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tv   Arirang News  PBS  May 1, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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the eye the next in the broadcast authorities arrested two employees from the shipping company of the tragic so i hope barry hunter accusations that they knowingly made interest renovations to the twenty year old. and even embezzled funds while doing it. number two in north korea after promotion just two weeks ago pyjamas confidant get another high ranking title that may put him at allied with the current second in command a minister since the law they said the german model is not for japan when it comes to apologizing for wartime atrocities and educating future generations. i've done
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this weekend. well welcome to prime time news i'm sean way in and out of a new partner to be welcomed back to want to thank you very much at that great to be at very excited myself. and of course at your service silence i get the nice cast start it now it's been sixteen and resistance to the ferry disaster and the confirmed death toll stands at two hundred and twenty one at this point with eighty one people mostly teenagers still must change and has been following the latest developments today joins us now so she and there's another surprising connection to this case that this time between the defacto owner of the snow fairy and also an investigator to write
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the national maritime police agency said that's replace the eu will ask the director of the tree eco skies police investigation unit. hancock rate of interest after they discover that the wife employee at one hundred of the company's risk and wolverine up in company for six years in the nineteen ninety three did say however that he had broken off all contact with similarly when he joined the coast guard now and thus about how the rescue operators are under he can smile all the rescue operation to the first arrive at the very sight of april sixteen eighty under fire again it's a double gold coast guard more than twenty minutes to cut hair and apply for the ferry sites to create coast guard downplayed the good lady and said it was within their standards normally it takes rescue teams a few minutes to depart from their stations to an accident sites. critics also say they should have been better prepared and more
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adequately trained to handle such emergency like this a local ferry. an update us on the investigation the ongoing investigation there are more rats that were made today barely authorities arrested two senior employees of tongue is marrying company on their state for negligence teams of allowing the ferry to being renovated so it could hold more cargo knowing very well of the dangers. thanks as cargo and brake on the ferry is seen as one of the main reasons for the same team and also the joint investigative team said that it detected a problem and the fairies cargo from this and that robot called if i switch back soon for hire go into place. why not use an unsettling for fish in robes and a device called a cone for fourteen thousand cargo and some do believe this allowed the carter to slide to one side and he seemed like the ship's balance and also that provo on and the owners
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of the ferry company is sending me as i know your rights as search and seizure was conducted at ten the company affiliate and private houses in connection with you the money that the faster over on the ferry company and his family members including his brother in law had been notified to appear before prosecutors by friday which is tomorrow and also under rest while it was requested for a thief take care of the ntu school and as ceo of a cosmetics company called the kind that forward when ellie and baffling finds what hundreds of thousands of dollars. and we made some progress today on the search operations but how were they proceed while the rest operation team has a son southbound several body inside the vessel or state an employee said that he expected the more progress in their search starting friday i say believed i'll finally be able to get in five travis
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at halftime trailing lot like every other rescue team is planning to use specially designed co bloggers made by the trinity and firefighters thinking very much and i didn't think it very much for being up on the top of the story actually. you're welcome. shh now i'm still with us the story of course in the week of the disaster the korean government says it's investing more money on establishing a more decentralized and disaster response system and the state emergency training was asked all ministries to make sure manuals they contain emergency response procedures are in place and those in charge are well informed and properly trained. johnson talked about maintaining the country's financial soundness through a so called paco policy to that expenditures are paid for with funds that are already available. the new again lead to the day's biggest stories in korea and around the world
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breaking the law of the hottest interviews and a whole lot more. join aidan sean ryan and tom j d from the heart and soul begins next point i knew on and on tv japanese prime minister shinzo while the anc and the early stages of his european tour but has already managed to upset the sentiments in this northeast asia he said japan is not to following germany's tracking dealing with its wartime wrongdoings connick and what this report speaking to a german in the wednesday before a trip to frankfurt. japanese prime minister is she's alive and that his country would not follow germany's postwar track. and the question posed by frame creature out of my inspirations about whether tokyo she spends her journey when dealing with its historical wrong. abbott said the two situations are completely different. since world war two germany has
