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tv   JN1 Headline News  PBS  April 27, 2014 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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though. a new and more russia says it will help facilitate the release of several european museums of the sentiments of the implementation of last week's geneva deal between moscow and the west but to email held hostage in the eastern ukrainian succeeds the dems are creamy and accept it as the offer came following news that the u s g seven and the eu agreed to implement the sanctions against russia on monday after international condemnation of russia from making no promises made in geneva to de escalate tensions in ukraine russia has messed tens of thousands of soldiers on the ukrainian
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border and threatened to invade if it deems its interests are under threat ukrainian prime minister on sunday it's a new cosmic that i can promise that mature rain steam room gets a new source of meat in the process in the basket during his trip coach colin john paul the second try to make it pop and free his country from communism unreasonable to believe me he is fascinated by the kgb in nineteen eighty one one in the county seat to get to newark issued a strong rebuke to the kremlin the flowing of the ukrainian s based untouched must go to convene a summit with u s troops olsen and even if doing am going to make two minutes the training exercises with american soldiers already stationed in poland and latvia. the un
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what is. the kids. guy. new
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one. he leaned toward one outskirts of ukraine's capital kiev has been turned into temporary housing dozens of families from crimea were seeking refuge after russian annexed the black sea peninsula among those looking to start a new life in new and ukraine are osman and sometimes kearney and todd terry school and their historical homeland as he began to fear for the safety of the children osman is that dr bike trail allies also worked in the field of healthcare. they had come to light in the crimean city of kiev at taree on the black sea. no they share a single room with the children. it's not quite like home but it's okay jen's residents have welcomed a flood of refugees second inning when the clothing and hygiene supplies to help those with little financial and social support wiseman has begun offering medical services to
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other families of the facility providing consultations and medication but there is no living here he and his wife reject the new russian backed authorities in korea will a new years this group and we have no idea how they will act tomorrow as they exercise their power. how will they act against citizens. i was born when crimea was ukrainian. why now we should applaud to rochelle choice he chose to use interface in qatar is an ethnic minority were expelled into the role of joseph stalin have resisted rice's takeover of the crimean peninsula. many trotters and ethnic ukrainians who make up a significant minority of korea's population say they fear they will face discrimination under the new russian backed authorities that's why many have left some of the main thing for me is for my children to be an uncomfortable situation like each year trees are ready for
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ukrainian capital of central pole carry as many as thirty refugees in the etf volunteers meet those seeking refuge and help them connect with organizations that provide shelter and support one kid neighborhood green and also a crank up her and temporary housing for her and her family she says minorities face harassment approved by the disputed referendum last month over creamy adjoining russia. when you can tune into one. we didn't want to load to the oppression of walking from house to house raids and all the secrets to end quickly and then people start to develop their houses mundane topics and content even without invitation. i was indeed a place as she knew i was kind to leave when she saw a rent increase its military presence on the peninsula the photo soldiers in tanks and armored cars and three
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soldiers in the post dollhouse is that as many lives again to the game skid there are a lot of them. we do. she is in a square which has been rocked by months of protests has become a hub for koreans seeking help. a small tent acts as a base for refugees and aid groups working with those who have just arrived in ukrainian capital. valentina nickel and nine. a pensioner from cranium says life would be easy for those who chose to flee which is why she's come to kiev to help. overall the tiny and there most of the acetate be at home and the immaterial healthy and the angels little stability in the crimea was a stable region for fifteen years quite stable yet to announce that this was a boon for now refugees from chretien had the support of key of residence but it's unclear how many shoes. another
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permanent home. mostly they want to return ukrainian but they don't know when and they will again he woke up this cause and no retreat yet yet you just bought new one ukrainian valencia is a four minus the self defense mitre camp in eastern ukraine to hold drills for those wishing to help defend the region home to her russian steppe just continue to occupy buildings in eastern ukraine monty is in the pro ukraine in self defense unit say they just wanted to help protect them and the mass of scissors to the sleaze in the twenty eighth we have people with a legally registered and aren't we a people without god. we are people who are ready to take up our children be any threat to local residents because the government does not fulfill its function you own and then up against the rail support for her achievement in the box is minimal. we are not against russia. we are not against russian people. we are
