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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 18, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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and twitter the top story on the m a c networks. wind name moving with them. i shopped turns to anger and south korea families of those on board the sunken ferry remain hopeful as they demanded answers. investigators focused their attention to the captain and crew the deal was reached over ukraine's escalating tensions that us president barack obama remains cautious the kremlin will hold up it's part of the park. and the world of this is a literary giant columbia's gabriel garcia marquez passes away at the age of eighty seven. the author stories of love and longing but to hope that the magical realism on
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the map. headland temples the cake. thanks for joining us. they begin with the rescue effort in the tragic ferry sinking in south korea. hundreds of passengers are missing most of them high school students after a ship capsized on wednesday. all of the four hundred and seventy five people onboard hundred and seventy nine have been rescued and two hundred and sixty eight are missing the brothers has hampered rescue efforts at this friday in the search for survivors is still going on as friends and family standby in shock fostering cats and so has the details. the rescue effort continues perhaps all these only come back to their prayers. in the wheeling dealing and please don't tell i want to jump into the woods and let them get on my health warnings on to the water. i guess it is not unknown to me jumping into the water with them is optional. after all
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the parents deal with the enzyme. almost three hundred passengers on the campsite fairy mostly young students are still unaccounted for. residents are frustrated by the way the rescue has advanced hundreds of deliveries and no canteen cranes are working at the site. and yet be able to get inside the hall the survivors had been planning since the day of thinking. to become the signs are saying that the captain of the ferry. investigators say he wasn't a of a time of the disaster. he faces a criminal inquiry after reports he was one of the first to be efficient the ethics and contact appropriate that many kids have been alive. it's a mini hats the city gets greasy and wrinkles as the crooning also followed safety protocol the population began to race onto the ferry began lifting will manipulate passengers when it detects all i will devote thirty four degrees
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the column on the color the sky. passengers were reportedly ordered to stay in cabins instead of being brought to evacuation point rico says those trapped in cabins me and being able to survive initially in air pockets but the chance of remaining a lifetime to teasing free kick towards her teeth extremely slim. stand by your words or face more sanctions that's us president barack obama has a message to russian leader vladimir putin it follows that thursday's unexpected deal which is reached by russia and ukraine and end the escalating tensions in ukraine and with it the worst east west crisis since the cold war. but for his part president obama remained skeptical that the kremlin will keep its word. last week we have put in place additional consequences that we can impose on the russians if we do not see actual improvement of the situation on
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the ground. and we are forgiving now with our european allies. we as he prepares to potentially. a response to what continue to be. the efforts of interference by the russians and the eastern and southern ukraine. i was broke obama speaking of thursday from the white house. so the deal hasn't been reached in geneva but how will it affect tensions on the ground in ukraine. trust and have met with a one a ukrainian separatists in the eastern donetsk region he says he will bow to pressure from kiev that he expects the country to split into the self proclaimed people's republic of the donetsk was about a chuckling at the entrance to the thomas crown land. and he finds that he is the tenth just a different route in eastern ukraine. surrogate ukrainian was able to suck his diversion look amount of self defense units she says she's glad the locals just like him
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they haunt the identity for field prosecution under the new separate its north is beautiful here. mia michaels from slow the odds. we don't live in a russian see them if anyone feels we'll see if they are wrong with people the following new sata said his movement is motivated by frustration at auction in the central government people seem to me this week you can watch this. steak is now in heaven. he was going to venture back like police and claimed it would be protected on the right time he's going to push he sees as the book's contents. get the more lucrative. wilson is in some places it is like acc's temples and establishing new government agreed to promote a nine to prosecute it. they have peace when making this into a thick of it to the opinion that the city but there we are acting exactly the same way same behavior affected
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the lid and cook them why are we back and it occurred to him were pursuing report in the cover. i gave the growing business and east and west ukraine. portion the country apart. but he says he spoke to the people to decide what the future they see the nation. community use. a neighbor to report either become a separate small but mikey country will be part of russia there. we have christians they are camping in the past i don't know if the pinochet ukraine to get through it. any agreement signed by the national media seems unlikely to have any effect at the local level here. the center of the demise of the people they say that represents our backs algeria supporters up as abdel aziz but if the guy had been housed in the streets celebrating this despite the fact results of yesterday's presidential poll had not yet been announced ailing seventy seven year
