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tv   France 24 News  PBS  May 2, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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search makes the network. you knew knew i was. you write of history. it was a weekday cos breaking news or what so much. theodore six plates the stock. but what. while good news. anti terror
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operation shia islamic launched an assault on pro moscow grapples the rents not the end of the books that tends to ukrainian helicopters with gunfire that reported to have subsided lunch the us president held discussions with german chancellor in washington this friday. and we're putting up a good night of crimes against concert in russia as the trading prices rumbles on and at the age of rocks once more cocoa powder and radicals are suspected to be behind the nation's charter shake up the supper of the nigerian capital nineteen people have been killed as a car bomb just makes you happy the traffic streets. i welcome today's please update your own food think adds to the ukrainian ministry helicopters had been shot dead during an assault near the rebel held town of
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the pm this friday to get the cars is confirmed two pilots died. it's the first major operation against progress in the sense that seized government building in a dozen cities across the eastern ukraine. bean pot the kremlin has an answer represents to the president who has been traveling to the eastern ukraine for negotiations. a spokesman on the stinky assault saying is that killed off the east west to beat the court. thompson has more on events. manning barricades on the outskirts of some don't. this all ukrainian national forces launched an operation to retake the eastern town from for russia medicines interior minister on some of the cult pasted on facebook that's the country streets had reclaimed a number of checkpoints and surrounding walls he called the terrorists. this point the report again. it's been confirmed that two ukrainian helicopters have been shot down. russian tv take
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pictures to post in the oven and pilots. they say was on board one and on that front the political fold or identical to the buying of the disease can understand it and that was the point that it flipped over to that he was flying ruby tuesday the company was taken down to earth. one rocket missed it because he was hit by the second best herbal tea he trains a picture of something or that multiply on buildings which could contain civilians. militants detained a team of osce observers in stock and start over we go to sleep on negotiations to free the international men's achieves the best of any resulted in one month being released. for more on ukraine crisis enjoyed its youtube honor inch national affairs editor are many georgian army why has the pm interdict or become a symbol of the pro russian insurgency. will the city has been described by authorities in kiev as the hostess point in
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the insurgency it as one of the most strident self proclaimed pro russian man is in eastern ukraine and one of the most active policies of taking hostages in order to do today ukrainian minute reaction. it's always a zoo was the key factor because the bounce it only has one hundred and fifty thousand people where as donuts is nine hundred and fifty three thousand on hockey there's more than a medium say quite simply it's smaller and easier to control its easy to setup and enforce checkpoints or low approaches into the city and also it's probably easier to make those cute. separate separatist viewpoint to feel more vulnerable and perhaps less inclined to speak out set the guinness motown is probably a psychological fact would raise a puppy. ok things not looking very good for cat this morning. no two will be shooting down of a number of helicopters of the ukrainian retrieval all just need to fresh questions
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about the credibility of that of the kids offense if you remember that in mid april the last anti operation as kit called it and it does austin with several common personnel carriers being kept going. this revels in the east the kiev has announced that its re introducing conscription into the ukrainian only pray hard to see how that will make an immediate difference in the face of these very well trained and equipped forces on the other side. and of course that the osce moment is still being held captive in slow downs and what we've heard from the conversations between anglo american regiment on sweatpants present i admit to sin. it does seem is that the kremlin intends to use these osce monitors as bargaining chips people think as our mentor to think very much for your outfits. the us president host german chancellor nature for toll on the escalating
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crisis in ukraine. it's for our first visit to washington since the revelations surfaced that americans by a state of turmoil by phone something major trade deal is also on the agenda and the pair will hold a joint press conference yesterday our correspondent of the place has the look rather small. don't run so i know michael is now in the midst of a very short trip to washington dc on the twenty four ounce bottle of pop soul which will be spent here at the white house in meetings with u s president barack obama they will be trying to show a united front in terms of sports the european union and united states should be doing that together against russia and in ukraine's leaders would say that there is a united front in times of the sanctions put in place already and also in times of the sanctions the hall the sanctions that might still come there are slight differences between the two and that might speak to get differences in the future when it comes to the potential of sectoral sanctions meeting sanctions
