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do with you. in the sinister life from berlin. when the rockets at us. sears was coming up with the next thirty minutes reconciliation rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah announced talks to form a unity government in a move that and seven years of political strife the chretien government is set to resume military operations against russian separatists in the country seats. and he was not of any age but for all time. we look at that hardly shakespeare at four hundred and fifty. i do
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we went again with some new developments in the medley in a rare sighting of units the rival palestinian groups announced today that they've agreed to set aside their differences and form a unity government. the deal and seven years of infighting between fatah which controls the west bank and hamas which controls gaza. the first time that these two sides have tried to reconcile their differences. while palestinians are welcoming a breakthrough. israel has responded by canceling a planned session the peace talks the agreement was announced by hamas leaders easily when you fall in reconciliation talks in gaza with senior officials from five to. pretty good so we have good news to become a focal point is to use it to them and those living outside of august the era of division is of latin descent
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neighboring israel isn't happy. shortly after the unity deal in launched an airstrike in northern gaza wounding several people officers that was targeting militants responsible for rocket attacks on israel hamas refuses to recognize israel's right to exist in israel regards as a group the prime minister between it and it was what the efforts by president mahmoud abbas to reconcile palestinians are not compatible with peace talks it is true. hamas. he's with his one month. open to his pencil or a dozen times negotiations remain stall with a deadline approaching next week on whether to continue with us that mediation. well for the latest on this landmark development we're joined now on the line entire middle east correspondent on kramer whose injured were slim. how is israel responded to this announcement we understand israel launched an air strike on gaza earlier on is that a
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scene as a response to the palestinians agreement it is. people are going to try to open the kitchen table you'll get a good reaction that deadline. the twenty eight. or the soft peak the critique but the latest protection. in the coaches to help. but that didn't happen but the fed will cut it so that was what actually is. a key hamas. a typical addicts
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it's not the first time that the two sides have tried to reconcile their differences what makes today's deal different from past attempts the important question the tool and the agreement today we get that it's easy to clean and green. it remained skeptical. he wanted to make it because. to me that the opel that she didn't know how long will see the connection. they want to be but if you're reading of the presentation the group he cites the team's new to town. reporting from jerusalem with the latest on this developing story time and thank you very much. will move over now to the crisis in ukraine russia says it will strike back if its
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interest in ukraine come under attack and are prepared to send in troops to protect their citizens from russian foreign minister sergei lavrov issued the warning a day after tea i ordered a re launch of military operations against pro russian elections in the east the country the european union has called on moscow to use its influence to defuse tensions in eastern ukraine. it accuses russians of stoking unrest in the border region the russian military sealed off the strength of its forces close to the ukrainian border on wednesday. on display were as three hundred surface to amazon's designed for missile defense. russia also created a number of launches a commander said the exercises in the frost off the heat and pour into chilling that russia could be storing any targets on land or sea. moscow has warned ukraine to withdraw its forces from eastern ukraine and to avoid threatening russian interests there the ukrainian government sees those words and deeds as
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a threat to national sovereignty. it accuses russia of kiwi intention in eastern ukraine. authorities have re launched an offensive to remove pro russian separatists from government buildings in the east. when you are having it all in force and bodies are working to quilt gangster groups have come of course with studios in other cities in the donetsk and hans regions with a girl and it was the government says intense us backing for its operation so far its attempts to stop the separatists details. and russian forces are skeptical this latest announcement will change that. it's really good i think the only rule against us. you know. for weeks for russians have held town centers in ukraine south east violence has been escalating in recent days with separatists in sloppy on to say they shot down a ukrainian reconnaissance plane. no one was hurt in the incident the ukraine's government accuses them of
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murdering a croaking a politician. lanier week that disappeared last thursday this video purportedly shows what happened hours before police are investigating whether a body found in sloppy and its politicians corpse. sloppy and has become a stronghold of the pro russian paramilitaries in eastern ukraine. it's located hundred and fifty km from the russian border in the area where moscow has been conducting drills the ukrainian government is tightening controls on the eastern border feeling that separate is not just try to provoke of russian invasion. so just how real is incorrect. our correspondent kenny logan traveled to the region. she filed this report. it may seem like the b fifty two with its border crossing with russia the ukrainian government has recently introduced much tighter controls on the control thing the officials are high in that space is a major border crossing between russia and eastern ukraine. it took its
