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tv   Euro News  PBS  April 21, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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chew. for more crew members of the capps ii south korean buried at ten am. children must settle for the whole spot for the double come in my station of two parts in rome on april the twenty seventh. the boston marathon will get lisa had one year old from the fake all blacks its south korean president
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of the best describe the actions of the captain and crew of the sunken ferry was tantamount to murder sixty four people on into a which two hundred and thirty eight missing presumed dead after the vessel carrying four hundred and seventy six passengers and crew capsized last week. the captain and two other crew members of team charged with negligence in violation of my time lol four others have since been detained today hanging in the conduct of the captain and some crew members doesn't make sense. it is like an act of murder. right after the accident the captain did not follow the evacuation orders of reaching the vessel traffic service the center while telling the passengers to study where they were a mechanical. grief stricken family and friends of the is missing. still waiting for news of the gymnasium in kendo close to where the ferry went down. diapers are now beginning to recover more and more bodies into us
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and to see germans are assisting in recovery efforts hot weather he said to be hampering the operation. old trees friend janice had been talking about their ordeal during the captivity tools and ten months in syria often cold hungry and kept it up to fourteen due to the place to place many times by the capitalists. it was clear on their arrival back on french soil they were relieved to be added. if you do. a neighbor got in on one of the force said it was extremely gratifying to have a sense of how negotiations are being conducted on the french side. i don't want to preserve life videos were made in some secret questions came from the primates it is all extremely good buying the movie the menu went missing in two separate incidents last june a belief to be held by suspected islamist radicals you. there was a bit of physical abuse
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of course but that's what i will say and business experience. there's always been a world center for torture. nothing surprising about that today too they were found but techie soldiers on the syrian border late on friday negotiations with the kidnappers to the gang on for several weeks but it's not known if anything was open to that freedom. russian separatists to that extent here in the eastern ukrainian town is the pianist on sunday night pulling a gun battle is one of the checkpoints in which these three people died the incident has triggered a war of words between moscow and kiev. the self same manner also the ants that the confused to last until six am this morning. yet approved the situation. he then went on to make a direct appeal to russian president doesn't it contained in which he said. i would like to address the need is of the russian federation and the sunday we got to nip it in. we take you to help you cannot send the army as peacekeepers to help us then
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help us by sending weapons to avoid any of the way you can find in one weekend with them only teach you more details they're off is to confine to subsequent death with a posse last week's geneva accord and provides to see him as an excuse to send his troops into east in ukraine the separatists able to notch their second spot on the checkpoint. the ultra nationalists of the keys russian special forces of staging the attack an incident off to take off the cement small problems for another budding belonging to malaysian airlines seven three seven eight hundred was taken one hundred and sixty six people from cotton for the bangalore in india. it never left the skies are the apple too. with full stomach almost immediately the company was quick to insist they have been no danger to anyone call me old
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as i moved. just around the world. most of them the frustration drop it. it was actually me. i'm not ready. rush. it's been an while such a plight that makes three seventy continues the australian navy says it's within twenty one pro business with two thirds of this post crash sites without finding anything. philippines due to make its ninth start today but the weather may intervene as tropical cycle and jack approaches. a veteran of me in most pro democracy movement week that it has the right at the age of eighteen five. the former newspaper editor was one of the founder members of the seven seat she said nationally for democracy clinton's political activities led to the rest by the ruling military in nineteen eighteen died. he spent nineteen years
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imprisonment the sultry confinement and his incarceration was twice extended to the point it was released in two thousand and eight. some look of defiance he continued to wear his prison uniform in solidarity with the us to remain in jail . eu. thousands of students into position suppose it's a token of the rally in the venezuelan capital as part of ongoing protests against the government appears in the divestment you go to one point in fiji says the president referred to as an extension of the beast of a tool to students at them according to the resurrection of democracy. i. the mcginley who is the spitting and she does is to represent the engineer at the end she's a pain the disgrace of the state has some part of the street looking to be ever to have it that you check the list is intended to do take issue with that let you know why. the new gay men who
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got anything new on line or two. i'm timid due to protests since february has led to violence killing at least twenty one people had it been emphasized the politico to diet attempts are being made is establishing a dialogue between the government and the opposition said to be making slow progress. mold and thirty six thousand runners to do to stop the twenty fourteen bucks to martha. one year ago two bombs exploded near the finish line killing three people and wounding more than two hundred and sixty. a police officer was also killed during the hunt for the perpetrators. the event has attracted nine thousand bull run is the sky ground and stick your t's tight it'll be an emotional day for the city. iraq began in all of our review of reclaiming the word of wisdom and is on the excitement is just so hard about it is there is no way student
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council in the baggy eyes are going to take this reason the way from us and know all the people to get involved in the united states get feedback. doing it again if that happens here its people are caveats. i think. i'm glad i did it again until things it's up to brother star on the job cuts out i have suspected that the attack tumble of those killed in a plea she touts his twenty year old brother is due to stand trial in november. the uhaul the catholic church insists on a long road to sainthood and a long road also its greatest pilgrims have begun the journey to rome for