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that might face the whole sectors of the russian economy the likes of the energy sector for example the gemini is one of those countries that believes it has a little bit more to lose at them the united states this is a meeting between item the crime dropped a bomb and it would've looked very different. a year ago. that was before the allegations first came out of nsa spying intimate and more specifically the spine on the mobile phone and all i'm going on. she has since then has wanted to see unnoticed by agreement put in place between the united states and to meet that will not be the case and will not be announced here it is certainly a relationship between the two countries on between the two leaders that a solid somewhat but what you'll see it hits a day he will be a move towards getting on with business despite a relationship. that certainly has gone a little bit sad since the us and its allegations. the news that he's fine canadian soldiers have been killed in clashes with gunmen in the eastern city of thing can see that resources said violence
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sparked a parody on friday when armed men stormed the police headquarters unit of special forces reportedly intervened to push them out of the building fighting that broke it in several parts of the city. syrian government aircraft have struck a busy market in the boat killing at least her to treat people activists say it's just the latest deadly aerial assault on travel house districts of the northern city targeting mainly civilians some sun she has this report. i hurried down the pike. the rush to the cup including a unique kind of trouble. in what remains common market. the summit is the key issues field tomorrow for the nytimes of the forces of china accent. according to human rights great. some thirty three civilians were killed in the street the striking difference to the country's opposition. it would. the international community must take immediate measures to protect civilians from and strikes and neutralize the regime's at
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croft which are showering of the parade made its bid barrels of death every day while the entire world watches. this is the second such attack on the bethlehem district of london in two days he sang a battleground device contradicts case is due to mechanical tend to really get into too many and qvc. wednesday in its joint committee on sunday that killed eighteen people mainly children. two months past its forces had rain barrel been reasonable control parts of the neck pain the piece attacks against the syrian government is stepping up its offensive. the country's current presidential election eugene. just last month that the seventy five people to live close by and now a suburb of the nigerian capital the blue jay is reading once more as a suspected car bomb detonation thursday killing at least nineteen people. the attacks blamed on radical islam as calm as the fishy gets ready to host a major economic
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conference. my team has the chance. on police checkpoint was the targets european union station as a car bomb exploded just a few kilometers content and approach him. witnesses say a commonly seen with explosives drove to the checkpoints to munch on stage and remnants of the law. witnesses can thus us. with that no one has to clean dispose of duty for the attack. it is believed to be the work of the islamist militant group who go around. extremist network and carried it in the last time you see many anti weeks ago an attack which killed at least seventy three people. it's the latest in a long running campaign of terror by cocoa brown. you want to create an islamic state to ninety area. over fifteen hundred people have to link is here so far as the results of who put her arms attacks. makes repeated
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warnings that said sudan's conflict could descend into genocide. they come from the usa. she states he's just arrived in the war torn fledgling days of john kerry's opening three new tracks that sanctions and raised hopes that more peacekeeping forces could be deployed to hold a good chance he was speaking on thursday after holding talks with foreign ministers to meet you get uganda and kenya there are very disturbing leading indicators of the kind of. ethnic tribal and targeted nationalistic killings taking place. then raise serious questions. were they to continue that in the way that they've been going could really present a very serious challenge to the international community with respect to the question of genocide violent. it is our hope that god can be avoided. following
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the decision this week to scale back the costly search operation in the indian ocean us trade is set to host a meeting with malaysia and china on the missing flights and peachtree seventy the gathering in cumbria announced on friday aims to determine the way forward for the search for the malaysia airlines plane almost two months after it disappeared nov day three has been recovered to target the passengers on board were chinese. irish republican leader gerry adams has spent the second placed in police custody. there are those detectives continued to question him over his alleged role in the ira murder of belfast mother of ten team combo. she was kidnapped and killed in nineteen seventy two. her body then secretly buried for decades. trace the bond takes up the story her body was recovered here and the republic of ireland in two thousand and three more than thirty years after she was abducted from her home and murdered by the ira gina cargo of thirty seven
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year old mother of ten was wrongfully accused of being a british and for her son michael says he knew some of those who abducted her. it had been warned that gunpoint to stay silent the whole unit because of the mosque the last i see most of the mahler but they are an ignorant and momo a crown. in nineteen nineteen during the ira finally admitted murdering jean and several other so called disappeared people who were abducted killed and secretly buried by irish republicans during the troubles. at that time gerry adams was the leader of the ira's political wing he's always denied any involvement in the murders adam slater reinvented themselves as in northern ireland peace maker and is a populist opposition politician in the irish parliament speaker department at jean's daughter. welcome to the rest. but mr abbott denied pain in the night he think he thought the fed cuts
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above. and he thinks he's a great man he brought the case here sooner than i have to remember what the town to the country. many of his former ira colleagues today that i need to be a rest as politically motivated. he has for us. as a deliberate attempt. it includes a flight home. both elections so that you did it recently detained david cameron denied the allegation. under british anti terror law on gerry adams most of the charge for free by friday night. dallas police seek a judicial extension to his interrogation. i like more background on the story or any of our stories do not want or website. don conference report dot com our top story there. ts offensive to retake the city of champions this friday the team you're new to me and just about sixty minutes
