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tv   RT News  PBS  April 27, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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. i do in eastern ukraine yet another self defense standpoint is stormed by pro government troops wildly service satellite images reveal a large military buildup in the area. this leaves aren't crackdown on protests there. also this week's top stories propaganda boulevard. that is the state sponsored russia today programme. us secretary of state accuses rt of distorting intensity of pain but his russian counterpart says it will be washington's reluctance to hear alternative use of striving such accusations. i guess that was immediately had an
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absolutely nobody would never face competition. bonds opponents of the interim egyptian government are sentenced prompting concerns democratic processes are collapsing. critics say that's little surprise country strident but with the radio spot world to understand. the report from the so called triangle of death or rural areas suffered in a week suffering from a toxic waste dumps controlled by the mafia. my boss get with me maria johnson welcomed the program. start with a leader's developments in ukraine's restive east where yet another of the anti government protest or checkpoints was attacked. one activist was kidnapped and several injured when around a dozen people believed to be pro government troops moved
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and near the town of sleepy our art is falsely your travel there shortly after the incident. the man. we didn't on the main. when i sew with grannies and lee cook's delivering many of the euro loan when not wearing anything. they attacked a checkpoint an instant effect. no one has seen and said it all. one of our man was kidnapped by these people where is she now nobody knows his phone is dead. i can't eat that the wine. that means he's not the i laid there is an honor on the base just to write housing type this. he was
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beat. we had. meet. meet the states. the large race and economics is under control but as you can imagine very very tensed welcome to the crowd yet they say that they had every intention to remain here to stay to find it and not to beat his arms depot unprotected. what is he a posse that dumbass region. at the grey military is bolstering its presence in the eastern provinces according to recently surfaced satellite images of the show troop positions around the protesters stronghold to see the awful be honest. a source that in a russian defence ministry said all in all around fifteen thousand troops are now stationed there. and along with more than a hundred tanks and armored vehicles according to source that's enough to level the entire city. meanwhile reports have emerged ukrainian troops might soon be reinforced with the mercenaries from georgia
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on tears if i can sense the government activists in eastern ukraine are being recruited from nationalist groups and have a claim was made by russia india quoting unnamed members of the georgian parliament. it's allegedly coordinated and financed by energy analyst former ruling party of georgia's next president to tell saakashvili country's former leader openly supported the protest in central kiev the twenty regime change in ukraine thus committing a crime by intensifying the military crackdown on its own people that's what the russian president said during a media forum in st denis burke the fijian regime is using the army against its population inside the country is no doubt a very serious crime against aaron people if the current leadership is really doing this of course they are indeed a jumper with two other us media and our team particular came under fire for its coverage of the events in ukraine earlier this week america's chief
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diplomat john kerry accused the network of distorting reality on the ground russia's foreign minister immediately hit back over the accusations. russia today the network has deployed to promote president putin's fantasy about what is playing out on the ground they can use us in deploying pigeons propaganda ball wholeness joined kerry said. i can understand why he said it will tee off is serious competition to cnn the bbc etc somehow deserve to wear the state department allegations and what he actually bit behind and mike collins the ocean of allah and the sally took a look at this. so i do think it's a compliment i think it's a sign of how far reaching art is meant is that an appetite to see a different side to see the alternative and was coming out of washington i also think that it demonstrates a really serious concert which is whenever i did the state apartment in dc
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one does not agree with everything that it opposes it is labeled as propaganda by the way our colleague ann and she can actually cause for comments on amazon told the washington is possible involvement in the ukraine ukraine's whose identity is she going in this post let's listen to get that both times the info ordered troops to east ukraine. he came right on the heels of the top us officials visit to kiev for senators john brennan is this as president joe biden as vice president joe biden. by steve to take such action or was it just pulling stopping here and lay a wreath on my laptop ludicrous claims for naturalism spot. and sandy think that's going on with all parts are all it's not an exclusive on nm response from any press coverage is in washington are reporters are not very often treated and answered in this modern society because a lot of their questions are questions that the world one that says
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steele. ah but this has become sort of a trend coming out of the washington i think it's it's important to highlight i mention this before that whenever you don't agree with the line we're trying to give an alternative view to show a different picture. you're automatically labeled as propaganda for starters he was labeled as propaganda for it even opens held by many that were even given a chance luckily we've been very successfully been able to sell both sides of the story leaders report was focusing on of police violence was treated very fairly thin tea and we covered at rt covered is an example of that that report is actually the center festivals but we also covered some other aspects of august i think you know one of those situations was that the riot police were being attacked they were being attacked very violently the rocks with bulldozers. any reporter from either the west to run so that was on my god knows for sure. it is a dangerous place to be because there was violence taking place on both sides and that's not something you see a mainstream media. another situation we covered was in the east of the country
