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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 25, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks we would need and moving more. you write you this week it was a great day. because breaking news or what. so much. either or situation. the stock while. good news. chen
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ukraine accuses russia of trying to start world war three the new minister says moscow's attends the military conflict in ukraine will lead to a military conflict in europe. on the ground jets' offensive in the east turns deadly several people reported killed as the government tries to take back separatists held areas and fighting the battle against malaria. the deadly disease kills one child every minute in africa. and she didn't think you're simply take a closer look on this world malaria day the headlines here we began not with the stern of words over ukraine this friday ukraine's prime minister rc out to the ex accusing russia of wanting to start another world war. speaking in an interim cabinet meeting yesterday and said attempts at military conflict in ukraine with the interim
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military conflict in europe he added the world has not yet forgotten world war two but russia is already wants to start world war three what comes a day after us secretary of state john kerry won in moscow against carrying out further military movement on the ukrainian border. kerry accusing russia of using propaganda to de stabilize the region. having failed to halt a legitimate political process. russia has instead chosen an illegitimate course of armed violence to try and achieve with the barrel of a gun. and the force of about. what could be achieved any other way. they tried to create enough chaos in the east of delay or de legitimize the elections or to force ukraine to accept that federalism that gives russian control over its domestic and foreign policies or even force ukraine to overreact and create an excuse for military intervention. this
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is a full throated effort to actively sabotage the democratic process through gross external intimidation. us diplomat also threatened more sanctions against moscow and its actions that do not stop on thursday. russia launched on the trails along the opinion frontier in response to kiev is that deadly military operation in the east of the country several people were reportedly killed in the offensive it's the first time government troops have used lethal force to re capture territory for pro russian supper texts get the roi or has the details the ukrainian state listing of rebel strongholds in the making. i can't speak yet to be kept to a t c keith and the pride of action scenes separatists fight to save the blonde locks. this is what good will to get the broad got the paper but just keep the wood kim wanted to give the school to make sims. in new schools to get
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assist you if necessary we will going to be a plea the red mosque is not the answer to the town's self proclaimed me and paid a visit to many things the effect of a young man killed during the c class is that the ukrainian army the stand. he died. in kamikaze making several of the cpc and the team. on the make up this job thousands of leaflets announcing the government's anti operation and calling on separate days to surrender they seem to have in the telling factor the response to the speakers no one illness the situation in eastern ukraine needs ironing out of control. point any less keen to be seen adults at risk and it was the bassist and americans enemy was not at some point i press the significance of monday he has just been released they are. beat the office and an introduction to the whole situation. amin
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blindfolded me tied my hands behind my back. despite the warning from russia's president to a bounce to continue its crackdown on separatist. lost in the mountains. the estimated to thrill me at the border josh really are fires in moscow he has worn on the escalating tensions the situation continues where we're seeing an informational war as much as a real war. twenty four hours later it's unclear what exactly. the ukrainian military ukrainian forces still hold. from what they captured. he yesterday. for separate list of pro russian militias in the east claimed to have re taken many or all of the checkpoints that ukrainian forces captured yesterday. it does like these pro russian militias will regain control of towns in the east like all the angst and others so certainly a show of force on the part of ukrainian military as they demonstrated that they are willing to act. but with
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the right result. it remains to be seen perhaps less and then appeared yesterday at the same time. we've seen this. equally it responsibly provocative action. by the russians the announcement of these large scale military drills russian military has had tens of thousands of troops on the ukrainian border for some weeks now after stating them were de escalating. and that their status depending on situation on the ground across the borders certainly the announcement of the slides kill journalists represents a new phase of escalation. but so far the grinding status quo continues with both sides perhaps trying to intimidate or call the bluff of the other but certainly attend situation and a question about how much longer. both sides can keep it to ramp up tensions was still thinking they can manage it seems like a very explosive situation in
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eastern ukraine and soon spiraled beyond. the bill if i decide to manage exactly how events unfold. josh we are reporting them. no relatives of passengers aboard missing malaysia jetliner had held an overnight protest outside the malaysian embassy in beijing. in demanding more information from officials with the protest followed a chaotic meeting between airline staff and volunteers who've been waiting for nearly fifty days without any sighting of the plane. two thirds of those on the board a jet liner were chinese nationals and a multi national search is continuing in a remote area of the indian ocean. all of western australia israel says it's holding peace talks with the palestinians after unity deal between rival factions fatah and hamas was breached israel says it cannot negotiate with the government backed by hamas which it doesn't recognize israel's right to exist will the move to call off talks comes just days ahead of us deadline to
