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tv   RTE News Six One  PBS  April 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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cz we were when when will i will. we do. lol welcome to date on that day. but this small city in the warwick well. also we like to thank
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the uk so difficult or twenty thirteen x ten and already the half with three or europe altered on a summer program of the bands are really beginning to kick in. they avoid hoping to get there and they're not open to bring guns to protect the states the city of derry doesn't like that festival takes to the states. the city turns into trouble for a run on the set by britain's largest ballet company the challenges of the city market and sneezing and sold to the east the hearts of course this hideous plastic only one of the radical pretty fitting it all started with him was unstoppable walls. then the fourth of thirteen outings of abingdon
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square. oh but for that phrase in the fridge. there's talk of poisons and river passed on to fade into the street has become inevitable said to me and told me that it causes chris lee momentum and across the northwest dependence on the wedding taxes and to the streets for two reasons firstly for me as pawns for the full on hospice and secondly to correct the record for having the most i ever have one place at the same time. what w jones but i've been doing for students. i mean. watched
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pt. women on these tests what is your soul. why am i personally need to be held it's when i get so i haven't done in years maybe this year so they can get together next your help. offer good time. i've interacted with the ticketing office because of the bike. today i forced my dear brother jared i passed me on the third of may i'm so close but no avail the site of the city the next day at the hospice he has a lot of money. i'm so beyond its target of the members asked at the sydney dance at that map is created. i guess i am happy for him the audience don't have to be awake and when. use the bank
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to help. yet twenty years it's been in the larger of the bag. one last look after i got greedy well be the end of his life. we really appreciate everything they do i will. i'm . or. but the simple truth that the justices to the with more
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meat on the date of the political war was the biggest content rebounds and easy chore ever stays in the city. the kids wanted to go for musicians the chance to work alongside the world going off the character kaufman. refrain was that people type into bankruptcy next year with a photo shoot i did. everything what it all. he repeated the words
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can describe ago. i was absolutely brilliant honestly i thought it was great artistic brilliance and sit with them when to do a great experience to be decided and corporate savannah don't mix of music but its cost. the offense survivors were suspended another. the lightning is on top. orica said it will turn into a base here. it's hard to sch. aw. we don't feel
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like it's the day. it got better. been thinkin abt this was pretty interesting so when the going a lot that makes the audience ratings are surprised and says it's the people who need them. i do the staff. from the ah
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the this is where my little man that is both safe area was born and still singer songwriter folk altered eurovision song contest winner done at the list and is ten and joseph off. they are not surprised to hear when it comes to music and music festivals the city's inheritance did as it is dairy. two year sentence from all over the world gathered here to perform and what has become known as one of europe's best jazz events and festivals this year was no exception. i think he opens the internationally famous new orleans brass band soul rebels as they strut their stuff on their way across things considered. when we win. we are. and. and. i
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you can in it. for. the it
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was about to lose weight with stories and photos but it never is. is it the people the politics show has a slower life. it is us the small island in the guide to the uk. did you
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i was. the evening. each. a sample from me. me and it is he says it means not the end the site. he said. we are you are. he is. is there. he
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said. it is this and he is and candy the head. he is be it. they are i mean
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walking in the day. we've yet to come for the music for all of the great news to me to consider here and we looked and felt excluded. we found out from some of our friends and the guy taste for day two and gary that they come over here for a festival we decided to join them about three years ago that we come over to republic that i take
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that route. it's been good about it. i spent loads more decor miss you but its claim that the gabba but what's been holding them hostage some of the latest state of the art knowledge of what action the board in the park well that's what war record and some classic show displays and cyclones or tell a sample and informed that the effect that epitaph to the woman and man still sweat and laughed and cried and carried on and a shirt factory street executives boys held their ideals multiple tools a somewhat biggest hit of the baby with a fine selection of ethnic food and entertainment as part of the team wanted to study during the ferry accidents and set a cracking propaganda of the face of the troubles for the city's radio single in your kitchen when the moment street gallery opened its doors in the exhibition them. i was still suffering from across the dam the area and set apart and dances all the details projects creating
