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something new and restored order in the series seventeen ninety in your watch and see the us. a stalwart of the journal is your life properly and mcg. brian thomas years as the head again. here is that there is a jewish heritage is awarded to run the nation will defend its territory. off to find you. pro russian separatist or more buildings in the east the country turkey's prime minister says he wants the united states to support it he said. as for corruption allegations about him. again was very latest on
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the ukraine crisis the new comments from washington indicate the us is taking a tougher stand against russia but speaking to the atlantic council think tank in washington d c secretary of state john kerry said the territory of mitchell is inviolable. here's more of what he said. what russia's actions in ukraine tell us is that today. putin's russia. this claim by a different set of rules. and through its occupation of criteria that subsequent de stabilization of eastern ukraine. russia seeks to change the security landscape of east and central europe we have to make it absolutely clear that problem that nato territory is inviolable. we will defend
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every single piece of that now in ukraine so the pro russian separatists there are spending their control of areas in the east of the country in the latest bush. the storm government headquarters in the city of lost. well this latest action brings new tensions in a region where police stations and government buildings are now under opposition control in at least ten cities and towns the romans didn't seem to have an ethical trading eastern ukraine the regional government headquarters in the city behind. chanting russia recipe called for the region to break away from ukraine and joined the russian federation the armed men also stormed the city's main police station. the recent student reported no casualties the separatists have now ceased the home of the stations and other government buildings in the twin towns and cities in eastern ukraine. on command
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and armored combat vehicles are patrolling the deserted streets. progress has been reported in negotiations for the release of seven military observers treaty organization for security and cooperation in europe. p s as the separatists are also called into the ukrainians moscow is controlling the insurgents in date. but the mole real political agenda. baker knoll political goals and become an all or any intention to withhold any dialect. they simply execute orders from russian author this. ukrainian government is also seeking parliamentary approval for a new constitution that would strengthen the right to use the russian language and includes all the changes designed to defeat this effort is protests. nice moment were given to one of the main issues of constitutional reform is expanding regional self government. with or without it we won't be able to move beyond authoritarianism it up when abbott's we won't be able to build strong regions
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and a strong country he said reducing the grave. russian president. ukraine has already announced it will hold a referendum on the region's future status on the eleventh two weeks before national elections are planned. let's get to the very latest on the situation now for that we go to don't ask our correspondent there. this team can lose your first off we have the russian separatists no taking government buildings and police headquarters in lohan's what he tells about that. well certainly has a new dramatic did today logan's the of pro russian separatist usc's the regional administration building the prosecutor's office and the regional building of the interior ministry were also does getting word that a prominent supporter of the pro ukraine movement eager to dole scheme. umm was kidnapped and injured by gunfire. meanwhile while overhearing honesty and as the prosecutors are pushing for criminal charges. this is
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always a similar pattern and really shows the helplessness of the authorities in kiev you know we're also getting reports on the good side of that to some positive developments with the osce military observers are being held in the slow vix what's happening there. well that's right i'm in the latest that we're hearing right now is after talks with the oecd negotiators the self proclaimed mayor of slow downs justice of the mario said that of good progress had been made however he did not want to name a timeframe for that. um it's probably worth recalling that the same they are also held an american journalist of for four days before releasing him from his captivity. today lucy and kim following a dense forest on the ground there in ukraine. thanks very much. slowly russian gas export of gazprom is saying that any further sanctions from the west over you trying to disrupt gas sales to
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europe. the energy giant said more sanctions could hurt its business and impact its operations. gazprom currently supply as thirty percent of europe's gas needs. most of which goes to germany the kremlin is often accused of using gas prone to achieve its foreign policy goals. oh short time ago we spoke to dw corresponding right to aid in moscow master if europe should consider this a real threat to gazprom. quite a serious warning at least that is also what experts here in moscow. tell us it is an official warning from the kremlin and gazprom ce year in second base after topping is very import since you're action on saturday regarding the sanctions that led us around a couple of weeks ago my pt sent a licensee european league is reminding them that that ukraine was this very important and transatlantic for russian gas to ukraine
