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to back to the house washington's that's about it rained prices include state reports from social media what terror investigation into his own the base of dissent in ukraine's eat them now but there is a kinda gets chosen to be their leader and who was later detained for calling a friend doesn't hunger strike over the government's military crackdown on the restive areas. sure millions of dollars worth of military hardware in afghanistan is being contemplated in washington the american government tried to slash
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the cost of the hugely expensive plan to withdraw from the country. that is not actionable. fox has a controversial fire right clothes store opens in london in the midst of the jewish community will look at the outreach sparked among residents. the questionable practice. moscow the rejection. us media coverage has been running hand in hand with a revolutionary ideology of keeps interim leaders and brushing aside contradiction to its reasoning. the white house is relying on very fine data or athens is in charge to find out their interpretation of that when it comes to the crisis in ukraine in washington seems to have one word that's become a favorite. the fact
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that the facts are the facts just because the word fact exists. it doesn't mean it coincides with the truth the truth is there in the social media and across the pages of newspapers and in the video televisions for all of the world to see in the social media and the prominent american newspapers the us built a case using photos of random and in random places in attempts to prove russians had come to ukraine. this was used as proof by us officials it's just that the photographer what actually took the pictures beg to differ and attraction followed. as for the world to see every major news networks ran footage of alleged russian military presence on the border with ukraine in kiev. well there's the actual border and catch is only water. they know exactly what they're doing. these are them them the most needs of the master propagandist the world the story about my tears being passed around the new queen city of vignettes for jewish residents to register with the pro russian government or else he was ambassador to
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ukraine got to the real deal american secretary of state reference to the scandal of talks in geneva until washington based advocacy group present on the ground in ukraine and france the flyers were fake the government knows that the people if they get the real facts as they did during the vietnam war for instance when he learned different narrative they can become a powerful political opposition the us government policy to make sure the answer interpreted in a matter of convenience to the last educational videos like this one are put together. if you're confused about how the turkey turned out well. this video playback in a letter to russian intervention that was never proven and features a cartoon like and false version of the cranium referendum ballot was representing the choices that were actually given to the people. actual options were to be night with russia or historically news constitution of nineteen ninety two giving it more autonomy but remaining part of ukraine. while the us says that with bing is nothing but facts are facts of what's
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happening on the ground are out there. the meeting out there but apparently far from here. this ensured that our t washington dc. the journalist and author chris hedges believes it's not the first on washington's taylor a storyline to win the battle unfortunately the press united states become. very anemic if not totally subservient about. there is as with any government official narrative of that they seek to disseminate to the. the last thing they're interested in is an honest debate. they asked. they will take and selected shoes socks and sometimes even incidents are not fact. to perpetuate the narrative that they seek to disseminate let's go to marina to the iraq war and they would lead to my house we stopped in york times
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many would cite the new york times has an authority that this is. this is business as usual that narrative about the ukraine. ip is an example of that but it's hardly isolated example. meanwhile russian journalists are facing growing pressure in ukraine and there have been numerous cases of attention to protection and even physical assault on russian reporters. its first major tv networks to urge international organizations to doubt the idea the other stuff brings the house. it was an open letter essentially from the hands of resting on top to the corporations including arts unit reduce human rights groups asking him to pay attention and protects the rights of the professor writes journalist so working in ukraine while the last ten weeks we've seen increasing number of fat on the traditions of arrests and beatings at times then defected after a million russian journalist and trying to work in ukraine now just to give an example of what this has happened in ukraine i have been incidents justified it with a crew from
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a life news on tv networks they were arrested and are now being deported under the premise that they pose a threat to ukraine's security and integrity. a producer from a new tv ad news channel is still being held in custody the thistles are stinkin cute i had some undeclared filming equipment on him as far as we know it was a small hand held camera another respondent from a likeness and just last week while covering an attentive eye protesters that from the military base in the town of murray hall was arrested and beaten over the past i can say c'mon think of dozens of journalists from the area said russian media outlets and we're not talking just about the state on state owned at ion media outlets britain's independent newspapers and dad tv channels as well. they have been prevented from actually coming into ukraine abdomen to say that it's being directed only against russian journalists and american art journalist simon dostoevsky has been detained for three days by entities. reducing
