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tv   RT News  PBS  April 26, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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you . the it's eleven p m right here most of breaking news piece of self defense flights is reported another attack in east ukraine the choppers problem identified government is told that the checkpoints and fifty km from the restive city of events. all reporters near the scene will update soon. also russian media publish big soft light image is reportedly showing the pregnant man to treat muscle in the east of the country the army of fifteen thousand with hundreds of times all the vehicles reported. nobody should try to optimize spending see some in washington calling for the scrapping of millions of dollars worth of minute
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riyadh would in effect the costs of the budget but the afghan war. i am in london calling for the closure of a shawl locate the white to the middle of the district of southern meal clothing for men too . every good thing she pitches to hit it with your adopted to make it most. tonight breaking news according to a self defence representatives in the last. unidentified gunmen were dropped in by helicopter attacked a checkpoint guards but local militiamen in ukraine's donetsk region closely as our correspondent in that region of the catch up with the racial need to
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get the latest e tells them it is we know is that the reports of gunfire going on in the time of solid dots about fifty km away from the events according to a head militia representative that his people and or treat at one point there were reportedly defending groups to weapons still while it is to try to prevent the national guard for obtaining sitcoms. another check put in the area too. we have gotten by some fifty people mostly unarmed is gearing up for attack as well all this happening off to reports in the russian media saying that of the fifteen thousand ukrainian troops under and sixty tanks into the city on the vehicles cabinet minister in and snap the close tomorrow to most economists is that over the country imports leave their shoulders his wiggling through to. the tub on the facts washington's cost thing about the other one do to get a tooth on the pregnancy and gone as far as to take internet posts and tabloid headlines as gospel
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which is an asus ee chicken or pork snacks is that the fed bit of backtracking what was to the crisis in ukraine washington seems to have one word that's become a favorite. the fact that the facts are the facts that just because the word fact exists. it doesn't mean it coincides with the truth the truth is there to social media and across the pages of newspapers and in the video of televisions for all of the world to see in the social media and the prominent american newspapers he was not the case using photos of random and in random places in attempts to prove russians had come to ukraine. this was used as proof by us officials it's just that the photographer who actually took the pictures beg to differ and a retraction followed. videos for the world to see in the major news networks rare footage of alleged russian military presence on the border with ukraine in kiev. well there's no actual border to catch this on the water they know exactly what to do it. these are the move them the most needs of the master
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propagandist the world than a story about my fears being passed around in ukrainian city of dying ask for jewish residents to register with the pro russian government or else he was ambassador to ukraine down to the real deal american secretary of state reference to the scandal of talks in geneva until washington based advocacy group present on the ground in ukraine and france the players were fake the government knows that the people if they get the real facts as they did during the vietnam war for instance when they learned different narrative they can become a powerful political opposition to u s government policy to ensure events are interpreted in a matter of convenience to the last educational videos like this one are put together. if you're confused about how we can. you're not alone. this card and video playback and a leg in russian intervention that was never proven and features a cartoon like and false version of the cranium referendum ballot is representing the choices that were actually given to the people. sexual options were to be my progress up
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the wrist or crane years constitution of nineteen ninety two giving it more autonomy but remaining part of ukraine. all the sense that when spreading is nothing but facts are facts of what's happening on the ground are out there the meeting out there but apparently far from here the teacher to rt washington dc. factional politics to leave them are full of ice presidency simply told to leave that to all that interest washington. is it said on its money. engel been told. the remarks being made by mrs c ones that say invested more than six billion us taught us to create such a critical mass which ended with c and two was a mind on development and for that long of a ton of investment icing see him when caught in a size i see it in and tia is playing a dangerous god. the acting against the local commissioners if so the enemies. new converts keep saying send out
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tentatively and means going against your own people. this only is their hair fall to five houses on the barricades to form tiny t have decided to go off on the mind. as this mind to expel its own on a toe. the former is the chief of breaking news just to up some thief has joined is called into a self defense representative but we are now identifying government on chanel would drop to the helicopter nonetheless i'm attacked a checkpoint guarded by local militiamen in ukraine's donetsk region steps beyond this posting is of course bomb in the region at the second to none live will mold do we know the details between throughout this last ninety minutes is mine. i drink drink drink and becoming calmer the political predicament and cupping unit in the area we can confirm it with that one picture man. india will
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become too but i think i got to go look now if wondered what all i need to clean the garden to cry on. no cool air will help you think you can and we're talking old lincoln going to be incurred significant went to the national guard means that you can get to have to make the pier and a gold mine in the gospel and country. link here can be done where the wealthy are queuing up to the trinket next to people that they will link back. he took over one of the people manany to think he got into work they were predicting in kicking a goal like oakland on the record that people have been included in this country can give her a treat back to the ongoing gum creek near the creek and it actually think not that encouraging parking my car