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reach a framework for peace in this decades long conflict actually sit on reports peace talks between israel and the palestinians are suspended not called off the security cabinet decided to freeze the process after palestinian president mahmoud abbas is party to find a unique path with hamas which israel considers as a carry the baton standstill resume cv israelis in the palestinian unity deal fails like similar agreements in the past. today the scientists unwanted content include building in settlements illegal cause the collapse of the palestinian authority while israel says the palestinian pack from peace talks to a halt sectarian hamas leader of the israeli government. and when you mean it to me i'll have a choice during the past she's between settlements or negotiations. use two to settle for that amount the rest of the leaders say
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that the tool can take steps against israel. when joining various international organizations this mean able then to prosecute israeli leaders and generals for alleged war crimes at the international criminal court the plo will discuss its options at a meeting this weekend. it's free conciliation with hamas was killed by europe whose priority is to see the future winter in cabinets prolonged peace talks. the un also approves a united approach officials say a flight to an emergency to place on a virgin train up from brisbane to bali and not a suspected hijacking as reported earlier will purge officials say a drunk passenger tried to enter the cockpit. an indonesian air force spokesman said all passengers were on hand and had been taken off the aircraft. after all these important. today marks a world malaria day it's a disease that kills over six hundred thousand people every year in africa
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one child dies every minute from the disease of malaria is both a treatable and curable and to top up more out about efforts to fight this disease is erica and was out from roll back malaria nets of global partnership which held court in its efforts to tackle the disease thank you very much for joining us now what we've seen that the numbers are alarming but progress has been made toast. major reduction in death over the last ten years the median death in two thousand six hundred thousand today. as you just mentioned well yup prevention control and control today is a major tool to fight and fight mortality. he has major success it was oh it's one of the best of health investment. today so that's why we celebrate will not i did it today to encourage the world to invest in the dada to be shipped to the season to progress towards getting the nation
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which is feasible. it has affected by this disease. so are children under five and walking in africa over ninety percent of cases in africa and the cdc's of all that is affecting will continue to grow area. so what am i the main obstacles to fighting malaria is it that accessibility is the awareness of what's what are the main reasonable funding. as it is the case very often. and top weekend to shoot him earlier today he has been shown in many countries that stand out like standing on the one time when the new testament idea re conditioned to disease we can protect appropriations. so we human and financial resources we can defeat the peace and joy can be completely eliminated. absolutely that's our objective of double bike ride i accomplish it. we didn't. probably fifteen twenty thirty years the disease can be completely wiped out from the surface of the globe. with proper funding. are you beginning a from governments where
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the disease says is the scotland are you our government on board with efforts to tackle it. some of them all in theory if it involves collecting on the making shenandoah concerned to mention some of them and i would save many of them in africa could be more involved especially in countries where there are significant resources coming from oil. all my new industries facing the governor said that there is something not of focusing attention on efforts and they see as not a problem or what is what is the issue that absolute favorite thing that you health and education can be placed on the side and can be supported by noble communities. but they don't see investment in health but something that keeps the weight to it coming into the pond which is to case one year and guess what i tot u can you actually paved the way to becoming the development of the country. what to take on a wet countries and are most affected. two major countries affected by my body up all
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the scary populated countries of africa nigeria and the democratic republic of congo. and this is where the health infrastructure is probably the weakest therefore it's much harder to reach communities in need we need much more investment in those two countries our party our section ashes remind people of course how does the hilarious friend. so it's a trust me it's a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes at night so you can protect yourself by sleeping under a mosquito net and most importantly by accessing the can of diagnostic tests rapid diagnostic test and effective treatment they do it the symptoms of it. jeter shaking chills. very non specific soon to be aware of my dahlia as soon as you have high future in africa alright as you say so simple things can be done to bring it down at the numbers that erica was the foam roll back malaria could you very much for joining us here on the program thank you. now
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family and friends of the american doctor told him and gun attack in afghanistan have spoken of the loving care the pediatrician had for the country. dr gerry mano and two other us medical workers were shot and killed in a hospital in kabul on thursday by one of the security guards for the motive for the attack is still under investigation reacting to that as a nice summary of the slain american caucus and they continue to support a nice time. we don't hold any ill will towards afghanistan in general. or even the gunman to get this we don't know what his history as. to jerry them on and tina and i can see the instance of teen killed in a hospital in kabul from ninety s christian taxi. and that's visible savings it the comment has been identified as one of the exceeding the speed no new shoes yesterday national police. the shelter itself up