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provided full compensation to neighboring countries and published text of that reveal the heart of the german leader is perpetrated it's also apologize for his past wrongdoing. the prime minister up and said that neighboring european union had one common goal in mind that being an integrated europe. he said that is not the case for asia. on added that japan and its neighbors have really come to an agreement on compensation insurance. the prime minister then turned his attention to the current tensions and or the age of cleaning them on japan's neighbors. he said the door to talks remains open and that they should be canned without preconditions abbott's comments are once again raising eyebrows about japan's security to improve relations and everything the japanese leader criticized china for beefing up its millet remind saying it would not serve to hold asia's economic development he was responding to tiny presidential campaigns or mark that criticize other
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three siblings to the right prime minister of a lead for the six nation trip there you're fine tuesday were trade and security issues will dominate discussions honey can. i mean i knew this. gary ayres an economic data pointed to get out to heal the best time. easing concerns about inflation in the country korea's april consumer price index rose one and a half per cent from a year earlier the fastest on your mind says since august last year rising utility costs as well as home of bento prices helped the key april was another solid month for korean exporters of the trade balance has now banned and the black for twenty seven straight months with the sectors that did not fare so well last year. show me a rebound to focus on past the break. korea posted twenty seventh consecutive monthly trade surplus in
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april and maureen partly resulted from entrapment in most export industries. with the exception of the lcd panels key export items demonstrate strong growth even steal and petroleum products which suffered from a slump last year. deliveries of high value added vessels like the sheds help place the shipping industry at the top in terms of export growth. traditional export engine is like semiconductors and handsets also selling spanish and thanks in part the launch of samsung's new gal cs five model the nation's trade surplus stood at four and a half billion us dollars in april with alpine shaman surpassing the fifty billion dollar mark for the second time in history. last night's expert figure of fifty point three billion dollars is up nine percent from the same month last year while imports rose five percent to forty five point nine billion dollars by region exports the us rose nineteen percent in
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april. another sign that the usd common me is recovering at a robust pace up by seamus to asean countries and japan also gained ground. the snow to your pin nations and china trade officials said whether the large surplus in april was partly because exporters expedited shipping and customs clearances in april before the holidays in the first week of maine wouldn't a month ahead of slow growth is possible due to a fewer number of working day. it's so different. i didn't use. turning now to questions over north korea's nuclear program u s researchers say north korea's nuclear test doesn't seem a minute at this point that is if the regime is sticking to its previous test practice is satellite imagery posted on thirty eight north a website run by the us korea institute at johns hopkins university jus vehicles and equipment are still outside a tunnel entrance at the pool getty
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site in the past all week winning peoples and personnel were withdrawn in the days before a test. cover the website added there is no knowing whether north korea is changing its procedures ellis talk about what else is going on in north korea this time in the power circle there's a new player and he's moving up the ranks past. it looks like one comes home from a device marshall told just two weeks ago has replaced another top ranking official to become the number two in the regime. on sunday reports. the italian leader peter dunne and visited the new leak out textile mill in kenya on wednesday he was accompanied by a get tough here he ordered the military police bureau chief to congratulate the workers in celebration of nadi the leader can call for me is to be celebrated on a grand scale and were the military politburo chief to attend the event to congratulate the workers. the channel had
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a long serving hard liner in the north korean military brass has not seen in the photos from that date he's also absent from the list of officials of the company to get the heater the leader was accompanied by comrades congo so that i don't she and my one true that has fuelled speculation that the palm may have a place tie at them and treat with bureau chief. north korea watchers are keeping a close eye on them that i want less promoted to the position of vice marshal less than two weeks after being put in the ranks of the four star general. khan reportedly led last year's very content from tech who was once the second most powerful men in north korea. experts say pond speedy promotion may be intended to cap the power of che every team's current number two. as for a chat that vanished from sight of the few weeks. the rumors are that it has been hospitalized due to complications from diabetes and confused. many
