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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 22, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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i knew we wanted the trading accusations washington wants to see. open the radio trying to get married. you and downs with ukraine in the face of humiliating thread investigations are underway did the child that is corey began to fill people in an attack ten days ago the u s and france have legs to uncover the truth the manager of manchester united. moyes has yet to emerge from
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the post just ten months after taking over. following a disastrous effect. the top thanks for joining in eighteen fifty eight year old from three cats. the us and russia are played each other for the apparent failure of last week's geneva accords to calm tensions in ukraine america's vice president joe biden to think yet meeting the country's pro western interim prime minister and president. but the east remains tense following the killing of a peace treaty pro russian supporters on sunday. moscow claims the agreement is being done to twenty f and extremists are being encouraged to washington on the other hand is demanding that russia calls on separatists to vacation buildings and checkpoints. sally has more it's a white easter bunny visits at a time of widespread consign it to the unity of ukraine. us vice president joe biden maximum depth ofsident showed support for the pro west and
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added dots with governments as diplomatic efforts to get to bring an end to the crisis washington and europe the state accusing russia of orchestrating the armrest in eastern ukraine is no question that there's been a great healer. the stabilizing activity and that russia has influence over the groups that engage in activity too abc's buildings and we continue to call on russia to use that influence to pressure those groups to disarm and to return the buildings to authorities while the us vice president was traveling to ukraine his state department released pictures provided by kiev. a separate is pretty tense accusing them of being in fact russian forces the images appear to share that one soldier currently operating in eastern ukraine was also deployed in georgia in two thousand and eight and he's not the eighty one according to the west another argument put forward is the type of weapons used by the pro russian forces on the point is infuriated
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moscow to school because school was school the west claims that the proof of russia's intervention is the presence of a huge amount of russian weapons in the conflict area. this is a ridiculous argument because they're never been any other weapons. everyone has russian weapons there will eventually lead to the table. which suits them. on monday so i gave the frostbite on the frontiers american counterparts. john kerry at russia to publicly called on separate system vacate government buildings and illegal checkpoints. the boys more economic sanctions could be on the way. meanwhile funerals are due to take place between people shot dead on sunday they were killed during a raid on a checkpoint manned by pro russian separatist near the tennis club the ounce the circumstances remain on their key advantage is that with stage by russian special forces but locals say ultra nationalist militants were responsible for the merger has this report the holding of photographs of the victims of sunday's shootout and staking claim to the city its
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body on its debt to stop the merry out with the keys to suffer a mater of stopping on the skin. usc's first meeting since the geneva agreement a mediator met with him for two hours on monday they are worried that the talks. i would consider talks. we just messed up she for the lacy key has around one hundred monitors in ukraine. their mission is to see if the terms of the geneva agreement permits yes he'll eat the conflict as they keep occupied buildings and disarm militia audience was mayor said he has no plan to respect the geneva agreement to sell or whatever's been decided in geneva has been decided with over participation. we have nothing to do with what was there. but the quality was the separatists and airbag moscow to send troops after a deadly shootout on sunday. he remained in a curious about whether the separatist movement is or is not being helped by russian security
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forces. it's the new thing is the older isn't a single representative of the russian military here. a former member of military forces. i asked for help from my friends were pretty tired just like being at the cia became not only from russia but also from bend the rules ethics is most often discussed on a small diary during usc's visit on a marae not complied with requests to visit the former mayor. she is currently being detained by the rebels the separatists stronghold remains under a nightly curfew. and then move on to some of the world news there are indications and other toxic chemical attack has taken place in syria. most likely using chlorine. that's according to the us and france both are examining whether the syrian regime drop the substance on it that makes kandahar province during an attack ten days ago chlorine is not one of the prior see one or two chemicals syria has had to declare in the u n monitored scheme to destroy its stockpile of external reports
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we have information but no proof the minute the us state department said they did. see recent chemical attacks taking place in syria earlier this month. he had indications of these toxic industrial chemical probably chlorine in syria this month than the opposition dominated villages. here they have we're examining allegations that the government was responsible. i'm with stupid to turn to them knowing that it should be since the chemical attacks in pa site up on the eleventh and twelveth of april. dozens of civilians in keeping your children reported to suffer from suffocation. what is the key syrian troops loyal to back tournaments that the dropping against ball state on syrian television reported the ok to affiliated al masri front was beyond the attack french president was going on said there was no clear proof the regime accused of killing weapons reports is so far unsubstantiated according to samantha power the us
