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decorate your thing. that time. sth. you will. we will eye. the licensees to me which adds to the bus and thanks for joining us. he knew the west russia and ukraine agreed to step in the adelaide tension a little list of some of the sand and go home. the russian protest is being used in ukraine's any player that might die it will feel more from our correspondent. russia's president wonderful calls for diplomatic efforts to continue but doesn't rule out sending in troops in ukraine
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starting xi but with what looks like a breakthrough yet moscow the us and europe have agreed on a series of steps and de escalate tensions at least on paper well on to these national agreements ukraine and russia clean on its militias has occupied buildings east of ukraine have to leave in ten years the separatists have already said that they want to spend until pro european protests is the thing that can in on two key fl will hear from eastern ukraine in a moment our coverage begins though apples talks in geneva russian foreign minister sergei lavrov demands on some longer than expected talks to announce that an agreement had been reached. he stressed a key step with the escalating tensions in ukraine. is there and there was never called illegal armed groups must be disarmed
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and all illegally seized buildings must be returned to their rightful owners of this though. next the us and eu zz top diplomats addressed reporters. us secretary of state john kenny said the plan for an international monitoring mission. coupled with greater regional autonomy provided a basis for ukraine to my point. it is absolutely clear though that what is important is that these words are translated immediately into actions. and none of us leave here with the sense that the job is done. because the words are on the paper. the job will not be done. until these principles are implemented eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton clients the box assistance to ukraine is that we remain committed to the unit is sovereignty and territorial integrity of your prayer. in the meantime the european union will continue to support efforts to stabilize the situation in
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ukraine. economically financially and politically like to say whatever you want to rush and could face more sanctions if no progress is managed. he said existing ones could be eased to one small scare stopped withdrawing troops from ukraine's order. and let's bring in karen's house i was standing by for us in geneva karen so if this deal a breakthrough. well it looks like it done even if you look at in tempe but didn't expect too much and of cause and steer it depends on the implementation of a one day creek today and how the troops on the ground goa and on but in general i would say it's a breakthrough because people didn't expect too much and people thought he would just be protested i love the outcome of this meeting and now we have concrete. things didn't read on this site says that disarm end of the elephant man of the troops and so on. so this is a country in that both employers and also for kerry and also what is said that
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sign is that the osce with auntie supervise the implementation of the de escalation steps. karen at the same time washington says it's ready to impose further sanctions on russia if it doesn't stick to the deal. do you think moscow's been toppled. it's part of the bargain. that's a good question and we are awesome and also to the ukrainian foreign minister and he said that she's a confident even though they will not have disagreements do in the negotiations teachings and the russians are committed to war did about but i think everyone he wanted to make sure that dosh a really good of us. that's probably why carry out piled the pressure saying that if russia doesn't problems and the promises they will come when out with friends as saying that the sanctions karen a key part of this deal talks about the legal groups disbanding. oh what a local exactly are these kids that they're talking about that's one of the question of life that remains. it
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really mean to me it turned me into a deep frying down one of those groups who designed them sold as the amount of things that are open and i think that's also why it's so cool so that they agreed today that delay's seat would supervise this implementation because otherwise. um i think russia and ukraine which candidate to lead these diplomatic problems there soon again but the next phase would be very crucial. karen how things are joining us from geneva. all of us hawks did show signs of progress tensions between russia and ukraine remain high quality ukraine and that's a ban on all russian men between ages sixteen and sixty from entering the country the move to moscow described as disgusting. here's diesels in being stepped up in the steam train soldiers to set up checkpoints on the main read it read onions and cheese. because of an operation to try some weapons from reaching five russian great. russia's largest
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airline error of law says that many passengers affected like eons travel ban will be refund if the feds. instead the exceptions of the embargo will only be made in extreme cases. right i reporter bro money on tango joins us now on the line from donetsk from in ukraine tightens its controls on russians entering the country as we just heard and felt that this is that they're not going to stand down there untill the pro europeans in kiev are cleared out. content is the situation there right now. you know woot. gordon. which is which but under the surface people are saying that that might be too chicken to keep it low. and they should. to
