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tv   Journal  PBS  April 25, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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like that either the studios here in berlin this is the journal might bring today has been with us here is what's coming up next thirty minutes. have they been kidnapped seven international observers with the oecd are gypsies by pro russian separatists at a checkpoint in eastern ukraine the us and eu raise the threat of more sanctions against russia in moscow must stop intimidating ukraine baby you with names and she a country where sexual violence is used as a weapon of war
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what they want the conflict in eastern ukraine is worse than eating out work by hour and now ukraine says a team of osce observers of the german command has been taken hostage in for the ons the german foreign ministry will only confirm his last contact with the group a pro russian leader in the city says that the spine from kiev was with the observers of the key of defense ministry's as they are negotiating with the separatists to secure the observers released a group of four germans who once we one day and when jack and one pole was a kid was accompanied by several ukrainian soldiers or if we want ago. note to our correspondence even kim who is in the eastern ukrainian city of going yet to lose in what can you tell us what brings up today and the ladies that you've heard about this observer mission
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well for what's going on nor is it worth getting up at this point. worth pointing out the remainder of the clinton era it occurred with the most radical of africa. can you tell who kidnapped american journalist was released yesterday. they work liao. the five lateral position. led by germany it's interesting that this will lead to turn opinion about the situation to go to a member of the previous bilateral action and eyes that he had lost contact with the biggest number of fish certainly begs the question the db separatist forces in eastern ukraine today recognize any authority apart from one that is sanctioned by moscow. no
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wonder why hostile to western journalists. the fact that they know that it was first told when to watch go about each poet to poet should be monitored. quite revealing they opened the door. geneva last week's topics that were represented. and it didn't join us on the story for susan thank you very much are those few more on this observer mission we will live with our political correspondent the show proof that she has been looking into that for a son. it is the osce mission of what kind of group. is it and what to do. but if industry verification mission is courtenay says he affirmed done many many years acting as a participating sit in the elysee in the oc itself is very much up cold war the animal and then it was created to be exactly for situations like these when
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neither side has an overview of what is happening on the ground to get some carrots begin to doubt and not exactly is the cost of this verification mission which samples the report's most of the sexes that the stiletto is seen on this read that the ukrainians effort just say that there was a spine from kiev among this group and now osc is not really in a position to help them out who is in a position to get these hostages three well the question isn't odd and at any osce mission and it must be the more familiar with the election observation mission for instance they'll always invites it's quite the states that the ongoing t so in this case they were invited by ukraine and ukraine also provided security for this also explains why there were several soldiers and on the spot. that technically speaking ukraine isn't ice but at the same time the gearing from kiev not be separate says the money to speak to most and so at very
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difficult situation the state to produce your computer shedding some light on this mission force the cia you very much. the war of words in this crisis just keeps escalating is well in kiev the country's interim prime minister accused russia of trying to start a third world war i hero arts in the guts to nuke told his cabinet that most still had full responsibility for any aggression on ukrainian soil us and russian foreign ministers also traded accusations each blaming the other for instability in the region ukrainian forces launched another offensive to drive out from the eastern city of stubby arms. common vehicles time to be located in fiji when separatist militants have been occupying government buildings colleagues. government troops are trying to prevent mold rebels from reaching the fifty. many are keeping the children went to school
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and relief that the warning residents to stay indoors the leaflets say the city is under siege when the next battles are taking place a checkpoint outside the city where he will actually give advice on how this takes a lot like staying away from the city ukrainian troops have launched similar anti operations in the east and fifteen. that operation command of the city code of fifty one puts in the inclines to risk jail. we will not sacrifice citizens' lives for the sake of some victory. they do. but our enemies these criminals infiltrators and terrorists must be held fully accountable for their actions will often. strong words and the interim government in kiev and his increasingly powerless against the kremlin backed separatists. halle and the eastern city of crime across ukraine in a tree helicopter was blown up on the comment i am compelled to
