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the new zealand chile and more. investigations are continuing to sell three as well as maritime accident in twenty one units which has seen a ferry capsized on a routine trip to the major port to be in jail and official looking into the tragedy has said that the sixty nine year old captained the has been in control of the ship at the time of the incident with the jr been so blessed and challenged the rescue operations still on getting experts believe it is unlikely that any of the hundreds of passengers still missing many of them
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students from high school in the soul will be felt in my life. dozens of people have already been found dead one of the other one hundred and seventy million of interest in family and friends of those involved in the event had been holding candlelight vigils and praised the little ones. is you. lebanese man arrested in thailand the suspected of having ties to hezbollah has reportedly admitted that he planned to attack these great eastern meal and getting all settled on the day the alleged plot was to take place in bangkok to the celts and ready with an impatient popular with israeli tourists in twenty twelve a similar plan was foiled by thai authorities apprehended and revealing report on israeli or jewish targets israel based isn't dealt a travel advisory to chance getting a four foot par save a warning that the threat of attack is britain during the holiday season. i eye. lou. i
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the cutest one day and more all eight ish. it all was that we were leaving the team in the fall the mall the twenty oz. be that need cleaning. jamal the show was nice to you. a giant me beyond union. i don't know the dog. as of. the what are
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true to the first time you make it that russian military forces have been active in the crimean peninsula speaking during a televised question and answer session with the center russian military had been supporting self defense groups ukrainian and russian mx last month following a widely disputed a referendum. it was widely ridiculed in the western press in march for insisting that so called self defense units in crimea were local militia is a native of volunteers. despite the advanced combat gear and clear evidence near a train but iraq's military. to receive present however went on to dismiss accusations that a russian forces were active in regions of eastern ukraine where pro russian separatists and the history of unrest in recent weeks ukrainian authorities say they contain about ten iraqi citizens in the region were said to have background in intelligence. ukraine accused russia of sending special forces and ukraine and of being behind the takeover of buildings in at least ten east ukrainian cities by pro russian separatists a charge
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that could see the knights up russian activists are now sees the mayor's office in ukraine's eastern city of genetics in a move which passed it is that the country's government has little control over the region kiev in recent days announce the launch of the anti terror operation to take faculty plight buildings in several towns ukraine's border with russia itself on the action. it is that had little success. ukrainian prime minister alison yet seen the look and several western allies say the kremlin is behind the unrest in east ukraine and yet seen the look has accused moscow of exporting terror to his country the russian government to deny such allegations that some observers believe russian president but in a putin who use the continuing chaos as a pretext to sending treats such tactics would mirror the scenes last month when russia invaded and annexed ukraine's crimean peninsula. however such an approach from the kremlin may know pre dawn likeable owing
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to a new report from the knights nations human rights office which says that ethnic russians in crimea falsely claims to be under attack in order to justify a russian involvement on the peninsula the paper states that quote greatly exaggerated stories of harassment of the ethnic russians by ukrainian extremist nationalist was systematically used to create a climate of fear and insecurity. the reason it's a case of your accusations leveled a small scope that it has been waging a campaign of disinformation in order to discredit the present eu government in kiev and incite unrest in east ukraine the report says that we do not have any credible evidence on the issues that would justify a concert on the power of the russian speaking of conditional ukraine. the people of russia also appear increasingly aware of kremlin propaganda with thousands of concerned citizens standing up for a rally in moscow over the weekend calling for freedom of speech and for an end to what demonstrate its end with lines about
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the situation in ukraine the russian government is also facing increasing pressure from the international community that many western countries no longer living to engage in diplomacy and instead seeking to accuse russia of rights spreading false information and providing unrest in east ukraine at a recent emergency session of the united nations security council the french ambassador went as far as who accused the kremlin to knowing the facts and pretending the internet's does not exist with. the jury selection has begun in the northeast late switch on radical islamist cleric becomes a accused of conspiring in nineteen ninety eight kidnapping in yemen that lead to four tourists being killed. the firebrand cleric is also accused of trying to set up a jihadi terror camp in oregon and of raising money this and it is to train in afghanistan the fifty fly through