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was owning a rush oh one and the hoff billion euros of money just for gas and she also said that russia had some courses in ukraine with the subsidies for a gas and a net value of two and twenty five billion euros. it's not just about money there too she once that money of course but he also must be very frustrated about the fact that all the subsidies another cab to ukraine class after class i know winter is coming the more everyone understands that and gas is all set to linda ca said that not even a weapon. reich gone there speaking to us from moscow we go to libya now where the parliament building bears had to abandon a vote on the next head of government after gunmen stormed parliament. at the time lawmakers are holding a final vote to replace the prime minister who resigned earlier this month. department spokesman said the gunmen were linked to one of the defeated candidates and several people had been wounded in
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the attack. the turkish prime minister assured everyone says he'll be asking the us to expedite the muslim cleric accused of trying to topple the turkish government cotillard today and has been living in the us state of pennsylvania for the past fourteen years. he leaves an islamic movement that no one says the strike organize a parallel state within turkey there once as good an orchestrated police raids in december which dozens of the prime minister's allies were detained on bribery charges. the german presidency awesome gals criticism of turkey's violent crackdown on protesters the censoring of social media has been sharply attacked by the country's prime minister but a tire iron ones is a gal could stop acting like a pastor pastor ankara was vital to helping defuse the region's refugee crisis. germany's president continued his four day visit to turkey by helping
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inaugurate a new german turkish university in istanbul with turkish president of the group. on current prime minister a good time and one boy his displeasure at jokes criticism of his regime on the tin. you have to behave as a statesman he probably still considers itself a pastor because he was wondering what he's done now is unacceptable. or even informing him about everything and telling him exactly what we do. the thing is that the road to up. one went on to say that the german president is meddling in turkey's domestic affairs and that his country need to lectures from germany how can seem fazed by that fast. the coveted qantas minus three to nineteen ninety two which is to address in the concrete none of these realities and current dispute and that we know about these because of media coverage and someone from civic groups because they tried to make anything up. if anything my moments
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when restraint which can be a shortcut to the visa. telcos of cranes turkey as a dependable partner especially for taking in refugees from syria. it seems clear to welcome you to comment on press freedom and turkeys judicial system and police would cause controversy. we turn to syria now where an international watchdog is deploying a group of experts to investigate new reports that poisonous chlorine gas was recently used the country's central province. the well at least fifty five people died in separate attacks today in the capital damascus and in the central syrian city of calls. the attacks come a day after syrian leader bashar assad formally announced his candidacy for presidential elections coming up in jail on that. there's no end in sight in the city in theory these new bank trying to teach to the adult american attack on an open seat even
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after two days ago. witnesses say two he piled on six twenty eight killing at least ten people. in the same family. i live. this went against a t because of what looked like normal i e going on in the capital. one day after president fact that he would be running again to the christian cng people to comment. the chef's the artist lisa told the candidacy of mr president the coast area witnessed a bit like a father and son in what is in heaven. yet critics say president should not be holding an election in the middle of the wall which people are dying every day the casualties are not confined to a position just takes off itunes. state tv also shape the aftermath of another attack today in damascus. they say two mortar shells landed near a
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religious school in the mostly shiite neighborhood ashtanga. at least fourteen people killed and another eighty six ancient according to state tv i still don't want politics to be attending classes at the timing. a list and is going to dedicate to the state news agency claimed the attack on opposition fighters. and in iraq there's been more violence one day before the first parliamentary election since u s military troops was true it will take place amid allegations of widespread vote rigging and daily bomb attacks that two bombs ripped through a market northeast of baghdad today killing at least seventeen people wounding forty two others the policies obama on monday that killed more than thirty people. iraqis living outside the country have also been voting for a new parliament to their homeland here in germany thousands of iraqi expatriates have been going to polling stations to cast their ballots. the dude's
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tarek alias and miserable sars filed this report the gorgeous spring meeting in berlin. eamonn and the sun i'll walk you have called the german capital on for more than thirty years. but they still have strong connections to iraq the country they comencerned at iraq's future. and are closely following the campaigns for iraq's upcoming elections the current situation is nothing but stagnation nothing's happening. he caught the eyes or their allies. the images images of another iraq holy sites revered by both shiites and sunnis. but the country is being torn apart by sectarian violence violence that has claimed the lives of several of the monologue cubes relatives. i know around when i emigrated the situation was scheduled to have a happy childhood with my family and
