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place to date research makes the network you knew me and moving me. this program has brought you by. critically norway's mainstream crews were lies. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report local encounters and access to wilkinson . the i'm sure
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the eastern ukrainian city of nantes saving me from ancient why oh why did you laugh and be the on bail but this is a swatch of the ukraine. the un taunting seventeen the teaching company the three three in the market and got skating least eleven of the country has faced by commenting but since it was taught not just truth. drink in one. i did a viable one. at least fourteen people have been injured while full and the reported to be missing and the ukrainians to snowbird and yet the answer to prayer and the scene dependence one is cursed and assisting which
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has become one of the defenders of anti government unrest across the east of the country's aunties was he a husband that they call the events that for state the week. with the beach. the baby. and with the uplifting. on the vcr. he said. but it makes about two thousand community protest is among the members of radical movements the scenes played out as police tried to break
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the prices up. if people are injured. how the vintage yet administration building at six. i get. i love. don't hate. i ate. still got to babysit it since it was over i am only a matter of time before there's another flare up. the opposition wanted it it was also called the development and enhance online just a single cost of the ukrainian television channels will soon be restored and the region expect to find alternatives the unknown. move on
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rushing to the jewels of businesses that need ongoing tensions in ukraine. the us brings in the shuffle fading to comply with international peacekeeping efforts to find housing to mine did not approve of moscow's involvement in the crisis most of the new additions are connected to the n and u nineteen team chant that is all said alleging that the tins and your partner is holding giant of the group is one of the biggest investment companies of march at busting consolidated revenue of one hundred billion dollars. it runs the land which belongs to build a great eye and is one of russia's biggest rail transport to the boil is also on the sanctions list another time this is as gm group and major gas pipeline built up under one on costumes main contract is it a wedding is around ten million dollars and tony martin the former you can constitute russia needs the actions of counterproductive. what's in it to the summit county diplomatic norms and helpful i think it helps if
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the rhetoric it's going to the speaker. washington has not helped the two sides to find agreement and i try to rush job is to have a good day at the bottom of time he'll be the masters of the road since steve country i think an approach which concentrated more on class discussions with russia with russia point here is a corporation like to be more successful. and you can watch tony brennan was going to be that fast and reliable fully washington's needs the eu has also acted as his morning staple on plants. how wonderful to be short on russian companies. the lake and the money. khamenei said trade between china and the wife mom to two twenty seven billion dollars in twenty thirteen at etsy europe significantly strong economic ties with moscow while another four hundred billion dollars in the same period of time. economist mark scott who said that is not surprised the year ended the end of the functioning mosque that. there's a pretty good diversity of opinion
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inside you're up inside the eurozone will depart to talk about the single european opinion. that being said europe has had a harder time and is more tentative than more recent effort to get out of this recession than the united states mean the economy is more fragile additionally the defendants particularly our natural resource exports from russia is much higher in europe the united states. this is an indirect route of intensifying sanchez is just a click away for the results he got caught. officials in iraq say an outdoor market pulled off the northeast and not have killed at least eleven people and firms to avoid the expressions on monday it on to putting sanctions and to think that the carnage comes and the comforter plans to widen its genteel election since the twenty eleven pullout of us troops. he's gotten three one with one fp risk of
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the current pontiff thousand nine hundred civilians have been killed this month the line making it the deadliest foe in six days and almost four thousand have died since january. thus he became the deadliest since two thousand and eight with over nine thousand people killed in olson's the beginning of the us led invasion. up to one hundred and sixty six thousand the sydney dance company recorded and i was on tilt even if he could help shed the experience of covering local elections a new low cost. we found a country that was incredibly defined it for example even and odd duck neighborhoods the students were now completely separated by sectarian divisions night i sat down and admitted any massive changes and the weekly changes between then and now much worse escalation of violence and and and and much worse situation because back then we now people have fled we've seen an increase in attacks these kinds of attacks are far larger than what we're seeing last year a