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off the hook and concrete badawi at the top of the gate and narrow. golf circuit the current working on cryptic about the economic recovery that he couldn't happen and you are a popular mode of ukrainian lincoln ca clicking here the goal kicking motion to think that became the kirkuk. we welcome trick. ukrainian pink ink. on the vehicle. i won't be on to win next week. the four km from the county. richard koch couldn't cope with increasing to clean. so lesson of things so that will become too close to the coming hours of sleep is very tense situation going into the moment. peninsula coast relay the news but he's becoming more mobile problems going pressure on the russian germans in ukraine have been numerous reports of detention and deportation as threats and physical while a student i've got so bad that major tv networks managing international demise nations to step it up these really
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cool ish discovering that some of it. it was an open letter essentially from the heads up resting on top to the corporations including arts unit turning to human rights groups asking him to pay attention and protects the rights and press rights of journalists are working in ukraine while the past ten weeks with an increasing number of fact on interrogations the rest of the things at times the defected after a million russian journalist and trying to work in ukraine now just to give the example of what this has happened in ukraine there have been incidents justified it would be cruel from a life news on tv and that's where they were arrested and are now being deported under the premise that they pose a threat to ukraine's security and integrity of a producer from a new tv. i was channeling is a still being held in custody the thistles are stinkin cute i had some time to clean the equipment on him as far as we know it was a small hand held cameras and other correspondence from a life in this scandal just last week while covering an attentive i
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felt assistance from the military base in the town of moving home was well rested and then to be over the past i can say mon think of dozens of journalists from the area said russian media outlets and we're not talking just about the state. i see gold at ion media outlets britain but independent newspapers and tv channels as well. they have been prevented from actually coming into your abdomen to say that it's being directed against russian journalists and american journalist simon dostoevsky has been detained for three days by ntt protesters but they don't have the least well reducing reaction from some of the international media watchdogs for example i've seen it you'll receive a pat on the freedom of the media has said that the situation the journalist in ukraine is unacceptable and that that the organization is very concerned by repeated attacks on journalists which we should be allowed to work freely in that country and their safety must be shared by all of those involved in the conflict. his will to one
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russian jail is told on tv but his encounter with ukrainian army. are we to cool. wiesel soldiers star in the stitching group of foreign journalists prohibiting them from filming we decided not to take any chances and spoke to distance away i went to talk to soldiers to find out who killed them or talk to someone. when i was about thirteen inches away any point in assault rifle at me their world just might be stationed around the chicken i was told rather rudely to get the award even though i was holding up my prescott people approach me and started aggressively asking what was mostly wanted to when told him i was a journalist imitating it i was categorically forbidden to fill the soldiers told the victim will continue to fight. they said they thought the shootings were provocation by on bikes a consequence. the response to growing outrage over the treatment a reporter's current interim presence now wanted the police and security forces to ensure all the safety of journalists
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working in the east of the country. libby spoke to said yes to the cottage cheese egg with as editor of the chronicles magazine he says anyone improvements to mr wilkie in ukraine is gone ulterior motive. the thing that it is an extremely alarming situation because any side in an armed conflict which wants to exclude potentially sympathetic to us from the scene. we have reason to believe as something unpleasant to cry i either about its current operations or about its intentions. the only issue is to what extent is this that it could be a reflection on the orders of the ukrainian government. for so called government regime here. this is certainly his uncle chris kamloops. a state study of sea was the word brings the nokia is turning off the water supply to cry may have the potential it depends heavily on reserves from
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the mainland but now it's getting on the twentieth of what it needs the interim authorities claim the region up on a russian failed to pay for supplies though locally does deny that. moscow says is offered to pay upfront about that was rejected for political reasons. now without the school to chronic abuse most of this is related to agricultural of this financials is in fact could run up to one hundred and fourteen million dollars to see what grows just a minute company's older they get a mention as authorities a drawing of emergency contingency plans to cope with the words that you say that he's currently the no shortages of drinking hole this will keep you posted on but fearful of the crisis to be cradled what it means for them. a number of balkan states from a simple behind russia's south stream gas pipeline of this huge project on the black sea means cos the bus to come by prophet may the heading south to the department's top that sprang up support for the pipes being spurred by the crisis in ukraine right now with kibble ready billions in debt months
