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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 21, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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the week. can you. he knew in . the full protection and tense atmosphere in eastern ukraine. pro moscow troops continue to occupy government buildings. the separatist leader urges the russian president to send in troops sure of is that for re election candidates with the riyadh presidential election can begin registering it for monday the dates for the upcoming election in the conflict zone is also set to be financed as brother is back on the streets of boston one year after twin pressure
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cooker bombs exploded killing three ft hs some tricky thing hasn't athletes get ready to compete. this is the one hundred and eighteen. once you are all fantastic. we begin in eastern ukraine tensions remained high as pro brushing groups continue to occupy government buildings and the separatist leader call some doubt in your permission to send in russian troops. the key for protection from the self acclaimed narrow that the answer comes as the parties in kiev. thanks to investigate a fatal shooting of the city on sunday that left at least three people dead a short time ago. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov described the killings the crimes which is unique yet did not want to stop extremists. a couple of speakers mounted on a car to announce the new curfew following the attack on a checkpoint near cooper russian authorities of stabbings a city under siege and pleaded for russian
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president that the new routine to intervene. we were looking for we beg you to help his believing what he she cannot send the army as peacekeepers and help us by sending food supplies and weapons. all they need all the way you can do more to it here on sunday local residents came to lay flowers at the summit the shooting outside sa beans. freshness is destroying the attack which took place here in the early hours of easter sunday. would you choose to go to town to teach to stop cheating. it's that the family to spend the next blog. people started running in all kinds of directions is that when somebody shut it down this nice newish eating those who are trying to run into divisions. cameraman filmed at least to bodie slid into trouble. i would see bonuses until it's confirmed they will send a team to the area to investigate the incident. the attack will make its cost of this rating for russian separatists to lay down their homes even
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harder. the new controlling production committee has already announced to geneva deal was null and void. coco diesel store tasting kit. now this was to call this an agreement. it means nothing the structural slices boys in the russian foreign ministry's blame the coach of the ukrainian following the students who support the kids ministry said the royal stakes has rejected this and in turn blamed russian special forces. and in another development this monday russian president of the dem air pollution has approved legal amendments to make it simpler for russian speakers in the former soviet union to acquire russian citizenship. let us move on south korean prosecutors have detained for more crew bringing two thousand the number in custody as a criminal probe continues into the streets ferry disaster left hundreds of missing presumed dead. but this tomato is among those in need of prayers for families
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the way she means the engine down. meantime president up and he has condemned some of the crew and bouncing their actions as akin to murder sometimes the conduct of the captain and some of the crew members was unfathomable from a common sense point of view. it was like an act of murder they cannot and should not be tolerated. right after the accident happened to me if you follow the vaccination orders that the new vessel traffic services center telling the passengers to stay when they were the captain and some of these crew members let passengers missed it first. this is legally and ethically something that is unimaginable to me. from that of hassle on anything candidates for a serious presidential election can begin registering this monday today is also the day when the date for the election will be enhanced. that's according to information given to reporters by the regime. the first time more than one candidate can run but it's hard to imagine an election being held in a
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country torn apart by war sally has more. despite the ongoing turmoil. it's a fine team with some one hundred and fifty thousand people killed. bashar al assad has never considered stepping down with the syrian president is set to run for the time come as little charms he could be seen what many cornish time election in twenty twelve the contested be to introduce constitutional amendments approved in a referendum one the space to wait for the fast presidential conduct with more than one candidate standing to the new electoral regulations made it hard for critics to stand against them mitcham a teacher residency rules will have to ditch the target in syria for the past ten years. this preventing the regime's opponents from running is my star in . candidates must also be a peaceful two years old and hold syrian citizenship in me. more eva how can a ballad take place in a war torn country with some regions controlled by
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the government's an office by insurgents. we hid his face living in rebel held areas and in refugee camps will not affect any elections the opposition is expected to boycott the ballot to release the clutch around the sun meets to set down in order to make way for democratic transition. she's a role did in venezuela's capital on sunday quoted anti government protesters hurled rocks and molotov cocktails at riot police returned fire rubber bullets tear gas and water cannon at least four people were injured in the unrest on the beach venezuela has been dropped by to two months of protests which adapted least forty one people dance the ten easter protest on the resurrection and democracy. casters and i was drooling onto the streets this is the only good thing we can really just being around. you do to prepare