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the news from geneva. people are skeptical the development going. why is it all. hope you find to be enshrined in our homeschool. all those and then into what she was due to the forward pocket need i remind you that it during the he went to. that would become an agreement signed by the tentacles demonstrators. especially the so called right after that. of all to match. no we don't accept it said. i'm so he could be. looking at the top of the demonstrators will pay no we don't accept it. thanks for joining us
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from donetsk we apologize for the quality of the call allow those talks were going on in geneva russian president simon goodwin was holding a live televised question and answer session in moscow and sis in law seed for alison thompson hall whose today she's the one order of the meantime the syrians an old lady olsen in russian which tries to reclaim alaskan from the united states. don't go to people to ask obama would rescue him from drowning failed but that the crisis in eastern ukraine phallic it that authentic russian viewers and the world wants to know out. the cdm with the mission the other intrusions annual question and answer show has become a trademark of his terms in office. and with the broadcast coinciding with talks in geneva last week it was clear that ukraine would be a major topic only. putin denied that russia was stoking the conflict and said kiev should've done more to seek dialogue with the russian speakers in
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eastern ukraine. two certificate and then fielded a question from former nsa employee edwards snowden who asked about russian surveillance program. if putin told snowden who was granted asylum in russia that they had something in common use it. we will shake me and you are a foaming agents and in the past i have something to do was to have a chance the leisurely will tilt between the stones as professionals. it would be great but still an amazing kid. but instead he talked about ukraine in your program confirms something that kiev and the west have long suspected the family. for those in love because it was russian soldiers who stood behind the self defense forces of crime and not acted in a decisive and professional manner which could otherwise he would simply not been possible to hold the referendum will this is cooked through ten insisted russia was not involved in the conflict in eastern ukraine. but he said it did not have to stay that
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way most of them and issued a firm warning to people think they know that within the scope may i remind you that russia's federation council granted a president trying to use on balls in ukraine so great. fortune magazine's the pool. i very much and i will not be used and trying to spill and we will be able to sew on current issues in ukraine you will find political and diplomatic means they will re do my hair but now it was a clear signal as the foreign ministers were meeting in geneva. russia has no intention of backing down in what it considers its backyard. now to south korean ferry disaster questions are being asked about what exactly happened when the vessel ran into trouble with one crew member. and of course is that there was no immediate orders to speculate when the ship began to list they're also reports that the captain was one of the funnest people to leave the vessel. meanwhile the search for survivors continues about two hundred eighty people are still
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missing family members of the missing can do little more than stand at the coast and whoa. while at the side of the wreck. rescuers struggled with difficult conditions. or this or that you can see the divers from kia as i'm trying to get to the ship in pairs but they just can't do it. strong currents and bad weather had hampered rescue efforts almost three hundred people are still missing and many of them could be trapped inside president partly paid visited the scene to boost morale among rescuers. one hundred fifty divers are risking their lives in the underwater search. prime minister joan home on was met with angry shouts when he visited parents. relatives are demanding more rescuers and are angry at the lack of information. but the cause is still unknown. it's good to him during questioning by coast guard's the captain of
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the ship said he's sorry and ashamed. officials say the ship was only slightly off course. and according to unconfirmed reports the captain was one of the first to leave the ship meanwhile a six year old girl has become a symbol of the tragedy. south korean television has broadcast these images of her rescue but while she made it to safety. her brothers and parents are still missing business news and to china's social net when wei but has made its debut on wall street's placing says on the nasdaq stock exchange and the issue was under subscribed and accompany dad to the chinese waiter had to settle for seventeen dollars a share at the lower end of the offer range. investors are reportedly concerned that censorship in china might curtail the value of the service. still the shares have jumped more than forty percent during the day straight. european carmakers have a reason to breathe a
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little easier. new figures suggest the sector is picking up speed after of very long friends coming to st in romans one of the vehicles were sold across. the maths that's ten percent more than a year ago. and this seventh month in the right that sales have risen. but i think is due to still remain well below the pre crisis that is despite that long term trends in the market is still school planted the peas imagine how sensible it. dl says mall for a fact treatise didn't believe in a happy ending of the german stock market back to good news from the european conflict and the u s job market erased or yell all says the decks and a two week high here. you think i'll make this can be much more relieved car states rose again in march to seven months now by telling them yell at the end of the prosecution and is the most important treatise its conscience supported projects. india's stock
