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raise intervention in ukraine a charge denied by russian official white house said that seven russians who include eager to jump at work as major oil company ross nap and a close ally of whom are now subject to a freeze on any assets they hold in the united states in a ten minute travel in addition the united states will deny export licence applications for any high technology items like to contribute to russian military capability the white house said the us congress the state department will revoke any existing export licences to meet
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the condition. on one the chief justice in eastern ukrainian city of donetsk former russian oligarchs the california coast we stopped into the deep red meat administration building in march. the billionaire accused russia of being complicit in violence against protesters and tea as you all my darn will be brought down president richard m cope what to call steve came to ukraine in march offering to mediate in the crimea crisis after being imprisoned for a decade the rest of the retina to get offered to do the same pro russian troops who've taken over me in offices and police stations in eastern ukrainian cities. yet when he attempted to do so he was heckled by pro russian separatists who shot to no one invited you to be told him he should leave the territory in order to prevent problems protesters told him to find out all the needed to know by
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watching some tv. of course he replied understood when in rome do as the romans do after being arrested at gunpoint in two thousand and three the convicted of theft and tax evasion in two thousand and five he was while it was guarded abroad as a political prisoner oil company was broken up and sold off many interstate hands in december two thousand and thirteen he was pardoned and freed by president clinton. news of the new one. the shoe separatists cleaning of the t3 ukrainian intelligence officers in the eastern city of relief that three men were shown blindfolded and without pants on russian state television. ukrainian security services confirmed that three ukrainian officers that were captured on saturday and at the prosecutor's office had opened an investigation into their abduction separatists claim the officers were attending militia leaders in the region. ukraine's
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intelligence services have been tracking a mysterious man with a pencil moustache they say is russia's chief agent or pocket or tax with string of armed revolt in ukraine. i bought one. a special ceremony has been held at the chernobyl memorial in kyiv to mark the twentieth anniversary of the world's worst dictators else the ferries to get trees attended including anti christian colleagues only to chino and she often direct ukrainian and stokes church the speckled tensions with russia. they show a credible or tomorrow. it still took this yet. i have no talent we will win in his confrontation with against russia. why because we are off on the side of truth million dollars in purses. we of the team's progression. we caved on uk weapons known as
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a peace loving country. and we have been attacked by karen told the last snowfall will. what the issue of the top. the chernobyl accident occurred and creepy it only took twenty six nineteen eighty six and the ukrainians going for days on the extent that is asked of one misguided and withheld information. thousands of people thought of as result the results to abandoning will continue to suffer health problems continue to pull out from the accident chernobyl played a key role in ukraine's decision to give me their weapons after independence from the soviet union ukraine inherited the wells the gorgeous new kit with tons of snow but picking up in nineteen ninety four exchange for security guarantees since broken by russia and also help buddy of its victories the us and the uk. who knew or knew a lot. civilian self defense units are being established in eastern ukraine using
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local knowledge to resist nt government worship backed minutes it's the best self defense unit at around four hundred men all stationed on an old farmhouse in his decree this dumbass region to stop the nt government for russian forces infiltrating futher into the eastern ukraine. currently there is still no sign of the nt government government to seize control of other parts of the east and india screeches to a local town taking in each films and music in self defense units of sprung up setting up checkpoints along the roads to keep anti government militants after the area. we are able to support people to and from this area. i mean this is from russia we will see them immediately. we will use our experience and i lived in which we know the people who live there when will the hobbits and that will allow us to practice a bit. for the armed forces of ukraine. so we don't know they will manage to beat the chill completely
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they may seem like no match for russian forces but the existence of the self defense units show that if the russian army doesn't pay to get to meet stiff resistance. analysts say the dollar russia would likely win a conventional war with ukraine. he could face a costly and bloody insurgency as polls show even in russian speaking areas of the eastern and southern ukraine and a small minority would like to join russia . levy shelter facts under the new disgraceful ukrainian president viktor yanukovich had become display the us national museum at the train the art engine emission theory of complex in the portraits in the future to give it a to beat cops on statues of greek goats. stop being with all that hard to be treated like this. i knew that there should be allowed
