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tv   France 24 News  PBS  April 29, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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history gets worse as we say because breaking news talk what. so much. either or situation. the south. while good use. mazda says there
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will be no crunchy as the mario is the senior craig this is the ninety six and brussels partner sanctions against russia on the ground to a russian separatists extend the trip the buildings and tensions remain high in june. as d day comes and it is without a peace deal in the middle east the american secretary of state seeks to diffuser out with israel over allegations he warned it could become an apartheid state. and it was time for fraud says prime minister might add about thirty edt in his address and what he calls encouraging extension from the opposition seeks to that problem. the team continue racing. when considering its share of calls but after russia's deputy foreign minister has said there is no reason to fear or russia will
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seek to repeat the crimea cru in south eastern ukraine sergei free up call for speaking in the wake of fresh sanctions announced by washington and brussels the european union has just released a list of fifteen politicians and meet readers that it will subject to us that freezes and travel bans washington has unveiled a rough to extend sanctions against moscow. seven more individuals with his ties to the russian president and seventeen companies may be controlled by some of these powerful allies have been singled out into that new sanctions dr sanctions aimed at changing the limitations calculus is that the bottom of the more they then a stop on the risk according to the american president's domestic critics. stepping up pressure and most go once again the eu. i did fifteen the new names to source the sun to visit on monday the thing that a core component is to fresh e u n sanctions for their seven russian officials will be subject to u s visa bans and
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the pretence of being connected to the demure contains inner circle the new russian envoy to crimea and heads of state controlled energy company draws near. seventeen companies linked to sneak a peak in the minds of parents that screws into the russian oil giant gazprom wasn't one of those targeted. washington is also halting some exports that could benefit the russian military. we will also focus on. some areas of high tech defence exports to russia. the bed. we don't think are appropriate. to be exporting in the stomach lining. the retreat and start by saying sanctions would entitle a person can be the long run should be pretty much don't own one in each case will find an adequate replacement. there are unique things produced by any one of the company still like him anyway. leaving you'll be a little more expensive it will take a bit more fine but we
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will someone break into the pot has won a special building was full of bright obama said the us was keeping the so called phase three of them are good dinners are a is the russian energy and financial sectors. brussels is doing her part to work on the three fillies will be ready to put in place a fresh and takes action to escalate the situation in ukraine. so far it's held companies brought her son to the mosque and the uk's third largest trading partner and thirty percent of the eucharist comes from russia. is also disagreement a swing between moscow and the west at oh three team russia needed to build up across the border from ukraine's speaking to his russian american counterparts yesterday the russian defence that he has said that russian soldiers had returned to their backs. nature has just said that it is no information indicates the withdrawal of russian troops from the ukrainian border that's according to nhl official on the ground inside eastern ukraine
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the welsh pensions showed little sign of easing seven the osce mitre observers remain in the hands of russian separatists. yet state of the buildings christie's in another town in the donetsk region and in the town of ten disc itself through russian activists broke up a rally by supporters of the government in kiev. our correspondent is in dummy. note that the right time yet it's the capital of the so called real next people's republic of. and the russians seem to be gaining confidence they seem to be taking a more strident control and feeling as if they are the ones who are calling the shots in the masters of this town the violent yesterday the us get a lot of people here and it's left a lot of tension we arrived on the scene shortly after the epic clashes if you wanna call it been a big rally about a thousand of october thousand people rallied in favor of united ukraine's pro russian several dozen of them some people say perhaps even several hundred started rampaging through the crowd
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as the of the rally was splitting up. they were armed with baseball bats but they had iron rods and they basically the gist we hit people when we were there we saw several people said a staggering around their heads bandage their faces light up the people we spoke to witnesses had seen it. we didn't actually witness it taught us that the police they were there on the scene but they tended to just stand there watching what was going on without intervening and that led to a lot of rumors flying about the police actually in the pro russian champion. i could tell you after which the russians that they themselves the pro russian marks to the center of the town chanting russia russia showing that they very much we can call that were in india late evening. you have a sort of got very tense atmosphere in the city because the hands of pro russian groups were also set up. marching to the city center. checking russia russia cent of them seem like they'd been drinking a pic but i can tell you a very odd chance that it isn't done yet the capital of this eastern region of ukraine. as in more