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animations please call and tell it like the ones who created the scales and forth apple tree is this a few week of entertainment and the muscles went out to celebrate the namesake amelia earhart and others and very nineteen thirty three becoming the first woman to fly solo across the atlantic diet. he is the carnival of colors is an ideal festival in holland park bringing the best of and a national feed it to the city. our cameras were there this year to catch all the fun. each
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callers to the kids begged and begged her and is one of the greatest art or probably bands that happens here in the study of the year and took the great events. one of the highlights of our study of culture year was the recent thousand of britain's largest company of oil falling. london based company with six thousand babies born dancer cry over for a punter from their demon asked if i was somewhat miffed this performance especially enjoyable for the home audience. that should also come up the garden and the companies that are shaken sheltered area for a full briefing here's another taster afraid of other filings with the sea i am i. i think i can tell is that it's the beginnings of a boy tommy coming today to see some of the incontinence. it's also the bubba doesn't think it's been easy for young kids. it wants to be inspired by it
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short visit to the concert and this from denny is as expected. choose from a broad valley from work. foreman heater and whatnot. with an orchestra conducted by a guy from the city. it assumes that all must learn to make the very highest level. we were approached by a steep cut ten thousand revolt by making an nxt week so it went from being folded into the team to bring minister and several student who likes to bake it says president's decree to do what i didn't anybody since i come and get people in office and see something they don't have the never tends to be seen and to get into a paste. as i hope the audience will enjoy it. this is opportunity for people to know the c word foreman with the most pieces
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like the boys on the spot cos he's strongly. a as that's not the order. then his essence cancer cells and safe haven. sometimes it has nothing to music read the music and dancing steps. sing me something different to me we don't get to see if he did not say that labour government has made me get stuff done and planned to spend two years ago the moon the eye bertie years old walmart them here in the city so was a big challenge organizers of this eventually. if you were going to support the majority of bubbling away the finish line
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for many titles important for most just to complete the grueling twenty six point in my studio. well look like the market is huge and successful. when most of its human resource at the fifth beatle and the noblest as we pick of the fight to the highs and lows of the day each. it all. banks. asda
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said it before. it is listed as short sales. like solitude of the people all of us. we keep this blog the commanders and eighty four to five minus one two years ago and then come back and began to tumble they left what great effect. i heard that a komodo to what opened the right moment to moment the shares jumped on my cassette to be the best effort not in its thirteenth year tenants and the electronic music festival begins at the end of june the stats from metro area in
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which courts and many more of the history of various forms of art takes the opportunity for people to select the top pic from last place in the city's art paper tells the story. altered to be on display in the paintings of horses and enjoy life. lackey on the hand comes north of the board of the first time ever and all of its largest festival of the stuff i just need to take over the settings and life expectancy and in november echo echo the suspenseful will be approved of and about the performance but the city have never seen before. when the storming vigil created yet and already it is a gem of home made . we're going to eat the night that he spends every apartment thinks are the sons and daughters of the seventy s this kind of happens. some extent abide by further. further. i am
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mooney. woomera high. should i. and one. he sleeps on. in the they've been. i am. our auto accident. not me the woods. been bz. the at
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the you are christopher they are. school was. hall
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i can. and. ch ch. i mean. i was. using losing more than one. tuesday is a little bit
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lost in. and this time. since we don't really care. her records going back thousands of years. you know something about chinese culture and one it used to it. synergy chinese martial arts techniques chinese. awareness and useful arts i i will the techniques. any interest is that we're not just low aunts who are interested in we were. internally. what energizes us glimpses of what is this the suspect it will
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be to woo woo hoo the foundation year plan i'm gonna be. the laser tracking the euro on monday this week but to think. when i was in the edmonton. not once not


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