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eye the derry journal here these are our top stories at this hour. russian rebels are still hunting a group of international military observers in eastern ukraine accusing them of being meanwhile the g seven countries agreed to move quickly in both new sanctions against russia. and hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are converging on the ground with a double penetration of the late pope john paul the second and john twenty
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the in eastern ukraine ap international group of observers there holding captive include soldiers and finds the organization for security and cooperation in europe as the negotiators to slow the chance to try and secure their teams relief russia has also said it will help free the observers but the fact that if they aren't backing down. we'll talk to our correspondent in ukraine in a moment but first we have this report these moms are russian gunman appeared to have no intention of touching the osce observers to commence they say there's a prisoner swap the separatists being held by ukraine. today claiming bank kept its well working and spines. they have no relation to any osce mission. as we found maps on them containing information about the location about checkpoints. we get the impression that the officers carrying on a spying mission giving me
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the thing is still moving the thirteen man but gemini a team of men that its athens was traveling under the auspices of the ict when they were detained in south downs on friday. a spokesman for the organization confirmed the gemini is leading negotiations for their release. line a bit economists by natural emissions from the book among the projects banana trees benefit patients and to be a one to dissent is leading the mission of sorts primarily a mass of the gemini oh one and as a hobby and a new boss will be conducted in younger dog whistles that the ukrainian government which is like to commission into the country d oh and also in contact. it will use its contents ukrainian reports say the observers of being held here at the barricaded police headquarters instead ask the separatists say that i'm in good health and that one soldier is being treated for diabetes. speaking on a visit to this in ukraine's interim
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prime minister condemned the kidnapping. this is an odd that two nd ed. the so called peaceful protesters with their russian ideas. we looked for it. the team and contribute as well. a sea of service. the osce has had no contact with the observer since they were taken captive russia says it's working to resolve the situation and we join up by our correspondent alex and a funnyman in kiev alexander what is the latest or hearing on those observers well according to the ukrainian domestic intelligence agency be of service are being held on the beds conditions in othello the building. i kept on by the progress and suppresses stand snug and sky
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and say that's one person among fields of rice a report to the needs medical help and was tonight's to get sits on the other hand two we are viewing and as we just fill in and the eu report that said the self proclaimed mayor of snug and ska told the press today that to be of service are in good condition and that this one person obviously needing medical help is being treated so we cannot confirm those reports and we have to be very helpful getting quicker because we simply didn't know in what situation be of service are right now what we know is that the progression separatists are always the most willing to release them immediately seeing that the upset us can only be exchanged for progress in exodus school. the ukrainian authorities have in custody allison meanwhile ukraine has tightened its blockade on slowly and what if the government helping to achieve with that step. while
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the ukrainian us otc that's dave who belongs to prevent the progress in separatist of getting more support to a small weapons. that's it that's the ukrainian army does not have any plans to ensure it is still on the c t because they feel that that my cousin any casualties. so it is a very difficult situation at the ukrainian government is trying to regain control of the gans cutbacks at the same time it's doesn't wants to use force against civilians alexander the armed group that's holding the observers kept and they say they want to see separate if that are being held in kiev fried what can be ready to release them. what is difficult to say i have subbed today ukraine's foreign ministry today asking them if they would be willing to release the detained pro russian separatist and stay refused to comment on that's just saying that the negotiations
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ongoing gaunt and stats and we have the option is on the table. astana the situation there seems to be inching danger we were dangerously close to war how the people there feel i'd be scared. most people would use your cats to rest and to disband a ukrainian boy that maple across the board or any time now and stacey it that's dead. tonight's heats to air war and people i talk until it seemed too you know it gets more and more depressed read since they told me that they think that ukraine eat more international help in financial support and that they think that the european union heads being too soft on the rash has so far alexander from them and thanks for joining us from kiev. what political correspondent emma could enjoy the snow in studio taylor coleridge and temperatures accuses the osce mission of finding what were they doing on the grounds
