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ninety and your watch and see lou we will will will the thousands of right wing radicals month released in ukraine's biggest typically if the unit to the backing paper instruction of cars on drew olson. propaganda boulevard. that is the state sponsored russia today programme the us the greatest hits of adopting the twisting the ukraine directed by his russian counterpart says it's the channels challenge to the west me give an opening that read one more to it. i guess that was immediately have absolutely nobody would never race competition. also
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a t a is in jail for supporters of the ousted president a new round of tough sentencing seems that the tree back to egyptian government's crackdown against. yet it's quite good the father of a mafia and rubbish but the black kids making a life of toxic held the people trapped inside the so called triangle of death . call. he just chilled for googling for me kevin were due to the hq this molding in boston with two stops one in the morning this is the weekly rent of the pics too is the last seven days on this topic with one that was happening in front of the last twenty four hours intensify even a massive pro unity march with the right wing radicals in the east and the ukraine city of cough cold and even violent said in a statement to seven thousand people took
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the streets that several bystanders were tied by the mall which also ended up smashing cars that had been through stuttgart and chanted anti russian slogans is the law to the city to a travesty belonging to the right set to a radical alter my room. bill's been getting reports last evening to have a massive role was the monsters attacking people when will the looks of it today. several were reportedly injured including police officers who run by us state. they come is often several hundred pro autonomy activites captured the bda complex the neighboring city of donetsk following a lunch money that most of them left the building. remember staying on to god that we in auntie's closely. reports from the region the five hundred protesters who gathered in tv. he did on this including the media complex. protesters have been courting for him crying in their souls to be taken to it before this accident was that
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it means he'd be seen too often it's in support of the paper printed onto this means he has produced its march towards this media complex. thanks for the upcoming referendum. that is the case may be more than three million adults are to be there for the crusades meetings being held in high school and you guys vote for candidate gains. they sit in the town. hundreds of people had gathered in support of the state should not be conceited and alternate the two kids what they say when because of the russian weeks to be recognized. to be held. according to government and has the support of people that they have to risk it the same time you cried in tommy's been massing in the eastern regions of ukraine is said the recently surfaced images showing
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the ending still the people in a bit of rain all the state either indicating two positions are a masochist events give solace in russia's defense minister said when told i think around fifteen thousand troops may be hundreds of ahmed tanks and vehicles of man as well the pictures as we pull into the source that's enough to level the entire city. janice graeme phillips is in the area for auntie. click here for a sixty km east of the city yesterday and what we can see here's the payoff its opposition to build the dome of vehicle parked across the road. because today i was going to throw that out of this is very unusual to be at risk and access to filming in fat which is to scope the stalls not such access into the city this permit but the stall paycheck every car that said they're looking for weapons in the coffin. this is effectively an email. but auntie when supplement to the event is the eighth stage of them into operation. it opens this week on thursday the tsunami attack self defense checkpoints they
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killing up to seventy nytimes reports movements to that a ukrainian troops might soon be reinforced with most recent georgia volunteers to fight against anti government activists in eastern ukraine have been recruited from match the scripts that the claim is made by the russian these papers dusty including amazing to members of the georgian parliament. recruitment drive to educate incorporated been financed by indians and the former ruling party of george's extras that mikhail saakashvili countries formally given us no company supported the protest in central kansas led to the regime change in ukraine with us. the new developments in about two dozen gotten really see delegation east of amsterdam in pulling that stunt of it. we know that money to secure the release of one of the manatee expats to ten but self defense and this friday. the man who's got the beat is the fried on account of his health was held in the prisoner's say they're ready to change them for anti government activists kept above the camp authorities consider themselves insist that they
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gassed up by the father being kept in a basement and don't know when to be released for a spot moscow's called for immediate release and promises do everything possible to ensure that makes we believe these people must be freed as soon as possible as a member of the osce will take every possible step to achieve that. the position of russia's foreign ministry is that kiev was supposed to ensure the safety of these expenses as the interim government like a dove and was therefore responsible for them and allowed them to enter upon a country that and that they couldn't control and rather deal with the ukrainian prices is getting harder going for politicians to jonas is well been talking about owe him a by the obama website you can see the personal accounts one snapshot of a russian journalist whose fault was nice but the pudding so chooses. he was trying to whip it to beat them at a military checkpoint. find out more insight into prejudice into the country right now not to go home. also in
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the week america's chief diplomat accused moscow of using is a tool to distill the reality of what's happening in ukraine. so enough about his russian counterpart explained what he thinks it really is the goal to panic so upset. russia today network has deployed to promote president putin's fantasy about what is playing out on the ground they can use us in deploying pigeons propaganda pole holders joined kerry said. i can understand why he said it's own seal the series competition to cnn the bbc that track so undeserved was tied up with allegations of walkabout to be beyond them from a college in the shop above and this amounted to look it up. for some odd to say it's a compliment i think it's a sign of how far reaching art isn't that there is that an appetite to see a different side to see the alternative and was coming out of washington i also think that it demonstrates a really serious the concert which is