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before it became the focus its knowledge of the main focus of all media right now let's happy eastern uganda we were there in january when it was protesters who are opposed to what was happening in kiev again something you didn't see up on mainstream networks and falls into the line when he shows something they don't want to deceive you become propaganda and that's what's happening to our teen and adult mocha don't see and shona child's it to the mall. add to the ear of the perceived as evil as well it's it's a challenge and once in a program which airs on monday we've been trying to write as many of the so called problem and he drops at night and she couldn't experts who will come on and say the other side and we just met producer receives about twenty on me an email today saying no we won't come on rt because republicans the tunnel it's just a weak argument we're inviting you want to say the other side to give your opinion your only response argument that were propaganda it's ridiculous. we also
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discuss the attacks on our team was foreign affairs journalist episcopal or he thinks it's not to the principles of journalism that washington's rushing to defend the information war a fact and america's absolutely petrified because no it's not only see him and all over the world like after the war in bosnia or doing a head of the first iraq war. now there's rte. there's al jazeera best friends pretty far to go to bed at that stevie that cctv and one day we cannot have brazilian tv going global not only portuguese that they have to fight off breastfeeding in the run which also broadcasts in english so the bad press the be all over the place and if you have an alternative strip like to see if you are back. they don't even talk to you. the cost there friday and yelling into the train trying to get the recall only for politicians but for journalists as well. on our website to see the person account of a russian journalist who was forced to these needs by the ukrainian soldiers was trying to interview a military
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checkpoint. find out more insight into how journalists are being treated in the country with a long start more night percent serious chemical weapons have been driven from the country and the last remnants of the deadly arsenal are expected to fall by the end of today's deadline. most of the chemical stockpiles are loaded on ships to be later destroyed in international waters that going for destruction is set for the thirtieth of june the body overseeing approaches his praise damascus for exhilarating its toxic aren't elimination efforts lately and here's what the special coordinator of the joint un mission have to say. the boys enjoyed constructive cooperation in the authority's significant investments have been made of time and effort. technical level the political level so fun beginning. until today. i think we've seen very steady progress thanks to them a good collaboration and ultimately also the government taking this program of chemical weapons elimination seriously and
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obesity meeting to see it through to the very end to as a country of more than the security situation is very full of tile precarious and it shifts all the time security remains though is a challenge. it is however something that needs to be addressed to know will come also to avoid the risk of any of the chemical weapons materials pulling in the wrong hands. so security is also a factor that actually calls for accelerate the end with a final post living in the home stretch here. while his back after sch a break to stay with us the air. i like seeing a house in georgia are harshly and he leads on to the constant battle and teachings of islam to justify the team in the pursuit of the upa left undone. the only thing the spectrum of person
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who has only one who signed with chinese tea leaves to a developing nuclear weapons knowledge of the tree and it's nice that he did anyone see him for not being a limited form met and formed the story. we would be stupid not to pick. he speaks a language. news programs and documentaries in arabic. it's cold here on out to the report and we'll talk. we are keen to be an intriguing story. are you today the trial of the arabic for no more visit our big old auntie don't call the eye
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what's not to a national court in a judge has sentenced eleven supporters of ousted president muhammad morrissey to prison terms ranging from five to eighty eight years. they were accused of rioting and disorder during protests against an army crackdown following the military coup in july last year to march five hundred muslim brotherhood activists were sentenced to death by the same court and asserts his belt reports the decision is only part of the widening crackdown on supporters of a hundred more seats in the deepening chaos in egypt have may's presidential elections. this causes them to me as a different court cases against me is the mainstream media is due out on being called that tennis he ate it he states that the government that has come. i want to cry down by the government to find the right consistency in north sinai and i'm definitely a spike in attacks across the country in this and other domestic what is happening thing they have always been peaceful and these are politicized trials that have been announced the death penalty tactics which the stockings not a
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criticism is that this thing this new background said that although criticized at the tix and that was the crux of autumn is above the head of the government's faith and morals have a toxic and security forces had made in the coming few weeks that the tv to the elections the number of death sentences handed down by egypt's new government has surpassed those during the last years of costly mubarak several of the wine has standing to cater was toppled in it and every eighteen thousand eleven revolution and the following three years over three hundred death sentences were handed out by the former interim authorities and hunted more see. after more seamless has held them down and then july of twenty thirteen in the military backed government shocked the world with its five hundred death sentences in one ruling the kitchen journal issue here. i mean elisa chips in recent history shows it just didn't work when the west try to instil as principles of democracy in the country. it's all about