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the canonization of two pups don't pull a second aunt on the twenty third of april the content. two thousand km line from to them. millions of others who will converge on the facts come to the swamps of a lifetime event to convince your boss to everyone of us have the right intentions every posting from my town of minnesota prep bowl that is neither does not hear from you. rush is on. twelve holes to belong to much of a defendant in the fourteen hundred for selected an ability that which is being revived quilt when the people costumes and ride on the ball struck the whole way the only group of european pilgrims to do so. in all nineteen heads of state to twenty four prime ministers are expected to attend for the unique double customization. the first step towards becoming a thing. mm
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the are welcome to stay where we take a look at the world of motorsport in this place a forty five seconds this week we focus on chinese pro pray for them
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the two roles. the trifle like change. this lady certainly remain the team to take any of this campaign chairman outfits and breaking third consecutive double to the gate and disables its treatment of the international economy is used to calculate while title winning season for the tribes into his third race win in a row. but second expedition the driver standings. so if all this time he's been rather quiet attack iran or even a week month by the resignation of tom and kelly were able to keep pace with the bundles of crossing over. the lodge from an old mercedes and was becoming a partial fight between two teammates for the moment mercedes ezra with tracks that will see what happens at the michael graves played on my eleven budget to spend the next time. i'm big and
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important for your brain is portuguese champions by brenda the total sum they leave the school twice in the car to go without the ball from the podium and which paul hastings has been six points clear of sculpting with two games left. the two remained on track for domestic double and a potential minded travelers with a trio of in the portuguese cup final in may as well as your to the semi finals of euro pretty good. lee westwood and if they did two year wait for another european tour title on sunday by putting the malaysia whopping seven strokes four year old englishman who was seventh and last week's loss to the decay rate for out what the delayed post a final round sixty eight for nine eleven under total. it was his fourth hit of his career thirty two major infosys that which called on the emmaus is in sweden frame and type the second austrian bad things but national final round sixty seven south african former open champion who either stays in his sixty eight including six parodies and two buddies while belgium's ryder cup star nick unlike also finished with a seventy to show the runners up spot seven strokes back
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it sure looks ahead to what took it over to cease the pope will remain on course for the fed cup title in four games after taking a semi final one was defending champions italy and fraud the jets won back to back titles from two thousand and eleven. a final bow picture of the facade of starting a free whopper spend some time all jump into the cattle leave on the fifth of my kids this is the player must crush twelve championship slave of the riders as they tackled the challenging course and seventy eight of bulgaria for the big mx gp chapter eight. it was first on the italian have one in bulgaria since these next two days in two thousand and seven. up to five stages of the world champion leads the overall standings twenty eight points clear of belgium level some. jeffrey her legs up in buttons for tuesday's
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second effects go of the season by putting braces yet likes to close with the word and bulgaria. it's hard to capture the overall standings four points of swiss made up of those elbows and was second in both its like five races. they will take over the top of the textbook as a sixth circuit takes place on home soil and balconies spot. all four crew members of the capps ii south korean buried at ten am. pilgrims set off on the whole spot for the double come in my station and two cokes in rome on april a twenty seven the boston marathon get lisa had one year on from the fake
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old bomb blasts. in a welcome to another edition of europe we see from the back of what's been making headlines over the past week. on thursday in sydney said the us the eu russia and ukraine said that struck a deal to de escalate the crisis in the use of the country. well we found out the full and even president barack obama expressed skepticism that russia would keep its side of the pollock in. wilkinson ones that mole sanctions would be on the way if it didn't. race against all expectations the us russia the ukraine and the european union have been at stopping the talks in geneva and descending the tensions in ukraine poll said they agreed on steps to de escalate the crisis but now more awake to see it where it will be met with actions the russians sign on to that statement and the question
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now becomes will in fact they use the employers that they deserve it. in a disruptive force. to restore some order so that ukrainians can carry on election day four with the centralization reforms that they proposed the citylink aid to the solomon said the eco crepes that option made no reference to the allegations that a ten cent in some of it and home security personnel the teams into the entrance of the position is that ukraine should get to the point where old without exclusion of any region led by general old but for most of the thai society that only those that are on the security forces police and dani says the weapons they used in accordance with international help to get the same people who have sought to limit or over ukraine with small false christ and what happens next but in reality it was so have to take equity in reassessing its control in the east
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the show but the brutal truth of the anti operation continues in ukraine and depending on how extremist groups will react to and respect the conditions of today's agreement with how quickly they will be kept in buildings. then we will decide how long the operation were lost the mood to commission to do with as of this into your bowl with open fields with it the book the deal read some russia following suit is the us has more sanctions if it falls short of our call to set the mood was positive. but it was the worst was that the two that the talks have ended up for the first time since the start of the ukrainian crisis there are some concrete results will have to send it to be on so called rosa still way more new mercy of participants can start solving them when divided senate seat in the people he reveals the cinema. and sookie of sanctions for more ukrainians again i find this a lot more difficult to invest in traveling europe. the eu blacklist a full senior officials this week subjecting them to travel