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egyptian born mom who is using the name still the canal mustafa during the trial faces life in prison if convicted of the most serious charges against him. the beach users to gain all guilty and testified during a new trial the radical cleric was extra collected from the uk the us in twenty twelve at all the controversial program that allowed the newark police department it right down the everyday lives of muslims living in the city has been dismantled near me or things don't go classy and has a deeper commitment in a critical step forward to ease tensions between the truth and the communities they serve. like his predecessor michael bloomberg was a staunch defender of the nation's largest intelligence gathering operation outside the federal government program had been part of a massive anti terrorism campaign after the september eleven attacks involve sending plainclothes officers to need to head to the muslim majority word officers eavesdrop on conversations to detect
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plots. now dismantled surveillance program which has been criticized for violating the civil rights of the city's minority youth was called and investigation by the members of congress and the ncaa inspector general falling investigative articles published by the associated press in two thousand and eight. use thousands of from israel and around the world. one tory sleaze west and will for a massacre and its cause its enemies because of the holiday. worship is intended. what is called the priestly blessing which happens just three times the in the priestly this at this point on scene three consecutive this is from jewish holy book the torah one but it's a telling in a special song which is said to date back thousands of years emotionally it's one of a bid to gain the day getting to the cause though. all around the wards. not only
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name stated. iraqis are getting some tools like beaches unifying the nation are the rounds to quilt sew around the toe up the stereo and bills. so there is not sold there. altogether. huge crowds at the train had been irritable across israel this week as celebrate the cause of the holiday with some three hundred thousand people said to have visited the country's national parks in recent days and some fifty thousand heading to the beaches along the sea of galilee. united nations has released the human rights report regarding the ongoing crisis in ukraine. the report hints and russian provocation the un human rights chief is that the current situation in eastern ukraine is in danger of destabilizing the entire country this situation and the east if not adequately addressed as national priority. risks seriously
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just analyzing the country as a pro. those who exercise influence over the situation should take immediate action to halt the violence the bombing go protest this and its transformation into quasi foreign military forces must be stopped. anyone inside to violence and providing gongs to protest this can be held accountable for the resulting tragic consequences in russia responded to the report by accusing the united nations commissioner of bias. russian troops are currently mask on the border with ukraine various pro russian separatist groups have taken control of some ten regional government buildings in eastern ukraine western countries along with ukraine accused russia of orchestrating the takeover so cool. normally she assisted is russia must withdraw its troops from the border must stop this to the lies and it is a must
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stop yelling civil war and no one here is taken in it who assisted in kenya. i mean austin again soon. russia continues to deny that it has had anything to do with the unrest in eastern ukraine and continues to deny it sent troops into crimea last month before to annex the peninsula but the international community doesn't appear to imply a rush this story. with good company representatives of russia today. the new fantasy narrative about developments in eastern ukraine. i have no doubt the future independent reports from the office of the high commissioner for human rights will prove this new narrative dubious goals as the russian attitude on going mia has called principally been shown to be the kremlin is under increasing pressure from the international community with many western countries refusing to engage in diplomacy with russia in tv news in plain language and accusing russia of spreading false information and provoking unrest in east
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ukraine. i eye the womb using the world have discovered the potential in the juice to it. to be started to market vacations which a potentially lucrative with as we found out the one we attended the international mediterranean tourism market the portuguese tourism minister about once a mystique to noon this explains how his country has created a huge rope which are students who went to discover the country's very fascinating roots in the chinese tradition. we create so that the roots of the tv show magazine. with the jewish what does all over the country without plenty of time. and the map religious but also the cultural ways so it's not just of the beaches
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the point of view. that's jointly me about it the set up a coffee like its safety like this song to me. with tuition puts it also has to be a very good option for a holiday destination. i think that the plea deal for reasons not only the jewish legacy which is not important for the bottle top of recent statistic was hoping to sign a new house but toshack influenced the architecture planning. you can see in several places the jewish people in and out of villages imports which are clearly in that series inspired downtime i've been letting it and it's very it's it's very interesting. it's a new home with anthony and tourism authorities that means it is the resurgence of gh visitors to his country as well as places to get kosher food there is a juice cumin to tanzania on what to do my ten