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larger death tolls. it's not just an eagle just have a fanatical groups during an issue which is also the accusations on both sides of the monkees forces using certain election is also the radical forces in and basically it just it's just evolved into this very lucky that area. to see how the action. going into international affairs. eugene mcgee a set of clippers and see. it's what we're seeing here is the continued fruits of the us invasion which de stabilize the country and a failed attempt to rebuild the country under different offices right now in iraq what we see is something of a confessional system that was set up by the us occupation they essentially did everything they could muster the invitation to divide the country along ethnic and religious lines and so there is no real national government even though i believe he is allegedly the head of government for the entire country. i don't think certainly the election process as they think this all that so far received in fact the belief the government has even deep
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in that i've been so many ways in so i think that this lecture will discontinue the same state of affairs that we have seen. in the post occupation phase of iraq where the devices are not rich but elections and in fact violence continues is diff infection spotted the squares of the day. it's pretty pessimistic outlook of the future of the recently from you that it's a bit of a gloomy future prospects. what can we expect an awful mess of action but it is a step toward ending the sectarian bloodshed or is it something you expect might discontinue the hope of course the typical oh is it that these elections the change things but difficult to see how how. the past two years nope no single coalition has been able to actually govern ment and effect change in the real fear here is that time the hawkeyes forces was to consolidate power. there will be more of a push towards the upper canyon wall more of the same. the route to see how anyone can transcend the sectarian differences really makes it
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in the spirit and you don't see the country calling for action. the change can really change the military situation it's how it's orlando waxing come to my mind makes the tenth annual and long when he suggests that these will be on its way to becoming an apartheid state something was also in the uk is stunning. once the rate of traffic cameras into the country into the money was to find out more about the fortune has been generated interest. the air she wasn't an option well combined the last section of state is in damage control my urge to some comments he made behind closed doors when they make trunk area and is at a
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stroke and become an apartheid state. if not a peace deal with the palestinians is reached on tuesday showed strong statement of apology saying he wished he had chosen different wives. kerry was also at pains to insist that his commitment to israel should not be quenched. mr howard is nice but i did only the things of life is not one school the keys and it was heated the duke's blog about it the blokes like about that so it is about the use of illegal to break the injuries he's definitely in a puppet regime. when in doubt. toby is why we sold the rights and do it and that was dealt a cv rights whatsoever. the season the state department's top hats and jackets on to the chase stumbled out laughing. grilled with this question let's take a listen to that. you do except that the people who live under israeli administration a move
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to the israeli authorities to write before this prep. i don't think and analyze this for that. last sat poised afraid strongly criticizing israel. it doesn't make it harder to make any progress in the peace process to ensure he sees it the tools these notions on from that rules the show sees the good old peace process was the oldest posts they to whom he's good he's going to a two piece the erection any american with the shovel just has to say the tools or just best to criticize these aren't even in a very cautiously me that he is apologize to me that he is still a great trick will be saved. peace is really nice to me. and there i was done so for sure it doesn't make any sense. aren't you going to have taken its toll and crime in england and wales was chatting away to the three hundred million
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pounds in fines of up find it has been raising eyebrows as critics cite the divine decision about improving road safety the center may be standing as a goldmine for local authorities police house to house his the interview i had taken the best of times. it did make it to be taken to . but if the ecb parking fines the polish aged ninety two cents having read the new regime. it won't let go of the nature of pain continental from london to get back to the bottom of the reef the mace is a result the cctv for the youth making something for me and how london councils way far behind. the government to place the clayton family of lakewood capsules. some critics say he did it get another ticket the consequence that was in the coming one of the greats
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like the nation in europe. i couldn't agree more. actually i would like to see us know what i've been trying to position it is about to kill this match we told that we need to text of the pixies and the need to do to protect the liver that the from the threats the life i have about what i'm saying is that cancels on giving because they don't use it's very effective tools that can help actually it's a good against us to do this because it's like insecurity made using other means of attending the concert site disappointing given the amount of beef is with me about it she needed help with ip rights would not be going ok. what's with the council had but didn't get packed with iaea. what's with the city council has very strict criteria for the cia cctv cameras. however at the ccp becoz also used to manage parking and crucially