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abc while decreasing the number of young men trying to crawl through the tail to say it so impossible to get to heaven is the key wickets crossing that line. the consent of the team and puffing into eastern ukraine can hear his own team reached the main couple folks in the region court officials want to prevent anyone who think that he likes to cool tensions entering the country summitt said. when you take a man aged between sixteen and sixty who could not justify the contents of the trip to ukraine and to dos have sufficient financial means. some of the kitchen dishes. and when interviewed is in town traveling on from the nearby regions songs from the field doing this is the continuing it. discounts are increasing the strain in crisis he experienced health cover of thinking of anyone they deem to be suspicious
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please don't let the pressure is difficult to control the picking officials say they are attending a briefing from and each day. most of you with a mischievous needing to feed these people. i asked them additional questions. when he could not explain the president's trip to ukraine to it and we suspected they might participate in separatist activities. it was just a burden. it's supposed to schism. the government in kiev this doesn't end up behind the occupation of tibet government buildings in eastern ukraine. the tools that can be eaten as if daring up anti ukraine and anti western sentiments. in anaheim. russia demonstrate its already courting of referendums to imagine the ukrainian of thirty somethings i picked palin as to stop the slave taken every two governments. thoughts on the rates teeth making an
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increased effort to confront the man to separate it. lol they reached the russian port at least accept a set of additional checkpoints because at the match with and check for weapons stopping anyone looking suspicious. these controls may not be enough to stop took us a wiki style tips. it will shift our attention to west africa now where warships from twenty nations are taking part in a huge anti piracy exercise all the drills are taking place in the gulf of guinea rate now pirates are rampant in the region. when a jury gangs a particular threat to international maritime services west africa as a whole now accounts for about twenty percent of the world's attacks. that rise has come as piracy off somalia the horn of africa has fallen sharply. partly as a result of international patrols he's taking part in this week's exercises are hoping to emulate some of that success. the ship inspection team is under way in the gulf
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of guinea. this boarding team from the need in west africa spot the cargo ship it to russian crew and says they're transporting only vegetables but he can't eat i received team are suspicious. they searched the crew and their such situations are common in west africa's waters. but in this case the russian crew members are actually soldiers the freighter really abortion everyone here is taking part in all but again express a large empty exercise held on the coast of nigeria. beastly nations are involved including germany. it's really about training going through the procedures and about learning from each other to focus here. we've been able to study the daring practices in different countries. so even though we had a comparatively large meaty it's definitely been a successful exercise for us i'm grateful for that gemini six six hundred seventy soldiers and four ships to take part in
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the journal close to nigeria's capital lagos country started grunting and behold one game express exercise back in two thousand ten. it's always been large but four years on the dissertation is greater than ever. the insane our camera and many nations meet future trade routes off west africa. i received air is soaring. last year. what the point that many ships were attacked there than on the east coast of the continent. you're my countries are increasing their efforts to tackle piracy. what do you reckon it's a weakness in the top no problem. so i did see. so if some of the forms of the legalities. we've been gorgeous. of course this exercise is one of those who go on. this is no index no standard techniques. when ginny and tell him to forget its name. so i believe that
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this is our son. not good enough to prevent attacks cheers to use harsh methods to the exercise. but everyone here knows that violence would be part of any real life attack. now it's been a long time coming but today us president barak obama has finally made it to japan and kicked off his week long four nation tour of asia but this isn't going to be an easy one it's being viewed as a policy shift to counterbalance the power of an increasingly assertive china in the region president obama is looking to bolster diplomatic and economic ties and its territorial disputes past a festering between america's asian allies us president barack obama arrived late wednesday in tokyo the first stop was easy to it. this is the first state visit to japan by a us leader nearly two decades. security is tight. some sixteen thousand police have been deployed
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not all japanese are happy about the bombs visit with some protesters opposed to a planned treat many in japan support protecting the country's foreign ministry including beef and dairy products. so far prime minister shinzo probably hasn't made any firm cmitments. we are forced to do it on in the process of trying to shake the economy and lead the pledge during the election campaign. what about that still doesn't know what jimmy protected areas or targets physicians will be topped with but it's necessary to continue to put the tickets to either another issue is regional security. this is it obama pledged support for japan in its dispute over violence also claimed by china. he said the territory was covered by a japanese us to stay in st. take a short break but after that the internet has bought to being governed by the united states since its inception