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behind on payments testimony justice causes nonetheless an avid and ski from the brussels based the report magazine to make russian tax patient to subsidize ukraine the moment ukraine boy bringing people have chosen to become an independent state. the top job. except that they can't argue they can develop the country on costs to taxpayers the prayers of your citizens of the abbey countries that's the way to the two dollars so i need not be the tough political confusion now as well because i keep europeans would want to help ukrainians on the top to fit together the russians at the table of the negotiations and find out the way to help them to pay for them because it would be very naive to expect that to taxpayers of the links to art to finance ukrainian our ukrainian integration into the european union fell. it's not the way that things weren't. so it was open to close elections enough got a stomach of ring that i have a lot more into national news one of the script frank. off. i was
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when the magazine until the economy. so this was a member of hunter s thompson said. all gamblers lose regularly but they rarely discusses in . that's an image didn't realize how did the lizards. remember that chew on the video. she is she used it to be grateful it used to access key to fall off the amish but
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the old law cannot go because it is now the obama administration is preparing to embrace a very different though historically familiar policy towards russia is called containing a bit more during the cold war against the soviet union will work against today's russia and we wanted to clear and cold war the news. our goal on sixty minutes must limit the most welcome along the front runner in the afghan presidential election until the dough has according to preliminary results of the lake secured the most blokes but hasn't managed to win an outright majority the foetus for foreign affairs scuttled when i need to send the balance one is michael ashcroft gonna go just over thirty one percent the country will know that most likely need a little thin it's the first democratic transition of power. there he spoke to him to map out to left and explained what course he would put afghanistan all. to
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think dats it. they did the research needs to be a victim of abuse these improbable tale. now there's no reason. its activities as any general disillusionment so it's a reality unfortunately that the war continues. the ethnicity of the consultation process but at the same time that he did citizens of a promise not to be assured that the knights with the crews of afghanistan as much been cut off. didn't it used to be people two thousand and one. on the song is that extend the detention unit entry terms of taxes the source as instructed in transit. no patient will pop ditties and if it does utilize and that this lake so it gets there he decries multifaceted the development of the minardi to move on in to some . those votes are counted in this together cause for the time to scrap its mission in afghanistan
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some of washington's segment of the hardware it took out the two bills to be ditched but his aunties meghan lopez the time that report snacks that despite the fact is still with millions of dollars. the saving lights too. we were doing our everyday routine probably an hour it was a loser. church to be stopped he is lucky to be a lot of my entire nation although still in shock when they don't. in my entire set off in one of the many admirers in. in the air so thick that point i really use the glory of a number on his convoy was hit by an improvised explosive device in november two thousand seven. while out on a routine mission. i am safe to fly only. so i didn't buy
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the vehicles on the idea the opportunity to live another day. and rap song for mine resistant armor protected vehicles were specifically designed for iraq and afghanistan wars their v shaped holes help deflect bombs buried in a row twenty seven thousand of these behemoths were shipped to the streets of kabul and baghdad to protect troops the department of defence says the fifty billion dollar program cut war casualties by thirty per cent between two thousand and two thousand and ten. while everyone in congress agrees these vehicles the same lines. some members of congress are worried that once the war ends and wraps could end up in a junkyard. it's hard for people must regime for me to go home and explain how we can build something that cost that much taken over there and just disregard like it was an invaluable because of the signs and weight of the few calls. general joseph done for contends that selling them is not as easy as it sounds. doing so can save upwards of five hundred million dollars. they've already scrapped over two
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thousand. it cost us less than ten thousand to destroy a vehicle he was processed over fifty thousand dollars to move a vehicle the pentagon has found some use for and wraps the civilian world the national defense authorization act allows the department of defense to provide military grade equipment to federal and local agencies along with the training needed to operate that everything from bulletproof vests and maps had been procured under this program out on the battlefield the big heavy vehicles like this are key to protecting troops from ied blasts an ambush it's one that the civilian world the massive machines to war almost every other vehicle on the well known to the massive presence and growing prevalence on american streets. chances are he can be won in a neighborhood near you. local police departments have benefited the most minute and thirty three program across the country dozens of these vehicles have
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been de militarized repeated and shipped out. swat teams can use these vehicles in hostile situations as well as for disaster relief and recovery. but not everyone is happy with the recycling effort and cost concerns an accountability concerning the so called troll concerned what's happened to america's main streets. the millet rice were becoming more and more representative of a war zone with it crashes in afghanistan winding down the number of war weary fiscal conservative says brown. they say building tens of thousands of them wraps was a mistake. but hindsight is twenty twenty and to military veteran slightly stocky. these vehicles were worth every penny and a place where someone's child someone's been summoned for their sister. in washington and i can well as our teeth in hindsight shows a good thing especially when you block it is awesome because like chamomile with them about this time of its rebel to go home as was twenty years since an explosion of a noble deeply in love. one of the realities of when things go so very badly drawn. big