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in the safety of rabbits who is a co counsels are being warned that they could face thirty three intervention if they couldn't get to the line in the meantime it is like talking buying the house take some comfort that in the fact that even compete on the news well tina always have things to buy declarer did stress that this all. he didn't jane and several sure what he thinks is behind these cameras on and just trust him the easiest. he has made out and this is not consistent soon the seeds to try and discourage nature. it's huge audience that transcends these babies. this concerns the next station that it's bad taste in order to try and discourage people from driving the cost of a central
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government to realize that this is becoming a priest the increase meant and he said. to get in the making as yet we haven't seen attached. the sky with a set of six people in the services have homes. according to government officials and experts were in a predominantly a light district is or was before which tells her to school in the capital to knock this can eat well. the attacks come a day and to present the sun put himself forward for re election. for the beginning of june. these other nations pictures from canceling the u s state of georgia at what he thinks people have reportedly been injured falling in shaping as one house of korean chance to express. i'm a silly and not how many people were involved in the incident. all six of the wind had been taken to a local hospital. we'll bring you down to some this developing story so nice to get out. myspace and if
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the pens have been used to walk anti gay anti us protest is hungry and finding out that defense cooperation agreement between washington and nina were also furious that his visit to campus when he was president of the black and khaki signed the deal which also there with tongue planted. the big deal for buses depart getting itchy when he chats with the bases of it as much on time and that in nineteen ninety eight the eighth wonder what is fast melting into little suit against open company for environmental pollution green chemicals will come to them on to the us on skis and the mosque and mix into the case in breaking the problem is coming away in three hours but he's pretty young. there are unfortunately has learned that i can share this with a ten month prison sentence
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just what he wanted his attack on our website on single call. while you are going to be indoors pictures of him a kiss and a lip stain from antarctica and australia eye. using eye. she will not count itself among the bailout success stories with its economy by going to run to break up cd is a painful thirteen matches this plant is giving false dawn after the channel one with a well heeled for mccartney's oceans and refine the now the human emotional issue was in portugal wealthy and going through testing. he sounds of commons cost up to full eighteen years the time these defendants high readings from the former colony. couple that seemed to have a small fry compared to
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the pcs and high speed create it. the upside is simple to understand while portugal's economy shrunk join the financial crises. i'm getting used to do with oil and diamond mine in a month and that was invested in kenya called cheeky sexes however there is at that site because most of this money comes from my dad has political and business elites and comforted them and i love the scent of the money don't drink right being carried out by authorities here in lisbon the spot the diplomatic spat between the two countries lusty and high life the french only chance that the steelers action sheet. i use president reacted angrily threatening to say that i can only time i sweep portugal which codes for use to express regret the investigation was taking place on course to storm the nation's media. time there is some kind of problem in portland angola because of that love makes the relationship can be on the well something's happened
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but the icing with the relation is strongly to the tune to do that. in twenty oh eight and nine venues make a good cold too this element is that the telco iptv is again specifically to paint the porch to scream and i'm going to be snarky. still single. we are already on two thousand customers a month i'd say it'll have on current business men and women. a small indication of the pig in a carrier that is happening. kangaroos new economic power is taking wickets. the summer. auntie kristin. the us. rule the american humanist association is really riled up over that one very famous chunk of the pledge of allegiance that was added to
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fight the contest in the cold war that says that america's one nation under god. they claim that the inclusion of god in the pledge makes it seem like a fiesta america are second class b tricks and introduced it to be his prejudices. well this really depends how you see the united states is that some sort of neutral ground where anyone with any police can go i'd be a lot of people to integrate the usa for religious freedom. so in this case the word god needs to go or is the state's unique culture that needs to be assimilated into and the culture is all complete price increase in which case the lord almighty must stay in the pledge. i got this philosophical argument about the nature the xt to be solved anytime soon. we'll agree it was but we think about us is the country's rugged individuals took a picture to be of an individualistic yet it may make you say the pledge of allegiance in school everyday but you don't have to say the part about god if he'll want to. while that might not save you from pressure from religious school mates body will keep your conscience clean before the eyes of god