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it's fun. in my lap. we got a decent routine of judas that since the end of an eater. he introduced the system on the scene to sign her to st. he might want to see about next year the tip of the month of the day that tyler got anything new on the door to the many people have done to bring you for granted mineral content of this to work on her blog and he doesn't bother me to sacrifice he said. and clearing the streets and i will continue protesting the chanting liberty masked protesters threw petrol bombs and the piquant streets the police responded with tear gas water cannon. an open mind and crying completion and food shortages the anti government movement began three months ago. since then. protesters demanding and or a worse time the president's position doesn't seem to be under
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threat despite their hopes for a venezuelan spring the youth movement has lost some of its memento particularly during holy week. many venezuelans attended services or to the beach. thirty six cousins athletes will compete in the boston marathon this monday. it puts the world renowned race back in the spotlight after it was the target of a bomb attack last year that left three people dead. race organizers have expanded the field by some nine pence and runner is true that those left on the course last year another chance to compete. some county has more. i need to reach any of the premier concert in boston. mom do you need to count. that is running stitches on the nation of crossing the finish line. the fence about the scheme was changed to its own. sariah is the record for most his double bombing that killed three people. the dude that is the middle to keep them away from the forty two km
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race. the baggy eyes and editing his racing away from us and know all the people to get involved said wednesday that happening in that last year i was really angry about that time that whole love affair an image above of him and that he was running on but in our eyes they speak to my friends it's abare over claiming a rifle with them and us but was very aware of why must you. yesterday was to come. to run into so try running in such rights to his registration some reason i was good for disease during thousand who announced he was the ticket thirty six thousand participants. and then dc at the racecourse me to speak with supporters will be time to clean etc to come up with is expected to be stationed in on the breeze and finally pope john paul the seconds extraordinary night is being set to music in rome. audiences are spoilt for choice at the st theater shows. still ahead of his mennonite nation on sunday
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sites like his famous meeting with his would be assassins and ninety truth and his famous phrase be not afraid to have inspired to dance numbers and catchy genes known to increase the national force to support musicals. now for an unusual mix of piety and chopin. when you can train and stay with us. aye aye aye aye aye cheap chalky europe. in the run up to the european elections i bring you a series of interviews with the top candidates from the main political groups in the european parliament. i'm joined here in paris by
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adding sixteen cups the charismatic leader of greece's the left wing series that auntie attempt in the green vote is outraged by tax rises and spending cuts seat cost was chosen by the european left aussie to run as their candidate the european commission presidency. these days the thirty nine year old greek is busy campaigning across europe on an anti all star team for maori seats across thank you very much be with us all pause to catch up liu of the rising star of the they agreed to upgrade its life with a twenty six percent in the last comment re election. he's become the largest opposition force in greece this time. you running only european level across europe defending representing the european left not seen in sixty seconds. how would you define yourself and the ideas you're defending the states
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the next it was this crucial combine the struggling greens that we can calling for a complete dinner before falling for use of surveillance thirty the struggle in the rest of your. when he was trained to think it's quite obvious that the ministry all the way down to the left wing governments cuts will come to how increase in the months to the needs and wants to succeed. change the balance of power in your neck. this is essential. if we're going to change the strategy the world to them and for the austerity policies to fail. the school's new policies based on accounting bodies of your soul with our key to democracy and social cohesion e g economic eastman she didn't know. now you may come across as you can do that but this out. for those struggling spanish and greek workers. while other day the brits or a dutch vote for you. doesn't that look in
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a possible migrant regard myself as a condiment for the solid progress in mosul my goal is to unite the people i'm so glad they come from the north pole without the usual crazy insane problems. this means we shared the same continent so i'm psyched. there is my way out of the crisis erupted while exploiting the key we're on a strategic crossroads you get your boss for his policy in a while will start the answer and southern europe if it does not improve the situation and will point to me. you can compare the situation and what does report that was before. benefits from the policy of the banks and multinational profits the killing spree the willie arnold touch to a country that retirement is policy in the south. we'll continue to make them read the credits at school and so often does. so it's held in its timing cousin and his policy on stocks or dog crate of the way out of the crisis
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optic see what book to teach a little bit. you said it many times you've read at all scary tea is hitting europe not only to self use anybody even the north of europe. you want what you call a new deal the era of big stimulus program to the eurozone. when will you find the money. and the coast over the level of cooking. i believe we can get out of this crisis. despite finance and investing in the city's employment and price to get my maps. but the mother of the money will come from about the redistribution of wealth taxes and expenditures. so remember me at and i met him when he receives a while a loss of profits and sleepy and cranky counties in all the new owners it will get the tone of this money is the most invested in the real economy and the physical and this is the store and buy a kindle and the style. people remember how the market thinks money is to exit the crisis in nineteen twenty nine. if you get with the geese the cuticles are pushing and not the sole