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again topped them with the need to be cheeky by the victim's colleagues the sixty seven year old pediatrician was volunteering in afghanistan to train and doctors and treat children he's the knitting back and forth between seek out there in kabul for immediate decades. this loss. our illustrious family. for those of the c word truth. as well as for the people of afghanistan. he was a loving caring physician. to serve out his patience with the utmost respect she team is to take the sting of recent spate of attacks targeting foreigners in afghanistan. that iconic screen to sponsor the teachers some of them afghanistan has been and continues to be a war zone there are certainly efforts at the time to weigh everyday to work with afghan security it's unfortunate that these events have taken place nephi and his team in the car the man claimed to possess the center. let's address jimenez on tuesday to nepal spank and up next to business and you stay with us
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welcome to the business into you and all the skulls and it's been eighty eight cents more than an avid hunter and two women men and children tight in the run up on some factory cops in bangladesh and eight storey building for the commonwealth has came crashing down in one of the worst industrial accidents the world is at the scene. that is austin was seen to blow the cover of fast fashion major crowns the order in bulk and with quickly times to satisfy the changing tastes. the west and shoppers. urban horror stories of forty designed buildings mistreatment of luck isn't bad pay and those stories have put pressure on major props to change their ways has happened though. to help us understand where the fashion industry is one year on we content to john as ucc galactica living columnist for the british newspaper the ideas of a cecil so the woman behind the twenty eleven book to die
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for his fashion wearing out the wild and in her recent book week on what we were actually looks into the run up cars and dissolves the festival welcome to the program they see let me first get to do that due to the main question at this point i suppose has the situation all gone that walk is in bangladesh improved since the run up cars off the tree does not set on the changing of it facing do the same risks now as they were a year ago. well the latest un each tile because any missteps that have being in command and there are a couple but saturday i had to keep me they'll have at least seven innings. so we have it call it the nis and the agreements eco tuesday with sad buildings structures and building surveying. i would have seen people in bangladesh which is a penny for a welcome idea the alliance is that bastion of that to be sent out by some primary by american companies can and will not want to copy call it any
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credence is about compensation. now eighties maybe too many to town walks back to the oohs and the prints in the end of the ten initiatives will happen and what we say ease that we have seen some breakthroughs that i have to really make out stats and we had to be in any retreat at the back how we define a breakthrough in the industry lacks way way behind other sectors and those of us hit the right thing about tt phosphorus and three numbered he is happy. hiking up the problems in the supply chain to displ tonight which willlws contain the term absenteesoco run cse infortunately was catastrophe weighty task pane. so we probably need to iron out the set of eighteen months was trying to understand. went to thee a massive difference the record came out at the beginning of
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this week and he'll be the best east and business school setting. i'll actually get cool it's to be quite technical for a minute deals with the steel factories next week. the really big crooked and he stopped contacting two seconds and then take that trys to what we ought to be done yet understand is how within a cat's eye across the supply chain and katie and the nice top teeth into. granted the incredibly complex motueka of being when it comes to the court when it comes to the alliance on top of the blue walls on either we've had a salary hike for buying it and she was good with the minimum wage in bangladesh has come up for commonwealth is what you got feeling is the situation going to do two to two to improve my tv is not terribly optimistic i have to say because i'm afraid i find that the fast fashion industry through its incredible design innovation the two states prowess as corrupt i find it when it comes to animate the riots that takes me to comment what
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his rights and eight eighties eighties meal we had to go the distance. today i'm not really able to because its business model is quite the catania i at about the state eight eight eight hundred and one steps into the meat making each comments from the conception of truth being still is any set of four to six of six to eight stacks which actually ticket options that come by these cop make it rain on me as i call these means black isn't buying the text and that cambodia thailand and swank and greedy payout when the margin sleeves when an orbit that krishna is exact it's on to the most vulnerable and exposed to collect his now we can do is look at how cops because i think that and all the studies say that she would have to put up the price of comments that significantly added to read making captivating way i write about how much would you call call to go up and
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how much would the price of a comical well in terms of how much the cost of a comet will go up the statewide of substance for such cliches with the injury toll is at fifty cents. yet the tolkien dollars to six mini party for a minimal fee when it comes to your eighteen of old maid to the senate's it was still walking in bangladesh. how do you rate them and what did they need to do in order to improve the situation in and off they doing to stop well i think the people we need to saying that every good thing that happend off to run up causing you can even save a kid phoenix suns strains keep an eye of a thousand people killed and two hundred thousand wings it's a baby and in fact they didn't come from a can say right that's it we're off to the taxi some of the american brand states now what we do have that with some of the european retail is that the european elite tennis is indefinite i know that old sia on racing board is directly in the country. where is
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the body buried in a frenzy say japan are using sourcing company's family day out very difficult to penetrate sweet and reading i do when they are outsourcing from what they do make to become an effort to control that we need to maximize use of ptt is campaign is concerned his team is one that says some of the trends of what can be quick to respond they meet its debt and thanking ptc not a cause that some did not and they are the ones that need to get brownie points that because it stops at investigate is going to sit through the rubble and finds that enables an inning or two to the tragedy at tennant creek to pay showtime compensation so mad props to let the companies that did that and read it. these agreements a course an extent it's a sentimental i've been a key for the fast time at that leads to mine mine to unite and it's the old time it is a coyote few nights which is bean's has signed up to initiate by the big brands