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reaction from some of the international media watchdogs for example i view it you will receive a benefit on freedom often the va has said that the situation with journalist in ukraine is unacceptable and that that the organization is very concerned by repeated attacks and journalists which really should be allowed to work three weeks in the country and their safety must be shared by all of those involved in conflicts the plight of the protectors from the eastern ukraine arrested by the forties in kyiv is increasingly causing concern. one of the leaders of the dissent with the so called people's got interrupted me ask you in the case for calling for referendum and has now gone on hunger strike over the government's military self on resting areas is rated ma three looks into it what's may topple over if ukraine's political prisoner number one. we do not want to send it to him. we don't want to subsidize western ukraine without taxes. we want more freedom. and it was words like these the top of all
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grandparents walked up behind bars charged with separatism and seizure of power. coupled with custody in the ukrainian security council's pre trial detention center. when we all know how that will consent to now. he's been inside for almost two months. his condition has deteriorated. i have has gone on hunger strike and show solidarity with those who are out there and parakeets depending on length lp titled fresh teacher and that is in all he's the host each of the queue jumped in. husband is an ordinary advertising executive has turned into a political activist also frustration away his country was having them your support he guards and he got plenty of locals boat since making the people's governor of the bandits region. all the rights and posted it can impose leadership. because he's a dangerous man. there's no criminal background or
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planning to cater to students that they just didn't like his calls for independence the move was well known local school. it's all good things can never possess the new dorms. she was arrested only because after she was elected by the people in the street in the streets. she called for a referendum could use to determine whether ukraine should should become the rich here it is. the two political political prisoner the people on the sets have people's governor but in essence until people of a particular region or sixty one pc take over precisely what we saw happen in the capital. the only differences being that they're they've received medals and invitations to travel to united states and europe was in the southeast they don't even get visitation rights. molly darks looking out for their own entrance. people across the southeast have been taking matters into their own hands. aside from humboldt river and finance. there is
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no there is also minimal cost me ten and eleven of the shops gave a present to heart talk. question is how long do these men had before security forces stormed their flats without any warning or african. during the course of artsy. the expert alexander murray says the rest of the protest leaders in ukraine's the stems the postal authorities in the country care little for the principles of democracy he preached about just a few months ago this easy peasy cool calm lake in which the west has taken saw new rules there is a new calling as long. one supports once the lights and this is the other principals up on freight costs to be thrown out when to eat to the point about people in tn was that they protested against the previous government adequacy of its true the previous government that they've been fully answered they were protesting and complaining extremely angry if anything the people he
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attempted to arrest them and keep me talking about leaders of the protests neighbors need it. so what we're seeing is somebody's been arrested for protesting against people who protested themselves. his military offensive against anti government protesters in the eastern city of the downstairs game rental with four of the actors checkpoints reportedly destroyed by troops and the town in circle earlier at least five people were killed in the course of the assault the activists themselves earlier stop the bus with a group of western military observers have been invited into the country by the interim government. his claim that people on the bus were from the unionization for security and cooperation in europe but the percentage of the local self defense forces say they were not the only ones there and claim suspected spies from the ukrainian army or among them was killing terrorists called for the foreign observers to be released as soon as possible. bring to
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the u s withdrawal from afghanistan is moving at full speed by the exceptional costs to the operation sparked debate on whether some of the war machines should be taken home or scrap now right. even though the production cost millions of dollars for disney office has this report on the issue we were doing our everyday routine tumbling and now we are pushing a loser. adjusted. we stopped he is lucky to be a lot of my tiredness she was all still in shock when they don't. in my tire so that all too many minor incident. in the air so thick that point i really use the word in a number on his convoy was hit by an improvised explosive device in november two thousand seven while out on a routine mission. and i have saved his