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unions. that is here to help estimate a little more sense of the south bronx or activities that north korea's nuclear test site. professor welcome. while it's normally not as the first question of course and do you think that we need to be needing to have these kind of cruel warnings coming from north korea. it's because we have drawn many things to do and we always try to keep the pale for the worst case daily. so all we can not be more. i knew warnings by north korea however i think north korea may use this word is a not to be a meaningful glance a profit. so sometimes i think we should. tried to intentionally just because it is kind of a collapse in his son chris said that it was going to conduct a test on like any other. is it trying
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to change the game that it's plain and what does it have to gain from another nuclear test. on north korea is in the movies you should not question country so we can not predict the next two moved by how warm actual completion. but tonight if won't be conducted nuclear tests i think they tried to demonstrate to the euro and the power to the world. and id want to be recognized as the new clio poll states outside the internet society and of course i think they want to consolidate the people support to the north korean non consuming yes and this is where china is supposed to come an hour or are they expected it to come and by the international community how much or little do you think china's influence over north korea is working at
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this point. if cyanide uses the ups tried to shore with the means to be used in the past i don't think they are in full the change the north koreans behavior more thinking. if on some of you tried to change the other is textured or thinking the somebody should use stakes and the couch together i think about china. all the sappy a little i moved to north korea and if north korea to not talk or eat when trent tiniest some advice they should clean coal is economic or on that note you know the essentials to north korea in this state with china a letter that though do you think that she didn't think administration is willing to stop the deadline for north korea i'm just appalled done tonight before we were forty eight. this is yuki and ten
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use of the universe and that if north korea having nuclear weapons for example i can or trendy wore off fifty nuclear weapons it could be a good sweat to not be a boon to this sort of korean peninsula to the north it is to asia if we persuade china to do the part of things to stop the north koreans so blessed and actions. i think they could to be yes and that they could do more than the us posada brussels potential response to a fourth nuclear test. is there any more room for us to impose sanctions this problem when he climbs into this weekend was lots of the contentions. i don't think that no work. the youth so i think that we need to conceal it. the new two distinctions of example we need to. all contain the north korean ships some
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type of ships out of the two vehicles site so we dollars kind of love. we don't know he prepared for all of aunt difficulties so we cannot make north korea to follow our own facts. all right well thank you so much for your insight and comments tonight yes. now for our troubled world the second and then lets go of apollo at tag any center for the latest expansion on me. there was her with ukraine called the international monetary fund has approved a major bailout for the country but with strings attached. what are some the conditions. well the imf deal calls for the interim government in kiev to enact major reforms his energy and financial sectors which includes raising taxes in increasing
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the price of gas by more than fifty percent. in exchange the imf will provide seventeen billion us dollars in aid for ukraine over a period of two years the decision also clears the way for immediate injection of three point two billion dollars as part of efforts to stabilize the ukrainian economy in it the worst civil unrest in over two decades. christine my car the ins and managing director said ukrainian needed to seize the moment urgent action was necessary the decisive matches. was taken by ukraine and decisive measures have just been taken by the imf. so there has been a very strong endorsement for the program which it will release over the coals of the next two years seventeen point one billion dollars meanwhile pro russian separatist remaining control of several government buildings in dozens of cities and towns in eastern ukraine
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meteors are also holding negotiations with militants were taken seven military observers hostage in the pro russia stronghold of sloppy ounce. and train down to unite stage of botched execution in the state of oklahoma has reignited the debate over the death penalty. thirty eight year old clayton market was scared to be put to death by lethal injection on tuesday. but dr stop the execution when he began composing and whiting in pain. he then died of a massive heart attack about forty minutes after the procedure. state officials had been testing a new cocktail of chemicals in its lethal injections. human rights groups have condemned the incident as torture and called for nationwide ban on capital punishment the governor of oklahoma mary fallin has ordered an independent review into the state's execution protocols. she also said that executions for other death row inmates have been delayed pending the results of the investigation. and finally unions across korea held rallies today in light
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of the international labor day. but indonesia has also showed its united support for workers' rights. more than one hundred thousand to two the streets in the capital city of jakarta on thursday calling on the government to raise its minimal wage and do more to protect workers the current minimum salary varies across the country but in larger cities it stands at about one hundred eighty ninth u s dollars per month indonesian president cecile obama bond you go your whole has pledged to increase wages by two thousand nineteen harper had protesters say it's too little too late the massive rally comes that is me and india's main opposition in jakarta governor gocco we did though as its presidential candidate he is widely expected to become the next leader of the world's third largest democracy. there are several looking international stories making headlines around the world. see you back here tomorrow night. the two prime