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friends. it hurts to see the sectarian divisions in any other activities. iraqi citizens lining up to vote in berlin. this is one of four polling stations the iraqi government has set up in germany. many of the voters casting their ballots here are hoping for change in our country. some reject certain parties for religious reasons others want to elect a different prime minister. not very many people want to call some afternoon for five hundred kilometers just to cast their ballots. a team and then we got taken out when you speak in with them the walk eels haven't had to travel that far. but there just as glad they can vote and it's not easy. there are more than nine thousand candidates. the paperwork is daunting. but to walk eels are eager to vote in the new iraqi government that will tackle the country's problems we're going to short break when we come back more problems with microsoft's internet explorer. it is even
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this confirms it will be making a formal takeover bid for the french industrial giant alstom all that the whole lot more. back in just over a minute. the road
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zz you. for french industrial giant alstom has intensified after siemens confirmed it does plan to submit a formal takeover bid to counter generally electric what would be the biggest tug of war ever for the french for the siemens is making preparations to bid for owls them assets under the condition that it seems the same access to financial information that g e s while still a maker of power transmission gear and the famous french high speed tgv trains became the object of competing interests after talks with general electric progressed in recent weeks but the us company aiming to buy all of its energy assets
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about two hundred employees protested outside the offices in paris. no one read about the fate of the company into the jaws may be addressed unlike the french government these employees rejected siemens into the company's energy efficient. they say the us rival general electric gets them on. do you like to see better for us because the activities of both companies complement each other whereas with the european company whose name we know well there's competition across sectors and that would be fatal outcomes activities in the short to medium term it is too fat. after meeting with labour representatives french economics minister whom or who sought to reassure someone has to keep it up in an era not only financial interests at play here but also industrial social and human interests in the government will defend their country's interests of its demons is due to successful the french company were taken to the german company's high speed trains in return. siemens would
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acquire of storms energy activities. siemens has reportedly pledged to kill french jobs for three years but these are still want to have that dogs and say they'll continue their protests. well let's check in on today's market action and of course takeover speculation on several fronts prompted investors to buy into the markets are coarse punish the fumbles and is the summary from the frankfurt stock exchange the takeover bid from film may lead to an article that you nikki for the men's that also hides many risks analysts fear that there might be a bidding war between siemens and general electric and pissed off cause would be very expensive and get the mojo would become true then what are the tough problems to have said because the mit some synergy of that unit east but also many risks and the european market investors seem all the opportunities and
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the risks he meant it when it's like to be out in a very frantic general market the dax has been driven by a very good quarterly results sure viable force in trade for we can stay for a closer look at the numbers and that dax it was up by nearly one half percent closing ballad ninety five eighty four the year starts fifty thinking of selling games as well finishing at three thousand two hundred and eight cross atlantic on wall street is the sound also well deposit era torture the sixteen thousand five hundred and fifty one in the year slightly lower against the greenback trading at a value when us dollar thirty eight eleven folsom really terrible news for commuters in london this evening there experiencing some severe disruptions as that city's underground rail network is hit by a strike workers walked off the job monday evening protesting plans to close all the ticket windows into about a thousand jobs of hundreds of thousands have been affected by the walkout which is set to last until wednesday evening workers sale strike again in
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a fit if their demands are not met. a major security flaw affecting several versions of microsoft's internet explorer web browser has been discovered many of those who are still using windows xp are especially vulnerable. more than one in four computers on this planet are running xp in because microsoft and its tactical support for the product this month that will not be the fix. well some are newer versions of the software also being impacted the company is now in damage control mode it's not the only one cares more. it's certainly not what microsoft has in mind security was supposed to be a top priority on the internet explorer and listeners into a stinking thinking. this is still affect internet explorer version six to eleven which accounts for a significant set of incredible trials the markets the us department of homeland security is now inviting individuals and
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companies to consider switching to another browser not welcome news for microsoft. actually friday with news from aol that's how it is may have accessed the accounts of some of its uses custom as a being as teaching step on sleds something which happens all too many. any survey says the one in fourteen cities isn't any minute as the apostle is online services and one in three use the same cost lives. the full sentences. so the caucus to cover the cost was taken after scolding he says that counts. it really needs more information on internet security. many uses think they're reluctant to taste and possibly too often because they're concerned they may not remember it and end up knocking themselves out of their own talents saudi arabia the surgeon the number of people infected with aids virus known as murders is causing international law. another
