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. ga. eye. the new gi and one. the american warship the uss he has passed through the boss first rate return to the black sea after undergoing repairs increased readership will now be deployed in middle eastern european waters as relations between washington and moscow reached until this point since the war. meanwhile it was increasing its naval presence in the baltic sea in sending troops to bolster its defences as the crisis in ukraine continues the former soviet states that in our new members have requested increased military assistance
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in recent weeks following a visit by us placed president joseph biden to kyiv germany's defense minister welcomed the pledge by america to provide fifteen million us dollars and into the new ukrainian governments including the million dollars in the lethal military assistance. zai. the string foreign ministers of action occurs as with his israeli counterpart medically proven in jerusalem and an expected visit to iraq this week the pair are expected to discuss iran's controversial nuclear program the country's human rights record. iran has attempted to tone down its aggressive rhetoric under present house were on the old lohan has been called the direct all his meetings with world leaders outside of her and he continues to allow iran's supreme leader to call for israel to be wiped off the map leading to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called iran's
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president each school members of the u s intelligence community are against allowing israel to join and beats the way to program because they could expose the country to israeli espionage according to a new report. several senators have recently been campaigning to let israel joined the visa waiver program a collection of thirty eight nations the system to protect and to stay in the us to ninety days without a visa to preach before hunter from the us consulate. a senior congressional aides said members of the intelligence community and state homeland security departments was concerned steering a classified briefing to the committee which has jurisdiction and the sheep according to the row cool recall is the first time national security reasons have been selected as the reason for refusal last month a bomb was administration claims is no discrimination against arab and muslim americans at ports of entry and exit is the main reason that your state has not been accepted onto
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the program. israel denies washington's accusations of unfair treatment mates and opponents of palestinian descent subject to different entry procedures on to an oslo agreement. last year almost ten percent to around one hundred and twenty thousand israelis seeking u s bases are keys to a massive increase of eight percent compared to two thousand and twelve. almost a third of those aged twenty one to twenty six. the benchmark rate to join the visa waiver program is three percent which was then passed the precipitate it ukraine's acting prime minister are to be out in europe has voiced its concern over the kremlin's intentions to resurrect the former soviet union at the expense of ukraine to restore or so. and
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and god wills with my estimation. for his speech he stated that he is author of the century. you collapse on the phone. i was interested in all of these entries will be there russian soldiers in ukraine's crimea in late february and then at the peninsula after a sham referendum weeks later the russian president by gamer putin has denied direct the pro russian separatist who had captured government buildings in eastern ukraine ukraine's state security agency however says it has erected at least ten members of the russian state intelligence directorate in the region and prevented more than ten thousand russians from entering the country to support the shenanigans during the interview yet duke also said individuals behind anti semitic leaflets
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distributed in the eastern city of the doubt earlier in the week will be held responsible for the provocation as you flip a synagogue in the aftermath man handed out fliers are purported to be from pro russian separatist ordering called used to register with them or face deportation he's sure a store by the united nations human rights office last week. keep on truckin claims of anti semitism in ukraine as that ukrainian jewish leader by reform any of the administration's special envoy and anti semitism. last month disputed claims by russian president but to report in the ukrainian revolutionaries were spreading hatred of . so sucky minister has said his cup and he will appoint went just weeks after the top court lifted the short lived government ban on social network twitter communications minister that the obama reportedly told john the midst of
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the possibilities of what could replace the standard infrastructure with the national expert a cool one which suppresses uses ability to express opinions and views to play pool or hints he's also appointed to the saying of the european union countries when considering similar measures turkish authorities have denied the allegations of that but the contents come down. prime minister which in type two on and his ruling akp party place entire arch of accusations about widespread corruption mostly spread through social media is dublin's got access to twitter in march in the run up to let go of elections however the time didn't last long. turkey's constitutional court overruled it up to two weeks late in the mould of breach of freedom of expression. one is now appealing the decision that was of the kelt was ridiculed by you says the change they compete to send teams to break it. they then took it with the temporal cost and discontent each increment spent up to several videos spread of top officials reportedly suggesting a
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undercover attack on syria and hard won and his family leaving millions of dollars in cash and the pasta prime minister has promised to eradicate with it and claim that the social media companies should all treat i keep like a but not a republic. the one that uses a us based islamic rhetoric of using a network of support is to orchestrate an intense campaign into police corruption investigation to undermine him his eleven year tenure has largely remained popular despite the summer's anti government protests the reassignment of hundreds of police prosecutors and judges and the internet freedom come down. the latest attempt to control the internet stocks of the chalk up rope with many comparing tacky to iran and north korea with social media platforms are tightly controlled journalists have also been censored in fact turkey has more reports is in jail than any of the country they face charges including taking terrorism and promoting propaganda as us