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violence in baghdad this morning ahead of tomorrow's general election. a bomb attack on an outdoor market northeast in northeastern baghdad has killed at least eleven people will add just at that scene from a range of messages coming in the d still still sketchy this was yesterday fined and swim in it and started putting stations across much of the country kidding the sports he seeks out people is as good a day she got underway for peace and security forces ahead of tomorrow's general election it will be the first the general election held in iraq since the withdrawal of american troops. a peace deal for the middle east was to be reached by state that was john kerry's plan as he kicked off the latest round of israeli palestinian talks last summer instead. the mac is actually a state finds itself embroiled in a rout with a set of allegations that he wanted risk becoming an apartheid state. john kerry has said that the word apart it was guilt isn't all that he defended his warning to israel of the risks it
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faces if it doesn't try to deal with palestinians. this adds to the april twenty nine the deadline has been reached without a breakthrough and with both sides as amtrak to be divided as ever. two state solution as reversible so busy as ever it was washington and jerusalem and and back again. for more than nine months john kerry has made a dozen trips to the middle east. hoping to push israeli palestinian leaders to make concessions for peace. during the process the us secretary of state believe the two parties had no choice but to negotiate the alternative to going back to the talks. when chaos but after years of failed initiatives israelis and palestinians same time able and willing to make any progress throughout this latest round of negotiations they couldn't agree on
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borders or discuss the future of jerusalem which they both want this capital. we're continuing our thoughts to reach a peaceful solutions was negotiation the solutions that gives us straight on. in nineteen sixty seven borders and tourism as a capital t was a change of policy. to strengthen its own presence around jerusalem israel has built rabbit on new housing units in settlements around the city raising the ire of palestinian officials last week talks were suspended for god. after the motor buses party fatah. tiny unity pact with hamas which israel the us and europe considered as a parent. actually it was him. stocks on additional conditions which she knows it is welcome. so instead of moving into peace with israel is moving into peace with hamas. destitute even though the tops of prodigal result many hoping to resume lake
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erie they believe that if both parties grow further apart. this may lead to violent confrontation baltimore has enjoined by parliament of georgia. i meant week we decided that beckett's nine months of talks so much to look at who is invested by john kerry so much determination so much energy summit on what went on was actually the t cells sites failed to agree on the borders of a future palestinian state the palestinians. quite simply wanted an awful and to declare a viable state and they will get a commitment to that. from the israelis in this. this fueled the old suspicions on the palestinian side that will bes rabies really wanted was permanently negotiations brought them a permanent solution to the cool problems. these ratings. i think two main palestinian decisions ongoing confidence in the talks was that the palestinians joining fifteen international conventions which also has unleashed again some of
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the benefits of state without explicitly declare expected and secondly perhaps the nail in the coffin from the israeli side the reconciliation deal with imax which holds the lab is ready officials to question the key to the basses credibility in this whole process. what happens now that this deadline has come and gone in a season spent on what the next step. but sites that are not closing the door completely but it appears that this unity deal will have the palestinians very old to play with that in total offense. forming attacks across the unity government in the next few weeks off the back holding elections in the next six months we took the short those elections will be held because there are logistical and political problems that can get in the way will we do know is that i made a basket said that he will be running for another time he's seventy nine is coming to the end of his political career and the question is worded what comes next. often the best
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and will israel regret at having no it's a signed an agreement while he's still around. i'm starting to look at that the deadline for the peace in the middle east peace talks think even the stinky francaise the prime minister faces his biggest test yet in the french justice of the votes on his fifty billion euro a savings plan we assume any advice or to appease rebel rule makers within his own paci he threatened not to give their support to the planned keep making concessions even before i did proposals hit the floor of parliament calls for more i'm joined by a business that uc and cal confession even before i had the odd single department so there was a pretty unenviable task to get a ticket for socialist prime minister costing fifteen billion euros from spending in the decals that none of us have given us before. i've been that he was going to extend the freeze on sector pay until october next year and he was going to