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market is also a good way to re cover it up the screens filled today released the very last scene before the crisis the peak on me the skills to thank linda was similar to the market numbers than in more detail flee stopping all that good access and enormous one clean percentage point higher at ninety four to nine years of safety not quite so strong gains offset higher at one fifty five seconds now but he's still under way in to us and does pretty much wanted men to sixteen thousand twenty four c and as you can see your credit rating for a bit of a bundle of thirty eight. well friends this has began a series of traditional events in the lead up to easter. it is attempting to isolate the masses in pieces clad in rome he then traveled to a rehabilitation center well just in case the thieves have to say. in an unknown catholics. someone has sparked controversy among catholics in the cost skimming the commemorates
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jesus this man is he too was his disciples in a short sem christians. we think of each other and help each other coming up the biggest democracy in the world go to the polls in the indian elections will take a closer look at elections also in algeria in london. ew. for it
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you'll all. they placed a kiss today india's huge elect star and two hundred million people were eligible to cast their ballots. if the halfway point of the bout which will take five weeks to complete an opinion poll suggests the win for the hindu nationalist bjp over the governing congress party the bjp is believed to have them and write messages use any act of going to rot when he's popular thanks to the state's strong economy with india's overrule the commie flagging and is seen as a trump card in this election but his congress opponents accuse him of being a religious fanatic in two thousand q he was blamed for not doing enough to prevent
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an outbreak of violence against muslims and glycerin an owner still seems to linger even though twelve years that pass ceasefire and the year rates to these buildings. there in the heart of oman got the capital of good cheer up state. seventy people were killed here simply because they were muslim. telling someone dares to return to the site where his son and two brothers were murdered in the killings occurred in their own home yet in the ppi died at the hungry you only get it that we lost everything. call me anything when i come back here after so many years. she lit a candle. they destroyed our lives yet it still hurts me to move we make it liao salim barely managed to escape. masri topic burning killing and raping the violence continued for weeks claiming over a thousand lives. charred
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bodies lace around the city as hindus took revenge on muslims. many blamed for a train fire that killed dozens of hindu pilgrims. many people includinghot state government did too little to stop the violence. and i have no doubt who's to blame the den and current chief minister narendra modi may only need a pretty good money as a dictator a religious fanatic who sows discord between groups. what a lovely lake. this is molly. others consider him a political star he was never proven that he was responsible for the violence. now he wants to govern all of india. a car salesman kawasaki will assist children from bali. he's very pleased that our businesses going. he's also muslim and says want us to be able to leave the past behind
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sometimes ruthless during pbl facing up before the last frontier of the wine or even what johns is play golf the drag drop which is lost we did almost all great deals many indians considered kosher ah ma state. it's closing above average growth people say the roads are better than the number of power blackouts is declining there are no more water shortages that's enough to hold politicians to an election style. modi is considered a man who can make quick decisions keane extra tracks and large companies to the region. not everyone is feeling the effect of the upswing. former say they're being forced to give the plants make way for new roads that they speak of growing inequality. lote is taking land away from farmers and giving it to the managers know that he's making the rich richer and the pore over it. but having just a few kilometers away. if you are listening to what
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the farmers had to say. many indians are paying their hopes on the week. he believes he'll bring change to the country. and for more on the indian elections were joined now by tw correspondents onion from attack. sun doesn't feel great that the economy is looking likely to win selection for monday when sophie looks that way you know most balloons and suggests that sound economy is the single young men on one issue on voters' minds in india. and that it's not hard to imagine what that is the mean you have a slowing economy you know you've high inflation people. in india the competing for places high fuel prices so subtly the economy is important in this election but i think it's a simple mentioned yet is still more the zone track record as before not support the idea. he's reminded to turn around the state does not attract foreign investment in on something that used it so much to do in in india. i think gun if he can replicate those sliver fuzzy promises to do when the national level. now i can see that's really going on
