grandsons bids to win his first time. are
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the looking right at sixty one the flesh a band called the lowest one day classic full the service of the misses the kick off the cycling season twenty three teams were in contention and six has left everyone trailing in an early breakaway that at one point held in the dissenting minutes. by the seventy fifth kilometer. however the pockets loaded them up with another one hundred and twenty eight to go the twenty eleven when it looks to be missed is thompson twenty five km to go missing out on an attack on the lead. when the puck all the leaders were ten km left the belgian was well in the mixed use in a group of twenty riders had to fight south line and a bunch sprint his experience custom of the hoffa we were kind of australia's michael matthews said. i don't recall to avenge their defeat to the huntsville in pr colson the last euro league final in the first of five quarter final clash. it dominated
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the sport to believe but fifteen and even if the greeks which is a link to a white hot flame out. madrid was never really in any danger the eye. you can on this score twenty points to lead the blind lead nickel on the road to ch. once the engine rodriguez chipping in with fifteen and twelve points respectively the winning margin eighteen points to s comfortable. he continued on winning ways as basilan also won the first quarterfinal match against a guy with sri the whitney was plain sailing with the calves lambs struggling in the fenced off and going into the break trailing the text but to point. second stop was an entirely different story with the spanish upping the game
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in spectacular style. notice the fine possibly has scored ten points or more. in the team's strength in depth they took the second topic like huge fifty five to twenty nine point margin to win at eighteen to sixty one the that interest but some like tv to western claims that moscow is striking the rebellion in eastern ukraine. crisis talks on the situation in ukraine are set to get underway in geneva between the us eu russia and ukraine. overnight clashes in eastern ukraine the government says several pro russian rebels the kilt is that right this moment but the variable. voting is underway in algeria presidential elections with the ability to think abt what is expected to win a fourth term in office. cool
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conditions but the search committee three hundred mostly high school students aboard the caps by south korean perry. and ch
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the sports heats was the slogan for the twelfth annual sport record convention held in turkey. it brought together at the one hundred and eight sports federations that make up the organization. despite not being well known outside
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the industry. it was established almost half a century ago to help change the future face of sports. we are helping and assisting them to bind people together in this world which creates the hottest knowledge of good things this and allowing the proposal of best practices packaging them in an understandable way of providing them the numbers and services that can benefit them. activision for the interactivity the exhibition hall brings the invited guests together under one roof. here visitors can investigate had to cooperate with the different sports federations find a new sponsor what she had to go about hosting a sports events yunus has given a quick score by one of those directly involved in the organization of the convention will usher in a row are you doing. are you doing. why are you with one
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or the petition because of the six day period of time where we would drive the future direction of sports the convention provides guests with a wide range of opportunities like a game of drafts with world champion irina tactical or anything the president of the world anti dumping agency said craig receipt to discuss the ongoing war against one of the biggest problems facing the sporting world helping build relationships with the pharmaceutical benefits are that in many cases we know what is being produced. and occasionally but don't you go to jail if he takes over them and telling anybody but also told rose below is the gold produced. this is really tough. with a winnable. since may last year scored record is headed by the president of the international judo
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federation of maori as the ft said his main challenge has been the promotion of a less popular sports. one of the progress we will be when you read it in improving the quality of your profile please go to the games. then came the other big events. i questioned that could be different from the oval but the damage doesn't teach that the request that level which is the fourth dimension the courthouse big plans for the future. it aims to increase the number of guests to next year's convention and organize more multi sport competitions. it's not not had the international event the committee will react the organizations expansion plans. however the ioc president has said there's room for the top. she will be going. i mean i do. huge. why
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can't we get new books by janet company s that was recently unveiled in canada domestic outrageous provide jumping and also act as shock absorbers upon landing the kind of reruns on rechargeable lithium batteries and electric motors help it maintain balance and contorted position. you can jump forty centimeters high that's almost call it the hike. i enjoy hearing on afghanistan. it is also similar like it's in the real and actual. this has to be able to get to touch it the landing. when we can bring sanity back. the next job. it's a dental screening markets that make it difficult to sew the top of him and takes the team in the sense that imitates nature and its potential for industrial nations. also in
