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tv   RT News  PBS  April 24, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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chávez guru . breaking news on aussie international flight members of the self defense force and one police officer killed. kiev cracks down on anti government protesters in ukraine stoking fears of the countries on the brink of civil war. what are the concerts kiev were going to get effective it is a crime against the people it's just i was off to the us president who claims to moscow for not abiding by the geneva road map to peace also this hour nothing can actually find out what the future might hold firm
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bought both afghanistan and strengthen them and is tipped to become the country's next president. i'm siding with the energy front of the uk government could allow corporations to pump shale gas on the people's land with no fear of any legal consequences. the i would be up here and what's good is to stop the international with the real research ate the entire news team here thank you for joining us. st saw breaking news for you here on the program does not find self defense fighters and a policeman that have been killed as kiev re launches a mini tree crackdown on anti government protesters in the eastern ukrainian city of stuff yet according to the country's interior ministry. three self defense checkpoints have been destroyed. the times snipers
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and troops now in the air self defense like to say the homage vehicles have to pull back. often they fail to enter the city. john was to graham phillips is the one at the checkpoint just outside of ibm's he was that mean it's not that it came under attack. the remaining sauce over recently stated what he refers to the counter operation is going to be awfully seen to date the frontier with cookies check for this fortification of the isolated to the success of the items which is being hit on some two weeks of a weasel this morning with the critical be approached in this direction the north mesa which is some fifty km away which is the stronghold of the credit of the two operations. this was my ticket on top of old antique it activates of what they did before to the site on to the barricades to stop the gritty only from but the wreath making for the connections that we go here. the critical we were here but it was fake it was coveted black smoke sucking up to this going but it only seemed to be the drunk adopting some sort of gathering operation the following morning talks to stay awake and going to
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make pcs that iran halted the thing on the up and took off up the road i presumably the activities of which is a stronghold of the trade ministry. the situation i'm in the ukraine with the escalator we can be covering it with all throught the day. stoke defence forces and stop don't say they have to regroup in the city center as they are expecting a new offensive by activists in the donetsk region have announced that a full mobilization. describe the situation as civil war meanwhile ukraine's security services call to ministry operation was extremely challenging. saying they don't want any casualties among the civilian population now eleven thousand troops are involved in kiev struck down in ukraine se that's according to russia's defense minister. saturday is sure to also said that a hundred and sixty tanks two hundred and thirty armored vehicles they will be deployed in the region. the minister added that russia has now started minute re exercises on the border with ukraine in response to this escalation in the meantime some one
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hundred and fifty american paratroopers of our component on wednesday as part of that nature reinforcement in eastern europe. overall about six hundred troops have been sent into the baltic region the pentagon has said the move is a response to what it calls russia's incursion into ukraine washington claims russian agents acting on the ground in the ukraine hoping that local self defense groups okey of launching a military assault on protesters in ukraine's the east is a serious crime against its own people. thus the view of russia's president. i'm a prude and i spoke of a media for winston peters but not easy but this can all see us according to resident portion of the current ukrainian authorities using military force against their own citizens is the only lead to negative consequences inside ukraine but for kids relations with moscow as well he used his feet. get the kid regime is using the army against the population inside
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the country. it is no doubt a very serious crime against aaron people. if the current leadership is really doing this of course they are indeed a jumper with two sport also added that just last week russia who claim to be due when the new website up certain agreements which are aimed at disarming the hearing on two quilts in ukraine. pre occupied buildings and squares and said none of that is happening in fact organizations like the way sector are only putting their weapons down but are in fact being illegal acts to swim under the weight sector is one of the most radical nationalist organizations in ukraine which was one of the key driving forces during the recent uprising which led to the ousting of president unit which are also known for their anti russian rhetoric the good is reporting that in the meantime the us president has once again blamed russia for not abiding by the geneva peace agreement he said moscow failed to rein in mtt of self defense
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groups in east ukraine. iraq obama also stressed that could be more sanctions on the way if moscow disregards the peace road map for peace there was some possibility the russians to take the wiser course. after the meetings in geneva. so for at least we have seen them. not abide by the spirit or the letter of the agreement in geneva respond to marks the border has a senior lecturer in international relations at moscow state university. he believes in kiev but couldn't have waged a war against the sun people without doubt of americans support the self appointed acting president or chain off announce the resumption of what the regime is calling anti terrorism operations. if using military force to repress its own. it's in its own citizens in the south and east of the country. it is no coincidence that this announcement happened
