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should . the i eye. you see is here to berlin. this is the german lager is gone and i met her but it's good to have you with us. here's what's coming up. ukraine's president tells russia's top blackmailing is going to have lost your house is more military drills on ukraine's board. israel cause of peace talks with palestinians saying it will not negotiate with hamas will have more from jerusalem. an emotional and violent protests as your on the bench after a collapse which killed more than eleven
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hundred. ukraine has given russia forty eight hour words to explain itself. he wants to know what's behind the new military drills was today near russia's border with ukraine ukraine's president lashing out accusing moscow of fomenting unrest in eastern ukraine in supporting what it calls terrorists kill these tensions began escalating on thursday when clashes between ukrainian forces and pro russian insurgents left five dead the ukrainian only moving on pro russian insurgents in the east. troops don't check points they had set up on the road to slow down. smoke rose from near the center of the city as the army moved closer. but then ukraine pulled back leaving separatists in charge of snow yet. it's just not possible to live with this government has passed these kinds of lies. i don't know people say you don't love the ukraine
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my dear everyone who was born here and grew up your gloves ukraine. but that doesn't mean he loves to chat not get tenure and their policies body. the ons has become the heart of the pro russian insurgency in eastern ukraine. bands of separatists have been holed up there for weeks. they have taken over the city hall and its surroundings. the self proclaimed mayor steve downes says he's ready to take on the army. these men reportedly have machine guns and grenade launcher ready why did it. and it was the separatists not the government who won the latest fight for the eastern ukrainian city by the end of the day government forces had withdrawn. but the fighting and the victims are left behind has again inflamed tensions between ukraine and russia. but our correspondent in moscow and got mariah gotten on the line right there how is that the kremlin and explaining to do russians
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on these new military draft i tend to fare was seen in our direction. they keep us what he did and that he had the question had no choice but to me at with the current ukrainian politics of the uk military to call that carrot operation would have done that day. russia had that people can eat it you have to be protected against the military. quit being the new russian speaking people of the region shouldn't that have the obligation to teach attack that he could have been and yet here he said the military machine. now it will be great. that actually gets paid to people as that to get the interim government in kiev but that they were acting like put a trademark really know what height to have been taking a stake here this lucky are we seeing the russians use their military with these drills basically to send a signal to the pro russian camp in
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the ukraine to hear the message being we have your back is the key of sins in the tanks he can be seen to be another step toward a new level of escalation of the region however at that you really think that she had the full daily basis if you cry. they did not even sure if taking else had made up. i get to a rational and more that it would be a problem of detailed database that at that. they have other than that it increasingly hard to predict how peachy will i get it. russia continued to take the lead that loud crack. like get rid of the rabbit. actually lectured and addiction. let him out. our eyes were right even with the latest from moscow on the situation reich is always thank you very much
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old german foreign minister and his french counterpart loaf of you have called on both sides to the conflict in ukraine to focus on a negotiated settlement that they were speaking in the former soviet republic of georgia which fought a brief war with russia back in two thousand and eight the ministers also sold to reassure the pro western government there with georgia clearly worried by developments in ukraine. two european foreign ministers of one common message pursue diplomacy not military confrontation. jimmy said that means the government in kiev month to sign ukrainian militia men and called on russia to act too. as the gunk that we demand from the key of government. what was agreed on in the geneva accord or that the legal typing speed is soft and russia should make use of its influence to get clear signals to the russian speaking minority. at the geneva accord came about with russia's consent and
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signature france warned russia that for the european union sanctions might be in store if it escalates the situation. this is easier the new head of the new actions are taken against ukraine. in particular in the east and southeast the eleven sanctions can certainly be increased more they all coordinate with it more warrants from a european sides but there's little sign and the heart israel says that it is suspending peace talks with the palestinians one day after israeli prime minister benjamin in yahoo said that the palestinian leadership must choose between peace with israel in peace with hamas in the rival factions their fatah and hamas decided on wednesday to form an interim unity government israel says hamas is a organization. you backed by the eu and the us the radical islamist group refuses to recognize israel's
