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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 17, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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percent this year and yesterday when the ship with me all the fullness of the first and a water tight seal i think either that or what well we are still uncertain about what caused the ferry to sink in what is hindering search and rescue efforts but there are some theories and to shed some light into the latest disaster we now pick by
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the time to meet once a professor of naptime transportation systems and will put national maritime university professor thank you for joining us what seems to me with the coast guard has tentatively concluded that the ship capsized after the captain semi beards the vessel. what could have prompted the captain to make such a risky move especially when the currents in the area are known to be strong. but when the ppp people what to do to help quiet the sheeple of medicating him mango a camera that i do not mitigate the beach. on the door to the tip of the ship he picked me up not knowing of writing the pulpit. adjacent to the typical document of the ship around. the thing we can't expect that the us should not try to avoid. i do
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something. at that. some have suggested one of the causes for this thinking could eat at the twenty year old is still one hundred twenty oh one tenant of annotations which meant to be losing much of it financed the building can you tell us more about that. or to bring down the application of the patio bowl with a ten year old that is where they had to be carried out. that happened to the partnership allows you to the prom they had to pull from two to nine am to ten it was an advocate of the right to a couple cling to the prom five thousand six hundred and fifty tonnes to six thousand eight hundred and five. i'm too used to go to the fourth richest and the politicians seem to tend to shift meant to be that
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weak especially in the bucket he knew that there was a good bet that the post or send them both occasions at the front door. the ship to top side in the cab ride. we tried a lot of anger from observers is that the ship's crew is reported to have initially told passengers to stay put where they were this was way as the captain ordered the crew to be back with themselves and jump off the boat. why should they have done according to what evacuations manuals in standard six. i took the kids too. people get too happy to it. oh the happiness that they felt they were at the time the ipkat that i kept it that they have to go to the poor abandoned ship. i think if nothing happened just to abandon ship that he
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pick a testament to the pot professor thank you for sharing your insights with us and as our consular mention amid the full blown rescue efforts to desperately find any survivors from inside the sunken ferry present how can it be a good visit to the search site in the nearby gymnasium were many families are still hoping and waiting on news of their loved ones holly has more on the president's visit president kagame he arrived at the site and search and rescue operation on the coast hindu on thursday afternoon the visit comes a day after the stool to erase a twenty km off the island. upon arrival at the nearby port grace had a state inspected the area and was briefed on the ongoing rescue efforts carried out by the military and coast guard. she said she was very concerned that the rescue efforts were slow even though so many personnel and equipment were being mobilized. told officials at every minute was
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critical and the safety of the rescue workers was also a priority. bach leader visited the indoor gymnasium for the families of those missing are gathered. taking questions and offering words of support two of them i didn't go. my goal wasn't enough to the local he is up eighteen great family member shouted and screamed as costco demanding answers and pinching there's frustration or lack of progress to save their loved ones. some even attended to rush the front of the informal debriefing others expressed doubt that the government was doing its best to handle a situation they complained about lack of
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updates it is the humble guy if the total to seven praise and punk promise of families that they would be immediately informed about any developments as well as the next steps in the rescue operation including the arrival of three industrial crane some morrow was to be used to try and place the shed. she told the families that wall bad weather conditions are hampering the search they should not lose hope. all the audio mix. so how did that tragic day unfolded the four hundred and seventy five people onboard this military should have been on the second day and take your time and right now. they left the port city of the injured tuesday night and were nearly twelve hours into their trip when something cause the ship to capsize machines in and one sister therese journey leading up to that fateful moment e eleven hours and fifty two minutes. that is
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how long the caps i sternly in theory traveled after departing from its port with four hundred seventy five passengers on board more than three hundred of them high school students ranging from little children holding their mother's hand to middle age travelers with backpacks they all walked went to . not knowing what was to come the ferry leaves quite an hour and twenty minutes after its scheduled departure time due to fog eleven skirting the coastal area. we were told a thick fog would delay our departure time. there are no indications of any trouble after the ferry in open waters. around ten pm tuesday the ship passed by twenty two islands flipping through the engine coastal waters from south georgia july lee fight on to tell us very confident in waters off the mall when you're tired and a profit. eight thirty in the morning. a friend is getting to wake up to thoughts of their field trip to take you. many either call
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or text family members about their whereabouts and to tell them drc. but twenty minutes later with just two hours to go before the ship is set to arrive in port the ship comes to an abrupt stop and begin to campsite. the students and others on board with the intake tube right now. if not for whatever cost effective state. yet a majority of them remain missing at this hour with a massive search and rescue operation underway to find them. seasoning items. oh oh i know i was isn't it. he
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says. she text messages sent by student stuck in the campsite perry have been shared with the in one texas to the right to despair in the face of certain doom. and another student exchange words of love that they can't find my kid running an economy that will tell at that time the ferry was seen students trapped inside the vessel sent text messages most of them repeal feeders but they might not make it out alive. steve is telling each other. i imagine you are seeing rapid change and went every wednesday anything right. i think we're going to die. chilling feelings of hopelessness as the ship was tilting. another cat realm of students one passenger rights if i ever hurt you. please forgive me. and then ends with you. it has yet to be confirmed whether the students who sent messages have survived. now an exchange between students and a teacher a student at
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the teacher is ok. he or she is wearing in life as a teacher responds with exclamation points. yes and try to reassure the students telling them to stay with their work and to put on a life that they can the conversation ends with words that possibly show in moscow. among those on the ship. they'll tell each other and love you. this may prove to be the last messages to let percent a video taken by a cell phone. all three fields students stay put inside the ferry when i start to capsize. and stories from survivors said desperate attempt to lay some passengers at breaking through windows and diving into the ocean to the rescue so elegant so i just jumped into the water and started swimming was really cold so i try to swim as fast as i did good. so when the ship was completely listed the water just brushed it all over the water really came up to my face not giving me any
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time to think. christine was one of the lucky ones who actually has denied this disaster. oh my. economy they rescue operations edge in goa were complicated by bad weather conditions and pretty healthy connect life wrecking ball down at the weather center for downtown to let a single guy needs is not a lot of reading but does but no we really hope that the weather conditions and tindall will clear up soon. but as for now it's at thirteen point seven three john tyndall but the temperature is at eleven point two degrees. another twenty mile a minute that this petition will fall overnight and showers are being accompanied by strong winds blowing at around eight to twelve meters per second and it looks like the rain on single will continue through tomorrow morning with daytime highs reaching sixty degrees taking the lead at
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the current conditions than a simple gradually be at the edge of a high pressure front which is why we are seeing heavy clouds across the map. as for other parts of the country in those reasons are seeing light showers at this hour but things will clear up by tomorrow afternoon. on fridays whole piece that twenty three degrees blockade went on to make it to the low twenties. moving on to other reasons to do makes it to seventy degrees while coco and i can back its thirteen and nine. thanks you guys. i think people down and those other stories we're following at this hour and a son and selling them from enjoying is again for the latest on the ongoing sunken ferry rescue operation on her next newscast at midnight correct
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what is called the vista home. it's not use the d c and d in the quad in another direction then in use them the same village. this olympics. is there to see nature makes eating the way brother. lucy. you're looking at the horizon and you you're wrong or something you don't know what to do this. along the backside to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for i think this is a move by monday. it's a man whose longing for something. he's only in a slump or something but he doesn't know what his mom i know. we were in good
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news. a week. this program has brought you by critically. from norway's main street crews were supplies the group. explore one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report local encounters and access to wilkinson the decision to stand chance to get three chapters is our


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