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life. don't read. so i didn't buy the save mart. it gave me the opportunity to live another day. and wraps or mine resistant vehicles were specifically designed for the iraq and afghanistan wars their v shaped holes to plant bombs buried in a row twenty seven thousand of these behemoths were sent to the streets of kabul and baghdad to protect troops the department of defense says that the fifty billion dollar program cut war casualties by thirty per cent between two thousand and two thousand and ten. well everyone in congress agrees these vehicles this at the lions. some members of congress are worried that once the war ends and wraps could end up in a junkyard it's hard for people estrogen for me to go home and explain them how we can build something that cost that much taken over there and just disregard like it was an invaluable because of the signs and weight of these vehicles. general joseph done for contends that selling them is not as easy as it
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sounds. doing so can save upwards of five hundred million dollars. they've already scrapped over two thousand. it cost us less than ten thousand to destroy a vehicle he was processed over fifty thousand dollars to move a vehicle the pentagon has found some use for and wraps the civilian world the national defense authorization act allows the department of defense to provide military grade equipment to federal and local agencies along with the training needed to operate at everything from bulletproof vests and masks have been for curator under this program out on the battlefield they have these vehicles like this are key to protecting troops from ied blasts an ambush it's one that the civilian world the massive machines to war almost every other vehicle on the well known to the massive presence and growing the plants on american streets. chances are he can be won in a neighborhood near you. local police departments have benefited the most from the ten thirty three program
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across the country dozens of these vehicles have been de mille tie is repeated and shipped out. swat teams can use these vehicles in hostile situations as well as for disaster relief and recovery not everyone is happy with the recycling effort. cos concern this accountability concerning the so called troll concerned what happened to america's main streets the millet rice were becoming more and more representative of a war zone with it crashes in afghanistan winding down the number of war weary fiscal conservatives is growing. they say building tens of thousands of them wraps was a mistake. but hindsight is twenty twenty and military veteran slightly stocky. these vehicles were worth every penny and a place where someone's child someone's going to work for their sister. in washington and i came up as our team alway been extensively covering the issues washington faces with its withdraw from afghanistan to reprise records as well as
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even more information on the issue click along to a t dot com and i would tell you why a new fashion trend is sparking a wave of fury among locals and london the eye salinas is going to penalize don't mean that the choice to quilt this is technology that was too late to the stock promises to put it on to human exploration. meanwhile the total stock of communication technologies make that crystal clear reception and intriguing the prizes. we've got the future. after the famous but they don't want in moscow we fed it appears now the obama administration is preparing to embrace a very different though historically familiar policy towards russia is called contain it
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or join the cold war against the soviet union will work against today's russia and the washington declared a new cold war. i know. i was. and state. once again. i've never had. they are. overall
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the interview. eye. what's
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not good enough or not says along with its infamous symbols has been dammed the lacrosse world but it doesn't stop some pictures from trying to make huge profits through selling the forbidden fruit and spartan cute on her seat i peacefully but it looks at once achieved a price in london. it looks like a typical shop on a typical high streets. but this takes the high street how to be in the cause of london's jewish community in the quiet sold in this. the city and shop the reds have new nazis in yet. austar and it was. try it in gemini in two thousand and four because it snowed a
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bit too much like the symbols worn by the assets the companies to be granted that cause it's a scandal the association with the far right's it easy as it did enable them to shop in gemini cold bread that was accused of naming its own stuff on the bright lights tonight and it is standing right there the arrival of islam to install was welcomed on the white house website storm front. he has rick general to treat comments about jewish people in the same threat the fact that i'll let you all can see now that the writing credit for the fastest in the debate on elsewhere in europe. grace decided to divide people each piece chief rabbi in its doors away from the new school as a mosque nearby been causing concern that right wing supporters will visit the shop and inflame tensions within this community. today according to
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the store to be fully content you know the reading from the jewish area. in the eighty two. the streets we would have to be the opening game the red the shop has recorded the second you think the founding of the atlantic amongst his tenure at peace and many of you in the center and he hoped that maybe on some quick shots. maybe try as they want to shop. we cannot seem to mind set these were taxpayers are paying a high price for keeping to his son's under waugh didn't he tell you what exactly millions of pounds are being spent on is one of the world's most famous
