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enthusiastic families throughout the world. you wounding will . i did welcome to the gentle d c w d c grade. this is what's making news this hour russian command remaking the eastern ukraine but the government in kiev says it was useful to read. more from our horoscope that people don't ask. oh for the super additional three days off to the south korean ferry capsized and the captain was arrested on suspicion of negligence. does your brains of chinese poetry recitals and grabs his third pole position to run
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the what would begin in ukraine with the situation in the east of the country remains tense with pro russian separatist refusing to act on the terms of the international agreement reached earlier this week in geneva and leave buildings the bank to focus on it the government in kiev says it wants to use force to remove the separatists. in all of the easter weekend russia meanwhile says that it's colorless to force them to go the response the united states is threatening the sanctions the barricades are still up in the eastern ukrainian city of split the us election activists say they won't budge in tokyo grants their demand for regional referendum. they're prepared to wait patiently everything is on the role of
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this to be sorted for readiness to take place so that people can express their opinion was that. further south in the city of donetsk the situation is similar activists say they won't go home until their demands for more autonomy than that. many people in south eastern ukraine are suspicious of the interim government in kiev. according to a poll released by the kiev based sociology institute. however the same poll has found that a majority does not want to join russia. meanwhile the monitors from the organization for security and cooperation in europe osce. have begun efforts to persuade pro russian activists to disarm and abide by the recent geneva agreements. they were already contacts with people in the open but buildings. ten being the political will to move out to these nodded as if that's the task of them on the two overs to create his
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political really inform the people so eventually didn't understand that the best option for them is too hot. the hope is that this will happen within a day or two. kiev as threat to the activists with more concrete actions after the easter weekend. if they did not cooperate with the monitoring mission the wcc logan joined dismantled the line from the cc oh don't get in eastern ukraine attention to this idea of what you've been seeing what you expect in the next twenty four hours or so. i actually believe that i have a talk today. if you think that any craving for it retained control back to the bike upright speak up the power torque and take a turn down a needle to the pool. the next day the bill take action if the philippine market to keep right now i can say they keep it real. i keep reading
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commenting get to do it quiet today. it can be taken by tom and aunt karen. no giving in to the question is what will happen when did she think that the will to look deeply into creepy because it seemed very content. if you think that the pro russian. lol he can't do any actual suppose an open question since it won't surprise you on that the russians see one of the roll call says the agreement m event in geneva on thursday. no saying that they can effectively and to some is very little influence of these the pro russian separatists. i get throught he let the people that have to kick it for company the parent been a help when it meant that the cricket he told the day before to try getting to me that genetically match. on
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the cake anyone. we began thinking that the print the btk to make a goal. it's quite. many people need to rush it because i needed to get into when they have a scorecard week he mentioned it the cool thing people might be skeptical about that statement that the people we inculcate good thing they're doing their thing. the key to build up the candy section very interesting insights into things very much to see logan joining us now from eastern ukraine to me stupid for socks. then in the news us president barack obama is going to lol aimed at preventing the bronze new ambassador to the united nations from entering the country. the us as it is refusing to grant i made a boat may pay a bit easier because he was involved in the takeover of the us embassy in tehran back in nineteen seventy nine one fifty two americans were held
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captive for more than he and the reigning government refuses to appoint a different view and from us for french journalists are free again up to ten months in captivity in syria turkish soldiers from the record is near the turkish border of blindfolded and with that comes abandoned them and also in good health apparently i'm going to be on their way back to france to photographers radio to listen to tv journalists were abducted by islam is the point is that belongs to me since the outbreak of civil war ball than three years ago syria has been one of the most dangerous countries in the world for kickbacks one thirty six people in and confirmed dead following the freebies that will stay in south korea with two hundred and sixty six of those still unaccounted for the canteen of the vessel has been arrested on suspicion of negligence and abandoning people being me. also in
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custody to the crew members including the experience that mate. he was reportedly steering the ferry in unfamiliar waters when the accident occurred the ninth rescue teams recovered three bodies from the state and rolled into a port in gender. because god says scientists have no goals and recovered the first proceeds from the wreck itself. authorities arrested kept in the u n seals and charged him with negligence and by making maritime lol and told the passengers to remain in their cabins as the ship began listing the county defended his decision to wait before or during an evacuation the coat was very strong and the water was cold but with the what if people is barrett's saying they could be washed away. the mesquite
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chips of nokia to run it was in. he was also among the fastest ride is rescued by the carousel. the initial hole. don't hold the seat all of the operation is turning from rescue to recovery. to appease angry relatives images of the nation of the times there are strong currents and visibility is cool the drink itself is constantly moving. rescue teams have faced and lines at great risk. that's little consolation to the promise of the passengers the death toll from an emotional moment everett cents reached the scene of the search teams found another ball be in the snow for the three people still missing. only recovered so far have been returned to their families. we have a love struck on friday as local guides descended
