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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 28, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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has denied the web and tidal conditions can search and rescue operations but the sunken skeletal family meanwhile a new piece of video shows the ship's truth we are vessels with our boarding passengers. i got the ten hundred by appointment. management have this little arrogant and i made it his resignation speculation is really that bad we can't have the reshuffle is on the horizon. we as only being spread an afghan and us president barack obama to be happening on friday that they stand united in confronting
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the recovery and reinvestment fund that means begins next a fan. i don't. i'm new to the april twenty ten so i had to use on charlton things so much for joining us. it's been almost two weeks now since attracted to a local ferry disaster but the nation in a state of shock and sorrow. the number of confirmed deaths currently stands at one hundred eighty nine while one hundred thirteen others mostly high school students remain missing and presumed dead and for the latest thing that joined by ancelotti in the studio. still i'm not much to stop the nonsense of the search and rescue operation in recent days this is on the rescue rescue crews have had a hard time
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that the harsh weather conditions on one body has been recovered today that was just about after two p and now a strong wind advisory in the area was conducted earlier in the day but that idea what's causing trouble since the underwater currents and much faster than can be seen above water and fog and rain have added to the bad conditions. the search operations are temporarily halted at this hour as they have been on a not for much of that day actually. while the number of rescue boats on standby at the accident site has significant the deep freeze. when divers were in the water they may be focused on the fourth floor of the ferry for most of the remaining missing are believed to be and pray they found that body earlier now so far beyond one third of the one hundred and eleven cabins have been searched the latter an anti gay anti hero was released but the link that showed a captain in two of the bastille i can name
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the first moments of domestic situation what else can be learned. that's right on that video is very crucial in determining the very first minutes of the rescue efforts how they were carried out of but also and frothing that the captain and the rest of the two were among the first of the fletcher said the central focus of the nearly ten minutes of footage taken by a member of the rescue team is the period between nineteen forty three and hence nine forty ninety and it shows the captain of this of a fairy leaves us up and his crew fleeing without attending to passengers the captain was not wearing his uniform or pants as he left the vessel but the help of the most part he needed the rescuers were able to just do the same as being the captain. by nine thirty five eighty and that all fifteen members have begun leader said. but after video stills party any passengers can be seen on the back of the fairy of reasoned criticism that the food did
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not give in order to then to leave the set the prosecution special investigative unit is still continuing to search for who's responsible. ultimately for the syncing with the latest that i set the shot of the number of the subject in the pro is increasing on investigations into the ferry operator is practical owner you the blonde continue on as prosecution prosecutors that is brain dead for a location since holland table and come to the province this morning looking for evidence of hot pink for companies prosecutors say at least three companies fits that description. they also rejected them all well coastguard station suspecting offices there and neglected their duties in the early stages of the rescue of the special investigative team has also arrested three members of the korean shipping association including the head of the in town branch for destroying
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evidence in relation to the case. the submissions until the end of this of a fairy had malfunctioned lifeboats and life jackets on board will also like the expense. investigators believe the equipment may have been used ever since they are manufactured in nineteen ninety four. and this comes as earlier today fired live bullets were found floating near the accident site meaning they began to brew much later than the shutout. normally i like bullets what the fight automatically when receiving external pressure. so now we also learned today about the lack of ethics that was sent by a passenger in the kitchen. yes the investigations revealed that at ten seventeen am on the day of the accidents of messages sent via the messaging service called top was the last reception from a mobile phone inside the shed. it can be keen for my students. that was about ten minutes before the last survivor was st the investigation had parker says analyzing around four hundred messages and pictures
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sent to pop on top to get here and that of what's happened and it paid off the tragic accident. ok so i think it's so much for that report request. my altars for the victims of the skeletal a tragedy have been set up nationwide in seventeen different cities and provinces heeled tourists will be open to the twenty four hours a day in the morn altar at seoul plaza is officially open to the from seven am to eleven pm. anyone can pay their respects at other times as well as a temporary altar set up at one time when the memorial hall in the city hit hardest by the ferry disaster has its last day open to the until midnight today. starting ten am on tuesday an official altar in on sun will be set up that are non part of the altars are expected to remain in place until all those who died in the disaster are returned to their families. i made