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whistleblowers remains holed up inside victoria nancy wanted the full story is about to go home. also there a setback for the pentagon which is backing out of one of its most expensive weapons ever as effectiveness of its new stealth fighter jets was called into question. right from the sea. the emerging picture. we were split the animal. the stories from around the world. and google signed a new law whitening the powers of the country's secret service. the bill
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grants more work for foreign operations and eavesdropping the opposition accuses the prime minister has already initiated legislation tightening the screws in the country and that's as he faces a challenge his authority falling corruption scandals and street protests all current members of the south korean ferry which sank last wednesday are now in custody after police arrested the last four on saturday. the captain of the ship has already been charged with negligence and finally maritime law for abandoning his post in while divers searching their rack found forty bodies in a single cabin so far some one hundred and eighty seven people have been confirmed dead while scores are still missing. kabir the kremlin secrets from six feet under a group of mobs killed easy as calling themselves the big ears with their lives in the city's many tunnels in it and to find the truth about the capitals many urban legends. i do drink enough to join the expedition. we are
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now three meets harry sunday mostly one of the cds numerous underground tunnels looks like he's like an hour inside the spa. yes the old to be here on our route would be accompanied by going to call themselves the games although technically they don't eat anything the basement mentioned that night the father of the city's streets and i'll be exploring this one to pull into the world and revealing secrets and mysteries. this is africa has won the race to ballot subway systems in the world but these people say to remain abandoned stations secret tunnels still even on the topic and he states his pt off the ice for it. they claim that the raw from six to twelve the latest high end malls goes underground to explore the race and they miss the trees were just rumors is the product some way that sense of the peter joseph styling the looks. which reportedly promised to
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different locations including cramming and stretching far beyond molds can progress of the poisonous to humans more to me about the beauty of the underground architecture we've already had enough time to appreciate it says about preventing emergency situations and regret. we freaking may assist fire brigades and rescue is in the operation. and the tears have been doing this for almost four decades mapping out secret tunnels on her is an undiscovered stations to date. then he entered all the buzz of champagne and celebrate because this is the bread that is almost nine hundred year old cd has and will to fight. anna olson days here. who will rule all the mysteries the secrets they might not see the mountains and downs exodus international a new russian capsule that could revolutionize space flight explore that in technology and a yard in the uk. max is taking on the dodgy financiers in his report. i
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know i was. thus. the is you i will. ill people always say democracy should mean how or why the people of the people to flee sometimes for the people. when this people power system gets disgusted with the boils down to voting and being able to stand right side but that is very narrow view. one new washer law broadens the idea of democracy by giving citizens the ability to defend order by working with the police or forming their own peoples malicious. the law also forces local and regional governments to create the conditions necessary for these militias called regina is to arrive. i think this is a good thing because despite our supposed love for people power. we're pretty much helpless in a modern
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democratic system to thinking about trying to get the heater that we see the governor wants to keep our heads down mouth shut and call the police for any and all problems and who knows when or if they'll respond having the ability to direct effect what happens around you seems very empowering and thus very democratic and well i've always wanted the authority to teach those sleazy teachers getting drunk outside a less than dad. but that's just my opinion the room. malnutrition. lyla drug addiction. insecurity what are the bad news. a report on the afghan abilities. do. the cd
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the guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. think of this. i don't jump to the closet about the making for me. so the bottle. at
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that. he has done in time we had to put a percent. of course the court in vietnam to stomach was going on. yes there's a mentor you can talk so be it tomorrow. after bowling ball. this is just not hooked up the severity of the decade. it's a late day sell the animated series but it's because more snow this year. the it is used. here
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are a much lower. use your old o'donnell. well had a very well unless you're like to have a tough task of the hike. you aren't quite that maybe they didn't go process. i'm sick of it maybe one might believe so. they want the fun and i'm trying very hard for it. but the mets and tied it one of the west most recognized that on any guide. this week they published their first ever nordic countries addition scandinavian cuisha


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