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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  April 30, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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arrived to take part in the meeting the supreme you're asian economic council a bilateral meeting of the sultan is a market like sand and shingle was held in independence palace that it is discussed issues of bilateral cooperation. last year trade turnover between the two countries exceeded seven hundred and thirty five million us dollars. in addition the business assets are ready functioning in fourteen joint ventures that led to the extent and to strengthen more on bilateral
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cooperation in economy industry agriculture education and other sectors with great pleasure we note the development of friendly relations and trust between our two countries. with her to them to do. the years to execute or through moscow to minsk. i think that today there are no major problems in our bilateral relations even in difficult times when what tree faces charges art return of a prosperous. i think it makes sense for us today to exchange views of the eve of the supreme council meeting on prospects of our nation and difficulties that may arise anyway in this difficult new way. yet this town meetings in moscow and read lectures at moscow state university and crafts era some fresh ideas and will be happy to hear from them. for this show hundreds of experts from government in three countries are involved in the work on agreement established inauguration economic union a high level meeting proved it is impossible to discuss
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issues of the heads of states for example the creation of a common market of oil and gas was among urgent questions during the top leaders of context and russia motorists once again confirmed their intention for economic integration for the benefit of all three states. after witnessing the action of austin on moscow and minsk other cis countries became active too for example official hinted on presented an action plan on joining the customs union in the common economic space on tuesday. thus the eurasian economic union may become even wider in the future. i need to learn the top three leading toward integration associations expressed by the president of the extent of lecture at moscow state university can be achieved by cooperation say russian experts a conference investment of cooperation and industry cooperation between kazakhstan and russia within the framework of the recent economic space was held in moscow. that is consistently one probable aspects of investment activity between the two countries and prospects for functioning of the tree eurasian economic union. and when i get to him
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of course we support the position of the president of kazakhstan has all come to mind regarding the actual operation. this is due to the fact that a huge new market has good prospects while in cutting crime malay mining and metallurgy of complexes in our countries where russian and kazakh any intervening if we did not provide the maximum extent the needs of our leading industries will be unable to develop steadily in our investor customers will be technologically dependent on foreign companies. no more chemo and put it with more snow but the mismatch between fifteen and he he he he. cis countries united efforts in the field of research and breakthrough technologies and this was perhaps the key aspect in the musical process the customs union today is the absolute reality. we hope that the signing of the agreement on the formation of the eurasian economic union and they will be an important step toward strengthening our integration is very important important to put the thing you why. i
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will rest of the event each week and then each school field. commercial attraction works was started as a gunman in the two thousand sixteen this was announced today the briefing of us in our bed because a minister of economy and budget planning to get a bowl of the site of early it was reported that she can feel me close for two years in connection with the planned construction of a special pipeline that will help prevent the spread of toxic assets. so with that issue. the attraction works will begin fully realize next year he'll be there in the second half began in two thousand fatigue which in its own widget that necessity but that with a crippling advocates to show it to the beach with us though according to the chairman of the transit agency for civil affairs the regional hub of civil service and products to attract attention of international organizations and states. at present about twenty countries in five international organizations such as the un development programme and organization for economic cooperation and development are involved in the current defence of the house. the world bank and the european union also expressed a keen interest in this project and he concedes
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it will serve as the regional hubs and i will pop open exchange of experience in civil service sectors of the serious situation countries. the work of the project is focused on the analysis of current civil service reforms as was the search for joint solution the secretary of the hub is located in austin on the events will be held outside the country to mr vitale said. for example the hands of a genocide expressed a desire to host a seminar on the quality of government services. similar proposals balls are received from turkey and armenia species we went into this there's a lot of interest. i was pleasantly surprised last month i visited washington in new york we have signed an agreement with the ump and on the b how the regional hub this is the organization that brings together all international leading experts in the field of ministry should instill a service of cyclists in yet so that isn't a continuous loop on. two military officers were killed and two injured in a suicide attack near the military camp of the libyan city of