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they were accused of spying because they had not switched to sit the kids checkpoints the times and they are full cost of the ministry verification mission so they were doing exactly that all of which is to provide some clarity and transparency when and if ministry situations on the grounds it is not key as the current me all the claims and counter claims of truth movement's and they provide these reports to all with the participating states and that includes moscow and kiev brennan and it says on tv they were doing their job but they were also accompanied them these are nice because now they were accompanied by ukrainian sources and this is because they were invited by ukraine and ukraine then has the responsibility to provide security so it appears that and then monday it was either mis understood school was very un welcome on the grounds and oh another theory could of course be that this was a welcome opportunity to house some clouds on the size of this the separatists and said by
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providing the information to all fifty states and the aim is that they provide mrs to release some tension to get the tension out of this conflict but sam was seen again today that the different interpretations of what this means antipathy just a toll on troop movements to moscow and all interested parties the un did we know that telephone conversation between it the us secretary of state terri hands and the best and funnest the laptop and then that the above says he wants to see an ant nest that ensign being established by stopping see a thing against the separatist enclave bringing in two days of bright screen and is mike sweeney and movement found that brown says very different interpretations still a very un case its place in the mosque al has offered help in the situation has also said repeatedly it doesn't have control over the separatists who is responsible for getting them released. but then it suddenly and gemini is and
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ukraine into biking be a state that invites its and these savages. that is very interesting to hear this from all fear that seems to be a recognition that and am off to indy cars from now on the ground that it will be a very important litmus test about how much control the dawson's city hop into this situation. i'm still about will also influence the disgusting facts european diplomats will be hopping on site since when they get together on monday i wish i could make things so much for joining us in studio. well as advance continued twenty fold in the knee and western nations have agreed to head off out with a new round of sanctions the g seven group of major economies as fresh it simply isn't doing enough to stop separate as in eastern ukraine. it's not yet clear what those new sanctions will be that the west has vowed to act swiftly european leaders want to increase the pressure on russia on monday eu diplomats will meet to discuss possible that
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the missions including travel bans and asset freezes the russian politicians the sanctions could take effect the same day. don't call it guilt is the main center right candidate in next month's european elections he told dw belongs to see tougher sanctions being imposed. we go into the speck that is about showing respect for your call that his boss. the russian leadership is that the whole day with them. that's when we need to respond with tough economic sanctions. go to the idea. g seven leaders have agreed that the member countries would impose more sanctions on russia they said the sanctions would be to walk unaided but not necessarily identical. macy was a polish counterpart kim and towns non clinical said moscow is not doing enough to de escalate the crisis. both compact unit. i'm absolutely convinced that russia has power old coot have the power
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to its interests in eastern ukraine to join a peace process of constitutional donald and preparations for elections that so far most of the summit which will lead not even a signal gets tied up with it. russia's economy is already suffering from the sanctions being imposed now the pressure looks set to increase. i'm moving on to some other news now slovenia is governing coalition is on the brink of collapse after just thirteen months in office. members of the ruling positive slovenia party have voted to oust prime minister i went to practice and as party leader and replace it with the party founder jon dee and events. i can say is expected to hand in her resignation. the coalition partners say they won't back the government led by jack and extremely clear that they are calling for new elections hundreds of thousands of catholic pilgrims had been making their way to rome for gathering to witness the historic canonization of two popes in one ceremony
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john the twenty third in john paul the second will be confirmed at st by the current pontiff pope francis on sunday anticipation is building in rome and silica crafts the identical to the sea on it was filled with tourists believers and on lookers this morning. they're all flocking to see peter's square ahead of tomorrow's ceremony the dual candidacy she will be attended by dozens of states and by pilgrims from around the world. it's thought that over a million my content. many are from poland to john paul the second was hugely popular in his native country we went to the educational outcome for the canonization as well as the city had an effect that we owe so much to him we're going to pray for him pilgrims are coming by train bus and even motorbike like this group which has brought along its own priests. two of
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the twentieth century's most prominent folks have been made since john paul the second visited more countries than any of his predecessors and enjoyed great popularity. barge on the twenty third launched the second vatican council which means long overdue reforms to the catholic church in the early nineteen sixties. their canonization will be broadcast in more than twenty countries by and in three d. a reminder that it will be a show as well as a solemn ceremony. sports is now an input or three to five combined finally shook off its recent poor form smashing five goals past brain and the bavarian initially fell behind but veteran striker claudio pizarro scored twice to put them back on track. he eventually won the game five to two now at the bottom of the table it was then that day for nuremberg the team lost to hilton mind to expand their losing streak to five matches. the threat of relegation is looming large for nuremberg. and in the friday kicked off their guard against further way