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right to exist. well earlier i spoke to or jerusalem correspondent on ukraine where in i asked eric if this is all the ends of the peace process. but what is meaningful question is are the meat is actually the surprise effect of this unit ctu that came out yesterday. from dawn to own the government in the day re convening to data security cabinet. they decided to suspend the talks going on because it said the government has made a kid they cannot fix with the government that hamas would be part of that hamas which israel is a organization so they cannot sit with them. for talks but the impressive kid that is still the tallest and not compete each knows because it all depends know if this unit to get the axe to be implemented in the coming five weeks with the sixty and intervene governments weeks with a comprise of hamas and fatah. in the west bank and gaza and anti what do the palestinians do not mean that they have to make sure they're there to try to make
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this unity government work do you see them pushing even more. their case at the united nations for recognition. let me be honest in the face of them yesterday they were explaining that this unit ctu that the hamas and fatah should not affect the peace talks but to date all surprising that the fish to think that they could now go for this other option and milking of the options that would be it going to join the eu and organizations he'd already seen that step like three weeks to go off to his credit didn't release the prisoners as it was agreed on and the palestinians the joint fifty new and a convention of the conventions that they still owed about angus but on these baby sides know what that has teams also have to do that either. if that is a big government also announced tonight that this is the economic sanctions and to be buried at the coat of the palestinian smith the coming weeks as this unit ctu to have to deal with
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the economic sentence publicly unseen holiday but go ahead to mail off to this decision by this big government suspended talks alright so i knew creamer on the story for is in jerusalem sunday as always thank you very much well the latest tally from afghanistan's presidential election greens the country closer to a runoff vote. the election commission announced no candidate had an outright majority with over eighty percent of ballots counted former foreign minister abdullah abdullah is set to face former finance minister ashraf khan me of mind's eye in the next round. that a shooting in kabul has again underlined the security challenges that the eventual winner will face three americans were killed and a fourth was wounded in an attack at a hospital the gunman was an afghan security guard who opened fire on the medical staff he was employed to protect. he's been detained in an investigation is underway
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the afghan health minister visited the wounded american at the hospital and afterwards condemned the attack. they were not carrying guns. they were not wearing military uniforms with a squeaky me are under immense pressure and wish you only to serve the people of afghanistan. he was an inhumane brutal act which will unfortunately the impact our health services. your hospital specializes in pediatrics and obstetrics and is considered one of afghanistan's leading healthcare facilities. it's operated by the us based christian nonprofit qr international. the past two months and seen a string of attacks targeting foreigners in afghanistan. last month taliban militants stormed a couple gets tells used by roots of peace. us based anti landmine charity. it's believed the intended target was a christian and day care center next door in some other news the chief executive of the formula one
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on a racing circuit bernie ecclestone has denied bribery allegations on the opening day of his trial right here in german prosecutors have charged eighty three year old a person with driving a baker in a case going back eight years. mickelson was once used car salesman who became a billionaire by building motor racing into global money spinner. he faces up to ten years in jail if he's convicted. the foam and one boston and relaxed as he arrived in school. with that the sunny garden. ecclestone is the most powerful man in motorsports. but the charges against it comes down to fit his future. and i'm happy and to his tenure would be a bit of help so swollen. for the man who has made for morneau won his life's work ay ay ay. since the nineteen
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seventies. ecclestone has worked at turning what was maybe a sport into a lucrative global brands since twenty ten the palm of one's annual turnover has grown steadily to me one point five million units most of the money comes from licence fees and tv revenues which ecclestone has been instrumental in negotiating the fall of two thousand and six the german bank finally have a stake in the business prosecutors say eccleston pushed to the bank to sell its interest to accompany the book keep him in the top jaw. he's accused of paying for tebow million us dollars in bribes to jam and thank you again how could cost you it was then on the board and finally. in twenty eleven to call ski was jailed for tax evasion and corruption nicholson says he was coerced into paying the subtle the fact that payments were made isn't in dispute. it's about the reasons why those payments were made ecclestone is convicted he could face up to ten years in
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jail prices are going to snowball into new digs task of defending the champions league title looks a little bit harder. the above areas last one male to male madrid in the first leg of their semifinal wales counter attacking strategy paid off and coming bands among scored in the nineteenth minute the gold israel the edge heading into the second leg in munich next tuesday american swimming star michael phelps is set to make his eagerly awaited comeback later today after retiring from the sport back in twenty twelve themselves who will compete in the us swimming grand prix in mesa arizona the most decorated olympian of all time if the team gold medals. he said that he simply miss being in the water. imagine that twenty year old played down expectations that he would be able to continue his success but he did not rule out taking part are high in two thousand sixteen olympics in rio no you may not be given