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immediately after vice president biden last. indeed the regime then later claimed that it had some authorization and the backing of the us to enact these military operations against their own people does not pay more flagrant violation of the geneva statement that was in the document that was written. just over a week ago i i don't know what it's all so are hearing that the international monitoring mission. i deployed to the east of ukraine says that the underground staff in the east is the result effect of distrust towards the interim government but how can trust be restored. if our tanks are sending of course they can be. and what the organization for security and cooperation in europe's monitoring mission also noted was whining that they had no evidence that there were russian servicemen not anywhere in east ukraine and tool they also noted that there were several hundred reit sector of the paramilitary moving into
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town in eastern ukraine starting from all off i think i'm going through and this was at the end of last week and by all the reports that we've heard from mary opal and from school the ons we have multiple reports that either end up four or at least in large part of the militants that are attacking the people of eastern ukraine right now are indeed these rights act or ultra nationalist paramilitary forces. just days ago the us state department was boasting no photo evidence of russian boots on ukrainian soil. the to ashley took some of it as a poem that came right out of water. thing is being completely misrepresented and is it just makes you lose well not in just a few minutes here on the program but now i've got a security guard shot dead three american coke is to the hospital in kabul. it's the latest bombings of
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the country which is awaiting the results of the recent presidential election. buddy i spoke with afghanistan's presidential front runner up to abdulla for his take on the future of this country and it is though the attitude of the funnest on disney's is in need. honda continued partnership of the continued supple from the international community including united states cannot bid to raise our own this is due to these situations to deliver. due to be able to defend the country against groups as well as providing security to park the zoo the citizens of the nt. the moments we are not at that stage so i am in favor of signing up by adaptive security team it's a complete withdrawal of foreign troops is one of the time about unscathed amongst the peace in the country. i didn't expect peace to property survive in afghanistan. if us troops are still to be that possibly provoking an insurgency that yes of course they can use
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the cousins as an excuse but to think that sit in the us troops needs. today i've been promoting peace in the bible too low. now there's no reason of its activities as any human or disillusionment so it's a reality unfortunately that won't continue this idea needs to be the conservation process but at the same time that he is. citizens of the promised son to be assured that the rights that would be in cruise of the us and its allies for more than ten years of war have poured billions of dollars into your country of afghanistan that still remains one of my skull corrupt countries in the world where until the money gone can you actually look out across your country and see the new infrastructure the schools in the hospitals. is it not better off. aniston is my fifth overall. didn't it used to be peopled two thousand and one. parmesan is that
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extends even to sit in that country in terms of taxes the source as instructed in transit. no patient with pop ditties and if it does utilize them to this link so it gets a good dip as multifaceted development and program may not be to move on and take up on some . most of the bill of the car. afghans the afghan presidential frontrunner spectrum just last hour. nazis and the sick after all she recently returned from afghanistan she should share their experience with us choose the better. what we're seeing now is that there's a lot more fraud in this election than previously reported the afghan authorities caught something like three thousand complaints about a third of those for serious enough to actually affect the outcome of the vote any time to investigate that. there's more incidents of serious fraud in the selection in the previous one in two thousand nine when more than million ballots have to be thrown out on what we're seeing is that the selection was really hill to the success largely was in the cities but over time it's emerged that because of violence and fraud in
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the countryside was to have a different picture on the ground there we heard a very disturbing accounts for example coast polls that means polling centers or on paper but never in reality either taken over by a warlord are powerful strong man but then stuff the boxes at the ballot boxes there's also a new report from the and our district in causing problems that count basically most of the polling centers at the end of an election commissions that were open and actually warrants in residence near reported threatening letters from the talabani be tapped into the war is on the roadside bombs for example planted on routes to the way to polling centers in actual fighting in some cases. and after polling centers in this of course also on top of allegations that independent observers are being kept in the dark about the process had been a lot of foreign monitors that for the election on the grounds that many of those had to be pulled out that because of the state of high profile attacks on foreigners in the country's capital so all of this adds up to a really murky picture of course that threatens to undermine the legitimacy of fat with supposed to be afghanistan's first ever democratic transfer fee. top of the more butter on top of
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the smaller of the welcoming away after a very short break month for most that this is not seen so much. i read jason young people. so as teddy roosevelt once and that has never gone to school may steal from a free baby as a university education he may still the sole relevant. yes they do all the trappings of his ten the new tasmania on tuesday. one needs to get re education in order to steal the right thing. i am. rules
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are to get him to get a jump in anytime he was the eye. if the distorting us welcome to the program a international ukrainian photographer has lashed out of the country's media for using as pictures without permission. i'm putting words in a smile. a number of news outlets publishes images adding that he had said they feature the russian agents he met and stubby arms. washington when he went on to using some of his pictures to prove moscow's minute revolt of the conflict on wrongly claiming they were taken in russia. but now that