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the mountain to the camps ahead of the climbing season next month. sevens is a lightness of being dressed maritime systems old stand in formula one motor racing there are only alice again and to the cells of the chinese gong prix in shanghai the lewis hamilton will again be in pole position his own goal stopped in a row. he dominated qualifying in his mercedes hamilton led the tasting bread bowls player of the office sick and couldn't complete a hat trick of wins on the shanghai circuit. it was hamilton looked relaxed after another stellar qualifying performance moments earlier he sealed pole position and saying hi finishing half a second faster than his nearest rival my friend the one standards that's a big margin. really enjoyed it. coasting great i think we did take a pee. we were shocked if we can improve on but it has a great
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job this weekend so. a good position for the rest of the week unfolds each month but the red bull prevented the silver arrows from locking out the front row daniel carter's that's seconds in shanghai steady rain. the australian once again outpaced his german team mate sebastian battle to grab her. championship leader nico are all staff will start sunday's race in fourth on the grant. richard and struggled in the wet conditions and spun out on the last event of his final flying lap. tunisia the bundesliga man it's been another miserable day for relegation threatened tumble of singles for you wanted them to false but to continue their quest for a champions league spot. even as it opened the scoring with a gemini two minutes old the full cap and a brunette and can be supported check out dave's two balls books kylie people in each of its grabbed a consolation goal from book in the fifty eighth
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minute. miles went by new ground then follows the league wins in securing the time i call the one on fourteen counts it with both someplace brownish like to know. thanks to late goals from strikers condo that otto and mario man cheek summers ago the schools in this weekend's of the games so far and goldman won a thriller again smuggling was brave in defeat it all from twenty three year long. trying to extend glad the full two hours broken hand to play dance a goal a stroll and on thursday for and thoughtless the time to come over. still to come on somebody milbank has to leave the codes and more on that shortly. and don't go take a shower cap an onlooker the bundesliga table where there is still plenty of jostling for position with just three games left to play the twins win over mines means they are now guaranteed a place in next season's champions league goals book meanwhile look like the team most likely to join the bakery in europe next season. the book
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also humbled desperate form continues his known that the branch line. a whiff of the focus of all evil. not just a point clear of the relegation playoffs paul full minute well we see no lines or on the relegation battle of the balsam of the bundesliga and the am was the scene saying no fine seem to stay in the top flight is known that they face champions league hopefuls liverpool was in on the side urine bag or on the brink of being relegated. they've lost seven out of the past eight games. a good enough. they of course after losing so much to think it's not that great we'll be able to gain their reports at the weekend and it did get to that one again. it is almost all the gods. it's what their coach get them for they will be banking on when they face leave a cruisin on
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sunday. that team's confidence is also a little fragile. they might be in fourth place but recently they've only had two wins at eleven. however their prospects with new coach session at the docks key part of kenya. that's a total including usually get into situations of stress and that will happen a lot in their bed on sunday. then we really have to cut to play in them positive way with the teeth and get them back into the game in one room with the keys to coltrane on stunts off like that. live and asked his debut with his new team was good. the book was and he'd have to bend into one last week. he's hoping for another positive result in death. for their part the new indie players will be doing all they can just be out of the relegation zone. except maybe on hold for much more and am falling
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in the conferences is presiding over an easter vigil in st peter's basilica in rome. it's the last center of many leading up to the point of the christian festival on sunday. a lot of the regional francisco baptized ten members of the roman catholic church from as far afield as vietnam senegal. and on the oil orthodox christians catholics need to reduce eleven forward is to really notice the holy funny and the patriarchate to race and led the ceremony in the church of the sample come the souls of the holy fire is close to kill the secret wish it to say the plaintiff has spontaneously to the summit when jesus was buried and resurrected the rituals dates back to the police. it dates back at least twelve hundred gs. more immediate. the pope
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story to be and what is the pro russian gunmen remain in eastern ukraine which is the token piece to the easter period at least the government in kiev as we all take any kind of an attraction against them. that sort of story thanks very much for joining us here on the chamomile school when he isn't something i don't go up to am i. good good. four
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spring has arrived in gemini leads to the motorcycle is to get out of the nose and onto the open road. some of them are looking for their first appointment of mike. mail in the yep called me from delhi and has had a motorcycle licence for two years until now she's only written as a passenger on a boyfriend mike why the out. today she's going to her first solo running. she's excited he's been the essence of what i can smack mellon the psp meetings periods is like that
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to pace myself taking a line melanie's got a brand new bike for the big day. it's a sizzling up with a top speed of a hundred and thirty five kilometers per hour. it's a good fight to begin to smell any cannot wait to take it spii want. i do shoots are preparing for the new motor cycling season at the training center north of the main. they teach my kids have to ride safely
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thousands of motorcyclists dawning on europe's read it every year. the roast chicken dinner to watch daniel says people don't eat raw stone roads are not familiar with stephen says it is gravel on the ground you have to go through it. people often don't know what to do in that situation. the ice a few great deals definitely correction is stupid motorcyclists have to practice making any good at the start of the seas in the coming intel. the funny happens is people going to cost easy to make mistakes because mentally they have been going east a little west again yet. you know. and reaching the summit decide to seek divine intervention