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the gutsy a suicide bomber detonated an explosive ice in a car while trying to get into a camp near the main gate after the overthrow of the former leader of one cannot be with his new government cannot put the country the proper order former militant groups including radical islam is today a day the government can establish their own walls of the territories under their control continued to operate in the country the greatest number of attacks is committed in the gothic in the second largest city that is believed to be the cradle of the revolution. a strong wind storm in the us state of illinois to run forty five preaching carriages no injuries were reported. we only know that the train carriages demolish the power right next to the railroad accident took place near the town due to accident about a thousand residents lost electricity. nobody really had much in the same accident occurred over with a passenger train period of thirteen carriages were derailed when carson was injured in the accident roscoe said a national forum on maintenance services union will and gas sector authorities mining companies
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and for investors discuss the creation of powerful processing industry sectors in kazakhstan. twelve major enterprises operate in the field of mechanical engineering in the west kazakhstan region the production of imo companies increased by forty three percent compared to previous year. at the same time companies actively cooperate in russian and german enterprises. don't fight it. the notion that his appointment of the scientific and technical workers and intermodal traffic lights examination in some companies however we don't have such a direction in context and there's no such experience we want to extend his experience on the bases those in the south rim of the tory plan to train personnel in some honor to work according to international standards that also doubled the home i must admit that some of the joke was outside in the st parkville neocon agenda not feel well when companies that have invested in development and implementation of advanced technologies have already been operating there. we felt as the oil and gas sector currently will produce ball bounced in tokyo for wells
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and what equipment in india she chew upon the release control and measuring instruments and open laboratory conditions creating some extent for investors attract foreign companies. we're grateful to the government for support the forum is another chance to attract investors in the region. the event brought together leading producers and representatives of warburton companies. perhaps new joint ventures will open in the region soon. center console to network of hospice is for cancer patients. this was announced today by spokesperson of the ministry of health care that the congress of context and oncologist and radiologists according to their dad a special medical facilities will help to properly treat and cure cancer patients doctors have concluded that cancer untouched and in lead kills about seventeen thousand people currently more than a hundred and forty six thousand people are registered special screening programs allow us to reduce the number of patients by detection of disease in the early stages but while we are half of the target groups past three baseline medical conditions according to experts there is no less serious problems of week two and comparable basis of regional cancer centers. i
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mean he's the one about a new day to day thinking about buying a national highway in the cancer program estimates are undetectable base. it is necessary to have a diagnosis to make a correct diagnosis now we supply succession computer to moderate these magnetic resonance demography linear accelerators for high radiation therapy which do not exist because of all that the bully of the nineteen eighties and i think a little thing. it's where the money because a key link in austin and turn into an open air concert for few days aberrations the concert devoted to the celebration of the people's unity day take place here. artists from kazakhstan russia turkey georgia in india will perform on thursday. celebrations will be held at three different venues on the first president against the boston i will be with it is an epic villages. well the light can cause of all the groups living in the multi national will be presented here. i know it but haven't yet we were very pleased to receive this invitation weekend or for the first time ever with like everything the guys he was very happy to visit such
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a beautiful and like other to that. that was defended the pope has got to it. we have a specially prepared for the celebration is a great holiday that unites people tell me a friendship and love the new bush. the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said. no presumption that there has been increasing by three to fifteen to twenty percent annually according to the pitcher statistics more than half of it the local population and six although production increases in supply for domestic and foreign product is still out but by the consumption growth sales of imported products it's been a few points i present the large numbers of players are providing different and products that were given the stock markets
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offer consumers a wide range of products because he was so cool. people who did this and its owners would use to them nowadays the overall cost of domestic gas prices tied to one that has been the same market. therefore the country's ministry of the cost of roughly fifty specific program laser targeted sloth tailor made to the army currently a number of farms throughout the region are expanding their production for the russia to buy was produced in factories in the grounds of the first of all the stupid difference in the street from small farms. the best in class which is at my local dollar stadium and answer the question is why our domestic product so expensive brought their products cost covered seventy percent rise in average one tell kids to twenty times a multitude of dollars to sixty four point seven tonnes of melted it means that we need to keep workouts. thus these cars are reflected in the final prices with them. to make it to