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eight people died in the kingdom over the weekend now this is only over the weekend this brings the death toll in toto to one as it uses the virus first emerged about two years ago experts say they believe the likely source of manners is camps the role of old and his daddy arabia. coming up i meet the above. animals can fetch a high price. now that i can study in eighteen seventy c in school two pounds bill to provide meat and milk. the news that these animals could be sold at detecting the time the senate. in that. this book just as many of his customers and no don't go buying terminate because he is protecting the pirates evidence from saudi arabia of a link between them as
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finance and camels is mounting. that statement is not conclusive. still the one hundred essential to camels of the primary silks that it is like it because we found the virus and camels on was the same as the one human's face to kiss any pics of the world health organization each intimate connections section of the weekend to come to diagnose the best patient. twenty seven year old man has recently come back from saudi arabia chavez of being told to exercise caution. this cake is also included in jordan have to be known to die next as of middle east in its bid to be stingy and belongs to the same time the sauce which killed more than eight hundred people that he's the guy. governments they snubbed as contagious as ours but davis gets no kill the vaccine. martinez was to find out exactly how messy
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spreading to humans it was all the souls lost measures can be taken to contain the fire. and more people dying you well to south america now a huge line to supermarkets in shortages of basic products become the norm in this way let the past year. the economic hardships are just one of the forces driving massive protests that turned deadly of the past few months turned around today the vatican announced it's willing to help facilitate talks between the toes government and its opponents ended ending the unrest is paralyzed much of the country. i know venezuelan police have become harsher and their crackdown on anti government demonstrations. i began on the twelveth of february with students taking to the streets to protest against crime inflation and food shortages the protesters are calling for economic reforms and more democracy. the government has branded and fascists and
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terrorists and is ordered right police to use tear gas just use that each piece can in front of the united nations office in caracas they're calling for the protection of the human rights of all venezuelans demonstrators say that some of the tear gas being used by the police is extremely dangerous. yes i love how it's not too old. christie gases from brazil should have been used for april twenty cents each he said. even more toxic off its sell by dates in the form of books. human rights activists are angry that the case of muncie in chico. she stands accused of terrorism. jill separated from her family. lawyers say she discovered a suspicious package and brought it to
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the police. they were not interested. later the rest of her and said that and i hiked the incentives. that made this with us and to all international realizations with this case. so when this is a gross violation of human rights quinn also a violation of the venezuelan constitution in the end the seals family rejects the police's claims that she was carrying explosives with a picture of her husband thinks she's being scapegoat what exactly this is a political. the bill are looking for a suspect. they say they'll rest of the protest not sure about the line for the rest that i woke up. and her mother says she has lost all faith in the justice system. getting on a book entitled i don't have faith in divine justice i strongly believe that the snp could go on to give my daughter back or freedom soon. meanwhile the cases given the police another
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excuse to accuse the demonstrators of terrorism and fascism eye being teenagers set a new world record in kew being that means solving the legendary rubik's cube in making sure each of six races as one color but a competition and tropicana and spunk and can crack the cuban just over a half seconds using one hand he says it's all down to the algorithms mental imagery and muscle memory. my phobia before we go big game going on right now by and real madrid thirty minutes plus the plate and roll for buying and this eighty minutes of first half in the champions league semi final the convenience retail around madrid making a comeback. look very very very difficult will it provide
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and when. a land full of natural resources. juno. in celebration of life with little class. my wallet these changes. sunday at eleven pm on the wall the eye
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the issue. statistics. you know. some of the too much
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the us. low the tree. welcome the eight thousand dollars to seventy five. ha ha. in ireland. i think you see something of what is so great about the ninth day. i must say that in the united states the rest of your art. sons and daughters. twenty five in fact i was greeted by it's been turned on and enjoying the opportunity to review its present name irish heritage shore thinking on all i ever did president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states


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