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people are the special attention is the motorbike riders are aware of the risks they're taking. my farm bike in the genus is when you ride a motorbike so he will always so much fun to teach and how it lets you switch off. she says she has to concentrate more on riding a motorbike driving a car and that means she doesn't think about anything else the yanks driving home country roads because she enjoys navigating the coolness and discovering new places. with this. she says it's not the same experience in ca. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. members of the congregation pray for them. just going to give them the skills they need to ride motorcycles safely. along with a fleeting when they need to hit the brakes all
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the cats in the moment that's within the premises with an email us go to protect them from invisible changes in him and i definitely hate mankind increased been shot dead isabel them to buy club up the old city sees in memory of my kids who've lost their lives. yes it is easily the last tt coupe is here with really young and inexperienced. he chose his father listed growing slowly and to think about what they're doing when they're on the roads. we saw this on an office in the fall from their own safety. he wants them to drive in a way that doesn't put others in danger. the new within the congregation will meet again and ride in memory of those who in no longer with them. motorbikes opium
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the vehicles for having failed on two wheels the rules of lead paint his innings and shouted that was produced in east germany back in the nineteen sixties. they have a growing number of friends. the new issue says no to the tune of seven shroud the movie. the chino at least once a week the dish well i think it's a lot of new handsome problems with this one last time he thinks that down to become director these. this robot is not to call the kgb she turned with the placement thoughts then you can fix them and painted
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on his own. seventeen then the job. the new century when there's something wrong with one of them and it's nice to get everything else to keep looking until he finds the problem actually is not until now. he's never failed to get the vehicles back in full working order this. five years. so on. the next day daniel is meeting with friends for a treat. he has to get them and get fixed even if that means waking into the night. finally john hughes on his way up to the city. the these are friends to meet up with the most noble of its kind of plenty over the east and west
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again. the school was one of the best but it needs to win the series due to the many women who drive them. now there are plenty of male and is to multiply. the setting to any employee with that daniel mudd coach kathy and how did that days like these get the incentives right into schroeder has a pair of qt with it. option two. when i put more fun when he's hitting and switch off completely and just trying to enjoy the surrounding you relaxing pool daniel agrees he says it's about letting off steam. the models comes in and always happy to get down to the city. as of yet
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but accidents do happen especially with vehicles as old as me. like daniel had a close mate who was getting fifty kilometers per hour korea toddlers. she crashed and was in hospital for long times daniel knows there is always danger waking around the corner. was it. is it for the moment. a few of the moscow doesn't think about that. he says it jamboree about to see what she will happen to you that's one way to deal with the bn the least preferred good training. you do breaking news of michael steele fancies maintaining that balance while attending or making a base even if it's every terrible cold that
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creates the possibility of having an accident. as the top posts and all objects on the road. cyclists are twenty times more likely to be killed in a traffic in the car drive. olson said before stephens says moses scientists have to react to situations and that takes time. and in that time they can use them calling them to scoop up to the country getting to encourage people to know what could go wrong so that he doesn't waste time thinking about it late to the concert. daniel gross is the little things make a difference. micah looking exactly where you're going in to service the management he says some people tried to learn how to greet the streets. he doesn't drive like that. he looks all the way down the road and analyzes was in front of him he's developed a sense the second situation swing he tries to account what other drivers to going to do. it's
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an intense he says is that the safety of the fall even with the protective coatings are falling off its leash to help it's because there's nothing else surrounding you as one of two sundays tend to train. beginners have to stay safe to do. email any yet. colby has only ridden twenty two militants the fish logan is the first to see the new suzuki. meet the city to meet lebanese border on by the fleet maintenance in the fictional yet. melanie is riddled with how it drives
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this ends up with the end of the cabinet. the reissue is a motive of the breaks of working nicely too and i just love this little bloated the bikes don't speed is low compared to that of some of the motorcycles. but it's more than frost and aunt monique de yet called for the second she sees to driving a small cone. it is an island and my friend renee says that of a mountain bikes can get help us three hundred kilometers per hour. if he thinks the bike is perfect to someone like me an email that the fall. by david ives a minute. monique is not convinced. she's been around by his old ally. he went on to bond with the roof of the road a motorcycle and say to his father before him for free. the most important thing to monica piece that had to listen to kids through
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the season he won cause conflict is to consume. matt is excited about getting around on two wheels. michael mchugh site days she'll need skill and concentration to get them up out of the new bike. well let's pull of natural resources. and ingenuity. in celebration of life with middle class. why did my wallet. changing my blog. at eleven pm on in the world . the we caught up
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in . each cage. the free world has something to be kidding the eye. ch. will . i
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know. the to the line. i think back to india. and did a good dynamic economy you'll need to sum up again the dpp. i'm beginning to


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