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or not god whichever you prefer. i just bought it room. you could post a photo from a vacation. you can't well it's different. boss repeats the same old. of course him. two ex girlfriend still parents richard and poetry. keep jobs. ignore it we just don't see your face you see the doors. stories you know. changing the world
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like snow. picture. in the atmosphere can tell you from afar in crimes. nothing and no one on one or sixteen not distinguished looking to become police officers leaders. my children fishermen. the button. it is don't answer that it's inspector frank was nearly was laid back manner that licensed try to get it
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the is just soo fast. cecil well me just that. the chain it's good. indigenous when cars are the students. it is series ability to uncover the truth may be his greatest strength. it also kept in constant conflict with his superiors to me in and see the awesome like a real privilege it is approaching again at the top selling the tickets are one of the final two companies was so relieved. scott monument this i can touch. it recently so difficult. the new pc recently only to go basically the name of the stall. most of the time he maintains an impasse and exterior which masks the ever present grief over the death of his wife with whom she
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began consuming. get a team preview the streak or so. i mean. when this money under the posts. this into question i am i the new. she wants. i listened to me. stitched
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what do i see it. other people's expressions of healing. which leads to what may be one of the town in television's most generally awkward moments the kid the tynecastle club opened fall in crime stunned and enthusiastic television audience in italy. we ran for three seasons between two thousand five and two thousand ninety eight the story is based on the novels of the larry over race which became popular for her sense of history and exploration of the aisle causes of crime. only to his novels have been translated into english and welsh serve as a departure point for the series episodes rather than providing specific storyline. mary's place and barbara pease who brings a depth to his trail of a complicated man. in addition to his acting career. barbara is a well known figure in italy because of his
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political involvement. having served as a member of parliament since two thousand and eight he became famous in nineteen eighty through his association with the notorious heartfelt cannibal holocaust. a film so unrealistic its director was arrested on murder charges he was one of four actors killed in the film who sign contracts requiring him to stay out of all media for year. in order to fuel rumors that the film was an actual snuff movie. only the contracts were canceled and the actors appeared on the tv show where the charges against the filmmaker dropped and. she did. humans him the love interest a crime displayed by russian actress natasha stott can you tell who began her acting career after winning the look of the year contest in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and the popular tv host. before
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stepping into became famous as the model and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow study metal engineering. stir until smooth. stay in sydney recently. this time. it's a little spooky i mean character in the series is the river health. it shakes alinsky. the climate and lots of people on its banks. both rich and poor. is anyone who tries to look beneath the surface it seems complete our teeth and its history can never be fully understood mueller says the people of color. and it also hides to sleep. secrets that one
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occasion. discovered by people like ghosts and harry who have eyes to see. i could i. the ori each day exclusive nbc networks. the top story was the case most intriguing topic as told but it makes the premier global content partners back to back any glitch is what i mean washington enlightenment you have for lacking here in philly this weekend is here i'm not scared of dogs like me yes i think that i'm gunning after that i can take that steely each afternoon on in the two networks to work on in the tea dance. he will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks we were in
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was i. and the eye. a new one slovakia and ukraine signed a deal that will allow the european union to provide a limited amount of natural gas to ukraine and russia decides to cut supply while the deal could help soften the blow if russia cut gas supplies amid the crisis between the two countries the agreement is not its far reaching and clear thinking of adults under the deal slovakia will make technical adjustments to an old unused pipeline to ship about eight to nineteen cubic meters of gas. starting in the autumn larger than a taste of the crimean peninsula and the continuing turmoil in


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