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but that might be about to change. we'll talk to one of our social media corresponds to the less he's arguably the most famous playwright ever and he's just turned four in fifty years sort of like when we come back when do. the room. secrets of transformation. i work it in its ear he's on the winners and losers of transformation many emerging markets and
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developing countries undergoing rapid change. why do some great progress on the road to democracy and prosperity while others but axl it. secrets of transformation. at dw jaunty slash transformation greece's finances may finally be getting into order after years of international bailout and austerity measures at home. athens a primary budget surplus. well the upshot of that surplus is that it's not eligible to receive more debt relief from the international community and that perhaps is the cat's greece still needs to release because kodak in another way it is still in debt. this report was going greece has posted a surplus of one point five billion euros the government says the austerity measures are helping to ease the financial crisis. we are one of austral
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the difficulty is that households and businesses have suffered for his country and its economy can find themselves in a defensive position the auckland at the height twin deficits have been eliminated. too many hats apostle financial targets achieving a prime resemblance. i mean probably didn't know mama. but it's a qualified success. a primary surplus doesn't factor in interest payments on debt and increase those costs are in a trooper. greece's debt is almost twice the country's gross domestic product. team statistics also show improvement. elsewhere in the eurozone. debt levels of member states are still growing as a whole but the brakes is slowing struggling economies like spain ireland cyprus and portugal posted lower deficits. as you just heard good economic news for portugal as it prepares to exit its eu bailout package
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next month. of course you have the option stayed on for the first time in three years but positive results. exports are also showing strong growth and positive trade balance for the first time in two decades. if all goes as planned portugal will bid farewell to a seventy eight billion euro rescue program on may seventeen. well to find out how all that the european economic news went over to traders in frankfurt he is with dots progress in the eurozone a good thing was the reaction from the frankfurt floor hear the still of course the tempo in which the progress is coming could be higher. when you listen to many of the traders talking here. he also see that the focus now our big countries like italy and france. they also have a lot of reform of work still to be done. they say. and they also say that the ecb with its guarantees implicit
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guarantees of stepping in case there's any trouble has also greatly responsible for the positive development at the moment. still that was not the reason why the share prices so went down a little bit that this wednesday the previous day on tuesday the share prices went up a lot to play over two percent so that now was time for the market to some local and of course one eye is always on developments in the ukraine. that was bullied by us and frank was a last look of a market numbers now the next as elizabeth off by about six tenths of a percent and ninety five to forty four euro stocks fifty also offered could've sent down in fact over in new york dow jones industrial average trading slightly down right now sixteen five oh five but the euro is up against the dollar one thirty eight fifty. now brazil wants to change the way the internet is governed to make sure no single government controls the way. madonna was f has
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opened a meeting on internet reform the gathering is debating how freeform i can the system that regulates domain names like dot com dot org dot gov. i can't stand the us government oversight that washington has said it would be willing to give up control of the body the meeting will consider competing plans for the future of biking. for more on this story we are now joined by jesse with art from deja views social media desk and on. college is having issues can you walk us through what might be decided at this meeting. the real thing on the agenda at this today macy in south holland brazil it is really setting the agenda for a planned with the labour government that the incident. that is that government is expected to attend another state audit found that all have the same akermanis any inhabitants and is primed. and as i could nap because nothing outside the security and counter if
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they cannot contest the end and fried expression on the teams met. we all know that mass surveillance online privacy is a huge issue the nsa is that his deeds are making a lot of ways. other than countermeasures concrete counter measures being proposed. while the count and that makes it difficult to teach it in countries like russia china and at that time she's with the intent is over eighty cents that. and the coda on united nations body to take control of this regulation. the problem he is that the un is represented by governments and meaning that if they eat the plastic planted the three counties that piping comes to fruition been in china and russia for example would have the sewing pallets at the security council to attend down in proposals put on the table regarding the incident. went to the us has been supervising i can. up until now. we expect them to be loosened their grip on the system. the agency was