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old in common is expected to win a controversial fourth term. but that is because main rivals claim them as broadband but hey. already rejected the boat posting cats have been our strength has more knowledge it the forces of president in twenty feet. i'm very kiev for them this is a fourth time in office for the aging president. they were out on the streets of mt is truly the mound in cars that land mammals waiting the algerian like setting off my legs set of reading late into the night staying with the fake here we go on to it if you get sick of them. it all down to a man minded and heading into these elections if you are honest we all do with any other outcome like it was still waiting for official results they haven't got the tickets on it and i'll be comforting to hear nancy says that fifty one point seven percent of ages ten down today the opposition that criticize mistake a
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segment that had been inflate it. during the day yesterday we didn't see a quiche. he took out the lines of people out of eighteen stations here in algae as we have to say that i'm not that it's not all presidential election with seventy find descendants close the table all week. he squeaks and so that the diplomats american diplomats will most probably more out of twenty to thirty percent saying a lot of people was staying with ms told the support as the president already saying they claim victory. kathleen norris and reporting man the latest in the abduction of the scorers of the nigerian schoolgirls the country's military says that most of the students are still missing. only twenty of up to one hundred and twenty nine girls have been returned but that announcement contradicts the previous statement by the military that said most of the girls had been freed. authorities are still combing the city so forest in search of the students were kidnapped on monday. the storm
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the united nations base in south sudan killing at least twenty people and injuring seventy others. the attack took place it on the globe or no that's some two hundred km north of the capital juba it's one of the most bitterly contested regions in the four month long conflict which is leading the country but just under five thousand civilians are sheltering there inside the un base un has condemned the attack this attack on a location where civilians are being protected by the united nations is a serious escalation. the secretary zhao reminds all parties that any attack on united nations peacekeepers is unacceptable and constitutes a war crime medical experts say the umbrella of drinking has been caused by a new strain of the deadly virus the outbreak the first recorded in west africa has so far killed one hundred and twenty two people with not one hundred and ninety seven
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cases declared since the start of the year the virus can spread easily among humans making achievement and can't even process very difficult. we are hooked on crossfit and recreate a shipping center to house to continue to be that the epidemic. today for new patients the right. we want to stay anonymous. to put some pics taken to test the virus. some police and was in cold storage and summarized in a secure the birch tree. it is possible is already suspected to have to protect or so with that. that means two pairs of gloves had tea and a mosque nothing is left to chance here. then he waits he takes three hours for the results to come true. soon it will not just the odd sense of them knowing that we tested too close to losing the twenty c yesterday on my list. its manifesto for tea and medical team has just
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been part of apatow is a need to separate the infected patients from the healthy ones. the ad asked about the kidneys fail and it's taking a nice line from the same family and to lift them up because it is to say we have to break up comedy it's difficult since there isn't a vaccine or medication to treat the virus had been the victims are simply cats hydrate it in their forties for cover. thanks to all the progress it is much more encouraging. in the middle the club. more recently he has to be to correct it. it's a fairy princess. the space of three weeks to the speed and sent it and people have died. the tab is likely to mount a penal fortunate looking for a second chance toronto the scandal ridden man has officially launched his campaign for reelection rob ford acknowledged a rocky moments over the past
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year. embattled leader admitted to smoking crack cocaine during what he called a drunken stupor. that prompted the city council to stepford of most of his government power. the boat will be held this october and ford's vowed to fight harder than ever to win the public's confidence . i can't tell you how much that needs to be with family. all the people total worried. great debt of gratitude. you are the salt of the year . ryan's friends he loves our city tonight
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love your bed. master of magical realism that brought the soul of latin america to millions of readers around the world. get the best the imac has died on thursday age of twenty seven. dr found international fame in nineteen sixty seven with one hundred years of solitude claudia has declared three days of national mourning for the noble prize winner was considered the voice of the names. fox has. well wishes that linked him to leave the lid to get him to teach and to him in a hurricane within colombia. he then commanded to always gamble with no chance perhaps the twentieth century's greatest minds here in spanish. don't send them a week for the nation. we ate on the clean the inside and because he won the nobel prize for the treats are then he was from one country in the queue was important for all the fuss society. he
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represented us culturally around the well. janine valuable malls. it is too late. so they can think is where it remained for the oh well it's music that gives me great satisfaction. and to sell some of that. many dreams and i went and opened up a winning team finland and iceland. me and has declared a three day national mourning for the man whose genius with a tilt at the open team at tm to buy his history of latin america. neil said i'm going to eliminate many magic religion. when i weigh. she placed it at that rate. i like don't commit to face lift. he hadn't been to d if you treat an analytic an idea what appeals to me than the peruvian consent to pay tribute what. the we got silver or grey driver has