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dollars and a rochelle in tanzania is his forte is merely following in the most hotels until it is the bus by it but they are the menu a bit of imported goods to his forte. the tradeoff is yet to brazilian embassy until the preaching of the guys still does but that very vibrant jewish history and life in her but the country priscilla has that i would say the second largest the jewish community in from every kind. it sat around at one hundred bed thousand people spread over brazil but maybe in some power will use any at all. the solace of the jewish race will find a very very warm community. we had a lot of seeing a box the brazilian free and not a racist. the brazilian built the land to sanitize them. i think that that was made to people all claimed to receive
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four innings and allowed them but they are legion. should be changed every trainee in brasil. my kids you'll find on the tree shall spare set the baby gate the pool kosher food. pah ad and you have wanted to eat and drink trademarks of products for but it's a different kind of stuff. and that you have been a tad slow ship with torrance going to be a problem buying kosher products as well. he then sold to push him once in a cruel to students at the european change prominent member of this country. jokes but the renaissance of them once in a quaint huge light which tourists can enjoy side by side with the ancient jewish history of the country one day ago had a really rich history. today's them and that now. weeks. a few words from europe and says
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parliament. we going to have i knew all. as dudley said his community montenegro resistant ago. and that causes center. so it's going to be amazing move every beaks that far. the juice tourism in montenegro. its appeal to the police to pt state ticket to the ministry of sports and tourism to school and is one of them was fascinating places in europe to trace the one that isn't cute jewish history owl at the i ask he still is sata during the second wage war on monument circle singing this time. i am the most important part of the jewish people introduced to is that the day so we acknowledge the sad smile and change things for instance the generation who took part in need to visit this place is back till dawn give me death body strength
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and the dude about the collapse of gold coast seats and had an interesting and faces new syllabus and content events as he bounced and this is i think that that also employed in the many bloody seek especially the beach the kids make more so than its bank draft off of cars that many kosher jewish nest of ants now added that the current buying tickets but still. ecuador is not a country that one associates with by a jewish life. it turns out it's up to me is the consulate put in israel tells us this country is one of the biggest many statues of kosher fruits in latin america we have our own one hundredth time you see a jewish families in ecuador it's a small community there mostly located in quito which is the capital and in the second largest cd which is why kick in the smaller community. and they are pretty much engage with the weather in the eye of the team is out. the small
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migration blood that has been there for a period of time we have seen the votes of course a ball being kicked on in any way they kidding me how the community managers there are unseen and bones we leave for some of them bring their rabbis from home on easter and this close to restaurants to understand is that some one hundred. i mean isn't that a divided slope not so much. but they do their own communities and they i know that the cup meetings every friday i studied what we produce songs and kosher food for the animals most of the united states market haitian ambassador to israel killed two more new pics talks about the fascinating tool. he was with who went to compass to the traditions of both the skin of the hands of the. the trip was present in his country interested in different years of vicious or can cause changes in position and the inner north to consider the tradition has
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leapt from reputed for some pull the old jewish presence and to up to and do it we knew a jewish presence and assume the wishes of the famous boston the two in the list was a jury cinematography but you know the funeral for his new film in the regional their location and trade show vocation is to preserve those calls during descent so some of these years to two tourists to visit the sport with another little cousin in the film. it is fascinating to see how many countries have tapped on to the potential of the lucrative into stories in most cases bring with them. the high end of the spending habits. jn one i'm wrong jacobson and to love me. i read the elite extended to the books from a
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source rex known as ammo are falling falling falling which bryan me of some sixty five million years to come discovered in montana in nineteen ninety act as an umpire to the media of the smithsonian natural history museum in washington the t rex of formally been on display in what's called the tech crimes of the museum of the repeats in boston and one time not before taking a cross country runner trip to washington via fedex the fall so that the guide for long cause of the powerful than two months and months of not apply to stop and rode in silence. if the precept of the museum of the rockies six is the population and is now being referred to as the knights in his t rex we're unveiling what is called a molar five five five also known as the walpole rex also known as the nation's t rex. he was a nearly complete tyrannosaurus rex discovered in nineteen eighty eight on the shore of the fort peck present or in eastern montana and it lay in the ground much as it died. on the shores of listerine. in
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montana. just over sixty six million years ago. this presentation was so good that erases all the top five skill that restaurateurs ever discovered. the t rex will tell him despite of the in two thousand the unknowing tape and in the exhibition is to spy is the history of going on up until then the next debate will undergo the most extensive renovation of an exhibition in the museum's history and is expected to attract some eight million visitors each year. i. chinese labourers messaging service similar to twitter has raised less than expected talent and eighty six million dollars in its initial offering in the us labour controlled flight with paulson company signed a colt sold sixteen point eight million american depository shares at seventeen dollars each for the ipo to sources involved in the offering said the company whose name means