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hang it. the country's prime minister is convinced she is behind it all. prime minister simeon thing you said the crisis is threatening to blow up the russian military aggression will lead to conflict in europe the world does not get forgotten world war two but rush already wants to start world war three and it seems there's not a good thing off as russia has launched fresh minute exercises on ukraine's eastern border. our little boy in our correspondents in key of alexander fun naman she's covering the story from their eyes on you know these words coming from kiev be a good talk about the third world war. tell me you read that is this the sign of a government in ukraine that is simply frustrated that he can't do anything to stop russia. well at least what we can say is that the ukrainian government has been a very difficult situation they have started the so called anti
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operations and is some talk of the country trying to seize control of the cdc's every two weeks that are still in the hands of the purple pro russian separatist pro russian troops and at the same time they do not want to use force against civilians. so it is that very difficult situation and with the rest of threatening to get the ball and elements that russian troops just across the border and we note that the rest of the ukrainian on the field next fall. this truth and the questions it is additionally if the ukrainian government ensuite with reports that among the ukrainian soldiers and police force that created those are really important point that whatever support is a dab on the ground what about that that type of support that is getting from outside the me who is advising the government in angela's the government listening to. well that has been a lot of visitors from the european union and
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the united states you're trying to instil and said the ukrainian interim government. and my impression is that many people yet once more. not only by the ones to see concrete to help and that they think that they are not getting enough and many people i've talked to told me that they think that said the european leaders that are too soft on the rocks to fill people he had this my impression are getting more and more frustrated. part alexander phenomenal the story of forest in kiev alexander as always thank you very much. just think one week ago there were talks in geneva going on. juana de escalation agreement for ukraine. the leaders from the us and europe say that there is no evidence that russia is keeping its end of the deal and they are threatening to increase sanctions now against moscow johnson the man who discussed the issue with polish prime
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minister don't on toes. she went over the situation in phone conversations with other heads of state as well medco said russia had failed to fully implement an agreement to de escalate the ukraine crisis. has the powerful would have the power to bring the separatists on to a peaceful calm discussion about the constitution and preparations for elections the day on the fifteenth episode of i'm fortunate making no such action has been taken out of it the international community is still hoping for a diplomatic solution but it has threatened to impose further sanctions on russia after talks with south korean leader park wednesday that us president barack obama indicated washington was paving the way for sanctions aimed at specific parts of russia's economy what's also important is laying the groundwork so that if and when we see even
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greater escalation. perhaps even a military incursion by russia and ukraine. the war prepared for the source a choral sections that would have even larger consequences the so called eastern partnership of eu states in eastern european nations also called on russia to take action to calm the situation there is a unanimous recommendation to the russian federation that it was a peaceful gesture with the enmity as a nascent of russia and ukraine conflict polls this post is from the ukrainian border. as tensions continue to rise the likelihood of an implementation of the geneva agreement to resolve the conflict is getting things are. analysts short while ago we spoke to the danube moscow correspondent greg god then we asked her how was the husband reacting to these renewed threats of sanctions aiden has been sabine in your reaction to that it is
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as sexy as haven't lasted twelve days and weeks when a new kitchen and other high ranking politicians and officials have been shocked and is the sanctions off of the new threat they said they went wetting and all that this would have a huge impact on russia. it was even kind of keep them coming and since each week. some politicians saying that it was even that actually less ink on their teeth that have sanctions in paris. on the eu however since not that simple the oaks in the economy is already suffering from this crisis in ukraine and russia it is expecting an exodus of capital of one hundred billion us dollars and also that the economic growth is expected to be about zero point five percent with the russian economy is not lost as all the kremlin is well aware of and be so graceful in the economy but it seems that aunt betty willing to take the risk right on speaking to us from moscow to those political development sales or have financial implications
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the ratings agency standard and for his russia's credit rating to just above one notch above junk status is because of the players of all the from the ukraine crisis that doesn't ease i would call large financial outflows from russian totalling tens of billions of dollars moscow's seizure of the media has resulted in to international sanctions already. pressure on the mobile and plunge in the russian markets snp has kept a double negative saying a further downgrade is likely if western sanctions are expanded. and for much more on the financial fallout from recent developments in eastern ukraine was typical the box at the frankfurt stock exchange the ukraine crisis or put pressure on the market that goes for the day and ultimately that goes for the week as well sure the ducks had gains earlier on in the week they've actually look quite impressive. but as the years returned to their might be an escalation in the ukraine crisis. the docs turned around and now at the end of