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whenever. at the state department or tds his mind is not agreeing with everything that it opposes it is labeled as propaganda by the way alcohol again and she can actually cause of the comments on amazon for the washington is possible involvement in the ukraine ukraine's is an entity is will she go in this post let's listen to get that bowls times key info ordered troops to east ukraine. he came right on the heels of the top us officials visit to kiev for senators john brennan and this was as president joe biden had it as vice president joe biden. by steve to take such action or was it just a performance compared to lay a wreath. he did not want a laptop ludicrous claims from silesia was as important as anything that's going on with all parts are all it's not an exclusive on mm response from any press conferences in washington our reporters are on very often treated and answered in this matter and sustain because a lot of their questions are questions that the world one that says
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steele. ah but this has become sort of a trend coming out of the washington i think it's it's important to highlight. i mention this before that whenever you don't agree with the line you're trying to get an alternative view to show a different picture. you're automatically labeled as propaganda for our tea was labeled as propaganda already been opened so by many that were even given a chance luckily we did very successfully been able to sell both sides of the story heaters report was focusing on of police violence which we did this very fairly thin kiev be covered and artsy covered is an example of that that report is actually being sent to festivals but we also covered some other aspects of august i think you know one of those situations was that the riot police were being attacked they were being attacked very violently the box with bulldozers. any reporter from either the last to run so that was on my down notes for store. it is a dangerous place to be because e on both sides it's not something you see a mainstream media. another
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situation we covered was in the east of the country before it became the focus its knowledge of the main focus of all media right now what's happy easter you can but we were there in january when it was protesters who are opposed to what is happening in kiev again something you didn't see on mainstream networks and falls into the line when you sell something they don't want to deceive you become propaganda not what's happening to our team and at home ok don't see interesting to actually do to the mall. add to the ear of the perceived as more violence. well it's it's a challenge i'm launching a program which airs on monday we've been trying to write as many of the so called call them anti russian anti patent experts who will come on and say the other side and we just met producer receives about twenty on me an email today saying no we won't come on rt because republicans the tunnel it's just a weak argument we're inviting you want to say the other side to give your opinion and your only response argument that were propaganda. it's
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ridiculous. we'll keep the skin but nonetheless the phone if as jimmy spratt escobar told auntie is still the gym isn't this paltry do you see it but the competition. this is information war effect and america's absolutely every five because now it's not only see him and although the world like after the war in bosnia or going out into the first iraq war. no deaths at sea bass al jazeera best friends pretty far to go to bed at the tv that cctv and one day wouldn't have brazilian tv going global not only for turkey. every fiber of breastfeeding in the run which also broadcasts inning to lead and press the be all over the place and if you have an alternative strip like to see if you are back they don't even talk to you because they're afraid. so until serena from any development in the last ten minutes of fabric into the city has failed to meet the deadline for chemical disarm and leave that to some
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ten percent of these toxic hostile remaining trio in the country but the balding overseeing the process the phrase damascus the significant speeding up of the operation country is and to meet someone to destroy its anti chemical stockpiles. the spial court mak of theoi u m tesibe therogressade so well. it always enjoyedonstn the authorities significant investments have been a bit of time effort technical level the political level so fun beginning. until today. i think we've seen a steady progress thanks to the very good cooperation and ultimately also the government are taking this program of chemical impersonation seriously and obesity needing to see it through to the variant in as a country of more the security situation has been full of tile precarious and it shifts all the time security remains always a challenge. it is however something that needs to be addressed to know will come also to avoid the risk of any of the chemical weapons materials folding in the wrong hands. so security
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is also a fact of the deck she calls for accelerate the room to cry no cook living in the home stretch here coming up to the program is the adopted a bill of rights for internet use is that we find out that how the country helps to set an example for the rest of the will to win back control of lead from the us less than a few minutes. but maybe this is the story the week though is that they couldn't see pictures of the police brutality. you'll love the products which there is the nypd is pr gurus launched an online posting campaign but it backfired but think about two weeks ago with friends the eye. and all. i i
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om. i knew. and courtney due
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to sentence the love and support is against it but some remorse he intends up to eighteen eighties. they are accused of rioting and disorder during protests against numb the crackdown for the retreat to the lineup what are the type of safety meanwhile hundreds of addiction to the streets in ankara for a new anti protest rule that requires police commission for all types of demonstrations. resulting penalty reports that the recent measures money pot of a widening crackdown on the supporters of mohamad will see the need to bring chaos of the chips and embrace presidential election this causes harm to me as a typical cases against me is the mainstream media is not on call at ten am in ca in the states by the government that it has come. what a crackdown by the government's financing of life is and says he'll sign night and i'm definitely a spike in attacks across the country than this and other domestic what is happening things they have always been peaceful to be the politicized trials that