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plentiful and can be a great model and meets washington's rules that no one governmental group the government had control of the incident and in the us will not be as influential as as they perhaps the time now got the idea of that today is as a racing in brazil is not to make any political decisions. excellent debate that will influence future of on site the partisans need to be tabled before the incident happened for me is that in the way this will no doubt be on top of their agenda. that was partly my roommates be connected with the state government is taken out of government control and it means the hands of the people assuming god thanks very much for your insights. i'm thinking that. finally four hundred fifteen years ago today in a small town in england a child was born was going to change the world with words. his name was william shakespeare. and where do you think he was born great with achieve greatness today his words
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ring as true as ever is sometimes used in ways which may have surprised him by the tragic love affair of romeo and juliet provides the subject matter for the song love story by country and pop singer taylor swift. the unclean shakespeare don't advertise the british airline. and the miniature year he serves as a child's toy. eating garden gnomes no parting is such sweet sorrow. the bart still inspires today. me and this well written material them unaware of its trouble when it's right because it plays into some batting and thread the happenings in and will thus be to learn this on shakespeare to connect it to say pizza production. what better place to do that in london's west end theater district. the leicester square theater the grassroots shakespeare truth is
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rehearsing othello. so under the rug as theater troupes to the tuesday without director the wound. shakespeare is also frequently dancing to the cinema. muslims romeo and juliet starring leonardo dicaprio and claire danes offers a modern take on the story. wire shakespeare's work still so popular today sarah lewis a shakespeare scholar king's college london gets a spare explanation today was also different kinds of conflicts from generational complete waste of time breaks. each time he completes the circle complete say didn't defend its people from different cultural and just a cool name and site to find something of relevance in six days left. shakespeare is considered the world's most important english language writer. and when to fifty years after spurs striker honey. he pinpointed to fifty four sonnets at
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least thirty seven weeks speech. most of them were refueling. so thank you to tennis is held to shakespeare's globe. a reconstruction of the which include heated debate is pleased. it's an open air stage as was the seventeenth century region. it also keeps coming back to life on the big screen. one question continues to pre occupy film makers and academics the chicks to prevent the police attributed to him most researchers ppd. also interesting to think about how that reflects the desire to mend. in the south and can tell us something about the way we interact with the pace and sounds and we think it is channeled through a leak and it will set up the lane the ways in which we construct a cultural icon shakespeare has become a cultural icon whose influence has spread far beyond the borders of for sale. at
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worst are now in the studio by our culture correspondent tells the smart to be lovely to have him here with us for six days influence is across time and space and i understand that his work is now a little weak becoming as station station in world history in this report about nineteen ten. i'm taking a production of pundits and the next two years to a free country and will cost two hundred and fifty countries this production was the subtitle is the key to understanding the meaning which is going to places like north korea. i mean the actors and director in london just after a week ago as i stitched a trip to north korea should we be in the teaching company sought to increase increasing the poppies to the point imagine what it was like in shakespeare's time. how would prefer that was an accident monarch were found in hand at the plate and taking around to working two years is about a young man who is considering we've been to kill his uncle. sosa has
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great relevance to north korea. this is the thing about shakespeare's plays dance in written form. you can interpret them. anyway this is why they keep going on walks and sixty of the studies great humanity and its characters. he has not take even the weekend. he says the broker peace briefly home. did shakespeare write his place in seoul it's funny design team and i mean really can not seriously in the nineteenth century. i've been in failing to think it's sigmund freud. i was one not train with another. any changes. shakespeare was a man who had his own immortality. thank you so much to say we greatly appreciate you coming in and there's not much for helping to cement a lot. i know. i
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will. he is. i know the top the ring. every day. the mm
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and. the cheeks to you wherever you go. for your tablet access program schedules on demand video hello my name is over. each the us versions available this is your marketplace today research makes the network. the i ran into viewers' contemporary ireland and the news business records for programs and entertainment. it was. a late lunch line at ten am. i was going to pray the region. she is six pm. we were
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the country. something that gave them a chance. tyler. i think you see something of what is so great about it. i must say that in united states. from the rest of your sons and daughters. twenty five million. in fact write something was greeted by links between ireland and the united states are gone and in jordan. twenty two was president. the miners are good tools to the pond. two of them. however if president reagan and kennedy sentence were trying to immigrate to the ud


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