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when with photos here. and yet he is a controversial think it is empty and see it today that the head of the congress party sonia gandhi as he describes him as a religious fanatic and he is there any truth in that. or is that really desperation on us. standing on the scene of the atonement of caution and the selection and you can also see you more western attacks in this. in this election. in other colors but the looks likely to be duties to its lowest number of seats in parliament that in indy kits that looks like it's heading for a crushing defeat and yes even into but that statement because in the light. but i still think that it also underlines on the country on fiona's in india especially among india's growth in the tunnel on the english speaking media that many of the ozarks. what kind of tyndale begun to see if the baby takes up an activity you know that it appears that two nights. they kinda sick of the fabric of india. if he comes along sailor was around half of
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india's population is under the age of twenty six all our young people going to the polls and whether the issues that are driving like i said the knitting economy is the single most issue but keep the deacon anyone comes to young people liking the woods. point a job as the single most pressing issue because the fact remains that india's on quantity not creating top of scenery you have an estimated twenty million people joined the locals every year. and the not enough chops to go around and twenty jobs to means and a big issue to people. i found a comic i think the jennings has to deal with an alpha. the key loving and some other news now. polls have now closed in algeria us presidential election where over twenty million people were eligible to not worth anything having to decide whether to re elect seventy seven year old abdel aziz who simply can't to a full time some snaps in the streets against that and
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some of his bosses in the twenty oh two to defeat it is still expected to win that he's not the former well suffered a stroke last year joining us now from the capital allergies his country rockies north africa bureau chief of the new news agency voices that has enjoyed at a festival test lab but she has been going to have been some reports of trouble a trio of puppet regime according to the government of around thirty seven so what you want to know what the people the kid with a duck like a pauper that out. the cake and to mitigate in areas outside the boat is too small but that of a black thing and to top off with her. the few dozen people to get it. here is the stronghold of the top to keep what they call it
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the top of the cold or cough it tasted nice the paper the kop report that some trouble in those areas. i'm going to start cleaning it up here you could talk to the local orthodox life when he bolted when called the event and won an emmy chasing a setback connection in this election it isn't as it's slightly bizarre is that of the impressive feat is too old to campaign he's barely been seen in for months. and yet he is predicted to win damages the whole thing of the darshan. he occasionally that couldn't wait to go after the election. of course it goes by. it is the author this blanket with a pocket cool. how could you
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want like he does tend to be confronted. i go to war with the milk payout of that appeal to the pumpkin. i'm off to the patient now being there to cover the cost of looking for the full quote. i can be but the people who do not. with his puppy dog eyes to that level. i'm in a rubber ball pretending to be there with a walkabout only the brave enough about what they wanted to do a couple of coffee that i wanted him to shoot the other day that the photo with it. note that for the golf club. i'm looking for the record is about change. i like who doesn't love it love it there is a lot of people off to think about. jamie can actually do those things famous antique monkey in algiers. thank you in gemini the government has released its annual report on trucks
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the number of deaths related to drug use rose in twenty thirteen for the first time in the npc and double years officials say they're especially a line by the growing popularity of crystal meth which is highly addictive and poses considerable health risks the berlin rehabilitation center countdown specializes in cold turkey addiction treatments without using medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. staff care for patients around the clock. the center's philosophy is that patients who check in here should feel the effects of how drugs have harmed them. my suspicion that most people started out just experimented with cannabis. and it seems to me that they're starting younger and younger. nowadays kids are having their first experiences of age twelve or thirteen and it turns into regular consumption. they begin taking other substances later speed. cannabis remains the most commonly used illegal drug in germany but its synthetic drugs like in especially crystal meth that
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are spreading fast this crystal meth users quickly become addicted to drugs damages nerve cells and ravages the body. the german government's commissioner for drug related issues is concerned about its spread the seven percent rise in new users last year. england is in this group and it basically if certain people who believe that crystal meth can help them reach their goals. meet the demands they place on themselves to perform better. those groups include students athletes but also career professionals but quitting crystal meth is extremely hard. the berlin therapy centers says that even when patients are successful in breaking the addiction. they're still left with lasting physical effects. that's all for now thanks to watching santa this year and easily the yen. i
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have. he is. i know. and skill. use. nor did it yesterday. the devil to get him to resign. tsk tsk tsk
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lee. dvds. the rule the under the hood. yours. i like it i'm quite sure. i might as well as some. it meant. right now
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