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against the chaos to take place during the russian flag and it was a report that will ship it to one. i don't need to defend my god and to defend my land my monthly show i didn't like what will happen is that all the separate this moment all the small ones towards the enemy and possible russia sent to mention i consider that as a possible for us to know you. under an international accord signed in geneva last week the two armed groups in ukraine became the rebels occupying about two dozen buildings in the launch the russian speaking east also posted this on and go home but the west says russia has taken no steps to implement the deal. new on going. as per the new militants continued to control parts of east ukraine the lead in ukrainian academic institute has found that seventy percent of citizens in the southeast are against joining russia. the poll published in a respected ukrainian week the paper i
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found this fifteen percent of ukrainians in the southeast want to join russia widespread protests taking place against accrington across south east ukraine the poll found that across the region including the amount of solomon to be perfect roast the last majority rule from kiev. it was awesome again nxt robot to stream in fact the kremlin the pope conduct a blow for russian come an orchestrated campaign of violence and kidnapping in places such as sophia it's so gre hundred and thirty two people aged eighteen or if the costs of sixty cities and towns in eight regions in south east ukraine. in the opener of the russian seizure of ukraine's crimean peninsula different to get pictures of the crisis a preferred us russian presence of a pigeon racing the state that the kremlin is seeking to establish the russia which many believe constitutes or a poet of the soviet union tune in on us. hundreds of native americans and russians have descended on washington
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dc to stage a protest against the keystone xl pipeline the mulch on the face of the week of protests by the kelp or union avoidance in the nation's capital to protest against my will and grace saving the environment you are one or two. remember that. he built the silk road i try. one is building damaging not only get better when we go. our obligation indian people hate you. we like to make decisions based upon a second generation and in the seventh generation and they were responsible every decision we made the point is that they they feel that and you know we just what president obama to know that you know an insect or carry that this decision will be will be prepared for generations. supporters of the flight windfall pity until the pipeline which will carry crude oil fell to the us gold price. believe it
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could create thousands attend pre construction jokes and improve us and insecurity i guess we can to help the president made the decision that obviously needs to be made about this particular step in the process. and that's destined to meet you out now to deny there's no reason not to deny the media. the permit for the trans canada trail when the lawyers who fish the week long protest to the rally of thousands of maple twenty six u s president to bowman has the final say over with the project will go ahead levy shelters next round of the disgraceful ukrainian president viktor yanukovich had been on display. he is national museum at the train the art engine emission theory of complex include portraits in the future to get it a to be coaxing from start to secrete goats. we
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saw me was not all that great friends of israel which has i knew that there should be a lot of expense of the pictures. lawrence on the club's youth center but i didn't expect to see so many retreats that created the midst of the presidents day of upsets in the country this gets too much very expensive for a treat and help himself. the recent cool to be taken to measure theory of prey many pr teams are still unfolding to be skewed this will cause no one has to be the end of all these items i e a is a miracle indeed. because so much was still in the bank quickly and we were late. while the commission was working in law moved in down there and racing was being packed and then stole eighteen in which men as they filled up old truck and was entitled locations with the report admitted or not. material
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asleep in the trustee of a true beach but to rupture night to hurry off to continue protests against recruitment policies and corruption. the lavish complex attracted worldwide headlines for its extravagance which included a golf course a collection of classic cars and a zoo. great news for new england ukrainian defence officials in the new friday eu governments have attempted to bolster the country's mitre presence in the eastern regions as tens of thousands of russian troops continue to amass on ukraine's for this one feels that elian from the ukrainian city of defeat has been training in preparation for any conflict i had a week until six am have breakfast and exercise and then study the technical characteristics of weapons and the d tactical exercises like walking crawling position use. they have twice that of a smile and be ready to defend human and we should all take the ukraine has
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continental europe's largest mitre and the seventy seven thousand soldiers actually acted with most of those stationed in the west facing hungry components include trust russia has by some estimates about a fifth of its men that she falls is on ukraine's border but that's not the sea off the ukrainian army. where was he was in the russian army is surely strong. they have more modern equipment and their soldiers and officers has been forced into chiapas doubt that the show but the ukrainian army is on its native land and that is a great strategic advantage with the buffalo perfectly clear to him ukraine called on moscow to pull back troops from the border saying it fits right russian separatists heresies about a dozen buildings may prefer a russian invasion the shootings on us the iris in president alexander lukashenko said that the crisis in neighboring ukraine threats