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white rhinos as being the cutest animal planet. but the door to the zoo has got news for you. chicky now the mother i know they're just gave birth to a baby girl. the newborn rhino delighted well wishers visiting us all. both she and her mother are in good health the baby rhino into the world isn't easy. when the cheque was pregnant at seventeen months before giving birth to baby girl. one things missing she will develop the typical rhino four until she gets home. morton's important part oh yes that's right no rights to become a one year after ron applause events the people of bangladesh mourning the victims of the country's worst industrial disaster were to ask if the industry has done enough to improve working conditions they are and like we always do will take a look at business news as well as a new report from transparency international corruption in the european union to stay with us. eye. you do. you
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decide you want to watch. all the images. programs the whole package. dw on the future. the media center on dw tell you. to the eye
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it's a tragedy for the world to take notice of a region where people work and a catastrophic conditions precisely one year ago a building housing a textile factory in bangladesh collapsed. what eleven hundred people were killed and twenty five hundred were injured. it was the worst accident of the skyline in the country's history. when you're on a void in the bangladeshi capital dhaka i've been marking the anniversary of the new day has been mixed in with relatives and workers demanding compensation and better working conditions and international brands which source their textiles from on the dash had pledged financial need. rights groups say not much has actually
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come through the memorial stands in front of the rubble from the biggest is asked in the textile industry. schmidt has spent years campaigning for more safety into this countries. the collapse of rama plaza mom to watershed this is going on mars this is a memorial to smile and uneven concrete action be taken to prevent such the exhaust is in the future of thing. cos many victims are still waiting for assistance. tunnels to make and receive his mind thousand euros from the government's geez it received any money from the compensation fund supported by international clients. i knew the nation's first two wo makes me collapsed and in the ceiling came down. my leg was trapped and i'm clearly not enough room to breathe through their membership in the end of
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the boston globe has a bye for now i'm tied to a wheelchair because this disaster to my mind about it international agreements aimed to improve safety. not only a fraction of the mold of one thousand factories in bangladesh have been inspected. we gave him permission to visit based mobile factory. managing director of one of the above has already met new standard said on his costume and kellen jones cna. a lot of people complain saying why me a fortune by someone outside the best and is based on european. imposing into bondage factories. even the court comes with a hundred schemes. even when he's achieved. i think that's achievement. molded foam indian textile workers in bangladesh and i'll pay the minimum wage of around fifty euros a month. smells my practice as that's barely enough to make ends meet. she began working in the industry
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as a child. now was a member of the country's leading trade union teased him on the mall responsibility from the global garment industry i found this one. this was the team. to her. teach them to see me. that laid me low when i heard that. people still come here to help victims. commenting on to compensation. she thinks the room in soprano closet the main memorial. he says working conditions can only be improved the international pressure continues. earlier we talk to someone who's been keeping up that international pressure in the lineout general secretary of the industrial claim global union and the summit of the garment industry had cleaned up attacks and improved safety standards after this run up was a tragedy when runner up was
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though was a game changer eight was a watershed. it was tragic it that said it required so many dead bodies and injured workers to make this change happened but said now more than one hundred and sixty brands and retailers have signed a legally binding agreement with industrial global union and unique which did during the next five years will make the industry safe and sustainable the color that covers already more than two million workers in one thousand six hundred factories inspections are in full swing and remediation plans for the repairs of dangerous factories up being the head. it will be a difficult process but that we always knew. we are determined to take to a poll it takes to make this industry say. so there has been some progress. um what pay for workers in textile factories and says that result. after the long campaign and mobilization last year the uninitiated government finally agreed in november to raise the minimum wage is by seventy seven percent from thirty eight
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dollars to sixty seven dollars a month. but it's still only sixty seven dollars a month which is so far. but beyond that the dollar under a living wage so a new additions have to continue for greasing the living wage and the present retailers they have to pay the fare prices affected owners to guarantee decent weather. or there's a lot of talk about compensation for survivors for victims' families. these companies promise to last a year ago have a paid up. whoa this shocking news is that two of the tunnel plaza trust fund that was set up to the tough negotiations is administered by the international a book in a station on a loan based on international norms. only half of the grounds that accompanies that sourced from the top was according to our information leading to the compensation fund. so today's situation is that what the needs of forty million us dollars. we only have sixty and sixty million dollars to the fund. so in