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away from possible relegation by taking up the points in a goalless draw and handle for stuttgart was the better side looking for all three points a day for me out of the center for human tiring looking for in the first half but the referee called offside. in the second half my kids feel almost snatched a late victory for the home team but it's awkward fade like the tiki per cent over it. let's take a look at all the results so far this weekend. the scores from ironing and again to see their religion beat brown tried to nail growth spurt and fry for two to two of the time and frankfurt played out in cholesterol and in the late kick off for labor was in june to two with dortmund on sunday out or take on hammer and saw the faces off against mention glove box. and let the other tables shaping up as we approach the end of the season. the drawing leave a cousin means they remain in the final champions league place the balls are still just a point behind the two games to go in the bottom after guard inch closer to safety after that trauma can ever remember to run for higher in real trouble after both sides suffered defeat
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well that's all for now in the journal thing to watch him do it. the air. you rule you decide you want to watch all the images all the programs. the whole package. dw on the future the media center. late last week remaining wilderness the serengeti for decades frankfurt zoological society has been working to protect
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its nature reserve. the tree with many pipilots to fly over the serengeti so if you know i've been working here for around sixty years. i think it might be an incredible asked if we fail to preserve the center. sailing toward an uncertain future with special tw taunting the english steering committee. how to deal with to dance. stuart and stalking the streets the security forces cracking down on every purchase. and simon standing in line for powdered milk the quality and if the government comes feed it and people demands using says this man. middle class isn't trying to overthrow the president nick announcement in a row the upper classes are upholding them to be even cooler of venezuelans on
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discontented. when his mind in concentration and stability is not on the horizon. the forty people have been killed on both sides and each claims the oven for the casualties veteran time they're operating outside in the line violating the constitution that's why did people are on the streets. it was so nice to have to tolerate it when they attack us we have to watch as they sent out country a night out what it's like that in the meantime thanks. gabby and i was a popular thing in the well heeled districts of connectors. she's one of the leaders of the student protests companies that matilda us government test again but not because that socialists. all i have an answer as a local setting. it would be when she says if we have socialism here. he will soon have socialism like they haven't in a bit but we don't have time to be any propaganda. instead the real
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action at the bottom with it gabby time to finish my doctorate in history this year. but the protests are taken in for a he enjoys the minutes break spending her days coordinating demonstrations sky thing to do since you can grab this dryden is a business plan i kind of anthony dennis has represented venezuela three times in olympic fencing she's a commited to bestow a supporter of the socialist president hugo chavez who died last year. now she thanks to his chosen successor but osman to know why don't we remain committed to lan systems as anaconda. we want to build on the top this magazine. and adding we are building something on destroying it in no position to move on to attend instead of just destroy the streets housing
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estates and schools on fire in the end of the day we didn't think that's the way to build the country the kitten. nothing on this one change isn't a big change is that destroyed changes based on confrontation. real change. it has not experienced the unrest the stand in her everyday life. she has a new bridge about it in state media reports. the students meeting on the way at the technical university. got the announcers apprentice sometimes a venezuela. then she denounces the biggest problems facing the nation the sixty percent inflation and shortages of milk and flour the wells its highest in the direct corruption and human rights abuses. as always the meeting culminates in a call from a doodle government again bbc was gone again placed under secret service attendance and it is a potential target of government supported
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paramilitary groups. this award when you use and ten in the southeast of tobacco sticks and defines the top is ideology. it also has one child to use from impoverished districts spanning music on ten sports it's open to everyone not just to visit as it cools it identifies itself as socialists. this all seems candidates the solution is connected she said it's not about the idea here you learn how to weld together in a connected to achieve fundamental social change he was arrested at the same citizens in action. what about those who don't share that ideology. the rally on gaza venezuela has been bad johnny stays away. she thinks it would be too risky to make an appearance the students were told to the nearby central university
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the one at the protest is is identified as a two faced an enormous list. the document was about whether the man should receive medical treatment. he's doing in the mountains ringing in his show on opposition activists three broken ribs injuries to the face and spun the majority insisted he received medical treatment. a surprising number of times not far away as a group of two beast is attacked a student from the opposition beat him up and humiliate him chewing just isn't lunacy late in shorts are now too the opposition called a press conference sometimes on to me gabby it uses the security forces and armed militant groups and increasingly using terror tactics. she's also asked about the barbaric treatment of the two vista at the university and going on in. mine wasn't at