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ambassador to the united nations. but washington and its partners who investigates complaints of the poison gas attack. gospel is the syrian government was accused of using chemical weapons against civilians in a suburb of damascus. the searing diplomat to ground it lost ark syrian authorities to agree to surrender the chemical weapons still close to realization the addition of chemical weapons that syria had so far had been almost two thirds of its possible effects of frequency am devoting two deliveries needed to increase significantly if the regime was to meet unfaithful twenty seven deadline. here in france the government is set to unveil a new program aimed at contacting homegrown islamic extremists of the anti jihadi plan would attempt to tackle the growing number of young frenchmen heading to syria and other war zones to take up arms against western nations and their allies. brennan has the dts young french man and
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woman continued to make their way to syria every month to join the islamic militants several hundred are estimated to be biking with anti government militias according to the news paper and that the couple the french government instructed the new twenty point plan aimed at stopping them. top of the list reinforcing surveillance of online extreme as an entry point for many young people will become radicalized and gone on to join militants fighting syrian president musharraf the site. state controls prohibiting liners from leaving the country with no parental authorization are to be brought into fourths the government is also setting up a department where parents can report from the members they hear are getting involved in is the activity. in addition surveillance systems across europe are being improved notably at the airports where authorities aim to prevent more fledgling fringe extremists from flying to syria. but it needs to be expanded as many succeed in
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traveling to syria by bus and car undetected. a crew member of the centurion ferry that sank last wednesday has to be and they tried to go into lifeboats but failed because of the tilt of the ship reports suggest the information has come from one of seven crew members currently in custody and charged with negligence the ferry sank on a routine trip south from the port in sean into the island of gq up the four hundred and seventy six people on board on the one hundred and seventy four were rescued the recovery of bodies is continuing. then you're the one hundred and fifty japanese lawmakers have paid homage at the se to ne shrine which honors the nation's war dead. the move has raised eyebrows on the eve of the visit by us president barack obama for china and south korea at the shrine. it symbolizes depends on winning this to repent for past war rations. that's got all the nations from our correspondent and just to make curry he joins us by sky
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from tokyo justin has significant is the holding of information center many of the controversial shrine letting any visits to yesterday described by a japanese politician always carry some significance because it immediately. it provokes a very angry response call from china and south africa. south korea for the reasons that the state to be an introduction to the country siesta katie is a potent symbol of japanese minute risen as a sign that mauled a japanese politicians get greedy to atone for the atrocities that a country committed to before and during the second low wall is being as extra significance to die in today becos of the shrines annual spring festival because it comes to the day people at the u s president barack obama is due to arrive in japan at the start of an eight day trip throughout the asian region. so the timing is difficult. i think is preferable to have it today and tomorrow when all
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boundaries actually intended to show that during the discussions and it is to the u s officials warn that japanese counterparts. many politicians visiting executed during obama's visit will be pretty unforgettable. i just don't want to trust obama hoped to achieve on this trip to asia tokyo if the fed his first stop. it is the true aims to be the primary i unloaded the kids will be to reassure to have many deep south korea where you'll be visiting. after leaving tokyo the us is committed to standing with its allies in the asia pacific region as tensions rise in the east china sea and in the south china sea. the territorial disputes with the ageing and causes comes amid signs that the ageing is becoming increasingly aggressive suddenly in terms of its naval maneuvers supper the same time as a very difficult balancing act to carry off while he is a particularly in japan. he needs to reassure to come to
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the us cents with its ministers territorial disputes with china. he also needs to avoid doing or saying anything. that aggravates tensions between china and the us but the minute we had a lot about the us commitment to hold the asia pacific away from europe in the middle east news will be obama's towns it demonstrates is japanese and south korea on this. it is more than an aspiration but that the us will cause diplomatic economic and even a cause of the ministry engagement at the forefront if necessary. dysentery thank you very much for thinking they're from tokyo. big up on news in britain this tuesday this change at the top at manchester united's owners the glazer family have fired manager david moyes after just one season in charge at old trafford. the former everton manager succeeded alex ferguson just ten months ago. but since then the first team has suffered a spectacular decline the former champions and
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ninety s f and place in the premiership. they've also been an invitation from both domestic cup and european competitions. when people show up. mexico has said farewell to its beloved adopted son. gabrielle garcia marquez dozens of firefighters passed the ashes of the colombian novelist on monday in a music filled tributes to the nobel laureates. known affectionately as cabo garcia marquez died last thursday and is held in mexico city or use it for the last three decades he was eighty seven years of age. the merger has more the underwriters an option is carried by his family and leave before is not on fire the canker private gathering of family members publicly comments to get real garcia marquez in mexico city. the president of columbia ploughing ceremony you are in the name of forty seven million indonesians. it is with the heavy hawke's bay we say goodbye to the greatest cannot get a full time. gabriel garcia