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nationwide outrage over the government's slow response to the tragedy speculation is proving the president would soon as the spring tx and make sweeping changes to the cabinet and a mackerel prove the prime minister's resignation on sunday. one thing to wait until then the ferry disaster has been brought under control. a team in the past. faith in the government has eroded over the past couple weeks due to its core handling of this total ferry disaster with my mr toma ones resignation. there's mounting speculation in large scale reshuffling of the covenant is on the way to appease anger and give the pot administration fresh impetus political watchers say a number of high level officials to get the top increase occurred and administration minister. and don't you. education minister hon um so an ocean fisheries minister to young. a number of ministers have come in for fierce criticism for damask
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and dots of remarks following the sengkang. the rulings had a party says in the shuffle will give momentum to reform the country to prevent a similar disaster occurring. a y committee has decided to deliver aid and seven bills related to safety at sea all those tentative party pas to propose new bills to the dk bureaucratic connections with megan maritime industries the main opposition new politics alliance for democracy is also preparing to unveil its own ideas on how to improve safety. as the june fourth local elections edge ever closer president pox tumbling approval rating could damage the center party's chances the opposition party is expected to continue attacking the ruling party overtones christian nation and its mishandling of the ferry disaster. guess i need onions. now as the whole country remains of october the fatal ferry disaster many people are still in mourning and hannah spent less than refraining from leisure
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activities and this is casting a cloud on the beach is devoted to economic recovery from ca has the details around two hundred fifty events and cultural festivals were canceled across the nation after this delightful fairy some marched in waters off the southern coast of korea last wednesday. tourism companies are also facing major cancellations as the education ministry banned all school trips in the first half this year. well the whole leishman is reading with the families of the victims. retail shops are also taking a hands. sales at one of the country's main department stores who then dropped nearly one percent in the weeks following the ferry accidents compared to the scene period a year earlier sales of women's clothing and particularly dropped more than four percent from the previous year. pointing to a social phenomenon that many of those suffering from depression
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after the disaster are females. in fact the shock of the large scale disaster has shown to impact the economy after the september eleven attack tax and the united states retail sales in september dropped nearly two and a half percent on month falling to its lowest level in nine years. korea's private spending also dropped zero point eight percentage points and eric carter of nineteen ninety five right after this one department store collapsed in june of that year well the consumer sentiment remained unchanged for three straight months in april according to the back of korea experts are concerned that the recent ferry disaster click clack the moderately decent economic recovery. twenty seconds. chris has revved up tensions on the korean peninsula with statements indicating no hope for injured korean relations and expressed their disapproval today over seoul and washington to affirmations last week to firmly respond
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to any north korean provocation. tongues are new reports on how north korea says it will not give up its nuclear arms. just because the united states tells the tale. not sure yet has labelled enter korean relations both left and its first official reaction to last the seventeenth out of korea and the united states on sunday to north korea's committee for the keys reunification of korea which handles cross border affairs let me criticize president cut in pay. calling her a winking traitor and a despicable prostitute selling off the nation. it's that the outcome of president obama s trip to south korea clearly justified north korea to the determination to counter the us fidler and settle the conflict within all our new year's showdown factory education ministry said north korea's rhetoric was a violation of an inter korean agreement to stop cross border slandering beach in febuary. falling friday
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seven talks in seoul the south korean and us leaders vowed to stand shoulder to shoulder against any north korean provocation north korea has the matching attention lately. following its lead last month to conduct a new kind of a new beer tax. the satellite and a jury has showed increased activity at every team's new clear test site. south korea the us and japan are concerned the upcoming tests could be larger than north korea to the previous half the latest rhetoric out of candy and comes as north korean leader in dublin review of plans on sunday to get the look of eighteen military pilots for confrontation with the united states. experts even the escalation in tensions as part and pretend to justify itself ahead of its board new contest. south korea's defence ministry said last week the north weren't of something bad and the national parade saturday before a full thirty am. on
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sunday evening. us president barack obama hopes its brain injured torre will tighten regional relations. it did spark off another round of rhetoric from north korea and its effect on korea japan times remains unclear and to give us more insight into the us and the rest of the third round of diplomacy when i joined by profession and ten he found in my university professor welcome to the program. thank you for a full professor north korea since we said it's going to throw in the towel on dinner korean relations under the pocket ministry showed how sincere he think the sentiment is or is there another purpose behind such words. well um if role of troopers and south korea and ministers met a few days ago come down sick in it. and that another of the fourth nuclear test was possible and eaten as a committee of filled in washington. time has detected a move to make