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dried. it was more broad grey prestigious recognition to the literature of our language. his novels or survive him and will continue to win over readers all over the world. it's about a kid interest in my teeth will be cremated at a private ceremony in mexico city. i might haunt her selection course i had to stay with us welcome to the business into the one mile east on some songs is renowned for its b will proceed in its debut single scene is the easiest ways to do business today on speaking to a mom who's trying to change just that the only question that is the co chair of a presidential panel that's announced fifty measures aimed at saving billions of euros for french companies it's part of a pledge to cut red tape and take a walk in that fits the french
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president has stopped a simplification show you what's going on is a seasoned ceo he used to be diggin it by ear or tomko was not just shopping center owner and operate to last ge change the more entrepreneurial track becoming the chief executive of the stocked up with ian. which that specializes in sustainable housing and construction welcome to the program possible. thank you to know you want to cross to become less bureaucratic you come up with this list of fifteen dishes which also published in english some might be surprised to hear that. it's about some of these measures they you will suggest that i took a book about how complex the strands and old niece to put youtube esperance bcp hats. when it comes to meal being the genius when it comes to who knows something of a new business. he and i think it's one of the issues that trunks caltrans can actually correct quite easy many of which is different is facing. and the yield that
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is you don't also an aunt decided that he should be a priority. and the he decided to toss until it comes to full seem to be patient which basically regrouped with disabilities the commute from the company's private companies seeded suns that if people from trade unions have limitations and it will all work together under a concrete single mission is to see the ties the day the life of the private businesses picasso and give as good as it takes to grayson's we are going to simply think that there is a basic based gp something which is extremely competed in this country almost no one can get into the pastry wheel mean you need to take steps to come basically he's he's usually on two pages and when we compared the french pastry between the dutch were once friends such as jumping in holland. please keep these pipelines in front of me for the fifty lines. greta i was
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reading you are such that it costs and prawns fifty to one hundred and fifty euros parent please come on thats right to administer and papa's to the correct and on and that's only means that the bill would cost if you just talk about the pics down cos it's morning to four hundred euro. it's twice the average twice the outrage of the worldwide average is eleven years he hoped conference a distance itself from you the billboard missed the average practice and that the cuban dance practices. so we want to see decide that something that is going to be done. we are looking for school to change the way the bills that taxis are excited to announce that it caught the tiwi be folded in all the taxis which is something which was very bad headaches. the us government which is to decide the new attacks diesel contends that one of taxis. he'll come up to some but they put tv from the first of january. this is going to be over. we also are
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going to see the time of construction the new deal pension of beating them it's the open showed up changes in zoning regulation or theses very complete the team competed to entice you into a situation where it takes sometimes twenty s fourteen s two new buildings in a good chance that some eye candy pop and soul into something new to change post it on i tried making them into a paste and cook for us that something which is just you know how to deal with these measures make the real difference though some people would probably say that safety measures that it's a drop in the auction. ye that's right it is only t beginni wke'venly been looking foremnd we scream own sweet time goals. e teenagers someplace measures u details sometimes you know. mr spoke were all freezing when i could put ut. the county's going to produce ten men chose to put it the tenacious amounts. the union to you know sometimes stupid
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complexity. the state sworn to our preschool science this is not the whole team down so no taxis all the dumb cese to put patients will call on two years at the chronicle for labor. so you know i think the skin to be fooled easily. and it's just common sense and we're going to produce those nations. i think that they could to come. today the honors of companies which are contributing to our website for vehicle to get the ideas which are very basic yet you know that simple ideas that can change your guts for the day to day to day life it is all going well for these ideas is so low. it's good to students images that you want implemented as a businessman you know that it is all about implementation. when will these measures actually come into effect and the beauty and the big difference week or so seem to be patient that had been taken into pots because it's not the first time front seats into boats into the kitchen it's the hair on that
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the difference is that dis ease. something which is supported by the pa's you don't like and eight by the prime minister. the sick and the frenzied of both nations which have been decided right then. they tidied endorsement has been prepared to give up with the french administration which is due to the hubby and this being the chang's. it's a kind of cool pilates work to cope with diction work if you wish to impose measures are not going to be people with depression research and thinking what the suppression its mission and that's why before you pass fail and that's why he's going to succeed the sky the presses this into fine paste of twenty will not come into effect. this is probably the most difficult of course it's just it's okay because called this one. we need to cook the prawns because we need to recall all the tools they need to load the you know me too that actually collect tools to support charges. and it's neat to be the state's own dialogue with the trade union thinks that
