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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 19, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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just to catch listen to the day. because breaking news top twenty. so much either or situation the stock. while. gordon use
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for french hostages held captive in syria are free the journalists were kidnapped last june found by a turkish military the syrian turkish border the captain of the capsized soft green fairy defends his deleting calculation orders he says has fewer passengers would shrink away. this is either see bodies floating inside the vessel. ukraine's a deal to nowhere. russian military refused and the occupation of government buildings in the east as russia denies having any influence. it's becoming a star prospect. we begin with breaking news out of syria for french hostages held captive since last july had been released. eduardo of the acid epa has taught me that anna and can't tell that's all journalists were founded by a turkish military on the border between syria
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and turkey many found them this saturday now according to reports were found on with their hands and bowed and eyes blindfolded and this only ufo conference according to the french presidential palace all four men are in good health. they're on their way back to france will know details about the conditions of that there will be so have been provided will of course on bringing the latest on this developing story out as it comes and into the newsroom. now let's head to south korea were after fighting the strong current and near zero visibility for today's dive teams have finally reached the passenger decks of the submerged fairy divers have reported seeing several bodies had been unable to retrieve them. this video vicinity and i'm a rookie so three what is true we don't know one of the cabinets to tell him what is on how well a new and iowa
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had to come out. i don't want to have the time limitations all thirty two people are now confirmed dead and a number of of course the rises over two hundred people are still missing. the ship's captain and two of his crew had been arrested and charged with negligence in failing to secure a passenger safety thomas white house reports i found it hard though the captain of the stricken to vary the school. we did the crime story to the people of south korea and was in distress. and while my hands in apology to the families of victims. along with two other colleagues he was arrested on saturday for negligence and abandoning people in need local television footage of the captain films of the day of the bizarre stuff. he was the home defence to be rescued off the recaps always one of the cream and is confident the sixteen oh one year old captain gave an evacuation order after
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the ship's doctor listing investigates the suspects the instruction came today to see the lights. to whom. i've been telling him to the current was very strong with. wanted to the temperature of the wartime. it was cold when i told them to go left the ferry without proper judgments. in either win or twittering in life jacket they would drift away and face many other difficulties the ferry sank on wednesday morning. more than hearth of the four hundred and seventy six passengers remain unaccounted for. pirates of the missing hold out soon the best ones are invited to sleep. investigations into the disaster center impossible cream negligence call to our advantage to mechanical failures who authorities say stupidity to pinpoint the cause of the accident. the deal to de escalate tensions in ukraine
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is so far coming up anti russian government have rejected the call to end their occupation of government buildings in the east of the country they're calling for kenyan style referendum on union met with russia and adam and the leaders in cavite create their own government offices pubs been cast over tag is a new painting capital he has more on tsx too. when the seasons. she is with the opposition. greater autonomy to the regions that was one of the clauses. that said the excessive centralization of power it yet. which totals about sids and kids all the taxes that come in and does a decent backup the region's was one of the many ways that the government such as video clip which is to do the rest of the pro russian and steal from the state budgets. this much. today she did that
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the region's about extremes of the would be deducted the author is that you remain pretty much on its own right. watson's was that exists in eastern ukraine. i think they want which is certain is that the difference between citizens and on sunday and i think it is. radio across all regions with baby oil is independent. in the eliminations with your feet. and yet still sitting on a stick. reporting from kimball us secretary of state john kerry told his russian counterpart sergei not drop next few days but the pivotal washington spending moscow with more sanctions if it doesn't comply with the agreement. i was not backing down into my bed all parties involved and its military is massed at ukraine's the doorstep sometimes he reports the russian separatists
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donkey and despite a deal between diplomats from washington and moscow the dashing tapes of a swift end to the crisis in ukraine the minute its support indeed during pre season and its plant in urging them not to peek down the rounds the pond to succeed to the criminal attempt to pressure the insurgents can he feel like buildings. so far he has seen during the nation today saying there is not progress over the course of these next days and we don't see a movement in the right direction. then there will be additional the sections additional cost as a consequence. until now western sanctions have been enlisted to travel bans and asset freezes on several individuals. the other option the psni says quote the sanctions on crutches and ichi ban consent is. this requires consensus on the european culture. that