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and his own country's security. the bad ever since it all together to protect their independence the kitchen crew has run the ex soviet country of ten million people for almost twenty is and often builds the gnostic take turn your back is a close ally of moscow. but he said last month the russians annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula such a bad precedent yushchenko called the annex crime in peanuts and a deep cut to russian territory and out of the race was due to all the kids down for trespass to home the show's run with the story read. on appeal to you is difficult to blame our neighboring states of being set in motion. ukraine is pausing for a brochure is going to re establish its own historical weight. old boy was it going on in front of our eyes. and the us economy is that there is smoke and explosions that will keep our savior. here is ava. the new
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era to start saying that one too. and unfortunately where nobody knows what is going to look like that. do you go criticize by the west for his harsh policies told the position is home to the center relies heavily on economic and mitre support from russia one begins a national issues he usually follows russia's mind enough to russia's invasion of ukraine alarm bells are ringing in minsk that ukraine's problems today could become the truce is tomorrow. jim and who will join show it's not that pleased me to read russian prison monday retreat in showbiz plays for invites the crimean read today links to russian state owned energy giant gazprom to school to the west germans saw life achievement when committing dollars per season. jamie is the big east team exported to russia. i decided that its economic relationship shall
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christian and his associates is spending more than eight hundred million dollars building coal production facilities in russia. sydney the major german firm siemens continues to destroy the bill to crack it in. kevin jones lying to them a recent increase pressure on german businesses operating in russia. this is the good and the kremlin propaganda opportunities jeremy staunton is towards the recently to knowing that the ending was attempting to walk down the two efforts against the kremlin. gazprom spend years based in the region germany with its bold large amounts of gas when the russians annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula and the clintons can see provocations in east ukraine at the moment joint goal of a strained relations between moscow and the tin. the on the lawn. schools in the eastern ukrainian rebel held city of sodium school i don't eat dessert it was parents keep their children at home during an assault on the sixteenth my cranium
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troops ukrainian special forces launched a second phase of their operation in the east of the country on friday by mounting a full page of the city which is being overrun by kremlin backed militants who aim to create a pretext for russian annexation. let's erase the new cheese dishes to do with the change he said. this holds true is that it couldn't be that we would have six hundred and ninety zero s are just as you can see it open and honest i'd be a terrible president of just six per cent. according to our information once held the seat until the outsides of my absence for unknown reasons well perhaps that is needed to let their children attend school. they leave only different parts of the stadium on sunday closing in some higher wages than that it's a situation select members of the singing we tried to contain use the stuff is ruled by publishing on homework assignments on the school's website. the children to send out the results later today
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the team theism you sitting in it than that. and it is certainly a scary to send his child to school because of the situation in the county was that it has been around to cd or to keep the concrete when ukrainian interior minister of sonata called insisted every care was being taken to avoid normal combat casualties of the mosque there would react if kiev tuesday on the weekends civilians her call to the scene dropping leaflets over the city to warn residents to stay in town lol can use what he said it was just a pile of wheat which give you the simple as guidelines to follow. oh you know that our city is under siege in their battles going on to access the city if they have to give some simple rules about how to save your life like going out into the city last in the states in the midst of a horrible idea. for russians have to stick to cry with the cpi due in april refused to abide by an agreement signed in geneva last week will bring them to bake cake torque applied
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buildings. last month russia annexed ukraine's crimean peninsula off to a possible referendum in the region the facts joining the russian federation. great news for you. production is decently demonstrating outside the ukrainian ministry headquarters in odessa the kremlin backed activist but then fly was down so the black sea port manatee certain to result in ukraine soldiers clearing away the ukrainian can and will set the scene is reminiscent of crimea. seven people were recently due to the car ukrainian checkpoint near it that so often explosive device blew up residence in the town that built up several similar right next to the concerns of her russian militants conveyed to succeed from old latest breakaway turns history of reach in less than a hundred km away a recent poll published in the respect ukraine week the paper found support the criminal was limited in ukraine style respondents in cities including new testament to live in a song for winning the backing of
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room which is fifteen percent of ukrainians in the southeast back in moscow following the siege of ukraine's crimean peninsula diplomat to get the stories of the crisis of science offers its auto auction press the button with pigeon recently stated the kremlin is seeking to establish a new russia which many observers believe constitutes an effective or viper that the soviet union. pakistan city of role he has recently put forth. women will meet buses which have been warmly welcomed. since female community. in the muslim country will go to sleep indoors in air travel as a result of this to demands for her to be taken into consideration when it came to the transportation concerts now however many women are coming in to decide when faced with many problems the bus project has been launched to combat the courtship and harassment of women commuters in the country's male dominated