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my crew called in chinese and only a plan to sell twenty million shares for as much as nineteen dollars each decided to price in the low and because of recent stock market turmoil taken a leap in technology says. since its launch in two thousand and nine labour has become a major online forum for discussion. a place where it's nearly one point four three million users talk about everything from korean soap operas to chinese politics box like many other internet phones the company has to operate within china is heavily scented and tightly controlled media and finance. with als ipo comes ahead of another chinese offering which is said to be made like the coolest joints out the bulb out of the bible is expected to raise about fifteen billion dollars this year in what could be the biggest internet ipo since facebook's listing in twenty twelve as you the swifts chilling to coax teams had good times to post about talk it up delivering water since necktie since
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we've been the most remote parts of the well i have acquired some how would run like a toy to narrow spots late in the bacardi developing of the royalty of sonic palette atmospheric such blood runs which are capable of going to altitudes of up to sixty five thousand feet remaining aloft for as long as floyd is just likes having a week's time of just one hundred and sixty five ft considerably short of an appalling seven seven seven the deal that is set to cut the cables efforts to deliver internet access remote regions of the welsh lost to a tutorial it's a small network of students is on until it begins next contest either the southern hemisphere adopt a spot to exclude. this acquisition of toys and comes just weeks off decided to make it on and on my to relate both bikes will announce plans to build saga which runs on six looks capable of gaining instant access to the benefit cost of the welsh just weeks before this announcement i spoke to someone dumps the ring discussions to acquire likes
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them. use . london based artist david clinton has been very active in a period showing is art that says prestigious been used as the museum of modern art in new york beach national bn now in socal it because the house in between. or the lakes is good to gallery in london. now he's back home with an exhibition which gives a unique perspective on his art spread over three floors at the teller the museum. when we asked mr if he feels london is a better place to work as an artist. we received a very unexpected answer. and thanks for being here. the optician is famous for. so much attention given to ikea so many places to show. i mean did maybe there's so much on
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monday. but the truth. you know. for the content of herits the talk we know your seat you see that this world knowing where. it's not that i don't die and don't undermine his name the counties. the officer handed to the sport and three i've realized that she just crazy. here are all very comfy in both places. i think the adjacent to the women who can step into the displays in the new london came to me and cindy and the inside of it morality is too difficult the seat to radio tv museum of art bell and pizza. it means giving plasma too weak to create a retrospective exhibit was almost mission impossible. beats me a second chase the sockets and he's still waiting in
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the philippines and me asking if i determine where you pay for the last twenty years all the museums i wished her concerns to stick it. corinth was like a keen interest and you know i was like sitting in the telling thing that the strike. authorities in experiment than anything man who needs a new painting machines that kind of comedy he reached the point that the whole or in his one man show. that was. it means to be an optimist. because you cannot. now it is. the range of folks from tt's the truth is if the enemy act. today we went to look for a store that had buried on undertaking but it is true. she mentally ill she walks around with their favorite plasma painting which i was on her i phone allison is well known in israel as a great art lover and donor to help the museum of art. she's currently
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construction on the tenth of august century and one. so fast. this eighty nine of ten years ago peso which it down to give the gallery standing there quietly and i said to the crusades and what does it and enter into all the time displayed on every billboard oh so fun in it not just entertainment and it's wonderful. in two months into the move to the center for arts and music in the quantity of cup day i present my collection and on listings as well. i know. in addition to being a working artist klinsmann it is also helping a whole new generation of artists get their skills as a teacher at the royal college of arts in london which in one on one jacobson at the museum of arts in toby. i the woo hoo
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i mean. rudy. i mean. to me did i. i mean. i did. will they do. to heal. i think it
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through. you know. i think
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it. the and when you read. i wanted to affect on race and politics. the mine to attend a symposium on the dance i dance and act in the ascendant copper tape was seventeen he maintained a smile on his face throughout the entire event the protesters holding some flowers outside the venue and scholars on the plaque cards inside of the neil tried to disrupt


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