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marquez and chemical with him the author hundred years of solitude was the literary voice of america. a native of columbia canada mexico in the nineteen sixties the weather was nice with a design to use his example will always live in the hearts of his friends and millions of readers in the world. his words and thoughts will stay on with this. garcia marquez who lives among this day in the future generations. for them. at the request of his family some of the writer's favorite excerpts from it along with mark hoffman traditional colombian music hundreds gathered outside the palace of fine arts to bid a final farewell. it was that says i love his works reading his books and there was a teenager. and it made me grow in the motel he described he was a real master. colombian authorities said they will also hold
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the morning. garcia marquez family has yet to decide where to spread his conscience. they may be divided between his native colombia. i knew. or for the team here in the news or in fifty minutes trying to stay with us. the banks are joining us today we analyze the ukrainian crisis as seen from brussels events in ukraine to pose a formidable challenge to the european union. europe is trying to assert itself diplomatically and offered to have an alternative to russia's domination but within a new divisions dependence on russian gas in the absence of a political vision for ukraine. of all blunted europe's influence. joining us from berlin to talk about this is michael e of the german marshall fund he's a specialist on the eastern europe in former soviet bloc also a former director general of enlargement. for the european commission. i'm
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mentally first question to you. college of a priority is ukraine from brussels today there is that one gets the impression when one looks to be that the way this crisis has unfolded that between europe and russia it's really the one who cares about ukraine most who manages to assert himself most it is that accurate did you see that in brussels. in brussels that has been a strategy for ukraine. since two thousand and eight the year has been the cars hit an extremely wide ranging agreement with ukraine. in fact as i'm sure you recall it was differences over the signature this agreement and yanukovich is the refusal in fact to sign it. that led to them i dun events and everything living through now so europe has been rather proactive on ukraine. it's true that the member states i do not have an appetite
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for new members. i'm psyched for the time being but short of membership the eu offer to pray far reaching partnership but all this is somewhat economic somewhat technical comes to good to miss maren existential not. he's enunciated in utah and treachery of limited sovereignty for countries with large russian speaking mine are just a hint it's not a question of economics or its integration. it's a fundamental russian national interest. so what does your walkman as he sits in a it's an existential mentor for for russia. what's done in europe trying to get out of having influences surfing influence in ukraine europe's main edition has been to have a range of twelve thousand democracy is surrounding the european union where the two big east or to the south as a guarantee of stability basically we don't want problems and instability flows of people own refugees asylum seekers. criminal
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gangs spilling over from countries like ukraine into neighboring regions of the european union. we see it as in our own interest to introduce a policy that would strengthen democracy in the mood of torque and fight corruption and criminality in ukraine both the ukraine's own benefit and to protect ourselves. it's interesting that you should say that because in fact under the previous government in ukraine when russia still had a very strong role to play in ukraine and end with the authorities in kiev. i really don't see what the danger. it was for europe i don't see what the former you can with danger the former ukraine post the euro. when you see you know all of the books instability really means you know for years and this we talked about democracy human rights the more neutral oldies very sound principles and we can trust it and what instability corruption and
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criminality and so on. what about the things that we warned against him actually become reality. so it was to try and prevent these sorts of developments. but europe wanted to become a close partnership with ukraine. and it was the rejection of the partnership by yanukovich that led to the events that we see today. so what leverage does europe currently have in ukraine one sometimes gets the impression that europe is not fighting with the same weapons as as moscow it's true that moscow doesn't think twice about records two folds. in fact this is the first time since the end of the cold war that we have seen borders in europe being changed by the use of force the european union and the united states has ruled out from the very beginning there are a force. we are trying to use other means when trying to strengthen democratic forces within ukraine which tried to
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provide economic assistance they can shore up its very weak state that has some fundamental structural problems and economic problems. the same time we are imposing sanctions together with united states that shows russia today is a price to pay. but if you asked about the order of magnitude of the instruments that we are ready to use compact with russia. it's true we are using if you like most modern instruments while russia has stopped back in the earlier part of the twentieth century or even the late nineteenth century and its willingness to use holds an incident in the present week and post modernism work against the use of force. i think we have to think again. in particular we have to consider how the european union. and what better side to side with nature which is on patrol fundamentally a minute reliance. we've seen in the last day is a great deal of nervousness by countries which are both met