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the photos and actually prove anything to getting much less attention in the media as auntie is an associate choking on our reports the old days when major publications and media took time to get back straight before making headlines out of questionable evidence. it might be high time to win those days goodbye. monday evening at times centimeter piece linking masked men in eastern ukraine to russia the photos featuring unidentified men. the article claimed that the men photographed in ukraine were also previously seen in russia sent us these pictures commission provided by tm to the osce monitoring eastern ukraine were used to build a case alleging proof of russian and present on the ground. the state department and code as saying that this further confirms my school's involvement essentially disregarding questions about whether this evidence would ever stand in a real court of law. we see in photos that have been eighty and international media on twitter and publicly available it is that there are individuals to a visibly appear to be tied to a branch
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of the fact that publicly at countless number of times behind the picture is sad when a second my pictures use without permission were actually taken in ukraine. so where are the statements that the railing to russia coming from. shortly after we saw the state department he can step back acknowledging that these claims could have been incorrect explaining that the pictures were only used in the draft pack and put together to be used during talks in geneva the times to admit that the photos means that my questioning but this bar and deeper into the paper in a short piece on a change let's see page nine on wednesday a shield. yet another example that in a pre disposition to anti western bias fact checking is not as crucial as making the point that the chosen out of the key questions simply an answer before conclusions are drawn instead. he said. she sent continues rt they are it's on to international energy firms in britain can get the right to pump shale
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gas are right on the people's land without their consent ministers want to make it easier to access the controversial fuel. i covertly companies that need permission from landowners to build for asking tunnels. if the un has objected to the top but does have the option of appealing to the courts though that the decision can go either way. but now a major push toward shale gas in britain could see the colts being bypassed altogether. just remind you of hydraulic fracturing in a bold sinking of photoshop underground and then tried every angle it gas deposits of an extracted by fracturing shale drop with high pressure blasts of chemicals. the problem is that these chemicals put it the soil and nearby lakes and rivers as they migrate back up to the surface of fun to say this also creates and contamination posing serious health risks. his aunties twenty point contest. i went to embrace shale gas extraction they say that it will create lots of new jobs that will make an anti price is much in thailand will
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bring more money. instead local communities here in branson which is why the department for energy and climate change have combined to us that they are reviewing current legislation to basically make it easy and that energy company succumbing to the uk to start extracting shale gas and one change to the old it's apparently being indirect tax we did our energy companies to transport its tail cast on any private property without the threat of being sued for trespassing. so in any company would still need to obtain commission in order to drill and drill wells the franking but transportation with no known to be an age he said as part of that white told the agency reported. more invested into britain to potential new deal with the quantity provide financial compensation to her name is on to his house is either shale gas would be turned school states that my
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prediction is that it is unlikely to placate the ante for team evening. in the uk in fact i'd change even though it's in the team. ucf is unlikely to be somewhat controversial people and larry about the risk of contamination the risk of endangering wildlife potential small creeks that take place as early as a result of christ like. during an ordinance that wedding out of the year profits he's going to win a seat next to a frightening sight to or above a plate lined with more to write them at sycamore the story now whenever bring in environmental justice campaigner george bought a guy joining us live here on the aussie internationals in the cia george how much political will is behind this bill in each os if you think of the clearing of them the scientists returning as the enormous political power and money behind truck in the pan you see that very very clearly throughout the government's policies. a the tenth house and there
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wouldn't be the greenest government have a lot of time is that you made it far easier to oppose wind farms at the same time as the giggles so tonight is that they may like this one time stream on either the last one that retains the local council regulations that make it from was difficult for local councils have any kind of say over whether happened in that area. i'm wheezing groups of residents coming together to try and step dad and local rights to prevent this incredibly dangerous pollutant energy taken iraq and continue to report asserts that the government is essential and white pasta that democrats will have local people. and we should remember that this government came into power nap on a couple of listens that it can get local people. so when it comes to very powerful force to fill in chess. and what georgia joining the result of their trouble for the journal science are the jumping pictures that britain is thought that up over a thousand trillion cubic meters of shale gas when talking billions of pounds ish color the energy of times
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a day to do whatever they can to get their hands on it i think we have three have heard about for the generation are times when it clearly there is huge money behind this. i'm in the figure of millward brown has the ex head of bp has also been times when trina and that the minister within the government against appointing people to every government department. we see him he is the same benefit of how private economic injustice and we aren't rising economic policy. i'm a simple and remember also that the story's been told about this trillion times. oh what did it. much of it is present in all recoverable economically time and as europe over said the urge to change scientists who want to on that most practical economic level the kids and house prices with a few months of investments into the countryside with political hero so this particular point in time to recognize that the climate changes that were brought into the evening with the cleanest form of an eyesore it was what led to the government would be a prick and keeping of