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eighteen seventy. gone is sophisticated enough to play table tennis. make it to the variable speed and precision in the jam and table tennis champ and to hold the machine performance remains weak and the multiple winning eleven to nine. he believes it's just a question of time. i thought the location the bank it's not. and he has made the show the ultimate. the twelve kos table tennis player to take on industrial jobs requiring a high degree of precision able to change the face of the nation's industries. cr
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intonation. the protest will increase the fund is launching the babies the two of them stuff. you can. brick concrete. we'd be built. some events that punk is quick to point out is actually a collaboration with several tests including swedish cookies again going to be honest on. it is bad isn't it that i began the season. well i'm going to the guys would come over to get them may take a left me to it. i take the pill or danielle kiss of twenty guys let's get them together an idea of a pen name will go up to. which is a very appealing for most people but they have other
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projects on other bands and they live in stockholm. so you know i had to come out with my tail between my legs according to mind so much of the world today has become much how many bunnies. she wants to go back to the reference of good old fashioned girl. the album's debut singles out some losses is out now. he warned presented to me. some of the lashes. it's pretty lightweight. it's not very profound it's more sort of just talking about i guess he is taking classes toward someone. xd did i meet him and his son too important it's all about watch it to a guy who wears sunglasses
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featuring guest appearances by friends neil young and haven't slept in so much growth. the film is due out tuesday. state law to mean something else knew who did it take it all to what she says. she was on display life wasn't easy with a wheelchair hughes said. we just need to be bold and ambitious pieces. mr used the concept of paintings and artworks such as the design is great it became an artistic medium. the cuff thoughts away as a synthesis of everything he can come to work through this life resulting issues of color and lighting calls for a painting drawing sculpture and talked about the process of the concept is being cut
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and color. one of the gospel is like a . cover and title for the dowry. it's by no means an east west tigers in the design of the telstra street opened some presents piecing technique. the state the spring designs. so when it tastes as good as the final screening and treatment. to the end of the sky. and there was more things that he wanted to do and he fell back on the clock was ticking so to speak in a long time to say what it wanted to do twenty one the nineteen ninety six for the ages. this has bred to see many of his final words together. these cells reading the news in the mud
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a new exhibition in hiring six balls. the connection between wealth in the spring school toby's without and controversial us top of that rubbish maple. the artists were born in different centuries and the opposite side of the atlantic. that was the case and to give me a few fun facts to us. lots of maple films but the smart romantic male youths well but that is celebrated as a pioneering macaskill to his moms to be physically the pink and the kids. don't you think of maple can think of new york in nineteen eighteen. i think it was done using nineteenth century sculpture at the paris immutable mules don't we put them together because they were bent and set about the human body and know that i expressed it wanted to talk to him beyond that are still checking in to me as i left a comment that category. it was interesting happened confront each other to create a tunnel between them and get out of the deceptive. the sand beaches more than a hundred people. thus on
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the fundamental foundation it's in front of fifty of the gospel tunes. some groups like and what isn't for me sometimes. the similarities are striking. the storm comes up with us forces throughout the pope's white house is expected to see in that time and said interest in sexuality and had numerous relationships with them often the news in price until september. the more fun to see the exhibition the largest of
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the retrospective of us artists. if it. ch ch ch the ad. it is. at. the in it
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you can how do you shoots
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she is the other. the it's
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well it's a small region of outstanding natural beauty just the cheese with its intent to steal to make a tease ay ay ay. he's telling the weekend became wealthy from the boat right to exist in the context of these areas to the area is open to the test and a klutz books he says forget me not to stay. we tasted the history to see daddy at the oaks many of which have remained unchanged for centuries. this weekend was the second sunday with gracie. he missed twenty six the fall of the chance to win any contest. and they need it swells up in the screen to sixty eight spots in the country. i know
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the i was the cruelty. i eye welcome to the islamic tiny into a kilt here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am the search for survivors of a sunken south korean theory has been hampered by rough weather and families of the missing girl more frustrated. international leaders have been talking face to face to try to resolve the crisis in ukraine i am in the general election is reaching its peak


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