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nato allies and eu members qantas flight mode and estonia latvia who are starting to wonder who might be next. and nature has taken some rot the strong measures and peeking out aerial patrols in planning various exercises in these countries which should send a message to mr putin that if he tried to push his new doctrine in two countries which are new members and nato allies he could expect a mock shock response is the crisis in ukraine it is spring the renewed debate over a common european defence policy. certainly this is something which is receiving considerable attention in brussels and during the election campaign the european parliament in may. this is the perfect occasion for different candidates put forward their different points of view on
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this the fact of the match raise the roof of the moment when it comes to problems in europe. unlike peacekeeping operations on humanitarian operations in distant continents. the division of responsibility between eight am and the eu is pretty clear so if we look back to georgia which i think is a good example or a good framework at least understand what's going on in ukraine at the time of the russia georgia war that was six years ago in two thousand and eight. a man of europe to intervene and obtained officially at least a ceasefire. the six years on what you see is that south the center which was at the center of the conflicts out this it is essentially admits of a rush of people there not only speak russian happened in the russian passport and use russian currency but to all intents and purposes of this it is no longer a part of of georgia and is a part of russia has you have learnt any lessons from that conflict. i think you see now that the european
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neighbourhood policy which has governed our approach to these countries and the cost is going to be subject to serious review of connections to the european parliament in may afp a new foreign policy chief with the eu. and i think one of the items are to be at the top of that person's agenda in which the commission should be interrogated during hearings in european parliament is a new vision a new approach to our own neighborhood. that takes into account the very real threats that we've seen over the last few weeks. but one of the fact is that ways particularly heavily in and year of diplomacy in europe stance he's in the russian of course is the dependence of a large number of european countries on russian gas that issue had already been brought up six years ago when we discussed in europe's response to the georgian crisis again have any lessons we learn as you have done anything to lessen its dependence on russian gas. as always we have this
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prostitute. i went to the strategy remains entirely on paper. various steps had been taken. as you know the european commission has taken some legal steps against cast concrete from pole to try and challenge its monopolistic position. both the supplier of gas and owner of networks. but all the things we need to do much more. we need to be in a position to diversified but different sorts of energy we use doubts boil over in europe both musically and itchy. and also to diversify the geographic sources of energy to do this effectively we need to have that second to connect its between different parts of the network in europe so we can switch quickly to different sources of supply and we need to increase the supplies from existing export as a guest of the european union. like norway of judea and comp time and we have to look into new sources of supply such as
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the east in addition radiant and for that night to united states. at home and he and his enemy is about as all of that happening because this is something i remember um was said six years ago during the georgia crisis once again is happening today. are we exploring other avenues seriously. when exploring them but all disney much greater urgency needs to be given to the us. the vision is clear we know what we have to do. but now is the time to get down to business and a very brief aim is to leave what do you think europe should propose to ukraine what is the political projects. the political vision that europe should be putting forward to authorities and care. europe should and is putting forward kiki had a vision of how a modern state can be run respecting the road of cruel without corruption at all levels of society as has been the case until now. we can chat with ukraine summit
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the expertise we can take some photo enlargement process about how best to fight corruption. what ukraine really needs are free and fair elections in may. so that the new authorities that come to power or of unquestioned legitimacy. and those authorities need to put to death of an electorate that the addition of a democratic country that respects the rule of law where corruption is not present or levels of life and the eu needs to be there and is that with a major program of assistance to bring this vision to reality. mr lee thinks they are now suspected joining us on a farm in depth interview. from berlin will continue to fall in love is on the ukrainian crisis in europe's position he's in the ukraine right here on carbon caps and do stay tuned for news coming the debate
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he sent to media to make your voice coming from a great event. beat into the discussion most likely to get started. all of your questions live on and continue the debate of the senate so that by sharing your views on the forums cross bike out for a more direct and to me the debate on fourth and got caught and kept dot com the day. i was
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each. the we were when will
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the six. in it. back then that the offer. watching
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one of our own back. will every year. we will will will will the eye. sixty five or seven people with disabilities and extent of the people of working age forty seven percent of them are able to work cover only eighty two thousand people have their own earnings of twenty issues for people with disabilities were discussed during the government how in the parliament according to the minister of labour and social protection. come on in the cinema. the main reason for this situation is the reluctance of employers to hire a worker with disabilities. already though i don't know whether to spend a week is tea a


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