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upset videos of the dope stuff was left on a website is to see those pictures blog it predicts that. on the should just give it a bit tough to beat them in a few times to watch the video camera some again shoot em all but two thousand of the great big smiles ringside also outlined a little sauce king who is the key to. then again the soft opening set a bit too much like i'll try to stop to think what he'll find out what seven magnum. about the telco. symbols and slogans supreme much a no go area when it comes to retail fashion. this is not in london or even in one of the city's jewish neighborhoods. he's pulling going to next. this is a shop specializing in. extreme
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caution. looks like a typical shop on a typical high streets. but this takes the high street how to be in a very hot. london's jewish community in the quiet sold in this new thing you can shop. reds have new nazis in yet. phil shiner was and will try it in gemini in two thousand in full because it's going to get too much like the symbols worn by the assets the company to be granted residency can all be associated with the far right's it easy as it did enable it to go shopping gemini called bread that was accused of meeting its own stuff on right smack dab into standing right there the arrival of this month and still was welcomed on the white house website storm front. he has great potential to treat comments about
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jewish people in the same threat by the fact that i went to arcade to go out with them. the fastest intimidate and elsewhere in europe without the budget. each piece chief rabbi its doors away from the stall as a mosque an anti been causing concern that right wing supporters will visit the shop and inflame tensions within this community. today according to the store to be fully content the state i mean. in the eighty two the streets. then we went to meet the baby opened the game the red the shop has recalled
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to the seventy fifth in effecting the atlantic amongst the senior mp and many of you did in this area multiple and peanuts that it may be on some quick shopping things needed for the credits of his cabinet. you want to shop shot down one equally cannot seem to mind set the place was a sentiments been hitting the streets to see a picture is the job he was crushed with thousands of them and this is a blow to a group of white wing extremists to save you money according to the gym security services the national democratic party as a racist and anti semitic agenda that from the roots to the district densely populated immigrants but was soo cool but not to credit the protest is that the preschool before puppy supporters and nine ten two demonstrators were arrested but he considers to be killed in helicopter crash in the southern afghan province of kandahar. but forces could
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be shot down the helicopter but officials have confirmed that the troops are preparing to meet the us context is that he initiated the meeting that asked if i can tell a bountiful to the local army they began about a teenage killer killed in the collapse of the four storey building people two the report needed courses not been identified yet i will set up in bed. but to witnesses say they have an explosion proof is that more people trapped inside in the nearby buildings could become the site because the media. secondly the us the breaking news if you just joined this right now we get reports in the last hour to gunfire going on in that time of solid dollars about fifty km away from saddam's cousin tim them up and just north of demands. according to the self defense representative is made at a retreat several of the wounded and one that might be kidnapped by the senate i could remember
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they work. the activists who reported the defending groups to weapons store houses to prevent the national guard for attaining said alms the checkpoint to indiana gutter but some fifty people is like the gulf government that's according to the self defense forces as well. they are reports in the russian media say there's no the fifteen thousand ukrainian troops hundred and sixty tanks and two hundred and thirty on the pickled cabbage me at the announcement of a correspondence on the scene the closely monitor developments as soon as we get more details you will hear about it to the film twenty seven of us love and affection between opted to national grid front of me at mikes is in this new little more devious financial scams that if you want to run the world to confront mp for britain. the thing going on the grounds on which he wrote that i should retire and enjoy i am the uh. the i will
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the standoff or should i see stand down by the government at the bloody rich is probably the largest victory for the average american against the bureaucratic machine at any of us have seen in years. in fact that so that is a microcosm of what's going on in america yet this classical image above to such american cob like a rugged individual wrong by the federal government and their bureaucracy trying to take away his livelihood. he'll lead you out there can really relate to sort of narrative but there are serving a lot of people who don't. many of those in the mainstream liberal media are enraged by the din and he'll be up in one hundred and forty years the family tradition of that with the second the federal government told him to because it's a lot. look i'm not the type of guy where cowboy hat pronounce the name the country on her bike and tell you one thing the rugged individual usa did not flourish because he bowed to a party at the drop of a hat he'll just give away anything that was rightfully
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his. to the master and america also been forced by sending agents who looked most like soldiers with assault rifles to break up protesters. honestly when we look at the blood drenched in all we can clearly see everything that's right in everything that's wrong with america right now. that's just my opinion the room. goo
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eye the derry journal here these are our top stories at this hour. russian rebels are still hunting a group of international military observers in eastern ukraine accusing them of being meanwhile the g seven countries agreed to move quickly in both new sanctions against russia. and hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are converging on the ground with a double penetration of the late pope john paul the second and john twenty


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