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western style democracy that kind of faith that said we've seen at the west. you know heidi and double standards that. when he comes to the arab spring head they would be the support they can apply for thirty games and less hesitant to lend their support to the revolution he seemed to me as well. and they will still support it the knitted three coup that toppled. he didn't stress democratically elected president. so dad told me about western democracy at the taken by corporate interests. i think the democracy that we have to see a content will be a hollow threat and democracy with the active this continuing to push for reforms and the constitutional ruling this country. rac terrorists have seen and are now becoming a powerful tool for government in their geopolitical games. and our
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intelligence services intercepting a monitoring indications by the wet nation's wheat cyber war is through the internet with countries like the us and china accusing each other off hacker attacks and even social media can be use to instigate an organized protests like it during the two one during europe's praying while some countries are trying to address the issue like brazil which has just passed new groundbreaking internet legislation for me a bill of rights for millions of web users in the country. already dubbed as the internet constitution for citizen service providers to treat all data and users equally for example by not charging additional sums first the access to certain websites. restrictions will also be placed on collecting user id on something that vanessa's been secretly doing for years. online giant such as google or facebook will be subject to brazilian courts in cases of information story about locals was the director of the is it of technology and society of readers in a row the hopes that other countries will soon follow
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brazil's example. it started like a presentation to the internet's in the weeks we were seated almost like two thousand comments and they did reach the congrats and it's now been passed as a fuel flawed that it starts right now soon to be in force in brazil and of course there are plans for reported countries to be inspired by this and do applaud. not only by the pearls this image was created which was in october to kuwait as well by its culture its sales in the farm's the principles are important such as natural talents the free speech privacy and of course in the lights off the spy programs in the spider delicious even though getting much more attention and much more momentum to be passed on one thing that no internet bill to regulate as a opinion expressed online and that's what the new york police department learned after its image boosting twitter campaign ended up as a publicity disaster. aig's read a brief reports twitter
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has empowered millions least revolutions and generated successful brands. for america's largest police department has had acted this has turned into an embarrassing epic failure on on on. on tuesday the nypd integrated systems to upload pictures with police officers had in the photos by nypd within twenty four hours some one hundred and ten thousand people responded contact was trendy and mine nypd turned into a virtual archive of snapshots showing the department's mind. using excessive and to force on on the pr disaster has ignited a copycat move and documenting heavy handed police tactics in los angeles chicago and albuquerque. i think was initially a good idea but the guy can be backed by especially with the reputation of a seven unit. it's always been this is that he was opening
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the eyes of the guys is going on at the then thinking that like the cinema tickets. bk i wasn't a good idea the device nyp to stay off of social media. no don't do it this is a good citizens and for them to be a better social media campaign aims to promote the positive side of the year one force that not only that i hear it literally happened to pass the world was watching and taking part twitter doesn't have a filter. twitter it's very easy for people to express what they feel and this is what people feel on the streets people hate the cops in new york city than corporate reputation for what they've done to people all over the city and and that's the outrage that people feel it it's it's reality. nypd commissioner bill bratton shrugged off the on line anti cop sentiment insisting that most photos uploaded our old ones incidence tied to previous administrations courtesy of mine nypd police violence in america i turned explicit overnight. some politicians would probably advise the to never let a serious crisis go
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to waste. reno cornyn r t the work. adeline for you right now the weather gods by a cruel joke in his new urls sunny spring day. terence their winter freebies with its base just a few hours snow storms causing the outage is stopping traffic. the story is an article called. lots of saudi arabia is sounding the alarm is deadly fire its claims dozens of lives across the country and spills over its borders would tell you more on line. now seem present i was on society's new leak his new unity government bringing together finance an os will recognize israel and stand by international agreements the deal between the two movements calls for the lines to be formed around five weeks of violence when a marriage between the parties when hamas won the election back in two thousand states and tension soon escalate if i end up controlling the west