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are equally good that he could be done because it is necessary because owns the center told the people of the companies want it to be and it's been simple to make the right wing left wing sweet savannah protested that it would be sweet when you don't need some some some time but you have an hbo over all the stuff we have the stupid tax reporting. in france that one piece. if you pay. two in the loop with a company you are going to pay the fees ninety two and accountants on to a know it will more than cecil and you'll need to recall that in a separate report in next to it affects people. you know we've read books he's been up to death if he actually says o pre computed he took over the lake but let them go with the one thousand six hundred pages which earned a b that at the next administration tool which will then be up in the scene once a week i get to bed so that they do we. we believe that this can be just
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the race to be weak and stupid. and he's the best recession one two of the information it cost information. though the school's legal team we want. there is also some some some recon for agriculture we are going to be dead wood to create a cool p i keep in touch with most companies if you wish. we've only to the two farms to the unique set of songs i need to increase the local switching to simply try to count and that suited to that tomorrow you would in most cases do not need to study accounting for the was until tops of what to change tack to the debate and talk about you and you will still experience last year you get a sea change career as he went from being the chief executive of tuna byron time go when you walk all the mccain all european shopping centers now you're on with him which is a small stop shop specializing in between in housing the actu building dead. ecologically friendly houses. what has that experience been like and want to walk part of that
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experience. are you bringing to you george all that standing on the opel will this be to put the sticky experience he has lied to the need for attention from the beach stupid thank you to lose their small boat back to the fronts the abuser you know it moves me to be morbid it goes much faster. you know the rounds the ropes. so it's it's a very different experience. one day on the specializing in costs to meet the team reaches the new repositioning it would cost to where. today you can be towards which basically replace concrete walls and the cocoa to give up it's free and quick a cool attractive building. it's twenty nine more insulating in kentucky consideration it's this evil trap sweet century. this puts you into which isn't that sweet spot at the carmel old you are and what to do and the husband to go into the pool will be good and matt taylor meets the biggest revolution in beating that they will get over the past but yes it's
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costing me make the team that is just amazing. the school taught us into the frame house. are you at the end of the unknown actor it into the wood house but the pieces of jewelry creations. in terms of speed in toronto stuart to intensify on monday to kill the venetian and we think we don't know how z's we doing or so the court this week doing a pc's we do in the condominiums up to a seven eight and stories. so cos the new tt day something which probably deserve some attention come up for my thoughts are with the experience though you bring you from that stall tops to two you'll roll is as canon of the simplification know what kind of experience have you seen it or not of becoming an entry tonight with the loudest when your small business your most missed the continued existence in front of the key to that state. and one of two reasons why crimes. the kiwi two thumbs up. smorgon medium
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size business use. although the aim to complete it because of a large groups and sporting groups which causes a piece of the fronds are extremely well equipped they can improve the lives they canceled the aisles and sometimes complexity it's difficult than doing to keep it that said as a barrier to entry. although international competitions. that sale price is too complex for me so you write that i may go to the uk a you know when to go to some of the countries with its business use more simple. so yes i can tell you that when you are in sport business uk school to keep the fish more than the other is meant to be groups the deaths of people seeing in them so what toys they shone. because you don't have four days old in a station which sometimes is just built inside the arch move to a deal and cope with complete. we have done it on the porcini thank you very much indeed open and after speaking with you today thank you thank you for the governor's wrap up this edition all this is to teach us what you asked. or. i i i
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and. i know. we are. i can
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in. the ch. one wall with the tv the state's seventy mary ann from home of course all right. yours are. but what with all seven games
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what a witch. ch. will . due to some two thousand to eight years in the first quarter of two thousand fourteen chile steady development of cars extend financial sector the report of an estimate was presented to the president today in light of the national fun exceed seventy million and increasing by almost twenty two percent over the year the longer it continues as well as investment and insurance sector deposit or fully reach ten trimming cheney the president gave instructions to the national bank in that the government to reduce the level of non performing loans facilitate the transition of the banking sector to as a priest and its strengthening consumer


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