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most of them conservative society. text and often run the risk of being physically in curbing the abuse while traveling on transports previous attempts to introduce women on the buses in other cities expand to fail. at present fourteen buses are not enough for the women traveling between the twin cities of islam look at it. indeed anyone choose to opt out of jobs due to the problems with transports however some pakistani wouldn't have been trying to get rid of the downs and elevate their status in society there are more and more theme this week and the teachers doctors dollars in government staff across the country. fan international news on one the one hundred american troops abroad including t participate in joint training exercises with the additional two outlines us paratroopers will be undertaking exercises with a polish airborne units hundreds more u s and nato
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troops are expected to be deployed to stay in the lappy and if you initially. we have we have been in it. we had a whale they all our needs no obligations. the us ambassador to britain made reference to nature's own school five which says that an attack on one country in the twenty eight strong alliance constitutes an attack on every member states as vice president biden's that is just a few weeks ago the kindle so president obama and i feel article five as a strong commitment of plenty of time but vocal time we take it to me seriously and our commitment is absolutely said frost and unshakable meanwhile russian into two units in conducting drills knit the border with ukraine which lets you save directly in the crimean troops made a convoy of vehicles and
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weapons which included cannons regional dishes and surface to air missile launches. the typical lawyer our oldest is heart with his friend steve. there's nothing like this in the world to pantomime and the objective for this and in the treetops way is to destroy a high speed targets of the waltz of ships of any kind as well as any targets on land what should move to compete with the beard is on my merits of the cream and mix ukraine's crimean peninsula and russian president the commitments and play most of the right to invade in the state the russian speaking community protests as he seeks a new russia which many believe employees or avoid them of the soviet union international news on new and more. russia has expelled a canadian diplomats and their embassy in moscow to the korean institute at noon fully counted as we're expulsion of the russian system to treat such date russia's ambassador to canada recently hit back to go to a land claim to
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the story would be kicked out a native of the pics. oh well. you gave him a stuffed with nutrient rich in so called liberals to pick up some milk to start. she was announced following russia's annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula. canadian prime minister stephen harper said most distant that ukraine was a threat to world peace. the chron and diplomats in knowing that russia had bad intentions that form aside its allies then we are very into the boat in ukraine. there is hope. she rolls on the board will hear it or as we're concerned because your brain is on the brink of civil war well we used them. i continue my personal assurance to sew or the nutritional ukrainian born. his dumb thing one. it will be a disaster. for world
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opinion. from the window for pupils. he shared of course you'll be able to present it will be local disaster for the russian made an historic and other works. so what goes to charity. dad threw them in all the service. he mentions one pupil was given to russia you may say no it's a lot of fairy tale. let's do that would improve and that's where it was crushed the united states european union. given my favorite canadian foreign affairs. i'm organizing the january meeting on the seventeenth of april. i was abroad victory is it. so why ones that will was his own use. dexter michigan. there might be
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shared the constitutional reform so people in his own ukraine will kill people in all. and all of his pupil and the western ukraine descendants of wells the largest ukrainian diaspora which trickles around one point two million people . the world cup football kits are being displayed at an exhibition in the trades with stones on hand to talk about the troops for the moment. beginning in june. it's just fourteen and days to go to the twenty fourteen is an old bloke up debate has already begun over who will win the wild speak is sporting events. it can appear less to the to placing crazy la favorites because they play time. they have the support of the country and thick rounds. when spain germany holland as well. we are going to tell you manage
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a one man show. we know about sound quality and potential we have a very difficult for us match against germany and we need to get good results to the east and the rest of the matches. posted at the park too. from brazil many of the opening round groups of john paul says he becomes the prize winners some football pundits say you are applying for the ivory coast or even possibly perennial under achievers england could be the challenge killing and adults capable of taking on impeaching the nation and favors brazil to lift the trophy in south america this summer. standard and pulls his coat or shoes over and debt trading to just one level above junk status and more to follow the downgrades its economic growth continues to deteriorate in
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the conflict in ukraine spots why distinctions. snp last downgrade in russia in december two thousand and eight the us and its allies have teed up a host of additional sanctions if there is no progress de escalating the crisis in eastern ukraine when security forces are moving against kremlin backed separatists trying to create a pretext for the next russian invasion. drew olson continues to weaken an already declined eight point six percent this year according to brenda aggression has the second worst performance among twenty four alleging market currencies to fall this year capuano flow continues to melt within the fifteen billion dollars lost in the first three months of the year begins to sixty three pm for the whole of twenty thirteen. moment of my list to the pressure could sink into recession if she continues to prioritize them into spending at the expense of health and education precipitating declining support for a sleek ultra nationalist policies. i knew