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sum and is competing to be more content of this motor functions because it's a diesel reading until economic recovery. the germans are not going to get on board. very much that the americans can do this going to be effective in terms of sanctions military options zero despite the us going to respond the tough matches one minute intervention has been ruled out. meanwhile diplomats have given me a firm deadline for one thinks that the progression of this pullback. but the house and a cheat day school weeks lesson halfway into his term trend has across the lawn has announced he won't run for re election if he fails to bring down unemployment the jobless rate above ten percent of all its approval score is the lowest of any french leader in the last fifteen years as more bad news for the president is the chief communications advisor and speechwriter quit on friday. this of accusations of past conflict of interest. libya's cause of
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and it has the details another headache that also known to the french president break is signed and savor the good part of the top political advisor saying he expected the law grants resignation. raja in order to judge what he did before he went in the presidential office interiors and worked very well. when sunday school about twelve now we have to answer questions dealt with it. that totals one times indonesia has stepped down off the wet paint and it did not publish an article claiming that while consulted for danish pharmaceutical company and bank will cement a new theme police and the general inspector is essential if that's a situation that constitutes a serious conflict of interests if the examiner our work has been on the court of social affairs. it was in charge of money for an industry in the same time you work for pharmaceutical company a totally incompatible. this cannot be paid by curry supposed to oversee. he did not commit to smile was paid
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twelve thousand five hundred years for his consulting work the former delta has denied the accusation stating that this man had been a conflict of interest. he pasted on his facebook page that he had fun at the old rules and procedures. he says the government policy was aware of his clout with non bank. no sunday they say. on friday deals are she's found a trace of a document authorizing him to undertake these two jokes at the same time. the clinton scandal couldn't come until last scoring for the president with his party's poll showing in the municipal elections and record the approval ratings on faces an uphill battle to restore faith in his government's. odd years of josie's going to become over time for a fourth term in office. official results in more than eighty percent of voters cast their ballots in favor of them and they say is responsible for bringing stability after a devastating civil war. this despite the seventy seven year old son for help the opposition's rejected
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the poll citing the massive fraud in our foster cats captain west end is in algiers she has more on the opposition's the next move. the opposition on hearing the results announcement areas the algerian team to enter an nsg opposition cabinet on a bend face so that he went in to recognize the results the states again saying it was the result of a massive fraud operation in his eyes but we've not seen these declarations materialize into action on the streets of l t as in any case at the hum of being demonstrations safe are in the capital base but the people on happy with the reelection of the diocese with the feta for a full stack inside the nba people with the reaction to this election on the season support says of the present many of the doubt to his deeds about she is letting off fireworks cheering separating late teens than the lights as a new and extremely happy that the president had been
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reelected saying as a victory for stability and for all that weight of my life. in algeria say fall we haven't seen rumblings of discontent has been a very high security prisons lots of riot police is deployed on the streets yesterday accidentally sees he pretty much getting back to normal here in the capital that this election the relaxed about the dude's with the peak of truffles time that the company at the dumb deal would love to watch and see that this election did see the opening offer of lots of questions about whether the president to carry on in charge when that there should be a profound change in algerian six ins and the country to the east into the peel region that have led demonstrations surrounding this election i'm some polling stations were targeted on election days there are rumblings of discontent on the surface but for now at this election is a done deal. as katherine or strands reporting. this is that some of the world news
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in brief the central and southern ends nor have i heard that on friday. to that they sent panicked people into the streets that there were no reports of major damage or casualties on the capital mexico city several walls collapsing others are left with large banks. the attack on a un base that killed fifty people in southern sudan to stop sedan that it could be considered a war crime that's according to the united nations security council statement adopted unanimously by its members by this attack that took place when the army used in civilian clothes start the un base and opened fire on civilians were sheltering and japan will press on with its annual whale hunt in the northwest pacific but says it will change the guidelines. it's in response to the united nations ruling that the whaling program was the commercial hunt masquerading as we search for whale hunting will be scaled back but not to stop to national tradition in japan