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freeze the majority of social welfare payments. those are the things that came under fire from his party colleagues on the keys to row back on some of those times seeking to do with those pensioners on low incomes those dark times of less than twelve hundred euro as their siblings get their increases the freeze has been defrosted a few of similar application to those who are on income support and received six thousand census not freeze to also help a workers have to get there in commenced at the center from the freeze is all in all eight million people without their incomes rise as result of these changes but it does leave another to be in your own budget to find. so what can we expect from a process by mr today we know the outline of what which carries into what you're going to be affected by the spending cuts the bacon slices going to come from the butcher which deals with the majority of services and sector workers eighteen billion off the fifty million to come from and is open to us because to the health care budget honesty the general welfare payments budget report to prime minister
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decides he's going to try to make their savings to cost efficiencies from south and help the greater use of generic medicines tried to save money driving causing services to the vigils fourth point of this whole fifty billion in costs is to try to find afro swans tax cuts for businesses. i'm trying create jobs and fronts the sort of things expected of mine about the efforts of the deficiencies of the savings of thirty steering clear of things like austerity tax cuts and our supposed even structural reform. probably you can add forward to hearing more from french feminists in an all know that that the chair seats you can look at what to expect of the will of course be covering. i was at the french prime minister has to announce any new cardigans down week isn't much of my meal position of these is the end of the thoughts and i'll be back in just over fifty minutes for seven weeks geelong business. some say it's the underbelly of
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politics. others say it's a necessity to make sure the close of business is in the corridors of power in xp on a business we strung the lights on all being in the european union. beyond business. i had to come. oh and welcome to the interviewee sheriff on strikeouts. our guest today spent ten months in detention in syria. he is a freelance journalists from students to list. many cannot be known welcome to the postman cup interview. you were captured in iraq how the north east of the series on two twenty second of the same day another franchise is just so that's what's up carts and two weeks after two other journalists to dip also up and did well in the us were also caught two were for weeks. in the knights of
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the nineteenth to twentieth of april he came back to france to see a lot of emotion hall does it feel to be back home and back on planet earth. you are planning to sell the site to a twenty one year into its time to land being his only is it a must to people says a must attend talks. off to deflect and the doc's is stunning is that something extra special because that because i was in canton and as the world. and a noob medina has in its different dresses for tenants to time underground two is a really light and reason that we humans are times when very little that the torah. a forty eight sunday at night because we have seen that if the power of two g is unknown when the twins is is that i would eventually come back between the nighttime so we were given to a top tooth is
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that it is the presence of all. though the hats and i'm well yes it's the added security takes time to chew reaction it into rean it was ey emotional abuse key for me to go to simei a great easy and made many key is my commentary on kate's weasel those in areas of them hugging you. oh yes it is the second is is that romanticism on me the catholic man takes him in the tough times for president was and to come back to you because. they could take you. wednesday we like each picture as a stranger. and it may take time for them to to come back to batam for even three after just a couple of days busy we'll see we'll catch you and greed and envy of the things you see when the stakes are too too too too too too late to go with it because they really busy with your presence you would go away
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again. and and and and disappear again and actually beat us and it didn't take more than a second cousin to just jump in me and to realize that know and it is time to answer that. and this is izzy didn't want to return to reason too and i was keen to get through somehow. for a good cause you are the detained in a dozen places according to your own statistics that i may call them this way. sometimes in very harsh conditions new foods. no place to sleep and sometimes also violence. yes it happened. well do you jazz is conditions where it's always hard but yet have to confess most of the time and that even when i'm in. the physical sciences and business awards. i mean the justice system has uncertainty not to know we know what its next day we can
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add up or even six minutes that is the key is that i can grant a second because you don't know what what can happen to ten minutes secondly someone to clean your room and a lot. i mean your. even she looks even if nothing happens. use to css is it is one of the conditioning of the hostage. and as it is itself or is he sold to finance it. you probably realize now that people with very worried when news emerged that you were in the hands of one of the most violent groups one of the most but it's his mom's groups in iraq. in arabic it's known by the acronym guy ish. for some people cities even more violence. then i'll pick a top. it did you realize that you were in their hands and that's. it could really be on our toes
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into his own service jihadis so we knew they were from the senate in terms of managing group that oldest ever since. sometimes contradict themselves. we knew i could not say for sure which group was telling us what did you hear. as you would die at some point and you always believe that they would be an ally to the end of the tunnel. i was going squares come to terms that you know this and it's not it's sometimes difficult to keep them on without us because one of the ways you kept your confidence is that's. the eu the hostage takers were asking for or groups apply as is known to use it to convey to the french secret services are in your family on a regular basis. this was the intended uses some things that was extremely positive for us is at the request for the leak we. we were asked to