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surviving climbing like tasting the purchasing power of things he can spend money directly into the mommy and me in on the study which included strengthening eyes of the moms typical moment all mushy peas and that was and we need a new deal europe with the social agreement that enables investments and sent the european economy back on track. next time i'll see some recognition that white people. there that's very well. i remember covering different shed elections even cross the different present false or wrong was elected to. on the latch that she puts two minutes before austerity. why would you succeed. the man on the map i'm not even show president alone trying to achieve bounce. he hasn't lived up to his mission. this analysis is shared by all the progressive forces. he was called as a counterweight to a consensus gemini you unfortunately gemini has to endure into account the man
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has undergone go on as an equal among themselves. we left with one single leader gemini yet and she couldn't quite get the feeling that's false wall in homes cars and tries from its investment policy. all the good doctor is precisely the reason why his ipod to reason and also the local elections office and what is he doing. it would be too difficult and sad thing is for crimes of the riots. yes and i believe that's what he has into a catastrophe me a nasty see him. it was happening greece's debt bondage and put them in a manner that the socialists and once caught a forty four percent of the fights but now signed a four percent say it is what happens when you are going to represent the economic losses as the people who support she said. welcome to come up like we're in the perspectives for the decision as to identify themselves in a red white and policies is estimated that at the next coming of a bikie and i he also proposed that a european debt school friends paving the way for new
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packaging grace and possibly end of that. had to be inducted countries. who will foot the bill will be laughed off the taxpayers from jail indiana from students at sea pay for this new habit. he was of him that the dia in nineteen fifty three yesterday and national press conference was held along with other european nations agreed to help determine which has been left when did that on the second world war sixty percent of germany's dax was the rainy season and it was agreed to the rest would be retained only off to the german economy starts to run again he's never been the case was european solidarity activists passed him on to tell everyone your twenties. germany was to witness the post war economic miracle in defeat we must do the same in grief and in europe. three solidarity programs with them and the papacy machine in modern times it is the only viable and realistic one inch each
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nowadays we use out of the country is on the periphery of being an artist programs they can also fail to whom he said that the security council's lived on the demise of the people none of it from economists computing and discussed the boy where awesome for something without making a difference. for a realistic option. thanks to him when someone is busy buying money and cause pain is back in the bank comes up with them each a green solutions as to allow the customer supreme pontiff is at the bbq. we asked for some information on the european level. if you step back and look at europe what do you see what the ac off and already feel the hot money will cause them to catch on in sydney and her friends her for meaningful is growing. i'm guessing out of the crisis and investing in the future bbc led to the point i believe we must overcome our differences together on me for you. i like to talk but you'll
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country agreed to sell the priest returned to the capsule markets for the first time since its economy nearly collapsed in two thousand ten that happened a week ago. maybe this is a very positive signals that confidence has returned to greece. the funny some of these the liberalism of the audience agreed with the reasons i got home. evans has retired to a priest is because the country remains small and in the last instalment of the stock until twenty twenty and the effects of a hundred reasons to five percent of our gdp. let me remind you to the top ten so that's one hundred and twenty percent of gdp in the crisis hits. the only viable solution is to raise some of the dads and agree on a new deal to greece. de mayo the domestic one day and acts like it's been the most specific owned the euro you once believed that the euro was part of the problems in greece not to say that greece has to preserve has to keep the euro. why do you think so
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one of the fta is on hold because there are tons of national currencies in european countries is not the solution he said that it would lead to competition between nations he would keep on the minds. we are convinced of that is a fundamental error and the architecture of your aching at last we have to change the state disquieting but sweet time of the story the prospects of those people probably think you could be a ghost trying to do this well this is our objective initially represented the union of the european left the farm white springs on a tour in a pan and frauds that she wants to change or that he must we do not want her back to what existed before. we will go back to the fundamental forces and bodies in order for us to feel sexy when one emotion of the members. benjamin john mangan am a cool a visit to athens to all the lessons of faith and how that came one day after recess me and says
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the idea. the capsule markets now message was that despite all the pain. what grace has achieved this is remarkable and whatever you say the recipe. proposed by the troika was the least of all other evils. they should they be the main unit that ineptitude the remedy can disappear once the bottom it was i was kind of sickness itself with the hideous little saying that's been refined for a just estimate is less affected by the mother mrs michael cousins come to green is a gem and taunts about on an institutional business assuming that it was the late harold ii of greece's prime minister on to summarize. two employees because of the policies of light breeze. the kids love uncle mostly in life he is interfering in the affairs of our country and national awards. this is not cold war this is how weak governments this leads us to look at