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washington. experts predict that technological innovations of the member state to kids about their products. what a great post today market this document will come into force on the first to introduce more stringent one that quality dairy products in particular requirements for barbecues and i'd bet that the story felt to be considered separately. it rings up with the long term issuer default rating. i see your offspring from ppp to bbb plus. overall people with private news agency reports simultaneously picture of the for the short term iv are staying at a two level it has upgraded the country stealing from the release of two pc plus from a key agency analysts note that since the madrid of spain in two thousand fold the risk of the country's great work in this outfit on the line twenty two. this is happening in the economic outlook has been no positive as the problem is that states that have been creating additional burden of a state of the soft structure report in the little boy could prejudice the fiscal policy
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in twenty two sec which was carried out by the police response to the crisis improve the long term outlook of state that experts say according to readers like to suffer through its purchase of nokia mobile phone the british company plans to concentrate the business of the good of local call services. the university of michigan consumer sentiment index was repeated with it he pointed to what we could not afford to live with seafood imports the index of consumer sentiment indicator is designed to match a degree of hostile confidence in the us economy. the final picture turned out to be better than forecast. it was so expected growth rates of eighty three points. eye eye. and. and
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i just geographically patients and the false developing region. this is where one fourth the world's gdp. one of those that produce goods are concentrated. the great silk road and start connecting with the changing of the forty seventh annual meeting of the asian development bank. coupled with the lowest among
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business people policymakers been fastest in the asia pacific region from the second to the fifth of may in astana the organizers asian development bank the ministry of economy and budget planning of the republic of essex town and the economic research institute. i rmb from them. i was. dvds. does. we were. we
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live. i do. view. it is. we
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did this view. in. the ch ch sure or scolding the book is a rusty sword if the book shelf. two of the month of sight. it's been his director since two thousand and six still makes show up all the students arrive on time will lose i still get to it one last ditch bid to show
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it or not he is the pc. each local cpa which. so the little one up on it. rick seen improvements in its education services for default the top by two thousand one audi tt thousands of white meat in children's court where carriers. since international intervention. he has recently been in and clean and green universe. with five million children still out of school the government is working hard to provide the much needed access to the dish. it will put it out to the top of the top of the congo. he says though. he opened it. it is
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the most honest i didn't die the present coalition. to be affected due to the digi will not know what yet. she does the decision by the television that is that the bottle last night. these programs which include classics at least receive arts village and the beach in the short course code has been able to provide education to men and women up to forty five years of age or some of them squirming so once in a lifetime opportunity. but oh well. it says so that it was. it would assess the pool but that is junk we can do. but then even more to that. that was monday and he's no dummy pass he didn't get to post it here it does little to cheer for
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them. he says but in private spending. horsemen. it was the lead. the man. chapters it was a time. one last summer. much like to stick to my best to post about them but the ticket sales. some would say. all the small adult. sure the answer either going shopping. i get enough of it in increasing numbers of tourists and poisons close enough to start minister that the nation's biggest challenge is currently facing the lack of trained teachers essential equipment. luckily infrastructure. nevertheless
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mr martin's ice as prospects for the kitchen in the country part of the upper level low. he was eleventh of august. politically speaking. it was israel's top scientist leading the charge in developing alternative energy bio fuel from one of the world's most abundant life wednesday algae. fossil fuels like oil rapidly disappearing. finding the new energy sources is critical that's why dr meets more of an eco energy is finding ways to help local and international energy suppliers and infrastructure companies go green. she believes algae is extracted because not only reduces carbon dioxide from smoke stacks. it also doesn't compete with cops for farmland. algae as a biofuel could be just thirty times more oil per acre than other crops such as corn and