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be there should be doing. or the secret question. zeus was really good team optimism. why is it you misunderstand. zach is as dumb as to mean something there was something going on some took some discussions this time though the sec one notices from. pup achieve positive outcome but we were asked to write just myself typing pool is great. stephen c o'connell that mean when an extremely cautious and the time i write she says well we're oh so very much where is it. the scanner situation can become monsters monsters rights of others be there things you did. you don't want to get in sooner because of the year conditions. for obvious reasons one of the things that you talked about a new
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and fellow hostages former hostages they should say is the fact that you have friends or friends speaking it captures the watching and yet it watching over you and so this is a bit dim among the captives people from these two different regions and agencies at the store so i can that's for sure. he was french already was and went over all that yes they were among the most was this suspicion was on campus visit some of them were speaking to a friend and which is climbing. the pauses and make the trip too well all but soo good. but sometimes quite well sometimes transferred to new lives sometimes funny sometimes well wasn't european languages so. it was it was produced to connect
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to. an international gathering of people yes there are reports debts a ransom was kate's of my friends. this according to determine. magazine focus is u eighteen million dollars were paid for the present trend says it doesn't pay a ransom. would you trust. i was distressed because the because well. is it that we are. and mr recounted the gardens is forever and i'm really impressed to memphis because for me to let festival has to tighten up to be modest about his benetton has made major piece to use to communicate to the interstate exit arctic and since i have to say i don't know. regarding just as the stream. i'm quite sorry to hear is that the stitched in the month to get to
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because to be used to that gays are all potential bad guys the price tag. over the head of the future of germany's torah. the main tenant law comes over to her who would have to go to this region. and that would be certain because it is anyways this is the good stuff is so high that day. a time. and it's yours but you do read this are probably negotiated against something you would not just sweets but you don't know you know quips are you telling your children your. although dollars for and how we're going to do is find a hat that she'll be there she sees them he knows enough to understand the things i meant when she when and where they can break into. shias who are new. i was cool. it was good to all who coached few days
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i went easy to catch you because i'm that guy. and the sentiment. today i've got to sit tight. speaking of that guy. i imagine that's you realize that for sure la son who just announced he would run again for president you are the perfect propaganda tool because he can say well. the people i'm fighting against our people were holding foreigners western foreigners especially hostage to the t o i'm very much aware of is is some dispute and was aware of this even before i get cold. is that the series kind of an object a balance between. as the most radical jihadism most media is different. on the shield. the regime because l kings is in camp and eventually start shooting system. course. you are saying it's a good decision for most media outlets not
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to go to syria anymore because of what happened to you. i'm going to burst. mm the strings question because i'm on one hand i would like to say yes and doesn't know just because it's stupid to risk some photos to report annual report was denied. on the other hand it's heaps this is possible to retrieve its decision expected and the one that was no information whatsoever thing this was happening and this is exactly what they are kept to the cute kids. think the speaker in the four are witnessing about your ordeal in syria. thank you very much for watching this edition of the introduced a tune here for more nukes. in any case i first read this. in march two thousand thirteen. cyprus was on the verge of bankruptcy
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meeting seventeen billion euros the safety car. in exchange for a moment the european union imposed tax on bank deposits. here they are cypress is still struggling to recall. soaring unemployment bankruptcies growing insecurity appreciating cypriots in the topic. growing numbers are trending to charities and the state. cypress cove resort growth or theory secure its helping cypress interested in. of course but kept dot com. in. the each. i
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mean. when i the moscow state
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university named after him the moment so the president are soft enough to buy a cheap election on the difficulties in and images of the ration grecian the president told the audience about the prospects of mutual cooperation in the coming years by the way the site students prominent politicians and leaders scientists and representatives of diplomatic corps came to moscow state university at the beginning of this page to soften as the vipers mind audience about his first two boys the idea of eurasia immigration twenty years ago today according to the president calls cooperation has been


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