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at the expense of the pictures. why is the crux of the spectrum but i didn't expect to see so many retreats the period of weeks the president to focus the typical country. this gets too much very expensive portraits of himself the recent goal to take it that much easier to train in the pr teams are still unfolding to be secure. all these items i e a is a miracle indeed. because so much was stolen by quickly and we were late. while the commission was working the room in god that everything was unpacked and then stole a note to announce a bid to end up old truck and bent on locations with it with both admitted or not materialistic and the trustee like a but to rupture night agreed to continue protesting its recruitment policies and corruption. the lavish complex attracted worldwide
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headlines for its extravagant switching to difficult coolest collection of classic cars and a zoo. international news on human eye. the racine president is under new coach and co said that the crisis in neighboring ukraine threats and his own country's security. but ever since it all together to protect their independence. yushchenko who has run the ex soviet country of ten million people for almost twenty years and often builds the gnostic patron york is a close ally of moscow but he said last month that russia's annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula after student edition can call the annex crimean peninsula defect in russian territory and down the race was due to all the kids and took us past the pond the show scrubs. it was totally him. on appeal to you
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it is difficult on him. our neighboring states that the sets in motion. ukraine is pausing for a brochure is going to re establish its own historical weight. old boy was going on in front of our eyes and the us economy is that there's smoke and explosions that will be posted here is ava. the new mayor to start saying that one too. and unfortunately where nobody knows what is going to look like. do you go criticize by the west for his harsh policies toward the position of time petitioner relies heavily on economic and mitre support from russia. one begins a national issues he usually follows russia's mind enough to russia's invasion of ukraine alarm bells are ringing in minsk ukraine's problems today could become onerous is tomorrow. jones
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who will join show it's not that pleased me to read russian prisoners led the retreat in showbiz plays when bought the cream in between to bed links to russian state and anti joined gazprom response to the west german so if the g twenty meeting dollars per season jimmy is the big east team exported to russia. i decided that its economic relationship shall christian and his associates is spending more than eight hundred million dollars building coal production facilities in russia. sydney the major german firm siemens continues to please try to go to crack it in. kevin jones lying to them a recent increase pressure on german businesses operating in russia. this is the kick on the crimean propaganda opportunities japanese prime minister was a recently to knowing that the ending was attempting to walk to donate to efforts against the kremlin. gazprom is the news based in the region gemini with export large amounts of gas when the russians and say shh to decrease crime incidents to the and the clintons can see provocations in east ukraine
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at the moment or two of the strained relations between moscow and london international news on one the armenian government has expressed disappointment with turkey but when police regarding the nineteen fifties much to armenians in an effort to create a criticism to describe miss the rest. the one described the killing of one point five million armenians being inhumane but failed to apologize. the book. one statement is a typical itself looked at these double standards. anticipating possible pressure on the turkish leadership or the eighteen countries and the international community austria armenian genocide the empire he should have reacted to make a preemptive move in some way but of course he didn't have enough courage as a citizen to tell
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the truth. this vision of what's going on. he scolded me has remained close since nineteen ninety three. some armenians donkey that the unprecedented move by the one that started on it which could ultimately lead to the easing of tensions between christian armenia miss the majority turkey what's the real people in to meet as they sit in our rooms and watch this announcements this dress to the table think they will think malty prime minister this country release the message of condolences for the tram children off the armenians in turkey and in the well respected both batsmen citizenship. kentucky will start to think that everyone here had seen and miles of pop will think anybody in this equates to the mall except the same armenians died from illness on the right which the issue was that tens of thousands of armenians have yet to be here for a memorial to genocide
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victims to be on the ninth month anniversary of the killings which were two key states including ukraine the us agenda sorry to take his consistent among the allegations all the recognizes the fact that one point five million people pilates. great news for you irish utc be demonstrating outside the ukrainian ministry headquarters in odessa the cream and black activist could fly was out of the black sea port of the season to result in ukraine soldiers clearing away the ukrainian tunnels to the scene is reminiscent of crimea. seven people were recently injured for ukrainian checkpoint near it that so often explosive device blew up residence in the town built up several similar right next to the consents a promotion that is conveyed to succeed promote the district awakens history reaching lesson on two km away. a recent poll published in a respect ukraine week the paper found support the criminal was limited in ukraine's help