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i was. i eat it. gusty wind gobbled our region on saturday. it soared on the wrist of a dozen buildings are many trees fell in addition to construction the flu away from a five story building broke several windows and nearly crashed the people came out of entrants. now the rescue teams dismantle the remaining part of the roof to schools and each of us do as an ox or railway station remained without roots as well. bad weather in the region continues to wind storm knocked down streets and billboards in the overall firefighting situation is complicated local weather forecasters say gusty winds in the area will last for another two days to see resisted and was used to be in norseman rails when we are going to go or what but the staff and emergency department is operating an alert mode. now we are at the scene of a fire. i went to war the population not to use any word associated with fire. secondly the major prize due to the storm with
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it. in presenting the cheque to what the cia has become part of the season is so stay with them was the thinker with a new purse out of rescue teams are assisting to relieve some of the devastation of the wind storm and come in and out the windswept trees in the mysteries of the buildings are part of the group is paying the entrance of the central mosque and pose a threat to the visitors the rescuers cannot remove because of the strong wind the regional department of emergency situation report said doan was injured a storm warning is still in effect for the region. strong wind sometimes reach seventeen to twenty five meters per second that will its northern kazakhstan causing problems the locals. the traffic outside the city was restricted to one reached forty meters per second power lines were damaged some dishes in the city were left in a total blackout greenhouse plants were also damaged the wind tore the plastic cover many green houses apart from the city forty three greenhouses need to be renovated. with a minimum of focusing the below what is this the will to win was so strong that we had to line the ground. it is a
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table the salad today which claims one point five hectares in total were damaged. somone to the clinic to go to a nice couple from puddle. at least one hundred and seven people were killed in the flooding in the north part of afghanistan and are just amazing. one of thirty villages were putting the georgian province. some people were evacuated by helicopter but many still remain trapped on the group's two days of torrential rains caused the flooding thousand into a sharp rise of the water levels died down about two thousand migrants were saved off the coast of sicily. according to the italian navy patrol aircraft known as several ships arriving by sea storm subtle shift into douglas was sent to help illegal immigrants. the number of rescue migrant decreases in the beginning of the week for decades. emily has been struggling with the constant influx of migrants ceiling to the talon chores. we don't have to go to small boats the problem has escalated significantly after the air of spring and overthrow the gadhafi regime in libya according to official data more than twenty thousand illegal immigrants arrive in italy from north africa and the middle east is the beginning of the year
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another four crew members of the seawall sunken ferry tuesday has been into marine mechanics were detained at present entire staff of the ship including the captain is under arrest according to the mature is of the case the captain was on the first two left the vessel therefore he may be sentenced to life imprisonment in addition passengers complained that the crew members did nothing for the salvation of the people during the crash it will encourage people going to remain in the places the seawall passenger ferry sank a heap of sixteen off the coast of south korea the death toll reached one hundred and eighty seven another one hundred and fifteen people are missing according to investigators the negligence of the crew and the vessel overload what's the main reasons for the disaster. the second congress of political experts of kazakhstan was held in austin on experts discussed the strategy context into dolls and fifty its first result and for the implementation president as often as a buyer stress that the effectiveness of the strategies implementation depends on future generations
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the strategies into power to extend the twenty percent rate. that will make its competitive position. nick and i need to steam them as you know when i attended the european congress on economic forecasting in the european union. i heard the complaints about the absence of long term strategies that would regulate the energy transit routes in the moment of economic parameters. i said that we have such a strategy to extend two thousand fifties or stretch or for that extent success in economic development of body and i just want to be found the move will watch don't love our new place sunday. in two thousand sixth president of sultan has a bias at the cost of entering the world fifty developed countries in their task is going to the top thirty most developed countries. there's no doubt that the task will be filled. university conducted a series of studies about the strategy cars expensive dolls and fifty i must say that the extension of high living standards be among the top thirty most competitive countries in the world that has all the conditions to conduct the reforms to modernize the economy. political analysts note that the strategy to extend two thousand fifty emphasize the importance of the expense