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have been announced the death penalty tactics which the stockings not a criticism is that this thing this new background so that all criticized at the ticks and that was the crux of all the missing brotherhood of the government's faith and morals have a toxic and security forces had made in the coming few weeks that the previous elections. most clinically minutes from other cells in the timeline in march five hundred muslim brotherhood activists were sentenced to death by the same cold that seems to be more than anti capital punishment during the last use of both the robots rule the longstanding to take to topple him to agree to an eleven. the following three years is wanted on a bit of a three hundred death sentences were handed out above the fuller interim authorities meant by mohamad will seem self. optimal see was that included an engine like twenty thirteen the new ministry backed government shop the well by condemning hunters to death in one single ruling. egyptian generation care of him but his agent recent history shows it just didn't work with a black stripe and still its principles of democracy
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on to the country. western style democracy. i'm afraid they said they'd seen at the west. you know heidi and double standards sad and when he comes to the arab spring ahead they would be a simple dignified than twenty years and less hesitant to lend support to the revolutionaries into his lap and was able to support it needed three coup that toppled. he didn't stress democratically elected president. so adam and dad told me about western democracy that should be taken by corporate interests i think the democracy that we have to see a need and will be harmed threaten democracy. with the act of this continuing to push for reforms and the constitutional ruling this country. locals in the southern italian region of company and become
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timetable they describing as the triangle of death to match the runway spending brackets filled the region this month the use of the many applied and precision comes to cases monthly. the gophers can all but one to find them all the nice rubbish people's lives. christina was kelly's be in the farming business for nearly twenty years with the government says large parts of this land are contaminated and scold them off. it's a claim he rejects this land has never seen pollution. it's absolutely clean look at it. yes it's been confiscated and every week we continue to lose more money. these may seem corny but that they will be an illusion. welcome to the so called land of fire the area near naples in italy scum by new beach and could use to be known for its agriculture the name comes from something much less eco friendly the burning of trash at the legal bills which have become widespread here
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throughout the years. a goof that when this toxic wastes his guns is toxic fumes get into the atmosphere. but then get into the soil with rainwater and finding contaminate the water in it we're talking about things like math related to this is not rejected it would. both industrial and construction waste including rubber and asphalt for adults and leader bernstein the elite the service is allegedly provided by a local mafia charges much less than a few short weeks. this really shoals the scale of the problem that of the contamination of the oldies piles of different types of trash. on one side of the role of fuel for steely go in just a few steps away. goldfields had been seen similar pictures all across the region. was totally toxic fumes from fires that are a major problem officials costly fight the legal underground arms hidden under layers of fertile lands with cabbage growing on top of all sorts
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of toxicity line underneath chairman of the challenges and only in locating geese and ducks. but figuring out the folds of underground water which also spreads the contamination. it's a toxic circle. toxic circle within the party. meanwhile ends and the health and wallets of the locals the only ones who seem to benefit our italian mafia gangs who still manage to get around to the rules. you go to school all star team combine yet italy. also at the news last week. was it was kick started some universal become a global goal of the intense control at least that mondale conference this weekend of the contra costa groundbreaking dollars over the beat of the internet constitution. so take a look of some the key chapters of this legislation use cool whip. it requires service providers to treat old pay tribute to the quake. for example but not charging extra for foster access to certain websites restrictions also placed on the ball collection of you to take the bell rings a bell
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business and the nsa was busted for falling as snow to conserve the nation's an online giants into two companies will be subject to brazil in local courts in cases of information stored about locals. police put the direct to the institute of technology and society of rio to go to the countries will soon fall in brazil's example here too. it started like a presentation to the internet in the weeks we were seated almost like two thousand comments and they did reach the congress and it's now been classed as a fuel for that it's a start right now see it again for some reason oh and of course there are plans for border countries to be inspired by this dual flow. not only by the pearls this image was created which was enough to avert it away. but as well by its gone its sales in the forums principles are important such as snap totality free speech privacy and of course and the lights off. despite programs in
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the squad revelations did end up getting much more attention and much more momentum to be passed on because we know so powerful to use recently is to see me into becoming so how can governments in the two political maneuvers of us can hide from the old saying i've been national intelligence these days is able to intercept the old mine e mailed and when it likes to if he wants to. the us and china therefore play it comes inside the tip of time playing game accuse each other of high profile secret hacker attacks. social media is proven as well as my disability to depose seemingly everlasting regimes is the online planned protest in the arab spring so graphically show. like duh but the budget in the powder social media was the ball fully home to the new york police department the story this last week it's the latest image boosting campaign launch of the trip to badly backfired. which probably world to blog that i taught them of the reasons