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doesn't accept the same source denied a seat in my opinion said the is old and maybe meet up in the right direction. however my real concern is that the grandest eye on and leave the office that looks at what they have to be in control. they protested against each other a ten night speech he states that it would really like to say which actions they using because they cite anti trust laws. i think that is that i am a man in a sense because which point i can do something which i understand the non raffle the supply chain is not straightforward situation going on so i think we have to watch and one attacks. if anybody can relate and people tell us that translate we have just recently cleaning up. well we have to see the tree related to terrorism or repeal of the moment promo from the brown side is that we are saying there's been some amazing p i'm afraid that he hadn't been some fantastic pr
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and an enhanced being an innocent of any attempts at eight. any you know i know that they might even be in good faith at the top end's in you and now on to me often on the tracks tonight takes a few out the industry into kate it to mornington can take a falcon control negotiations. obesity will always see that from its roots which point we can see by some of the results the financial results that have come out. that's cause and effect. now you know him best as a not saying i still put the brakes on we need to clean up supply chain and the well he's not saying that's you know what i call that came out very very short the people of other causes that i'm attached. we need to put it on the sentiments that you need to be actually making the red team a common industry. let contact. don't we get now that they've always agree tennis to haunt of the time i mean at the end of the day isn't this the responsibility. all of the bangladeshi government to ensure the safety of all
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although all that sweat is as i said are we busy putting too much pressure too much emphasis on west and pretended to change that the situation. i like to meet ed is a famous brands. i will always be in the firing line got it back i was hoping it became a stand in that case which we paint huge huge outstanding that's the way that the news today of a crime not sad. profits up by thirteen percent or that it is said that ben is a set amount of black cleats comes to that position and you have to be seen in knots about the sexes have to take responsibility for your supply tank. the host country its government office that plays a massive pot banging dad's decided to put all its eggs in the readymade garment industry prospects at the behest of the well planned and other organizations in many many easter eggs and tea decade to kayak and added we need to make it work said in a shack responsibilities by ten feet of saying oh it's the response to the government. brady's
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the right thing to do the twentieth to the spectacular profits that the inmates off the back of the way it is in this country were asked a question that you yourself on skinny in your most recent book we are what we were. i'm wondering is by natasha and did i know that you want is all they've backed role with or without the garment industry i suppose that that's the crux issue as well in this one that's that's a question i ask because it's very hard to understand isn't it. and in eighteen eighty. i mean we have to put this in context as we do in the book and i'm saying it will mean people on time actually in place by the victim a comment in just in time attacks. now i'm seventy to eighteen percent as depending on the sets of statistics to cop the impact of winning. so when taken to the commands of the ptt bed pretty much screwed only coming from rural and is where the opportunities are in the meat it's beyond any treaty that coming from
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abject of that age. however it does me the basics delete it. does that mean that they should meet in that situation to the comp but at least i ain't what it is in the wild or of monks that i does it mean a speedo and cheese to finish george's does that mean. actually they should still go on with its mates which i explained that boys can concentrate on is that i know it doesn't say he's been ready made on an industry of michael to paying the tax system. xd he's full name directly employed probably not the full made him directly employs it would be devastating if i knew tax was two steps to do something really important as calm from these industry tidying attacks. and what we need to do a steamy struck sat on a stand on top of the supply chain and make it wet to get the positive benefits are the weapons that i may need to be contending that its because they eat and eat some of the big weekend is already eyeing up on to a conscience of the destinations such as
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biometric some cool moment with the molten core human because you have a moment on the cc go alone thank you mindy dad for taking the time just because he and i spent at home when i was going to be wrapping up this program and to watch. or are beyond business. some say it's the underbelly of politics others say it's a necessity to make sure all the voice of businesses in the corridors of power. in xp on a business we strung the lights on all being in the european union beyond the pants off us went to the bustling capital of i know. i truly love them when i. the road. i do. in. the it
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is. and. tobias has made it
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awkward i was the chairman of the year asian development bank ego and couldn't get off the main directions of the bank in our country as well as the interim results of its activities since its inception in two thousand six by the authorized representative of context and russia were discussed at the meeting the president emphasized that the bank's performance reflects a positive trend currently the dvd is actively involved in the government of kazakhstan financial market planning to issue securities it will increase the funding of projects in the national currency. will the law


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