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the moment they certainly think that's we will companies governments increase in deaths will argue in the creek people's interest and smoltz mrs model and will push for different policies in your own home the dm mannequin and i took the keys. and what do you respond to those chosen to do it tell me that we'd actually be very generous and if you look back at this crisis it's the greeks themselves who are responsible for everything it up and said they should be happy with what they got. amy sutherland said some parts of the responsibility for the crisis in the middle of months we are asking for a viable and third cream and speed up the win when the opponents to grievance that would be in everyone's interest to you with this they will our respects the european citizen he pays his taxes the open with a new system for his uncle. tell him what he does the policies that something was in place late fall when you pull up
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and pay even more to reimburse the mistakes of the banks in greece and elsewhere in the election on the contrary and that the real surprise of my house of the crisis we see an exit strategy chill outs would benefit the germans the greeks the french the italians fully european systems whether they live in an old style it to the east wall the last mile commute to these. on may twenty fifth when you will receive the results from all across europe. a few realize that steele county. isn't fast didn't get the last amount of votes we seek to form an alliance with the social democrats led by salutes the protests. and of the civil take a look at possible you'll referring to the european results in the greek ones because increase spirits are as likely to be the post cos policeman because we are going to win the elections for the first time in recent months. this will send a very strong message to graze on to the whole of europe beyond
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sick of it. he then asked the european level units will be a positive surprise walpole sure we will be hooked up to the school kids belong to the devil no longer be this consensus between the social democrats and the european writers use to provo utah. of course it depends on you really don't see me know how the major role to play. this means we will directly influence the outcome of the fights the president of the commission gave me a month said the european left is no longer just a political force on the sidelines. we are not going to just observing. we are influencing the polite to your vocal coach and we will exchange ideas mostly on the european level. and even witnessed the shelves with me and we will talk to him chewing there is a consensus is that it tends to swing and i was too young to go on most visible you can see them you must observe them through microscopic interview with the bottom of the questions asked mr show it has to be all you ready to change our
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policies the people excited we can discuss things. if not it's going to lie to you because i liked about the heads of the european commission. he told me more of the things we might get caught up to standard def on this topic use it which makes the steep cost. thank you very much for talking to us a lot of us that's your id and leading candidates for the european left aussie running for the european commission presidency the remarks that face those of us at a store bought up when he is using greek. they developed watching this edition of talking europe we stay with us on cosmic ask for more news. the bike. he supports comprehensive report on the state of the world's climate yet the intergovernmental panel on climate change warns of the key risks from global
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warming including flooding and storm surges and to our summer growing scale. we're not in an era where climate change is some kind of future hypothetical. we live in a world where the impacts of climate change party or a widespread and consequential rising levels of carbon dioxide from traffic and power stations as well as mapping from deportation and farming are major contributors to climate change. the report warns that no one in the world will be united nations court has ordered a temporary halt to japan's annual slaughter of way. two goals and ten austria the accused japan of conducting commercial whaling under the cover of scientific exploration. internationally the commission's nineteen eighty six on commercial whaling. i was permitted to kill a certain number of whales every year for what it calls scientific research the court's presiding judge
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in the heat said japan had failed to prove that its pursuit of hundreds of whales in antarctic waters every winter it was for scientific purposes. i was trying to read the north of france of the growing mass of green algae to turn to italy with the mineral tablets i could provide the answer. here it's been ground down and makes with cereals for pics absorbing harmful chemicals reducing the farm's contribution to pollution in the area. java site is also thought capable of reducing nitrogen. one of the elements that generates the week don't s in britain and the sink and decrease the morning and mentioned that her two percent phosphorus but forty percent they are the two names cp fertilizers. the fifty one percent. i managed young and in that very special edition of the fifty one and sam
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raimi three extraordinary nobel peace prize winners in all of the inhabitants of the women. join me as i asked him to attend daily mass when it comes to. fifty one percent he said. the fifty one percent on costs but got an old post and got dark on the fan. and. it's been. i do
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they use the name of the week. leo but that got him. i'm not fine. and all the lightning are not caught the ball up the one. watch
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out. ch. we will . chore to ensure ambassador cars extend to gresham about. she met with the president of the tourist interest on any kind of thing goes on to discuss the prospects for bilateral cooperation within the eurasian economic union the party's noted that last is bilateral trade volume between kazakhstan and guitars been reached to an email and she can win more than thirty joint ventures operate in austin. he did it's a pity we have rejoined covered in tar venture is this what must be intensified currently there are no obses


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