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time sports and stephen j and s olympic committee rep updates to read the business of telling time will come when the province and even improving thumbs up to the preparations for the twenty eighteen winter games. yet of the ioc coronation commission canola linda barker praise to the top twenty team organizing committee and the progress of their efforts but pointed out that much was still left to be done into that comes from organizing committee had to teach ins on promised to complete the task so smoothly and efficiently the ioc will return for their fourth meeting in november this year. and believing that they're both the pga and lpga tee off stateside on thursday with their respective support in its first it's the wells fargo championship in the pga top stars to be there for
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the kilroy conical st as well as last week's zurich classic winner north and they are meanwhile in the pd lpga rather world number one part can be attempts to defend her title at the north texas shootout. the bull run this sunday. and heading to the champions league semi final action at political madrid took down chelsea were the one in their second leg to advance to the finals fernando torres is first half strike for chelsea was offset by coal supply and political psychiatry at the polls and move on to win now this sets up an all spanish championship if we had to let it go and grab a drink. taking place in lisbon portugal on the twenty fourth local tow. and to go to baseball. we fly over to the mlb where the los angeles dodgers reached the historic franchise milestone of ten thousand when its former cy young winner is at twenty two six solid innings without giving up an earned run with
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one or revision leading the ostensibly six four victory over the minnesota twins. doctors have now become the fourth d c reached a ten thousand when the milestone after the huge audience cops and the brakes and switching to the k b l and umpire was all folded and put in a headlock by a trunk and during the escape key again on wednesday and it raised concerns about security as well as the officiating is presumed that the fan was the lashing out against these some questionable calls which along with the view over the place were a hot issue this week. and that's taking over as kmt and its thursday's cup debut match up between the white birds and the tigers. now as he's coming off a loss yesterday and they scored the first inning but he does not do one new beds into and comes home and sell its four to one now yes. next on three more in the third floor to bite him in those two run jack and
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more in the faith has not released two more bowls of making it number one key on the board tia its own brand peach ice tea cake or bread attack on a weapon in the sixth and seventh. people want to do this one the final score of twenty petite. and yet the other days we have nc taking care of lg and five. a mob beating look at three to nothing. next it has kept its up to one. and that's all i have for now this has been stephen said i'll see you back here later for more from the world of sports. there was another clear sunny day here in seoul but unfortunately that wasn't the case down tension don't worry details we go over carry people down who is standing by for a supper weather center for doubt that there was a misty day on tinto with more visibility spring tides will continue through friday at five thirty and i should get some relief
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now an adult kinds of slowing down for the last time on this thursday. shifting gears and tuesday areve up for national holidays. those of you that are making plans and head out. keep in mind that life has been sporadic showers are forecast for the central region on friday and eight and wind and rain our way back on a sunday well taking the lead that the current conditions did do a high pressure system from the aquatic thousand and ten two were seen clear skies across the country. well friday saving up to be a warm spring day despite my preference hours for the fans won't read it. moving on to friday's reading othello and the country's twenty three degrees above and to top out at twenty by taking ella to get out there for a safe bet that ends as you seek and twenty five degrees while coco and i couldn't make it to eighteen and twenty one they have reacted hour but i'll be back with them a bit
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after midnight. she is very much for him for that sad that's our broadcast on this thursday night to me and can take control and thanks for watching season. i know. i do a recent rally. hong kong and then me and em for me to link back. gay. all the well in the east. additionally taking a serious view of the bomb. koreans always
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creep through the scene respect your parents and elders. to receive. scenes to strangers. in savings to his appeal to travelers hospitality retail for nine straight years. when they get lost. it just reads please if you order something delicious. and take years for family. they had no difficulty with korean style until creamy. we are ready to welcome you. i find that he was extremely helpful. i think frantic of any kind they have loved every minute cos i can speak to me when i was looking on the map. and maybe somebody came to me and said can help you. it was very very very nice. not very
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