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based critic joseph biden arrived in kiev to meet top ukrainian officials that the us release products which it says show that many centrists fighters in eastern ukraine are russian special forces. russia has repeatedly claimed that it is not send troops to eastern ukraine although independent reports indicate that worsened troop units and special forces support separatist elements in the region. was released by the ukrainian government endorsed by the us state department show what appears to be the same bearded man are working during both the two thousand the russian invasion of georgia and during the current crisis in eastern ukraine one of the day last week finally admitted that russian troops were active in cranium ahead of a white beaches in a referendum over the place was annexation by moscow could instead and marched toward the so called self defense units in crimea were volunteer militia it's funny denying that russian troops were operating in the area the ukrainian government says it has arrested at least ten russian citizens in eastern ukraine have received
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training from russia's intelligence service. armed separatists continued to manned barricades and occupied buildings in eastern cities increase for the arts where they've taken over the local police headquarters and a building belonging to the state security service the u s is urging russia to comply with an agreement hammered out in geneva last week that requires militants in eastern ukraine to disarm and leave buildings which had been occupied since unrest there began the white house has said in moscow must act swiftly to avoid tougher un sanctions . the from israel and around the world converge on jerusalem's western wall for an aspirin is politics enemies because of the holiday. went to visit ended what is called the priestly blessing which happened just three times the in the priestly this at this point haunting three consecutive this is from jewish holy book the torah one related to telling in a special song which is said to date back thousands of years
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emotionally it's one of the two getting the aid given to the cause though. all around the wards. not only knit stated the kids are getting tools like peaches to acquire the nations around the quilt sew around the truck to sell the bills so there is not sold there altogether. huge crowds of the train at the new lacrosse israel this week as celebrate the cause of the holiday with some three hundred thousand people said to have visited the country's national parks in recent days and some fifty thousand hitting the beaches along the sea of galilee a federal appeals court has ordered the u s department of justice to turn over key portions of the documents that justifies the government's targeted killing of people linked to terrorism using drone strikes it's a case that is pitting the us government's power to get the public's right to
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know when it selected officials are doing. an appeals court reversed a lower courte the secrecy of the government's legal rationale for the killings such as the death of us isn't anymore i'll be in two thousand london drone strike in yemen. it's an unprecedented decision by the courts which could render other documents that are considered secret by the government feared came to disclosure. so far it's not clear whether the us department of justice will appeal the court's ruling it's also unclear when the documents will be made available in ukraine has imposed stricter border controls on drudge him and trying to enter the country russia's flag carrier air a flood of april seventeen issued a statement warning passengers that men between the ages of sixteen and sixty would be denied entry. i'm a stay at proof of our region to visit such as family ties or an invitation from a business or individual war
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were traveling with their family. geographic in the kremlin of stirring up trouble in ukraine's eastern province and a charge denied by torture president but the report in one april seventeen rejected claims the russian special forces present in eastern ukraine putin also admitted to lying on march for when he famously denied russian troops had invaded ukraine's crimean peninsula. one can get into any on the second store and buy such uniforms the summit for self defense forces in crimea in fact russia invaded crimea in late february and formally annexed the peninsula a month later after a sham referendum only recognized by a few country ukraine announcement of stricter border controls to a sharp response from moscow which accuses gm of ignoring the rights of russian speaker be charged a bunch last week in a special report prepared by the united nations human rights office. russian
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foreign minister sergei lavrov and his american counterpart john kerry hammered out with a one page agreement on april seventeen designed to de escalate tensions bbq drink or government buildings had been captured by kremlin backed militia the pro russian activists have so far disregarding calls to leave the occupied buildings can continue to guard barricades and roads entering the cities of what god is determined to work. some residents of slowdown believe it is inevitable that the dutch province will leave ukraine i think there is never going to be elected ukraine slate guessed it needs to speak in the states i will hold the european union from toronto. ukraine's secret service said last week that it had arrested ten member of russia's state intelligence directorate and florida entry to more than ten thousand russian man following a string of violent building takeovers in the heart even to guns and did not break ins during march he wrote in on