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of dissipation and integration process is a member of the eurasian economic union open a brand new opportunities for context of the strategy covers all aspects of life. the congress adopted the resolution which reflects recommendations for for the study of strategy members of the time that the cotton association summer that the results of the recent twenty procession of cars expense people's assembly representatives that there is good scores of one of the most diverse regions of the country have agreed to cooperate more closely in anticipation of the year dedicated to unique institution the assembly of the people. and the resident expressed gratitude to the present for increased attention to the internet the comic which is becoming particularly important in turn the leaders of the s'pore is a promise to make every effort to promote peace and harmony in the republic. my kids to ship it to him. of all with the cooperation of all ethnic groups in all contras centers and reaches us cause really become closer to each other in this optimism i've highlighted that peace and harmony are the main things
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and a prosperous country. let me go whoa. kaiser drama theater and ineffable are ways of the mayor the treasury of pale russian director playwright and screenwriter with a worldwide reputation and a step with most good i was invited for the opera directing their performances are staged in many theaters around the world it is a first shift on monday according to her the play is very good looking capable of many interpretations. moreover it features ministries. it makes you forget those just a mercenary killer who killed his young woman from jealousy he did not have the right for this and i go is not to blame that was translated into the celtic language in nineteen thirty six for the first time ever the russian director says that the viewers attitude in the perception of the performance have change alot before she did six the most successful translations of shakespeare's up though which created a modern version. this version was translated into because a claim which by playwright leah open gem of a show of control. it's the director has arrived in what are the performances of the theater. she taught what
3:37 am
the actors whom she wanted to invite to our own project open toe up and was cast to play with and the dishes which are good. at first we decided to present their youngest kimono. i've seen a demo does them on after a piano a photo of this appeal is that they. i think it's going to get the funding it in their cause against them is named after stu i'm not too low. time to do and be loud place a pillow the characters of shakespeare will be presented differently in the airways of theater. this is an international project in his claim that the new performance will be shown in september and can dance at the wooden theater festival dedicated to shakespeare. is there the rain as the home with a traditional german football club for two to dusseldorf since the season the team is also the home with all the celtic football player in history so far this court against a football giants germany. my mom was unleashed in my name is kai rick smith the guile and twenty eight years old. i'm going to extend emigrated to germany at the age of two i
3:38 am
couldn't play for fortuna does adore him for four years now i've been an international context schmidt got is known for his fighting spirit was flexibility be able to play less defensive midfield or left office he has a reputation to be a quiet person but with a big part in law first and two gorgeous this is the condition but she knows most of it is recommended when it comes to his national team he always tells about his travels from his experience with a covered national team in the cases are to this and this is good it is his home country. so far straight guys played thirteen times for kazakhstan and scored once and this is a good snow other than the country spent most of his life in germany the difficulty of the photo thing goes for when i was wearing his jersey and scored against germany and so i kept thatf cours twenty and now i have to think bac hint is a very nice memory. i have to sayhat n province to integrate into the conduct national team mentality felt familiar. i realize that this is my mentality too. it is actually interested open heinrich smith dow still trying to find its way back onto the pitch after a long injury
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to call him throughout most of the season trend couples families team that scores three goals in each and the mobile crane to the stadium. eventually his time his company entered the pitch for the first ten minutes of the game. good thing strikes again he cannot continue playing. does he get another new entry. he struggled with injuries likely to continue for the few remaining games this season. i miss the contest after some drinks with god because of the national the second german bundesliga with a covered wagon issues in the country to start even though injured most of the season check out determined to come back next season. it swells at his club at the causes national team for the qualifiers for the european championship two thousand sixteen of us on some other news for the stock to fall off the soto for the latest news is that three w dodge cars out that stevie got kate said. years it has entered the sharp crisis phase its financial troubles
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are considered to be far from being resold. according to the statistical service agents the years that he acted in budget deficit of the monetary union countries has finally decreased fifty percent of gdp. the target level of the ratified by three requirements. however as your news reports and out of eighteen euro member countries still have a deficit that exceeds the stargate sleeping in eating this perspective a deficit of fifteen percent of gdp. greece is in second place with twelve point seven percent for ireland european aid has run out its course and the country was able to its deficit to seven point two percent increase for the first time in a long time says the surplus to its accounts. it means an expert to forget that the reduction in the deficits of countries not only increases the result of the rising debt levels the aggregate indebtedness of the eurozone member countries last year reached its historical highs rising from ninety point seven percent to ninety two point six percent of gdp. the best level of five countries mean the greece portugal ireland cyprus and belgium exceeds hundred percent of gdp