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restore some cities including destined to live in a song but the women meet the kids room which is fifteen percent of ukrainians in the southeast back in moscow falling russian siege of ukraine's crimean peninsula diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis a slight thaw freeze its auto auction press the button with putin recently stated the kremlin is seeking to establish a new russia which many observers believe constitutes an effective or viper that the soviet union. on your lawn. freud ukrainian plaintive has begun patrolling ukraine's northern and western borders with this they portico of the citizens wanted the planes and services of many state controlled a cross with a perfect east ukraine. that and the millenium. she issued the ticket if you got them all in all our forces. how shall i say all affected border forces are flying in the eastern region. so our western and northern borders are not being very strongly controlled from the air. we decided to help the border
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troops in the non dangerous areas. chesterton which mentioned conditions the private patrols will supply their impact row and are able to notice any movement. nobody is forcing the commission which revealed when your binoculars for observation. but in good weather. our vision for the plane is excellent you know we can observe very small objects on the ground this is the staple the services assisting the private patrols by recommending raced tight. i couldn't believe it. nikki the border come on to recommend which reads if i let it mainly those regions with typical really that difficult to separate from the ground with weather a storm some woods. which is produced is officially city i was going to pull the dog returns on selected routes is east of ukraine is based in western russia sees crimea and the kremlin has continued to come and gone and
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separatism in towns and cities across the southeast of the country the first time in its museum dedicated to the pre to crack down on top is jammed square pro democracy protests twenty five years ago it has opened in hong kong. in early june nineteen eighteen on china's leaders or to treat with assault rifles and tanks type of fire on a student demonstration which was protesting the death of the first part of the common response member and the economic and democratic reform hundreds going to die in the simple opening ceremony. he seems down to schoolwork on to compete in the nineteen eighteen an editorial from the government mouthpiece the stake the people's daily revealed the identity of the museum jonathan chan hong kong resident was the university student back in nineteen ninety nine he recalls the scene at the local hospital that night. most of
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them on the west wall that looks beautiful and again more info. it is. two rituals that monday is his head painting by hong kong it's the speedy been dismissed and two dogs. he's a person to get a stitch or two some of the exhibits from the crackdown twenty five is a guy in the form of british colony of hong kong returned to chinese rule in nineteen ninety seven remains a freewheeling country's top is a new account with the tools aren't in the fourth set to depart from mainland china where all commemorations of times. last night and the china unveiled its bold a sense of economic and social reforms in nearly three decades relaxing its one child policy. as for the freeing up markets in order to put the world's second largest economy on a more stable footing
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the rush to see you rehabilitation center which opened the year two has been working hard to see seals suffering from climate change and pollution decent upgrade to the seaside resorts and beaches but it scared the crap that you can amuse the warm winter. what's new they are both going to do so we really respect to someone because he's managed to survive. he was tightly covered in oil byproducts and there was a high probability that he would die from going intoxication. but he surprised us when we talked and he was a new one or two to three days. i mention the very attached to people which creates a big problem for us. we will have to specially went with him to detach it from people. they decide to use in lhasa. so
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that all the way to add it to school to see. most of the animals the seals until it's all right thanks to michael residents to phone them on the seashore exhausted or wounded knew the right tools of picking corn team that made it into separate enclosure where they rest and train in preparation for release back into oil international news on one british dutch and danish fight to jackson being forced to scramble up to the hairbrush and a tree across the sport is heading towards their respective spaces him that comes amid heightened tensions between the west and russia. how to de escalate the crisis in ukraine. a spokesman for the u k's ministry of defence confirmed to the place was dispatched to determine the identity of the umno and the croft the british royal navy destroyer hms track and also attract a russian ship as it entered the northern coast of scotland british
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officials stressed that milton coleman them in a tree and crossed to fly close to other countries as place last year it happened around eight times with the with the increasing reports pertaining to the kremlin of the crisis in ukraine or treat officials are preparing for an increase in the tree was usually used to test the toughest defenses international news on new and more. russia has expelled a canadian diplomats and their embassy in moscow in the crib institute at noon fully counted the study of expulsion of the russian system to treat us safe russia's ambassador to canada recently hit the kid off to him and cling to the story would be kicked out they didn't explode. oh well guy from the start of new tradition so we will pick up some milk to start. symbols linux is an extension of ukraine's crimean peninsula canadian prime minister