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april seventeen denied the russian special forces present in eastern ukraine joseph issue. that's rubbish and aggression tricks and celtic you crying for no special services to remote reign as the israelite course it is an estimate as needed ukrainian celebrate easter holiday. most people remain uncertain about the future of their country. you're no doubt that the crisis will simply result. dutch politician geert wilders has become the latest are a critical figure in europe to join in when you're putting in cleaning the west or decreases in ukraine. wilder said the european union was responsible for stirring unrest in ukraine by offering closer ties to the twenty eight member bloc up and going to do is widely debunked claims that you create a revolutionary leaders were very radical splinter said that european leaders to support the protests in kiev for supporting action. wilders is
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among a number of nationalist politicians have rallied to his defence in recent weeks real attendant who has france's far right national front party recently visited moscow where she claimed that the european union was declaring a new cold war russia. routine is awesome and support from countries far easily party which won nearly twenty percent of the party was towed to the country's latest parliamentary election russia under blanket region has fostered close ties with the radical group which many labels a new party for its anti semitic views and radical nationalism. it's a european parties are set to make a strong showing across europe in elections next month with parties including national friends. austria's freedom party in the danish people's party polling strongly. meanwhile ukraine's main far right parties from bottom which is raise concerns for its fierce nationalism has broken ties with european fairy parties for support of the kremlin it has been accused of cherry and berry fascist policies his bling than ukraine's new leaders to
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consolidate his grip on power in encouraging anti semitic rhetoric on state television in russia. at least twenty new places on the door each respiratory syndrome or most hopping confirmed in saudi right be taking the time to number of infections up to fourteen going into six guys knocking on the laming and sudden increase of the disease. the scale was up with that of the people infected and has not killed this sauce likely a virus which in the distance out to right continues to guide the city's infected two hundred and forty four people seventy six up into the light that the number of places in the kingdom jumping significantly in the house two weeks. another hostile places has been detected in the anointed arab emirates nas has no faxing on the antiviral treatment spots in sandstone and sour be helpful sort east side the disease to read tonight sometimes does not transmit easily between people and my
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simply going out. however health experts have warned most of the potential to enter into the new tights the saudi ministry has now when politicians like the orca in north american companies to work with that in developing of oxley said that some of the company's same visit the kingdom ukrainian jones is being held by pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine was corked helps quite a cup it isn't slow dance contest told reporters she was being questioned but not just treat it. democrats twenty one years old a month reprieve from the ukrainian state securities of this building and scorpions which is being held to tell jen as she had been threatening that was not being mistreated. ukraine jonas olsson said that another report to freelance aside the atf to switch to his old has not been heard of since last week when acquaintances pt was held in
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some announced. to love the jonas been held by armed men who took of the buildings and sloppy on schooling days ago was called to the militant group kremlin protest movement in russian speaking eastern ukraine increasingly the only generous to a safe to witness the unfolding events in eastern ukraine a prank remain unprotected by the cumin a shot. i . points are repeats from the gaza strip landing in southern israel on one bike tool ring that image of sight of all the subtle threat to the slaughter was consenting is right he says has been running a couple. israel responded to the question are going to complete as poets and on militant targets the gaza militants broke its landed in the comfy owed to mr hawke and concrete in a corset not when trees what damage is final crew hotel most responsible for any rock fall from the strip and is routinely forced to respond to the violent side is that stuart is to try an income
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run by hamas. is proud and boasted report that since the beginning of two thousand and fourteen gaza strip militants who lives at least one hundred and eight with kids out to trial the west its kind in the middle of march. some sixty rockets slammed into his bio boasting that it was tight twist on the top of the best books on modern millie to call it helps it felt like all the broken some thoughts on that every screen role was stripped of us. it is time to read it at least graphics in september two thousand and twelve off days by over one operation in iraq depends on ethics and relentless rocket strikes on gaza about politics it is rightly citizens a mini series x men still make your brain senior claiming he rates him as a teenager named three more hollywood executives in lost its footing sexual abuse and and seeking damages exceeding ten million dollars. michael keegan was an aspiring teen actor in los angeles said television executives and art
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teacher in the living human and entertaining film director gary doherty were part of an under age ring in hollywood in late nineteen eighty nine in two thousand even with his attorney jeff herman's reporters that use these to back classes last week he filed his lawsuit against singer whose next minute he's in the future past still open in us theaters next month are victims of these individuals or other individuals that are out there from childhood sexual abuse that have been in use by others come forward dave we have people that can protect us now. jeff herman's own wonderful person. there's been there the interests of the game can change the stigma that sin is in this world of childhood sexual abuse and when somebody talks about it. in a lawsuit against each individually to know is that he was induced are forced into sexual activity at the infamous into generic parties hosted by former entertainment business executive mark holland director. i registered offender. he also lays the sexual abuse continued on