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the week. it's lost its earlier gains on the people working the floor and deed investors worldwide. i just afraid that the other will be an escalation of conflict and that economic sanctions will be a consequence of that sanctions that would not only the gresham. but the economy is and the nations of the west as well. surely the ukraine crisis will remain atop the tear that overrides everything also next week. and it'll mean a big topic with us for the weekend i suspect that was the box in frankfurt let's look at the market numbers in raw form. index was down by more than one half percent to close at ninety four one. he was asked if he also had been a bad day took a tumble down to close at thirty one forty seven over in new york city dow jones industrial average which is still trading is down close to a percent right now. the sixteen three five. tg slightly up against
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the dollar to one thirty eight thirty six. aren't these short break the twenty comeback with quotes from barack obama and south korea china to pressure on north korea. there was a red bow eye you can do. unimpeded access to education and knowledge. the same opportunities for everyone the central goal of
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the global community. what's the reality on the ground education for all. w's multimedia special remix personal stories and highlights extraordinary projects the world over. one dealt more on the internet dw don t need education for all. the match united nations is calling for greater action to combat sexual violence as a weapon of war a new report says that despite some progress on fighting sexual violence remains a global crime affecting women and children and also the men in with twenty countries the report identifies thirty four on the group's militia and government security forces that are suspected of using as a tool in conflict zones. i was in separate cases have been documented in the democratic republic of congo carried out during the civil war by a rebel groups and by government forces but many more cases were never officially
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reported. victims often use to get a decision or retaliation. we must ensure that the picture tells a month in a boat back at the cleats peace agreements and to get the fax or e from that did not take six hundred violins into account. it is also crucial. that sweet poetics of viable them all the local scene just these in bosnia an estimated fifty thousand women were the target of sexual violence during the civil war. but twenty years on only a handful of prosecutions have been pursued. the un report means a total of twenty one countries where sexual violence has been committed in current or recent conflicts. that baby doesn't matter whether she comes from bosnia chicken from pot on the adequacy of central africa. depp and affable minefields lesbian great easter theme. most of the victims are women. a very large number are children
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the report shows men also suffer sexual violence during the conflict. as we have heard before us president iraq obama is in the south korean capital seoul the second leg of his four nation asian tour and has called on china to use its influence on north korea to resume talks on pyongyang's nuclear program. this comes amid renewed concern that north korea is preparing another nuclear test. to coincide with a bonus visit to seoul. when us and south korean leaders meet this standoff with north korea or use the tops the agenda this visit by the american president marks no exception the tightening of the latest attack from county on the united states and south korea stand shoulder to shoulder. both in the face of young on its provocations and in our refusal to accept the nuclear korea north korea the threats will get bored with nothing other than
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greater isolation. south korea has detected increased activity about north korea's every nuclear test site. i did this non regime led by kenya only can see nasa rocket to launch rail announced plans to conduct a klutz new type of nuclear tests. this tough rhetoric isn't stop on top of the living conditions of many ordinary north koreans millions depend on handouts of the grits biscuits by the wealthy program. now one of the funding has forced the un agency to cut back since. since march. above five to fifty thousand children in such institutions don't get that instead of the highly enriched to do what it means the windows and biscuits didn't and so since it opened. all i'm saying that he's this imminent of plant in north korean children. but it will take
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broad diplomatic stand for the pontiff china to bring pyongyang back to the negotiating table over a nuclear deal. what drivers in south korea have recovered more bodies from the ferry that capsized in st on the people sixteen rescue teams say they found bodies of forty eight girls crammed into one cabin. most of the passengers on the ferry were teenagers who were on a school outing. divers have so far recovered one hundred eighty three topics. south korea's government has admitted some of them the mis identify and sent to the wrong family. over one hundred people are still unaccounted for the european union is sending as many as one hundred fifty observers to use it to monitor the upcoming presidential election next month the election takes place amid rising tension between the military government in cairo and egyptian human rights activists to demand the abolition of the controversial protest lot which was passed last november. egyptian authorities have arrested a