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times that you take into account. the road. welcome to this interview i'm all these false prophets to the chino fifty billion euro six the centerpiece of the week is haunted by the french doors make it up until this week. the vote was seen as a pork dish that moment and a test of leadership skills by mr manuel arts involves billy
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cox was painful but necessary thing that haunts this financial credibility was at stake. will the cubs be enough to clean up and finances will they be enough to maintain market confidence in the country. more on that we can tend to be respected economist daniel cohen is a perfect run third in his book economic system all spoke of modern times is that just coming out in anger she's also a university professor at the cardinal months ago area and also the co founder of the paris school of economics welcome to the program is going to be hidden. you know how significant was the snooping in the annual due to cost fifteen billion euros off the deficit over the next three years is that in a st francis credibility is as the french prime minister says it will. well i'm on trial in the region. preheat your friends to say when you can see interest rates which operate on the front step down onto the couch or so items he gets presented the fifth indicates he's a gifted student in england for seats to govern for
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the doctor on on that. he managed to read you took with them to reduce the beacon street over the first of two years of these men did a recent text is indiana's their realized that he could not go beyond that because some people edt as reaching the need to publish text is the french people are running today so it's first week of nation. the fact that he has reached some of the dt call it a fresh record last week she could increase taxes in utah. we still underneath the seat of more than four percent. so all the info on when you have exhausted your duty to send it to cody union to reduce their spending in the beginning of the cyclone that christ came to know i think is more than any team you have to put it to cool the completion of the meat that has been achieved during the scope and cost one on top that includes you according to french people died in the bb with a huge proportion to oversee the answer had to stay near seventy five percent income tax for the job for any more than one year and that putting the key difference in this he noted
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that time would be tough but equally shared lead to its being more in proportion to the awful but as these fifty but that's that's that's a step away from the italians that he needs to be the key to the commission to decide the seventy five percent tax what would you teach the people in the mid season as a mid tempo of the eighties at the chalkboard technique to use that doesn't meet the phone what was happening to their senses and a mule salt and increasing taxes meg's extraordinary so there was something like a tax rebate and transfer all of the year two thousand and fifteen and to the commission of these premiums that has led to the need to cut expenditure rather than raising taxes place of other smaller crosses the coffin is now broken silence that a crisis of confidence could get a rise in the future unless france gets a budget deficit down to three percent over its economic output of its gdp to twenty fifteen the european union wants it to get to see that it isn't rational to keeping that the scots will be enough to get the budget deficit down to three percent of gdp. so
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what does it took on the program you can see susan's program to the musicians union kids who would be flying off. that's two and a half percent of gdp i doubt sees his chance to read using the pc to where you want. the problem is that the problem the issue which is really worth discussing it at the condiment or so pictures to use this thing he can. in fact more than enough he's kicking me in to greet you with ed to text of the price of difference to me having huge program to reduce to increase supposed to meet your friends to read using payroll taxes are on the team caught up on the tolls and taxes meet up a body that is very good thing for businesses. so is it so it's better to be happy to see their attention here in the one year as did pretty good deed and the moment should be to keep you can read youth and young then you are getting a cell that it's a good thing for growth in the already present to read uses eggs milk and wheat easy
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to carry bags young to try to defend and kenya to his attention and i think there is danger to the approach to the photo i'm so in favor of the side of defence become completely you can use it unless you if he did it i mean he didn't feel well. as always takes more than half of the income that would be coming from reducing spending to reduce and even into the enterprise as it did did did not in the security and easy to read you the keys he has never done that tt and i guess the thing is that you don't end up in in new york when he's there for very good he could. yes the new. both of which is due next tuesday at the price to achieve a significant reduction in gdp tv read a risk and the government we did. music like that. of the three person team to present each team because too much of deceiving many as an annex to a misstep that means and into drug enterprise sme if you're going to need him to be more careful i'm not against