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bank while not speak a word count of armed conflict ship the region for years and a million and a half dozen residents are still living in an economic blockade that tell of even though can damage the theory is that each of the former rivals and fro was a us brokered peace talks with palestinians and human rights advocate in restocking tool or t y israel hopes to gain profit from the deal behind closed doors the israeli government led by emperor ming is in it than you know um i think in the back room opened a bottle of bottles of champagne. this government is not truly interested in promoting a peace process and therefore while they have such a unity government with the muscles of course ate up in organization dead dove on uses terror measures against israel for them it's a big victory to prove that they are not the ones to blame on the instalment in the peace process but rather the palestinians in the long run too. i think that the inclusion of hamas and
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the re union between the two parts of the this it is said that the increase in seven of the palestine meaning the west bank and gaza are actually good news for those who actually want peace the stories from around the world. south korea resigned over the daily tragedy when a ferry capsized in the sixteenth of april he apologized to victims and explained the decision with a fax to the government taken adequate measures during the search for survivors nearly two hundred people have been confirmed dead while scores remain missing the crew of the ship has been arrested and face charges of negligence of duty the government demonstrators are back seat to venezuela to find a high court ruling that its real task. thousands of opponents of president or marched in the east of caracas. the city's been taught that of france which has so far claimed more than forty lines protests began in
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february sparked anger the country's financial troubles and corruption southern italy illegal rubbish dumps are posing an increasing threat only to be your people breathe life also agricultural land the number of people die from cancer in the area is almost twice as high as the rest of the country and their teamwork is going up now explains. it's a tiny mafia are to blame christina was kelly's be in the farming business for nearly twenty years with the government says large parts of this land are contaminated and as calls them off. it's a claim he rejects. this land has never seen pollution. it's absolutely clean look at it yes it's been confiscated and every week we continue to lose more money. these may seem clean but that they will be an illusion. welcome to the so called land of fire an area near naples in italy scum by new region. did you see known for its agriculture with the name comes from
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something much less eco friendly. the burning of trash that the legal bills which have become widespread here throughout the years. i do that when these toxic wastes his guns is toxic fumes get into the atmosphere but then get into the soil would bring bullet and finally contaminate the water in it. we're talking about things like math related to this is an energetic one both industrial and construction waste including rubber and asphalt for adults and leader bernstein the elite the service is allegedly provided by a local mafia charges much less than a few short weeks. this in the shoals the scale of the problem that of the contamination got all these files of different types of trash. on one side of the role of fuel for steely go in just a few steps away. goldfields had been seen similar pictures all across this region. not only toxic fumes from fires that are a major problem officials
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cost we find the legal underground dumps hidden under layers of fertile lands with cabbage growing on top will source of toxicity line underneath. chairman of the challenges and only in locating these dumps but figuring out the fulls of underground water which also spreads the contamination it's a toxic circle the toxic circle which the party meanwhile ends and the health and wallets of the locals. the only ones who seem to benefit our italian mafia gangs who still manage to get around to the rules you go to school all star team. combine yet italy. that is a boy though and worlds apart. i i i i i i i live. ch i is you the rule. ill
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people always say democracy should mean how or why the people of the people hopefully sometimes for the people. less people power system gets disgusted face and clothes down to voting and being able to stand right side but that is very narrow view. one new washer law broadens the idea of democracy by giving citizens the ability to defend order by working with the police or forming their own peoples malicious. the law also forces local and regional governments to create the conditions necessary for these militias called her she knows to arrive. i think this is a good thing because despite our supposed love for people power. we're pretty much helpless a modern democratic system to anything about crimes and bad behavior that we see the governor wants to keep our heads down mouth shut and call the police for any and all problems and who knows when or if they'll respond. having the ability to direct effect what happens around you seems very empowering and thus very
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democratic. and well i've always wanted the authority to teach those sleazy teachers getting drunk outside a less than dad. but that's just my opinion the room. it seems. essex
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all spent a long haul. first two. two explosions at its peak of. zz i was taking o four for free when you are weak we all were devoted to big games. i can credibly what i feel a sense of possibility. what happens many perspectives as possible in order to get something to
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do with it. the racing because it's sexy it's a really upset by the fact is that vaccines can cause brain information. focusing too hard for him to fill the hearts of living and learning to be created without the confines of limitations. hope we have to transform our world. avoiding creative local angles with people of the world they lived. you know the height of the human cost you can really connect. see you next straight from los angeles the fuel production from cctv about. it's eleven pm and it makes the world view you learn when we wanted. i
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mean. i took history gets worse as the day. cos breaking news or what. lights either or situation the stock. good news


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