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it to test the northeastern region of north korea. unless tie a knot. does. in a way to occur. of those presentation tool. you know the extent of its new pic above it is. i see a possibility the althouse has the detonation of nuclear devices some time to edit this year. showing off their home or the vast new quilt above indicates i'm afraid plus i kind of firm stance on this for me as i knew the program and a colleague on it i had to have wrapped the priests with out like this i'm still in washington don't seem to have come up with a tangible way to curb nuclear pact with his new clip from family to think about that. the closer to the fruits of the two allies we have. some mini good effect. to the third another nuclear test in killing on the best solution is cooking
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sewing. korea is a pan. i try not to press on coming on. we flew kites. some postal beijing. but business has set up an interest uncle tony on his own mission impossible. a month. everybody knows that's awesome. beijing is the only and the modules provide all the tree line for line to north korea. speaking of joint efforts for the first time ever present how can obama visited the combined forces command it together. what kind of message do you think to say but you know of the rock is combined forces command was installed in nineteen seventy eight thirty that may present up to the demonstration. and the real life the two of prisons made a joint visit to the fullest. these two um. to demonstrate. just roll with it. all nice blog is coming
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on strong location. i think it's all falling presence back in obama as the sun then on friday the new miss korea revealed that he has another napkin in its custody. what you think is a financial motive behind its load of young has a tradition of using this kind of demented a matter of faltering account for it. and to promote it on to washington when biking and the unemployed. the forbidden kingdom. so maybe on one hand they asked if he asked if you've been on the steps and eight. other than the nuclear devices but with god and at the same time. they are seeking for in all of one of those convicted for the meeting along with the western type this. as obama referred to japan's wartime sexual slavery issue how effective do you think his words will be on korea and japan relations adult prison alone was enough to make a fundamental shift in
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the way so that the thing is for to arrive having her two sons. i attended the pesky sturdy shoe. it shows the hostel would extend the sum or moriarty or connected with his only son tokyo now after. it's nice to twenty hope in obama might be more attentive two of the prop was a whole professor thank you for joining us tonight to give me on stories making headlines on the global front from rising tensions in ukraine to civil undressing you get to be going live to a party at the new senate to paulette star with ukraine we've seen clashes on the ground continuing to erupt in the eastern part of the country but with the latest development on the diplomatic front. all right now there are no signs
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of tension is letting out the united states has a nose for sanctions against russia for allegedly funding in court many pro russian separatists in ukraine the kremlin denies the accusations and says the uprising is a spontaneous response. investors in twenty eu member nations are also meeting in brussels at this hour to decide on a cold a separate set of sanctions against russia. obama said the sanctions would represent the next stage in trying to hurt moscow's efforts to destabilize the region. we don't yet know whether to work. and that's why in the next day is if in fact we saw further russian aggression towards ukraine it would be such moral sanctions less narrowly targeted. addressing. sectors like banking for the defense industry. meanwhile the mayor of car keys has been shot and critically wounded. in any kern as was her pearly shot in the back by our unknown
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gunmen and is said to be undergoing emergency surgery this comes as pro russian rebels continue to seize more buildings and other major cities in eastern ukraine and taking a look at southeast asia us pres obama has arrived in the philippines as per his ongoing diplomatic tour of asia pacific. accord to the white house prison obama is aiming to boost bilateral trade and reaffirmed washington's commitment to the region of the mind philippine present menino aquino are set to pull the clothes are meeting on monday to discuss these very issues. regional security is also expected to dominate their discussions prior to obama to rival the us a bouncer to manila and the philippine defense chiefs signed a defence agreement which would pave the way for more us troops as well as military vessels and aircraft around the country. the us pres and is on the last leg of its four nation trip that included stops in japan korea and malaysia. obama said he hopes to alleviate concerns from allies about whether
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the us will come to their defense and in china's growing assertiveness offer regional territorial claims and shifting our focus of united states were a massive storm system has ripped across the midwest. at least seventeen people have reportedly been killed by the tornadoes with a majority of those victims living in little rock arkansas. local residents say the winds were so strong that houses were pulled off their foundations the loss of some of the biggest worries just turned upside down and literally the house is picked up in some quarters it was the over their summer than the grudges or just literally at the carson to grudgingly or its. officials say the tornadoes have damaged buildings as far as nebraska kansas iowa and missouri rescue workers have been working through the night to search for survivors. a state of emergency has also been declared in for arkansas counties along the national guard to assist in relief