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sugarcane. it will also be non toxic. jason also provide context and i integrate quickly the dpp group and the ppt feet above the twentieth anniversary of the eu single market but also the king of the future of the single market and how it can cause acute europe's economic revival by creating more jobs and strong regrets perhaps the most promising prospect is the digital single block in the sector abbas potential to win hearts our minds and our prosperity. this year the european commission tabled a proposal to reform what's known as collective rights management. many artists and performers use of organizations called collecting societies to myself that what the commercial uses like tv stations radio stations and online music service providers. collecting societies also collect income for the halt of them and in the form of royalties reforming the way
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the society's work is a major focus of the commission's proposal. mario got a french member of our crew is common in stockport on the commission's proposal she's in this name. just get the sound of a dossier that day. i'm looking for tiffany to a bull fight that dictates the dpp has organized the hearing and my goal is to work together but the other countries which are sometimes taken a negative view of collecting societies. and to avoid disputes that we are predicting trends for some copyright issues. we need to work in the general interest urgent care in the european and ten. but you don't have to mention a funny comment to take the puppy out of tp collecting societies themselves acknowledge the need for more transparency and the need to adapt to new opportunities and moans of the digital single market. that represents the swedish performing right society such a forklift in society is to not act to the national
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basis. best of all places but to seek partnership with other societies launch new services. that's the good that she cheats for that yet all of us stick the commission's proposal is being driven off by the possible economic benefits of effective manage digital marketplace but also by the sheer depth and breadth of europe's cultural heritage. a dusting on the market is enormous and in comparison with other digital markets such as america we have an extraordinary cultural diversity. if economic factor that's very important for jobs items for friends said he did everything on this too cheap to actually develop software costs also a dope grateful for the most in a bbc poll pdf has been that sexism the commission's proposal is part of a wider strategy to develop the digital economy within the context of the eu twenty twenty strategy to build a sustainable knowledge based economy in europe. any
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piece of home being champions of the digital economy for the benefits it brings to the citizens they represent at this be up there is a kurdish member of our tree it's very significant to a proposal. sales are likely to go through ppp bought specially i think our customers. the co's said this the philippine postal on some hippie and in a commission specially not of course no performance and then publishers about the concepts of course you'll always be able to watch the ppt these digital content online the draw you think that is used as an assistant city to compete at any given. this is often on the tv and the skin on sundays. the vandalism of the city. china's white skin tightening money saved to get
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that second stage of life video for those who have lost their sight pity she didn't get eaten and the beast to compete just so that he can apply for jobs in the private and sector. it's a nice pickup and is considered the kids to watch it on the tube system. but what did the month. yuppie computers and what's there. the welter company so closely connected having organization with a mandate to keep the international financial system and an even keel is more important than ever the international monetary fund has warned from the lessons we just took in the great depression and a global conflict fallen membership has grown two hundred and eighty eight countries the imf is a forum for discussing policies that promote stable economic growth. it's a form of credit unions whose members contribute money you can borrow when they aren't major broker can at least help prevent crises
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the result of when they occur. so when the global financial crisis began in two thousand and eight. the eye mask policy advisors to good use by countries to create what made it look good response. the imf also provide funding on an unprecedented scale. also on the web. and they've seen the torrens title we did menendez forget that the devils and the rector of the national autonomous university of interest. any institution of higher education that has eighty three thousand students it is of the universe is responsible for the most anti technology in the country. it is built above the university works with young people mostly and honduras my country has a great safety problem ask young people are the ones who suffer the worst they are the victims of violence. the murder rate in
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honduras is quite high and so we have a coalition that includes the victims of crimes mothers who lost their children and we are working for having criminal investigations. i know im kinda dizzy and to strengthen the rule of law. it's from a humble yet he added that he doesn't even know what the idf the highlights were the last people to support the discus dollars each. i can study first of all we must have. we must really know about the problems that are occurring in the country that one must be extremely committed to. especially when should not be content to simply watch problems and folded observed that one must get involved responsibly and to also be careful not to assume the risks. i'm more than possible to miss it. but especially when there's also note that this fight must be connected together with other
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sectors. well this time it is titled taken the single was before the syphilis. and dwindling you . aye aye aye aye. recently on his modern and fashionable. local people still love the traditions the end the end . you were tuned to contend with. this week


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