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or to get back to the twelve century. well hundreds of thousands of catholics have descended on the vatican to celebrate easter. francis has already presided over the traditional good friday a way of the cross service is at the coliseum commemorating the crucifixion. on sunday he will deliver mass along with his easter blessing and message away from st peter's square a whole army of personnel the hard work pairing up for this holy week and we take a look behind the scenes i thousands of catholics who feel sleepy to square this weekend for easter celebrations for the common eye patients of extreme cold of seconds. i'm still on the twenty minutes away from the sun showing the crowds told to wait behind this tool in one of the vatican's most sacred places. preparations are well underway here sixties and seventy from going till dusk these on independence many downs. russell and
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painstaking task. more tension defeats in the straight to. just to return his twenty seven points in total. she's now a specialist in pleading by crime. after all these years doesn't even need an on and make the pipes concert crease it is known as a relic of some friends his office he seeks teach me. i did his usual ages since we chilled by you. it too. elsewhere in the vatican a whole host of priests chapman's and choir boys have been busy rehearsing. you'd think with deep level that it will work with love for these preparations and for the success of the ceremonies in the coming days. jordan and everyone off some steam and water and fuel. st peter's basilica of the hundreds of ornaments and jewels have been taken out of the state and can be polished it's really a gleaming and just don't have to keep christ in process is ready
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for an intensive weekend of easter vigil. say it. wally hall appears to have to post and had to stay with us the bill approved in recent seasons. sch. i was. down to it. we went to swap with his big trip to the extent of the community. once led. to kill the parents. we've managed to forget. a court
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brief on the plains reconciliation and hard labor the state and has worked hand in hand. these are people who have been reaching for it and contribute to economic development of reach the financial returns are taking to the bomb it competes with the lower gold rush. not only kissing is in principle on a good one i'll quit my walk at the cold i do it is the crew. i did. i had to act in the democratic republic of congo is planned around mean it's effective to read with not too long ago a battleground between rival paul says in a bid to increase in corn flakes. did any time to be seen from
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other regional cooperation on that trying to reconcile for my kids but with the top left and the community that was once a beacon of their atrocities guru. they do lulu i woke up again. my name is to be undertaken to do i find it so easy. it is up yet but i'm back. a long way from jb holmes former life as a ripple fine time he was eighteen he bring his arms again. his enemies mostly i'll include the least. people like samuel l who will stand for in the current rate for the opposite side. today the pair are responsible for all the stones until the demonstrably to get on with us that the crossing. it was an easy lead my own life behind him up because he
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calls them not to mention was that the oakwood and i was told to be in it. it was easy to get a move on the mud out with amy and i found a way to move on to the my mouth wait a minute. i said i'd go into all our leaders to a store orders to strike him as our brothers you did to pass out to fight against them mumble she is. we did against our little piggy. when did he go out. persuasion or nine or ten in the mask but now we're friends. mom will work together to find work together. we need to get it they just went on our kids what a refreshing morning and because the courthouse for me he says when he called it is a little more than a decade ago as well. between nineteen ninety nine in two thousand and three. now
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speaking countries placed one from the consulate is mass graves in seeking comment between that and that can lead to try. i need to control the region's boss to be a while. a sixty thousand people died in the hands of militia groups. a million displaced. the whipple is brought to justice. today the sky would fall is one of ten in the east of dmc stay top twelve lanes the likely cost. the idea to do something green to grate some of the tens of thousands of former convict him. spread over an area five hundred activities are to bdr at the pastoral. i grew it is the agricultural scientists grow crops and fruit and vegetables for the market astral is racing like stock we have cows goats sheep pigs and chickens all the nuclei. funded by the state and other development agencies
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the project known as lord recruited one hundred people from twenty km hour in the fall. some of the participants to leave her time on the summit i would like to try to drive and went to field several close to a week. you sleep here with the family. the flattening it says that muslim. she was taking when allocating the champions. the idea to make spritz assistance from the cities for example have been excellent and would then create a peaceful co existence of a reconciliation between different acts like the feel that oh my the party was again in two thousand and twelve ninety seven to meet and work together in peace. this is a cover of his original idea the next spider carnage that would have used large programs related to feeling up to abandon all that for the sake of the farm system these are people who have been re converted into contribute to the economic development in the region