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ingenuity and whom trajectory has no clothes and with any more carefully. we stayed up to thousands flocking in to present his team already the first wave of tax reduction has been priced into the firm's something akin to twenty being continuously for ten minutes on that. the knitters to read using the sushi ensuing eighteen two thousand and sixteen and seventeen nowhere do i stand before sending another package of measures in favor of it. so you would of taken a step by step approach more than spending it on over and before you nicely to be the future when i've gone era says there was some question marks regarding to the government's projections some people say that the growth projections that the government has sent out to be too optimistic. it is in the next change is also what you make a liking for two cars and fall to the predictions of one person which isn't quite recently and would you define it as being in a row for the past two years so called team on the wii remote in it we don't is not extraordinary. for the year two thousand his
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team to put pictures of one point seven percent with its becoming addicted to me speaking view of this of course since it is the key to the one point five weeks after he took two tries in sixteen into an incident in the kenyan government has all but he continues to grip the projection of two point twenty five. i'm not sure the government can achieve that in view of the reduction in spending that she would be implementing this and that which we have immediate impact on growth were to do to keep them out. when you refuse to do this painting from a convenient know the first extended to our own little easier to use basis in the mold that i could do really stupid businessmen into the firm green and gold initial training teams are going to conduct additional rental potential and cool freebies from past teach you a decent extended cheers adjustment and internet has been taken to concord said these measures when the newcastle cbd. yes if he owned a group of friends another one reason or no impact in the new one and
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trajectory than the one that economists forecast assist in the past two and sixteen. as always you know in eureka which is possible and practices with the government is really causing only to the growth in a revolting out the videos on you after all germany as it did in kenya needs of these could be tying into crazy huge. thanks to mom still has no room to maneuver in germany and things keep going back and tries to do with the eurozone in and yes friends you know you from i just sent another big story this week's discovery race between general electric on one side and siemens. johnny to take over all story or at least to the energy business all the french engineering from there is an ongoing debate on foreign ownership for its release unleashed a debate on foreign ownership of major french companies puts us in economists think of what's going on and the students who will. i think you know when
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and if you're too close to increased turned on on europe and indeed it did the aggies at your own you can choose to be so the teachers to pay for his nineteen and sentenced him to talk to each other. it is redolent with students it was going on in history the french has decided that we did a few things which we work with don't use being a prime example. and in the nuclear deal between you and you know they were continuing fun of there. its term competing with marine and he's only made possible by the commission on your principal says iran to build these projects or so. i was stunned to do this but i did manage to do to get there one country can do we owe to be there we could do it so cranberries use props you include the tuesday you'll industry and steve you that you are up in a shoot up the old c scan of it and gave her to happen in the case of aig has been enough talk. why
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don't we have that the bjp european giant indian cheese at coogee and are competing with the intent is only say that french people checking themselves when they're thinking that so i'm just sitting there thinking in the critique opinion this irresistibly that europe should be an authentic you can see america and the crowd at the end of the specific example he has friends and even risked against the euro floor to buy died of an agreement with german show that's on your own business working as the french team detroit where he says he's good. the treaty is as an edge on the street is peaking relationship of friends who have a new vision. i need the stain of the relationship of france beat you up and i guess. french who really want to see a bit of their illnesses include corn beans and its european useful we beat me up in the news crazy swedes are you going crazy stunts on winning the open abt it. he's not that i'm
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digging the grave and nicer friends today. their reservations about having an american company take over austin doesn't necessarily mean that that that the french people are on comfortable with localization as a toddler going to take to this there are uncomfortable with the musician the computer then again they are very proud of him using a period of delay on the clothes of course no cheering friends which says even with the series and some of steve's if they need to prove that. so set the new series both of which are sitting on the night at the chance to why americans going to do the due date revealed his testimonies why is it that we can't find an agent and an ally in constructing a giant in png that sunset and therefore if we can find in german alliance agenda there. liza comparable european union. go to bed because he had run out of style one thank you for speaking to see it cos i cant student teaching. but there was to be wrapping up this program and this edition of the business to you thanks
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for watching. because in the ancient history has risen every day. because drinking you score points. felicia new situations. the snow just me. match. use the eye
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and the eye. the new. and
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it was. check . the bingo to an entirely new global cooperation and partnership there's often as a buyer might not die with representatives of the international financial institutions to discuss a further plans of interaction the president recalled that this year the government of the kids went running to get economic development especially small and medium sized businesses development as well as the implementation of industrial program. these measures are quite similar to the implementation of the major global goals of the world bank to fight against poverty and to achieve common justice and prosperity by improving tta


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