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the force to come. his mentor much the winner has empowered millions least revolutions and generated successful brands. for america's largest police departments house and activists has turned into an embarrassing epic failure on on on. on tuesday the nypd integrated systems to upload pictures with police officers tied in the photos by nypd within twenty four hours some one hundred and ten thousand people responded. it was trendy and mine nypd turned into a virtual archive of snapshots showing the department's my next using excessive and to force on on the pr disaster advocated a copycat move and documenting heavy handed police tactics in los angeles chicago and albuquerque. i think it was initially a good idea but the guy can be backed by especially with the reputation of a sudden you are. he's always been
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there exists that he was opening the eyes of the guys is going on at the then thinking that like the sentiment that this pk if that wasn't a bad idea the device nyp to stay off of social media. no don't do it this is a good citizens and women to be a better social media campaign aims to promote the positive side of me or one force that not only that i hear people either really happy to pass the world was watching. and speaking part. twitter doesn't have a filter on twitter it's very easy for people to express what they feel and this is what people feel on the streets people hate cops in new york city then to her refit reputation for what they've done to people all over the city and and that's the outrage that people feel to it since reality nypd commissioner bill bratton shrugged off the on line anti cop sentiment insisting that most photos uploaded our old ones incidence tied to previous administrations courtesy of my nypd police violence in america i turned explicit overnight. some politicians would probably advise the to
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never let a serious crisis go to waste. kareena cornyn r t the work the news headlines three hundred and the remaining students staged a protest in the original piece of the country the plans but from the giant chevron loop and facilities that some of the demonstrators clash with the police though briefly to the bottom of pan onto a neighboring city to the same companies plan to open another son. this month sixty cities in the romanian coach made a massive protest calling for a total ban on record. i was about to tell the construction of its controversial full nuclear reactor the day thousands gathered to protest opposed to it what it could lead to admit to his ouster as the station's been killed in an area with a budget already sixteen years of making the taste of our predicament this way. kabul has killed seven of the g twenty in iraq's capital reports say the explosion just come to place an outdoor market to
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ten of us is the soaring of the country's parliament real actions since the good old us troops. two days ago a couple of times on the stadium hosting a political rally the rutgers team a disservice to both said auntie jo called short interest might take you through the lakers headlines as the come up next the report one of the west classic is in the history of poland and ukraine. you want to talk to him the rule the american humanist association is really riled up over that one very famous chunk of the pledge of allegiance. that was added to fight the contest in the cold war that says that america's one nation under god. they claim that the inclusion of god in the pledge makes it seem like atheists in america are second class b tricks and
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introduced anti atheist prejudices. well this really depends how you see the united states is that some sort of neutral ground where anyone with any beliefs can go i'd be a lot of people to immigrate to the usa full religious freedom. so in this case the word god needs to go or is the state's unique culture that needs to be assimilated into it and the culture is alternately pricing pressure in which case the laurel mighty must stay in the pledge. i doubt that this philosophical argument about the nature the xt to be solved anytime soon. we'll agree it was but we think about us is the country's rugged individuals so camping trip to the b of the individualistic he had been meaning to say the pledge of allegiance in school everyday but you don't have to say the part about god if he'll want to. while that might not save you from pressure from religious school mates but it will keep your conscience clean before the eyes of god or not god whichever you prefer a fascist. i paid. i wrote. my
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name is maria was vanity. and then chief. i can from here on. and i've been thinking more than ten years. i'm asking me if he became an artificial knee. my life. i couldn't imagine be done. i can't keep all of its npt to the music. jane kidney from june nineteen twenty the communications fund to discuss the two pink. and then finish. i don't know then i can piece the area i'd just get out of my stash them in peace. i forced written on them and say hang in agreement. two on and on
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dang and female as well here are the navigation or teaching. cluster bombs on with the other language you know if it snowed up there on the no this is a completely different and the crusty large. he had it for like ever i killed the cold variety of costumes. argh and then goes to women who would be today. some of them has their fortune some of them have the opportunity to pursue getting one from altona. toward the street than i can use it. my thoughts that flow to these young women are feasting on is that they'll be just the continuous hard work and be brave and i made that destroyed the fourth and fifth. just to show up on the war. godfather was to have it at the deep other food authority behind instead
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i do. hee hee. and eye. nhk world news one runs around with the news from tokyo south korean investigators at the time to learn more about how rescue crews reacted to the sinking of the fairies sale will be one to know if the response was appropriate. they've raided the offices of the number of firms and organizations. now they've since the headquarters of two shipping watchdogs. members of the joint task force me to maritime traffic control centers on the islands of tissue


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