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the university to begin the shows on friend being mistreated. the citizens rescued him and saved his life she says i don't want another great talented women greenpoint schools are rich or poor. but no one will take an eighteen oh one mobile it's no more take aspirin ate we want to live in peace or not i will give him one of our lot in one of the game with us. every afternoon and it rains in central university. cameras aren't allowed inside the school school. the university is traditionally an opposition stronghold. hunter alston has to deal with snobs from offenders students. they are unfortunately not everyone here has a sporting mentality some haven't achieved as much as i have been painting she says. what i do publish them. a team on top of that politics in venezuela. ditto
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and in a book called if someone wants to interview me de create hurdles than hispanics have to be secure and the titles given to the univ as fuel for diesel cars off our shoes just to make things difficult. as the support of the red planet the result is that it's not easy for her but she say she tries not to take it down. i continue to welcome the new body will continue to find the people to live together peacefully two cents despite their different political beliefs. well that about but i think i should get together and talk to each other instead of chanting that don't sweat it. ken on the stand off the stand people should sit down and one table and campaign for peace and harmony and some that is going to get in for a more prosperous in the country. glamour sig and done that i use. i'm not buying him a hug. couldn't
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get it. i believe in donald was also in freedom and rights has come even if it's difficult to speak to somebody who has his entire sixteen c to finance the constitution. donald is any possible in a democratic context. del willing to take up but not with us and chopped up in a forty two venezuelan second longer participate in title because they aren't dead and its fares and it was taken to the streets and demanding a change of government. up to sixteen years of the top is ideology the front of cars and the new grass. these people shots. he suffers is not making any confronted with such hatred on the streets. some people can even fathom. using the widespread support for the protests among the middle classes as an excuse to kill on the rampage. it does not take long for the state to
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respond. johnny has given you need to deal with the independent radio station radio. she hasn't known to promote its use in schools but in yet and deal with that one day when the regime has weapons it all means of brick rational and sees all the wealth of the country for its own or what is on a cookie dough in the bottom of the zuma. listeners can take part in the discussion. most wanted the questions directed to the opposition didn't trust the state's media warhol's days that the friend was standing by a barricade when the comets from the national guard came and attacked and beaten. he could be free. with that on the sideline. but that too now the most cold or sympathize with the students my goal. the response says that she prays daily for their safety and protection
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and urges them to keep on doing what they're doing the venezuelans and the stooges don't believe in a piece like in cuba. then they live in peace without freedom and freedom and justice as cabbies and peace is just an illusion. a touch of grace and peace can any comment from truth and justice and freedom. wanna to the other. that's why they're fighting on the streets. it's a letter from america. it all that bad. with really big names on the handout anaconda is now preparing for rio twenty sixteen. fencing is a spalding passion that of political cost loans to local chapters just as he was like a father to her that she was like a daunting to him. since this picture was taken on the date of this won the election the goal of the people that live there when his platoon korea's as she plans to wed is a dentist
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she has already successfully completed her studies. and she has a fully equipped dental practice. it is with the money she earned as an olympic athletes. it doesn't cross the mind of the opposition could succeed in overthrowing the government. she believes that the polar remained devoted to the political ideology of chavez seems convinced that resistance will still be in power five years from now on the logo in the past people didn't want to admit it was then displayed insistence on tuesday then pounds between two with the national congress. all they have intensified with an interest in a country where their ideals the courts and in time yes we will be a very enlightened people who lived up to our ideals. whether that nac and the cotton balls in the eye. i was on to population centers of the two businesses come to believe in them they will still send out
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a simple dots. the one to ensure that those in power with that. time could offer a way out of the deadlock that night the sign has been serious about it so far on the title was made in addition to this marriage ends. a land full of natural resources. did you know it williams on racing. well mostly middle class. i love them. lucky. for kids. sunday at eleven pm on in the world
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to. the today from friends twenty four. light to the top fifty. when the conspiracy seven pm on nbc. the church truffles. to find a way
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these police say the process. we were the eye i can. don't buy it. since i tend to think of that dynamic economy. i did think about putting their destinations i was on. given the flexibility


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