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the economic ramifications are you bringing that you bring in anbar but the issues as well but also question is this as it tumbled to do about creating joe decided to add loads of jobs possibly are you saying perhaps the uk should sacrifice will look to be a major but when the economy. i've been to my supporters and if you're if you're in a dozen company walter then we'll take whatever support from china still given all the evidence from any credible sources suggests that that money invested in green job and a transformation to renewable energy gives the fall fall short of a pound. i'm somewhat we took a nice short arms open and close rules that the damage. and i'm not serious about concentrating economic power and in the few times that the tribe lives in georgia i hate it. don't i like that job so i'm some sort of jamaica that the uk that was europe's largest us consumer is desperately seeking energy independence it is that something keeping the uk can realistically it
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make all the evidence is that even if we did our kentucky or winter and is kicking a program and a little bit down the road. idk whether a perfectly simple one this time was going on in times of global push for tracking that the us state department is behind an enormous tent and stay with us and it's time to change trains if they come first serve. i'm not really well this is about to turn to make sure that that the ukraine situation is manipulated to make sure that we did make this batch for these crazy crazy phones on commencement of a fall like a script file formal formal home in any kind of benefit but sometimes the jokes on in times of any kind of a livable future for our children. george bought a department of justice campaign is joining us like you're from under them up to international pressure when she feels fine. insurance firms. thank you feel time today with the make your life or moscow president obama has given his support to japan and is raw with beijing over the disputed same cup cool items in the east china sea the us leader is on tour in
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asia as a rival to the region to see the number of anti american rallies. yet in tokyo osaka based around with james corbett. the thing is washington's political influences only aggravating the situation in the region even more. there are people who are upset just generally about the receipt of the rising military tensions in the region that's the american involvement is obviously bringing with it and i think that's that's basically what these protesters are representing even seen the rising nationalism militarism here in japan for a few a few years now and especially the last year and a half under the new idea of redemptions all day and i think she was all the is definitely going to read all the most recent statements as a big pr victory and endorsement of his his own nationalist and militaristic program here from china's perspective i don't think they're going to see anything particularly new in this and indeed obama statement when you actually parse it doesn't say anything other than is the sort of mealy mouth political platitudes is rather difficult to see if this really is any sort is a
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change in the status quo period in the region. but certainly this has all the coverage will be trying to push it as if it sucks and trying to use it as an endorsement of their militaristic tensions that that they've engaged in with the flu. by the interim i did now the breaking news story here about international at least five self defense fighters and a policeman have been killed as he and three launches a military crackdown on anti government protest is in the eastern ukrainian city of stuff yes. according to the interior ministry. three self defense. checkpoints were destroyed with kindness smyth was in troops now in the area. self defense forces and study on sq say they have regrouped in the city center as they are expecting a new offensive. putin called pms minute rehearsal from protest is a serious crime against its own people. meanwhile ukraine's security services call to ministry operation was extremely challenging saying that i wanted any casualties among the civilian
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population. ukraine south east has been in the grip of mass protests of months for people to find the interim government in kiev as intimate and among the greats we will continue to give you many more updates on the breaking news story just about all for now it's time here about international but for now crawling up the noses of the big bad wolf of wall street not skies of the kaiser for autopsies. aye aye aye. room. the standoff or should i say stand down by the government at the bloody rich is probably the largest victory for the average american against the bureaucratic machine at any of us have seen in years in fact that so that is a microcosm of what's going on in america yet this classical
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image above to such an american cowboy a rugged individual wrong by the federal government and their bureaucracy try to take away his livelihood. he'll get a lot of you out there can really relate to this sort of narrative but there are serving a lot of people who don't. many of those in the mainstream liberal media are enraged by the din and neely up into one hundred and forty years a family tradition on that land the second the federal government told them to because it's a lot. look i'm not the type of guy where cowboy hat or pronounce the name the country omer if i can tell you one thing the rugged individual in usa did not flourish because the bout to authority at the drop of a hat. he'll just give away anything that was rightfully his. to the master and america also been forced by sending agents who looked most like soldiers with assault rifles to break up protesters. honestly when we look at the bunny ranch in all we can clearly see everything that's right and everything that's wrong with america right now. that's just my opinion. room. in you
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and in the music. i mean each. each. each. i should
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shh shh shh. i hers. i
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should . the i eye. you see is here to berlin. this is the german lager is gone and i met her but it's good to have you with us. here's what's coming up. ukraine's president tells russia's top blackmailing is going to have lost your house is more military drills on ukraine's board. israel cause of peace talks with palestinians saying it will not negotiate with hamas will have more from jerusalem. an emotional and violent protests as your on the bench after a collapse which killed more than eleven


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