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trips to hawaii for he said he was in a curve really touched and need to consume alcohol and drugs and forced into and oral . the deal to most of an employee asked cindy sheehan and the sea ice in the libyan capital tripoli pleading for his life. i'm taking his country's president to step in the constellation for his release. apparently being rested like she had the islamist group. last week and this year foreign minister monday amid announced minutes and set them on to the release of the islamist point is that i didn't intend is to mourn but the government was considering reducing its diplomatic mission in the country. instability remains widespread in libya attacks on libyan media institution the ministries are common on the struggles to control a former rebel was an islamist militants trying to fit with the palin camp since the ousting of the types of media market
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that it lost some type of trauma to start out easy time it was briefly kidnapped playmates and record the libyan revolution emirates and a seasoned diplomat couples and talked to the most points by fall attack was in september two thousand and twelve and al qaeda linked militants attacked the us consulate and banged on securing the ambassador christopher stevenson and reopens the eye the seven year old sam and tenured had managed to fight to the car jack to distill their families nice and from the house when they were still inside it. the incident could offer them of the blame entirely left them to collect food costs and pay people who tried to get to judge them and eventually released into the mtc schools are the kinds of they year old brother about a mile from the high in may one has been detained for the crime. one of the twins said he tried to punch and
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kick the content. eventually he dropped all three of them all on the placement the full clean. speaking to journalists. eleven the cia to deprive the cat traversed no way despite screens from the children. police reported but the twins with special bravery medals following the incident. it has. i . a slightly flexible who's been widely christ across the country for his devotion to the sweetness of his career wrapped up his new toys that second book. fifty seven year old gets mugged at the lions second hand book stall reports that up like i've been dealing in the second humboldt rightfully but twenty is set to play a lot of cookbooks so hopped up on like this custom is that he said he undertook the crayon off his own experience as a typical house
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in raleigh top is to go to britain looking for books he did so he knows how desperate people can be when i come on people. many. destroying the michael's myself at that show i was lucky enough to find books that night. do people mean the scientists search for second. customers can add anything short of finishing with eight the shopper i leave the confines of his weekly appearances as a guest already have programs like if i'm close to listen to some readers requesting is that this is to look like specific books. most of the readers ask me to find second hand books of this culture. some wanted their children or grandchildren to read fairy tales that use to read as kids so i want to try my best to satisfy their wishes to bring back the memories and experiences the tables. i
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know part of fact during the talks by the holidays that's the thing i baked for books that was a couple new ones. not quite affordable and many kinds of books as well when she grew up reading books and say here with me to the books. don't let the horse around a ball themed hotel the hotel has attracted many points by feltex including its friday president shimon peres they visited at the end two thousand and eleven the double bill with a rifle and a book or read or i have a sense of accomplishment someone says much of his great importance. i don't care but that i love books and i love to find books to life. it is in the pacific. a trial a country with a population of more than seven million people the ball a total thirty five million books eat it. there are more than one thousand four hundred publishing houses in the country with more than six thousand new toy toys
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puppets and they didn't. zai eye xian. davey moore is set to cement is to note that the image of the hugely disappointing seasons after placing alex bugs and last july. moyes was appointed on the recommendation of fellow spoke but assumed were tied at the end of last season on the twenty six trip in a good new is in the job. according to media reports are not supported dutchman to the bongo who quit as coach of the netherlands i woke up and is in tune into my life rich in detail the rice cakes for two years old has been working as one of morris's cut chances and has been put in charge for the final four games of the season. morris was released in charge of everton for eleven seasons without winning a trophy was given a six hit close to my talented but they have lunch from one crisis to another with the club set to compete in one season in decades
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germany has been crowned the model champion after beating the uk at the annual world of marvel championship in west sussex. it may not have been the most anticipated event of an international sporting calendar for the diehards the game was the one to watch the mold with his very soul teens who really good to get on with running through the pain is a very tactile on its twenty cent of all who could use a feeling of knowing what you do in the event is to achieve something. so as a guide to the treatment this time it's been like that it's a cop was an ongoing battle. spectators turned out to enjoy the sunshine and watch the annual event which attracts players from around the world. it's the biggest day in the marble games calendar incubators it is his compositions the teams came from america and germany with fourteen teams from break. i
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eye. rule. do. rudy in the and we are the act. it
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is. chee wei should cause us
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to the pension savings during the transition to receive human intention but it was the amount of the top of each deposit are and where people can get relevant information the chairman of the best the big guy that you get the reported in the single queue of pension funds in the vigilance as it is on the transfer of all savings of the population a single camera system was completed people first by july this year. archiving a pencil cases and cousin stanley finished. besides the full preservation of these documents is fully provided in t


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