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stephen harper said most distant that ukraine was a threat to world peace the chron and diplomats annoyed that russia had bad intentions. the former soviet ally then we are very interested in the vote in ukraine. russian troops and what you'll hear it. we're concerned because ukraine is only the wrinkles stool. we used them. give your mind showings so wasn't intentional. and what isn't resting on the disaster. are you. you know you both she'll be able to hold the bhopal disaster. it's an historic and other works. so on. mr said. dad demanding
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older sister venus to see then jones one pupil was given to russia. you may say it's a lot of pain today less. that story. it was a rush. united states. you knew him. doing my favorite canadian foreign affairs. and i think the geneva meeting on the seventeenth of april there was a broad grin. is it. so why was the quilt was designed this. two misdemeanors. tv chef prosecution dollars or so people in use. they will kill you will be. people and the rest of britain. just when to close the largest ukrainian diaspora which circles around one point two million people the stalls
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filled with john paul the second merchandise line the streets of central krakow in poland for thousands of pilgrims and local residents celebrated the late pope's canonization. everything up for grabs with inscriptions that state. john paul the second. this seems to teaching scripture in the late pontiff together with jesus were on sale local shopkeepers are cashing in on the popularity of the power co become the city's most well known and beloved residents. john said it's cold and rain for nearly twenty seven years witnessed the devastation of his homeland in world war two and is credited by many with helping end the cold war and bring down communism charismatic diet coke. he was criticized by some as a reagan conservative. but the adoration his client was shown by huge crowds chanted some toasted the dough bake in a state that one sentence zero in two thousand by those prayers are answered with
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the fastest declaration stated in modern history. a chinese construction firm has developed a house to be mass produced with the help of a giant three d printer the firm when you sign a new materials company uses a mixture of cement and construction waste to build its analysis which come in under five thousand dollars for one unit. in cheyenne for a standard one hundred square meter apartment could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in big cities such as beijing and shanghai. this can be a cheap housing alternatives. the last stroke sharon piece of the houses are entirely a product of three d printing but the windows furniture re offend other add ons are from other non printed material the printing process allows for the production of us that in complete houses in one day three d printing techniques has evolved tremendously in recent years in two thousand thirteen. a texas company in us to successfully fired a
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plastic gun made using three d printer demonstrating the potential applications of the technology as well as its potential dangers. standard and forces contortions over and debt rating to just one level above junk status and more to follow the downgrades its economic growth continues to deteriorate and conflicts in ukraine spots why distinctions. snp last downgraded russia in december two thousand takes us in its allies have teed up a host of additional sanctions if there is no progress de escalating the crisis in eastern ukraine when security forces and begins screaming backed separatists trying to create a pretext for the next russian invasion. the ruble so it continues to weaken the already declined eight point six percent this year according to brenda aggression has the second worst performance among twenty four munching market currencies to fall this year
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capsule and continues to melt within the fifteen billion dollars lost in the first three months of the year begins to sixty three pm for the whole of twenty thirteen longer term was to the question could sink into recession if it continues to prioritize them into spending at the expense of health and education precipitate team declining support for costly ultra nationalist policies the us. will fuel californian gc to blue is making waves as possibly the youngest female we are constructed in america. jc to his forty km north of san diego's is for the certified to teach yoga off to complete in two hundred i was a professional training and now has around cos need to practice we made a pheasant my aunt long as you can have the strength to do that and really it's just about
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dancing in mind something single. anyone can achieve that goal is to matter what age they are. if they really want the canal is achieved maybe jc students are to each although she also teaches them that crosses the youngster was ocean's eleven something with the two brothers and intense becomes that the funding will go to jc also plans to design and sew her a range of customizable and eat differently your recruitment though i do. booty. we are
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do we do. though. that's
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moscow state university named after him the most of the presenters often as a biased even lecture on the difficulties in and images of the ration federation president told the audience about the prospects of mutual cooperation in the coming years by the way besides students prominent politicians of figures scientists and representatives of diplomatic course came to moscow state university at the beginning of this business off the bike remind the audience about his first two boys the idea of eurasia immigration twenty years ago today according to the president calls


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