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the government of france has raised the bar in the budget deficit to three point eight percent of gdp for the business of a level of three point six percent during the presentation of the draft budget of the weekly session of the cabinet of ministers minister of finance data that by the end of next year the budget level of grants will be decreased fifty percent. the head of the ministry promised to continue the course of the priests of the budget deficit without introducing new taxes. the new road map plan envisages a one percent growth of the french economy this year one point seven percent to seven fifteen and two point two percent in two thousand sixteen. the new draft budget will be presented for consideration to the european commission yes the best of cyprus which is the purposes of implementing the financial stabilization program at the european union and international artists to find the two thousand thirteen reached eighteen point four billion euro which is one hundred point seven percent of gdp to keep the press reports referencing years the agency. the dp of cyprus in two thousand thirteen amount to sixteen point five billion euro a decrease from
3:42 am
the previous year seventeen point seven billion euro ticket. the government interest of forty point three percent of gdp and expenses remained unchanged for the level forty five twenty percent of gdp. the budget deficit in two thousand thirteen and up to five point four percent of gdp for eight hundred and ninety seven million euro. whereas in two thousand. well it's that at six point four percent or one which won the league in europe. with regulation of the production sector china are already getting positive results. the scene when his agent's report to the first quarter this year. the bottom of investment in the six leading branches of high energy consumption levels increased by twelve point five percent in comparison with the same period of last year. growth rates were two point nine percent lower than in january to march two thousand thirteen. in particular the bottom of the filibuster to the sector metallurgy which has long been undergoing a crisis of overproduction decreased by seven point five percent the crew from the bottle production of hartsfield decreased by six point seven percent of students by four point two percent of dozens
3:43 am
of different types of non ferrous metals with the forty nine percent in comparison to the safety of last year. new and advanced acknowledges and tomato products and services e commerce and various other branches of the tiny i'm going bananas development and boosting economic growth the us based company apple has extended its capital return for them doing it years from december two thousand and twelve to december two thousand fifteen by thirty percent or one hundred and thirty feeling as dalits. i see is a testament to the three reports the bottom of the uprights fairy purchases was increased from sixty billion years dollars and ninety billion dollars. also apple is planning to conduct a seven for one stock split going to make the chairs were accessible to the wider circle of investors dividends on what basis would increase twenty percent to three one twenty nine dollars per share. the next dividend payment will be made on fifteenth of may according to apple's reports the company pays an average eleven billion dollars in dividends for your ranking of the world's top positions in this category. december of
3:44 am
two thousand and twelve to march two thousand which seems apple has returned sixty six billion years dollars to its investors which is about one half of the non plan to quit the program the eye the eye bean. in this. and. and. and
3:45 am
. the weekly program called the heats. sleep was the traditions the current and next generations. for drew's point is that the culture and history of ancient carswhat else do we come to you. such people as
3:46 am
occurs with the revised its full kit was born in kazakhstan. he moved to europe many years ago. and when kazakhstan became so for him to return to his home country. he's an established and wrapping up and arrested him to come up to now. so so become an independent country. and now it is possible to share what you're wearing. and i thought to myself why not. why not return to kazakhstan in talks with cuba. it would be a good base for me. one who called the proposal. but he still wears his best is the outcome be. he believes that he's the architect of his then how can it. his second concert in the country with representatives of various offenses read in peace and harmony. with difficult times when jen and people along with other nationalities
3:47 am
functional in kazakhstan and the country picking them up event. mix on the evidence the head of the association and the germans kazakhstan remembers their states will we've said the mood to do. i used is shown. times of hardship. went to was that we will migrants tv in kazakhstan. people wear the same peer pressure to monkey's from the relics. he couldn't carry them to the new face. this remix is his bible published in eighteen sixteen. with amusement. yes it was completely clueless in oil to keep it in any guilt of human units of blood. it is like to see what your house. our two groups published in seventeen sixty two the bottle to hold it. he's a symbol of peace
3:48 am
and inner strength. just when you do in it. working nights he will. when we were eating the chicken. has become an irony that many germans including arctic sovereignty you can do. to which he could use the nice taking part in the meeting dedicated to the creation of the gym and caustic association. and before he is a prominent member of the german concert association. users are no markings and his wife and relatives the future. between the two countries teacher's conference. when asked why he gets there. he says. to use this to my command of the body. he doesn't purport to entice his choice. he believes he should be a
3:49 am
person's choice. the upgrade of the little personalities that's why we have returned to kazakhstan. you will do mobile but when you put him in. this is all muffin and jill would have a lot of things we can all be neutral he has been a peaceful furniture were leaving for the last ten years. he finds his crate and christine and two ago. the strategies in the month. jayson and perfect it can be produced and consumed some components for all finished our important furniture production is a
3:50 am