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bounds that's it freezes take a look at this reports eu foreign ministers meeting in luxembourg have agreed to expand sanctions against russia for its actions in ukraine. announcing the move to eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton said building more piece of bounce and hope people would have the assets frozen. we can get on with that dictate the action spy on to get people to defeat if the eastern ukraine. these are times that the state line from ukraine must all the pulpit unit is suffering team territory to critique of pure crap. a cold upon russia to do so with welcome to pull its troops from ukrainian poet. the fed's actions aimed at de stabilize and ukraine have to sell. the group is partly symbolic more intended to send a message to russian leaders brought them to meet russia's economy. because this imminent threat by
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the us to take tougher action of the most distance in ukraine. critics say the easiest owns the credit crisis aside all been lackluster. they say it will take far reaching measures against russia to convince that made it into chains coles and the piece as ever the canes have to say the nep is a form that the entire postwar into folders it's taken the current ukraine crisis and it's the eu to take tougher action. no mom for all to see new gym in any pain. moscow's denials of interference on all convincing. in the reno that is that the troops without walking. ukraine now been trained by russians that one human form one. cut tofu is one that the same brightness you have dreams that we can climb on the structure that is not a spontaneous people will come to confront and vcu the cami nation is of russian troops old son supporters
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should set up its pressure belgian prime is to keep the hopes that says the eu must now slapped prophesied oceans on russia. we have to increase pressure on russia to continue this. does this to an acceptable those last two attempts in the criteria that should be now also bought some cities and in pain. and doing it. two to russia. members of the european parliament will vote on a non binding resolution that will reach such a response. the fruit is set to take place before the end of this pre recession taxpayers will now don't get to pick up the tab the failed bombings. this piece of news that will go down well on the campaign trail as any piece capacity european elections. some remain unconvinced that the new legislation will look like that in practice. any peas
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and given the seal of approval to an eu backstop that aims to reduce the risk of taxpayers having to bail out banks in the future under the new rules criticism shareholders would be the first to take the hits he still has the mouth of a it is a zany in the teacup negotiations in kelso. but the minutes the two get to the first and most important themes is that we like movies that takes players. a lot to be in for colts. due to the rescue banks will also be a new european party there will be able to close or restructure failing banks the one mep says taxpayers are still at risk. they are on course in the legislation which aired pin on the soaps and circumstances make it possible to put in taxpayer money again. and that's to be a collective effort to close these loopholes as far as possible. parliament has done
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that but mainly fine send it to me have insured and in their car and a council member states that these loopholes as it continued to exist. our correspondent in distress that sense our prisons. many think the agreement on the so called single resolution mechanism is the biggest achievement in this section of the european parliament's financial reform package is still not ready. a decision about a guarantee from the steering depositors money comes only after the eu elections are charmed order a review was charles board. any peace descended on the friend says his stance but the one final time before may's but its european parliament's trappings that this gets up and running again in july the song the media and not safe in india faces might be that a number of longtime the lake is astounding down and the thing eu politics altogether. the european parliament is meeting for the final time before may's eu elections. any piece of
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gathering the friendships he stressed that the assembly's second seat. look at the battles and voted upon by his parliamentarians the vegetables and twenty thousand times and approved nine hundred and seventy goals. in this report we head back to help people remember this and it's incredible with the veg bed. what draws the most important decision of the european parliament in the last five years. ahh the dead a good weekend the group for today. i couldn't attend the camp the less to do. back to the scene. and that you can see it. it's also the final plenary session for some parliament entrance. this could put a ring of jimmy is retiring. he served as an mep since nineteen seventy nine begin the first eu election after you. in nineteen seventy nine your boss to buy
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dips. my country germany was to budgets and all. germany's tonight it's going to stone in the tomb afraid yet potent the czech republic slovakia hungary slovenia bulgaria romania and croatia are members of the european union and in nineteen seventy nine this court as being a miracle to think about this. it's also been a steep learning curve for some any peace. and is due to a swedish band of representing the park aunties just twenty six years old she's the youngest member of the european parliament european union is constantly trying to adjust itself and one of the things that we have suffered tremendously this nature is i'm speaking we tried to do things too quickly. another factor in the standing down as daniel payne and it's a french green mep. he spent two decades in european politics and i'm a bit in the important current contribution to demonstrate that european identity exists
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and you can and the european and it did without passing through a national id with euro skeptic and nationalist parties riding high in the opinion polls. the next european parliament could look very different to. i i i e deadwood. while. it is. but
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on. check out these went up to its union with actual that's me in the midwest unity. the fundamental. was he couldn't avoid it. it's a digital boy. when the basilica of the their audiences at the club or ill post them here. but up it's
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miscues you a preview the doors. i do. or who roar
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and. steve. ch the view. i love the bath my eye. ch
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there are. am i. are there
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i am one the chill. welcome to the world islam and you know tony until chilled here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. south korea's president says the actions of the captain and some crew members of the sun in aries are like an act of murder. us vice president joe biden has arrived in ukraine he said to be with the leaders of the interim government to discuss ways to stabilize the country. and the publisher and soul has launched a newspaper to help


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