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number of activists in recent months for breaches of the long denounced by engine amnesty international as repressive. many remain behind bars though in this report will meet one who was released and can now tell his story. my mom doing was behind bars for a month. he's coming saturday and healing cairo and planted an hour to get more. he said. it doesn't help that so many of his friends stood behind him during weeks in prison. in a race to build a one two three but he's still having trouble adjusting. what if it was difficult to keep appointments first although quite the hit that allowed us to call me on something that would become in the deaths of over the weekend took more time i was overwhelmed. from out of them said i wanted it long time before a concert
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functioning normally again if the attacking the office and obey. this is the street where he was arrested he was on the twenty fifth of january the third anniversary of the egyptian revolution he was on his way to my paper and pencils for work when he was stung by a plainclothes policeman the ear. it would force the key was to be presented to explain to a lesson learnt was going. forget trying to do with it go i'm shuffling of the bulge. the milk was taken to prison with ninety other people. charges included killing demonstrators and membership in a organization. some of those arrested have no history of political activism the authority said he had the defendants have nothing to worry about it. they are
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innocent. at stumps on the fact is the human rights activist and attorney. he's often called on to defend people charged with political crimes. he says a wave of arrests is taking place in egypt. he claims that the weight of the government to silence criticism. in order to intimidate the population. come meet us as innocent people are being made into scapegoats. and charged with the death of demonstrators. there were more concerned. eight use to be told we could count on pressure as a factor in these cases the woman lived live with it but no longer go up the publicity given to the blog has become indifferent. companion to the defendants are denounced we are not even in cases involving freedom of opinion the twenty oh eight the unit my mom who is one of the few
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left out on bail. he's convinced that things will end well with an acquittal the chairs are warning of a conflict in south sudan has escalated to a full blown war and that is despite january ceasefire between government and rebel forces and the un has also threatens to impose sanctions on the warring parties in south down after these two recent massacres chief peacekeeper every month so said neither side has shown any willingness to stop fighting. nobody much likes mosquito bites with the most part they're not much more than an annoyance that is unless you get bitten by mosquitoes that carry malaria. it is one of the world's deadliest infectious diseases and it's transmitted principally through mosquito bites is friday world malaria day campaigners have been trying to raise awareness about some of the simple measures that can help prevent color. in any case the youngest honest it's the children in africa
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who are most at risk from the disease. malay is commonly present in nearly one hundred tropical to subtropical countries. he kills the hall to meet new people every year on average one child dies in three minutes. malay is transmitted by mosquitoes. it's hard to protect people from the disease because this non taxing. you get with the team they didn't even know the ambulance when they visited the end of the teams that did more sustainable get the right. still none available. so in central africa. i can't use his hand out mosquito nets to locals prevention is the only way to stop one of the world's deadliest diseases from killing more people. still that seems to be working since two thousand kwh this is prevention campaigns side screens in mind. all right portugal has observed the fortieth anniversary of
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the carnation revolution that's the name given to what began as a military coup and turned into a popular up rise it brought democracy to portugal which had been ruled by dictators the nineteen thirties. crowds gathered in the capital to remember the nineteen seventy four revolution it gets its name from the carnations that people place into the barrels of soldiers guns. many of those who took part in the original crew stayed away from the celebrations protest against austerity measures imposed in the wake of the financial crisis the bundesliga zz top sides has a new coach roger schmidt's will take the reins and violin or two isn't starting next season. schmidt coach second division got a boy before meeting his old toys which he led to the austrian title this year that it is a madness as it likes its fast attacking style. but in the insurgents do a very unusual affair with the boy next door and the resulting love sean old at the zoo in northern mexico
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to remain calm not as a ray or something. a cross between a zebra and a donkey. he's the result of a spontaneous liaison between his mother riots and ignacio a donkey from the farm next door. she regularly trots over to see caldwell was born on monday disease says he's the first of his car and is in mexico this is what happens when you don't walk back to where we visited the site. but it's there for this edition of the journal of bread dough i met her and thanks for watching. shea i have. i will
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he is. i know. since the end of the week at six thirty pm but that. i find it fun. and all. at that. ah ha. get me out. watch out ch we do. but
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that the men are created all that bad. boy don't worry about the non league team he's not the pd. which is the most powerful country woo hoo a a ay ay ay ay . i take off. it is. every new thing. every day
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