globalized production. we never had a piece of furniture that is all made in one country. it is the sample from the cost may be more than one country. although some brands for itself we tell in the arctic undies this high quality luxurious finish up the cliff produced an issue that has an italian design. german police tape and a follower and productions. this is to be about to cost and sixty patients. we want to follow these directions. take european furniture for example. it is often impersonal. it may be difficult to tell that it's europeans by looking at that the swans. the fabrics i got one from taking knit fraternity. makes one country different from others culture customs and traditions its citizens achievements in different years. germany's one of such countries. and before you move to germany and then to
3:51 am
treat you don't know. however it was hard working two jobs to buy the new country. he decided to return to kazakhstan. stools this is really cool t shirt. when we feed your facade. everything was called the key to the bureaucracy. for example getting a company field was time consuming. when i emigrated to germany. i was stroking a good way that the same things with the district foretold a knife it was another thing that surprised me was how easy it is to get cash to banks i don't use every way. the asus are like in germany futility well for their school communities in the english
3:52 am
league is in the fourth straight loss. so as to costs the twenty two the country when it became independent was unwise decisions that some day. it is that these this which is no success. he has provided two hundred people which all. he hired young people without much experience teaching them the opportunity to share what they're worth. why did these people with proper training peace doesn't open cup and the sisters rendition of action. durian is a shot of the production side with the spanish resort. concealed people including me winking and peaceful. all five times because eric and dave on this respect because the conditions for example if the breach right now with holidays with us. also the amount has increased. mr foss our cars to get
3:53 am
the quick is the new chilled to the medical and cultural relationships. these relationships with them and pick in nineteen ninety four with the thirteen topple the german cultural center will continue. the month going into going. most of the liturgy. do people get hurt profit association of germans a lot of people get that. not only the germans but also representatives of other nationalities share the joy for this event with german nationals. the center was visited by the german president. the german hollis was the first place he went to during his official visit to kazakhstan. the center is a symbol of strategic long term relations between the two countries. some of the month. the subject of the dishes to make up
3:54 am
the people have always been friendly to surface from other places without discriminating them based on their nationality restricting their languages customs and traditions. this distinguishing feature is hospitality. because of the skewed towards the success of the sport he is admired and respected by other nations. was it assuming you get bullied all president. the streets not survive is to determine the future. useful we were discussing all kinds of white tea is instructive. by tuesday defended not only be he expressed his friend to keep two with the epping to sleep in comfort on the skills to demonstrate that caused the change in
3:55 am
society to what's happening to us the missing piece to freeze week with steve to keep the sociable approachable and trends in person. it was during the meeting she said that the german people living in kazakhstan on top of the kazakhstan the nation all continue. well it has lost close to the new song the deal revealed both of new zealanders a chance to go the political thinking. i do we like to see the hardships they faced the last century this was tons of oppression with the ethnic germans the nineteen forties. you would up the shoot by the high school get a cd in twenty oh four to nineteen forty one. forget the german
3:56 am
speaking of your facade thousands of german people when forced to move to kazakhstan. manuals and kazakhstan became a shelter for many years. he's two years. another significant event to raise the berlin wall was demolished in nineteen seventy eye. its it's awesome. no you something. units. biden's from the context of respecting the elderly get colder and colder is this a typical feature of the people the moment they are generally friendly and told in so many things. the one to come and to get carried away. testing
3:57 am
your patience. you need to be tactful and behave like anywhere else. this is low just as the most to them hummel. hse freedom is what old human beings will we think the natural harmony has always been in unity with nature. traditions are effective enough in nature and this is best reflected in a briefing note. porcelain like a muppet. we celebrate
3:58 am
national poetry is like noticed together. he pays a lot of attention cause their traditions. he gets on well with his quick as he is a good team leader and organizer and eve on the beach always takes care of what's happening in his employees us the supple the fed can choose to the problem a. in. the people make a nomadic lifestyle and michael says the thief to commune with nature. here freedom loving spirit was often compared to who wants to win. city. with people
3:59 am
whom you can always imagine what kind of lifestyle cars but none of the deposit. they would probably follow the sun they used to be the more common here but the exhaustion of all the ocean grove dramatic changes with them. take my chances this for example for the fastest shooting away when they immigrated from germany to the territorial sea wall can be found so there is nothing will be migrating. we went to germany and then came back. we use to travel to germany by car so we're more the enormous if you like. now from time to time. i still feel like traveling long distances one of the water. it only continue to care. he is and what is to use the computer but fall short of edmonton do you. they admitted his guilt he was using digital
4:00 am
photo coupled with the truth the show him the visiting indian camp. most of them the eye. the it was. it will work. the sheet you'll humor me holding the little village for thirty years. farm land is fertile can yield good harvest. the problem is the real retract that affect the moisture content of the soil and the growth


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