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this field is the itching now all the brands and retailers that have been working in politics to contribute to the fund because they share a collective responsibility for these. on sustainable production model has a dismal told that we are now trying to get rid of. yet the writer thanks for talking with us millions of voters in india have been going to the polls and the latest phase of the country's staggered general election. today's poll is expected to decide the fate of some smaller parties that could play a decisive role in the event of a hung parliament minister from one scene was among those casting their votes today. opinion polls show his congress party is likely to lose the election to anger over the economic slowdown and a string of corruption scandals. in syria a second candidate has registered for the presidential poll to take place at the start of tea one day after an independent
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he declared his candidacy a moderate opponent of syrian president marcelo side has thrown his hat into the ring abdulla al neri is the us educated business. it's widely expected that president assad will also stand. the syrian opposition has dubbed the poll function of the ongoing civil war newton verified internet footage of alleged links to government jets bombing the rebel held town of october. activism based in britain said the attack with twenty seven people dead fury and desperation emotions from some of the families of some of the one hundred thirty people still missing after a south korean ferry capsized on people's sixty relatives filled with the rescuers headquarters today demanding answers they have been waiting for news of their loved ones for over a week now. around seven hundred divers are working in shifts to search for bodies of the missing unknown and water drone is also at work in the hope of speeding up search more than a hundred and fifty people are already
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confirmed dead most of them killed. many over to business news german business confidence has rebounded that's according to the east of institutes monthly survey of seven thousand business spices companies here are more confident about their prospects for the coming months than they were last month. analysts say the improvements can be explained by political developments crisis in ukraine is weighing less than a sentiment that once a month ago. let's take a look at the financial markets now with our frankfurt correspondingly box he says he'll politics were making waves today started off in the curiously enough but then news from the ukraine came in for example russia starting military exercises close to the border of the ukraine the shares started going downhill at the end of the day that trend is reversed the backs of basically unchanged for the day. but the reaction shows how nervous traders can get all the sudden when
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suddenly news from the ukraine comes in possibly pointing to an escalation of this conflict not all the shares under pressure the state couple for example going up by up to eight percent that's a lot had a strong quarter and it had a number of goodies for the shareholders among others higher dividend and a possible share split. was there in front of us look at the market numbers now starting in frankfurt with an axe which was just slightly over the end of training ninety five to forty eight euro stocks fifty up. what's more strongly to thirty one eighty nine. over in new york the dow jones industrial average trading slightly up to sixty five oh four and you also up against the dollar. a recent poll showed seventy percent of europeans the vicar russian exists in the eu institutions. turns out they're probably right anti corruption think tank transparency international's new report argues that the european union's massive
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collection of institutions in brussels is quite vulnerable to corruption among the key proposals transparency made were to strengthen rules protecting whistleblowers and those defining conflict of interest among policy makers brussels is home to the european commission. that makes the lobbyists paradise in two and two representatives of powerful industries work in the city the europeans smoking tobacco association has its offices here. some of the organizations are headquartered just a stone's throw away from the european commission. an all around fifteen thousand lobbyist into shape europe's regulations. we took of belts that these informal and behind trees tools mit's the trip and for the people from the three main deal making institutions which are all done away from the on an ms thirteen a record of one that took place in the two clubs in the backroom intrigue also surrounds the resignation of john kelly the eu former health commissioner in twenty twelve
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it's alleged an associate approach the tobacco industry for millions on the promise that dolly would change european tobacco regulations even today it's unclear if that's true or not. still the eu says it's now cleaned up its act. transparency international's report says the eu is failing to protect anti corruption whistleblowers the eu disputes that finding. serve pork itself is as we are the institution has progressed moon rules. but transparency international says the eu needs to set up a register of lobbyists and eu voters are also skeptical. a recent poll found that more than half of them things eu politicians are corrupt right as i read this edition of the journal of bread dough i so want to live. a new
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each. i know. they should do so the weekend's security o'neill but that i can not find it on. and all the kids out on a hot coffee or hot guam. watch out . tough
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well today from france twenty four. a live debate on top of the day. monday to thursday at seven pm on nbc the church chelsea boss. and then come talk to him. to find a way to shut up shop and a squeeze play the process. cheating the week. it's saddening. our military and government of mature trees. lately i've been out of court on the right word. yours are but what with all seven games
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