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operations. and finally let's turn to egypt protests erupted outside a courthouse in the southern city in the night as the final ruling was handed down in the mast while the hundreds of supporters of the muslim brotherhood. the egyptian court recommended the death penalty for the leader of the muslim brotherhood and hunted by ba in six hundred eighty two supporters the juries have drawn widespread criticism as a core prevent the defense from presenting their case the right to defence was breached in a normal case with the defendant killed someone has one or two years but here it was wrapped up after the first session director. egypt's top islamic authority the grand mti will have no told jim to approver reject it then sends its power this decision is final is widely considered to be a formality. the supper look at international stories makin headlines around the world. see you back here tomorrow night. welcome to
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prime time sports student at the twenty eighteen count on winter olympic games maybe a couple of years away but preparations are in full swing. the prelude the committee met on monday to finalize their construction proposal involves building six new facilities and offering to others to go with the five existing been useful for income uncle province the six hundred and ninety nine point three billion won or almost six hundred and seventy six million dollar project is projected to be completed by october twenty six he. the plan will be presented on tuesday to an olympic international ethics committee delegation led by vice president and mellow when park which is here to oversee the process. and heading to the grief the pga tours to zurich classic of new orleans wrapped up with south korea north and other
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bits champion. the twenty two dolby doubt the rest of the field by two strokes to end at nineteen under par lifting the trophy and taking home the one point two million dollar prize. he becomes the fifth korean to ever win on the tour. and shifting to the lpga teenage p nominee and call came in first at the swing skirt lpga classic for her first swim after turning pro late last year. cole who celebrated her seventeenth birthday just days ago held off world number three stacey will waste the finish at twelve under par. she won two previous events on this to work back to back victories at the cn canadian women's open. but they came as a manager and maybe that doesn't get too far on these liverpool's police warrant has been named the professional footballers association player of the year. the twenty seven year old or dwyane was chosen as the premier league's top
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player this season by his peers three redemption after his reputation took a hit for biting and opponents last season. however comes after his team's two nil loss to chelsea which put a dent in their title hopes with two fixtures remaining. and coming full circle and with a look at the current standings in the candy aisle and looking at the top of the border next to me that first for yet another week despite losing their series to come home to one tenth the end as it remains steady at second and third wall to the decline due to the top four. and looking at the rest of the chart on the phone when seven of their last and the crime of scene it would look at the mall kiosk on my handheld she graced the bottom of the waves with the top five hundred record and that's all i have for now this has been feeding chair. i'll see you back here later for more from the world of sports. a fan. there was a
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drizzly day here in seoul and weather conditions are dampening for the progress on rescue operations agenda thirty thousand attendees of a two x singled out as to whether santa pulled out that is the rain has picked up again now on sin though well so far that area has already received about one hundred and twenty six millimeters of rain to wait another twenty millimeter is expected to follow overnight foggy conditions along with half of parents are still making things difficult for rescue operations. shifting gears now to other parts of the country the nation is under the influence of a low pressure trough from the west sea which is why we're seeing cloudy and threatening tight across the nation. in the rain is falling mostly over the central regions while the products hours are dropping over the south they'll be aware of the wet roads. the contest and i expect that the road tomorrow
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morning. however those down south may want to keep them from i can see the tuesday evening. will they not see that tomorrow's ratings saw like a blimp was ungreased eight teams in the spot until his seventh team. holding on to their place as it will be a cloudy day and tasty with a daytime high of ninety degrees. well for two nd month contract at fourteen and eight. that's all for now and i'll see you again after midnight. things will get on and the air broadcasts on this monday night anti science helen sharman thanks for watching season. i go
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tuesday. what really makes you will be interesting is the fact that these changes you will be the same tomorrow i don't. so i got really excited to wake him to put together the team to conduct a life changing. no goalie during the deceased's to changing opinions of all things but in all circumstances. crowe will last a living person. i believe this one c to twenty years becomes pope. i fear the cops. it all. i can't do that. he said. what is called to get home it's no use to the scene in the inquest in another direction and in use them. the same village. this
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avoided. is there the scene nature makes you are in no way around. lucy. you're looking at the horizon and new year songs or something you don't know what to do this. lauren to the side to the horizon and you don't know what it is too long for i think this is a move by monday. it's a man whose longing for something. he's only in a slump or something but he doesn't know what is wrong. i do. it is. chew
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