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might put him in another bowl once among the participants come together to discuss the direction of the palm of the one hundred main bazaar in the form of competence he's made up of civilians people of nephi my hands on and on. this is a question for everyone. anyone can respond to either former fighters or members of the community. how have the two groups and able to work together. this . todae went to the beginning it was difficult and it was withheld the home of comets and one minimize the importance of the members of the comedian he's there because he knew the project was originally created for them was the apple. what we did. i was getting his attention on this if this is a tendency here everything's going well. i
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think you can get y nos it is ok to touch the brakes positive thinking the former skipper trent is a stupid things. the acts yet even she didn't know and you would rather just get in the system to rate it was a really cool to look again in our minds. when we crossed paths with some of the border. he's the one by hosting yes he was uneasy with the collective work has managed to forget. when the economy. i will be. in my mind everyday. the spirit of diplomacy in full swing. once a week the participants are obliged to wake the scaly the fields. she has to spend time yet before taking care of that. she has been tons of corn were sold now when he included this way. they couldn't do it all two of land to cultivate. the day
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what did i enjoy being a part of the is much easier than working here in the fun we didn't want then we roamed far and it was healing from everyone we met. this is a dignified when i'm doing. it takes a look of an agenda so it is nice to do something useful in society. sometimes in the sands of the scone file this one he waits for the much larger economic potential. mr overlooking the creek. she knew finding out swinging. it is only at the tt coupe and the peaceful mind. just three months thousands of wickets of carved into it at random which is like chamomile to resort to look for work fine too and was president of the litter problem. he didn't mean to be cheerleading two hundred dollars in just a few months. i'm watching the travel to such a goal. om
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the son in law who does and i'm continuing to one of the farm but not the money list in the twenties he was able to come into wind and it is really neat things like my children's school things on his little bottom. the oldest of the morning to look at things in print on the novel quits when your mind. you can gdp in store for her conduct in tandem in the time came it during the conflict. she was one of the two women fighting alongside two thousand. we're taking baby reached the car screeched like a utp cold. on this site from time to time to take patients to the scheme began i know it's still the beginning scene at the moment the form does not purchase money work and
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income. you can. i don't really like my husband works in gold mine. uncertain future. walking to work on the farm even if it hasn't produced much yet. as a teacher. it will start to produce. in it. the only one to believe in the terms potential. they're throwing for two days it is representatives from the colombian government to end the ttc comical way. a jury watched for having us here. for tony shaw recovered going to learn not from you they warned that due to appear. go but delicious for all the things that you don't hear it. the dollar weakened to the nation. for you to please inform us of his who had voluntarily decide to make available. we're here to visit the farms because this
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is the ability to resolve the frequent use in court on the we're going to do all the important getting richer the pacific coast. it's great to see what conditions do not yet seen. this stuff in the toe on the blanket project. the delay means the beach when the radio and tune into that yet. great speech the main interest rate its way. the most important thing for us. it's how the community. on the participants of the demos hisham process. none were to gather and make decisions together. brayden didn't come from all of this afternoon the scheme little savings into into what they do dance she did the same goal to bring together people who have suffered too super crunchy
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tortilla dough. the fifty one percent. the engine and seriousness location of the fifty one between the three extraordinary nobel peace prize winners. all of whom have been to the minute join me as i asked him to attend daily mass readings come. fifty one percent of you. the fifty one percent on costs but got an on call spent got dark on . and. it's
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been. i'm. leave it standing
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trees in eastern ukraine to bridges not written to me but before the tricks and high level politicians underneath the middle class oceans are washing our street every new page one independent partial payment system. old's new eight week old legal. this my heart rate also fires at the scene re using this power and it seemed all was said and might just be in on the market is going to behold. you've


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